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Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 23, 2014, 02:09:48 pm »
I wonder if this is really supposed to take this long. I read so many stories about people having near instant results just from eating raw foods.

Getting so depressed and frustrated. Yes there's progress, but in terms of comfort and going about daily routine there's really none. I feel so helpless and so bad every night he sits for 3-4 hours scratching. Literally can't stop. Or when I see him crying from the itch and discomfort.

I wish I knew this was really going to get better.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 22, 2014, 03:54:56 am »
The nuts never appeared to have a reaction, but it's probably true that they would slow down healing.

I'm sure all of it contributed.

Looking forward to more progress!

General Discussion / Re: Kelp Noodles
« on: June 22, 2014, 03:52:03 am »
If the kelp noodles are raw please try them and let us know how you get on :)

They had minimal flavor, but what flavor they had was like a fresh taste. Can't really explain. They had an unusual crunch to them, it threw me off a bit. They were definitely fun to eat. I had them in raw coconut aminos (raw, fermented coconut nectar that tastes like soy sauce), and I only ate about half of my bowl so they sat in the sauce for another couple of hours. After I went to eat them again, they had softened up and lost that crunch. So then they were more like traditional Asian noodles, which I enjoyed. So next time I might prep them in advance.

Ages ago, I tried a kelp "noodle" called Sea Tangle. From my paleo point of view, (#1) kelp noodles look nothing like kelp and (#2) yes, sodium alginate is a gum extracted from the cell walls of algae, so it sounds natural, but extraction can mean many things, not all of them natural! We're not talking about a product that you could make in your kitchen if you were given a pile of the right kind of algae.

That's true, but it's a lot better than some other odd preservative that probably started completely unnatural.

If you ate algae, you'd be ingesting miniscule quantities of the unextracted gum that they make sodium alginate from. However, with a processed food containing the extracted gum, the amount of sodium alginate is much higher than you'd get if you ate the natural food. Who knows if that is good for you or not?

Good points. I do think that for eating it once in a while, it could be a lot worse. I can't imagine it's significantly more unnatural than say, coconut oil. If I was handed a coconut, I would not be able to turn it into coconut oil.

I thought about this off and on lately just because I have to prepare for when I have my kids. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I imagine it's as simple as just eating a nutrient-dense RPD is what we need. But no skipping out on stuff like organ means, because these would be essential for pregnancy and breast feeding.

I've listened to a lot of stories of women who eat SAD but had major cravings for organ meats while pregnant. Just recently too a women was telling her friend about how she suddenly craved liver like crazy, but she didn't eat it because it's "high in cholesterol and protein." .... I don't even know. But it suggests that we definitely need those nutrient-dense foods like organs while pregnant to supply the baby. I imagine it's similar when breast-feeding, we want the milk to be nutrient-dense too.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 21, 2014, 03:47:38 pm »
As of tonight, his feet are starting to show signs of clearing up. They are the most chronically affected part of his body, huge chunks of dry skin on them at all times and nearly BLACK from the discoloration. Tonight I rubbed cacao butter on his feet and could feel a drastic improvement. This is good!

General Discussion / Re: Kelp Noodles
« on: June 21, 2014, 03:07:14 pm »
I remember seaweeds are not 'legal' in the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, suggesting that they may not be good for people with microbe overgrowth.

But for healthy adults eating RPD, they're fine? I can't imagine seaweed/kelp being unhealthy. u_u

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 21, 2014, 10:37:53 am »
The link that alive gave you estimates 1 1/2 - 3 years to heal leaky gut if one is on an appropriate diet. As a matter of fact, the one thing that keeps me from "cheating" is the statistic that it takes 6 months for a gluten-sensitive person to recover from one slice of bread.

Do you need a professional diagnosis before you try healing with a gut-healing protocol? I'd say not, since leaky gut is the official disease of the Standard American Diet. It is definitely on top of the suspect list when it comes to eczema.

We've been paleo for a year, so hopefully that counts for something.  :(

Indeed, don't make the same mistake I did of sticking with ZC or near-ZC for more than a few weeks. I regret it now.

Yeah, I find that I feel fine but I just end up craving fruits and potatoes like crazy. I'll hit a point where no meat or fat sounds good and it's almost impossible to continue, and I end the ZC phase with a full day fruit and other non-meat food binge. u_u

General Discussion / Kelp Noodles
« on: June 21, 2014, 07:16:16 am »
Has anyone tried them? My store carries 100% raw kelp noodles with just a sodium extract from brown seaweed. They are supposed to be just like eating kelp, so they'd have a lot of trace minerals and iodine. I thought it might be a fun way to eat more sea veggies, but wanted to get some opinions.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 21, 2014, 07:14:34 am »
egg yolks can give gas. Try eating them separately from other foods with empty stomach.

We abstained from eggs completely for a month without any change.

I know it's been said before, but two weeks is nothing more than a start. So then, what's the right length of time? I'd say that if you are well-based in some sort of science as your reason for trying a healing method, stick to it for as long as it takes - 3 months, 6 months, or more. If you change course before healing occurs, you may get rid of symptoms, but you'll still have the underlying cause. Things like the gut heal slowly.

Oh of course. I just didn't want to stay on a purely carnivorous diet for such a long time, risking nutrient deficiencies. Also GS suggested not going longer than 2 weeks on pure carnivore, so we didn't since we weren't seeing any changes.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 21, 2014, 03:41:40 am »
Since Kevin has a lot of gas that started after taking the probiotic I wonder if he has Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) that was actually caused by the probiotic inappropriately over-colonising the small intestine (which in turn could be caused by a high carb diet, poor digestion & limited immune functions).

"All dietary treatments strive to reduce the food sources for the bacteria.  They seek to feed the person but starve the bacteria. Bacteria primarily eat carbohydrates so all the recommended diets decrease carbohydrates to reduce the bacteria by limiting their food supply."

Looking at their site there are a number of diets used to treat this, but in my opinion they all still include rather high levels of carbs - maybe that is why their diets take 18 to 36 + months to be effective!

Personally I think that a fat based very low carb diet with >20g of resistant starch per day to feed beneficial microbes in the large intestine would be much better. For example 3 tablespoons of potato starch is around 36g and would give at least 24g resistant starch and under 12g digestable carbs => less than 40 carb calories => less than 2% of 2000 calorie diet from carbs => VLC.

I would agree with this but we tried doing a nearly zero-carb (all fat and meat) diet for about 2 weeks and there were no improvements. Not even a little. Unless you think it would take that much longer.

Also regarding fat trimmings, are they available from common grain fed beef?
Looking at the macro issues first - that you need an affordable source of animal fat - I wonder if it would be OK to include grain fed sources?

I don't know anything about this as our beef and lamb is all grass fed, but as long as there wasn't a danger of infection through the poor animal welfare I expect Kevin could put up with the higher omega-6 content way better than alternative low-cost high-carb energy sources.

I would worry about poor quality. We still get a lot of animal fats through the beef we eat and fatty fish we eat. We eat a ton of sardines (I save the meat closest to the skin - it's super oily - for him specifically because he needs it) and salmon which our fish supplier gets us extremely fatty cuts too. It might not be as good as eating straight fat, but it's not like he isn't getting a good amount of it.

We reduced his fruit consumption, removed nuts, and haven't had honey much. I imagine his carbs are a lot lower now than before. Sticking to as much fat and meat as possible. He also eats a lot of egg yolk.

He had the VCO fast yesterday and I noticed that the gas was lessened for once. I wonder if it's helping in that regard.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 20, 2014, 09:39:31 am »
Glad you are going to give nuts a break. One problem with year-round nuts is mold, fungus, and rancidity because they store so well. Suppliers interpret good storage to mean that you can crowd them at any old temperature and humidity and still sell them as if they were fresh. If you do want fresh nuts, contact growers (easy in California) and find out when you can get the next fresh crop, then freeze them at home. There are some good online sellers, too, but I don't buy through them.

Good to know about the freezing!

But the main problem with nuts is that you say you crave them. Having a food that you crave is a big ol' red flag that something is wrong with you eating that food. There are many reasons to crave a food, such as dips in blood sugar causing sugar cravings and empty opioid receptors signalling a craving for wheat. None of these are good. I think we do best with foods that we enjoy but do not crave.

I think I use the term craving wrong because I get real cravings from meat and seafood too. Not cooked. I will be drooling at my keyboard looking at pictures of the raw meat I'm craving. This is the "craving" I get for nuts. It's like when you think about it and your stomach wants to growl. You look forward to getting to it eat. This happened earlier at work thinking about the tuna at home. It's not like sweets cravings where it's this desperate need to taste it ... that's how I would describe that craving. I'm not sure how to really explain the difference, though.

Regarding saving money can you ask a butcher for free fat trimmings from his rubbish bin?

This could provide all your energy needs as well as heaps of fat soluble vitamins. It won't feed unhelpful micro overgrowth (candida etc), it will create ketones for improved brain function, makes some glucose for brain and immune system, and suppresses hunger so you don't need to eat very much or often.

You would be surprised how upset people get when you ask! Whole Foods absolutely refuses. They said they don't want to give it away (basically they want profit, or to just toss it), and then sometimes they tell me it's a health hazard to eat that much fat and won't give it out. Really. Most places that are happy to give us fat just don't have much at all. There's rarely enough trimmings from grass-fed beef, at least our sources of it. We have one butcher that saves every scrap he can for us, and even then we only get a pack of it once every other week .. sometimes longer.

Re enamas I am currently experimenting with colon flushing and direct repopulation with beneficial microbe cultures. Eating some fat trimmings, resistant starch, meats - hunger has gone energy up but still constipated. I will post my results in another week when things have settled down.

I'd like to hear how it goes. :) Thank you.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 20, 2014, 04:08:01 am »
Okay, I won't be getting nuts anymore. I might have some, but I won't share.  -d

We're doing the VCO fast today. Prepared the lemonade so it's ready while I'm gone at work. He has today off to relax and do the fast. I wonder if he can do it at work tomorrow ... but maybe too difficult.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 19, 2014, 08:20:10 am »
Maybe you're a little high on the fructose side from the fruit and honey. The way I understand it, fructose toxicity should be a concern with gut and liver problems. Nuts don't have much carbs in a typical serving size. If you are eating carbs, don't avoid the starchy "glucose" kind.

He normally eats apples and pears, sometimes banana and berries. What "starch" would you recommend?

What kind of nuts are you getting? Raw?  Please specify.

If nuts are not fresh raw, they are fungus laden and may need to be heated in a toaster oven for 5 minutes to rid of the fungus.  Fungus is extremely weakening. Poisoning.

In my own raw / stored nut experiments I had experienced like Aajonus and others here that eating nuts interfered with animal food digestion.  I cannot eat nuts and eat animal food at the same time.

Thus I had concluded not to eat nuts as a staple.  I eat nuts maybe twice a month or less.  I teach these nut basics to my kids.  So yesterday I had a handful of pistacios.  That would be it for me.  I was not in the mood for animal food later on in the day and night.   I will probably eat nuts again in 2 weeks or a month.

We eat raw organic macadamia and pecan. But they might not be "fresh" raw. We only recently ate them more regularly because we both craved them and enjoyed them. I have not felt any negative effects myself, in fact sometimes I feel good when I eat them. I didn't think they would be a problem. Unless I eat a lot, I don't find that they interfere with my interest in animal foods.

It's difficult to remove everything from the diet and only eat seafood and eggs. It's expensive to get enough fresh seafood, on top of having to drive 30+ minutes to get to the shop. I would worry about lacking nutrients eating nothing but seafood and eggs.

I don't really know what qualifies as "wild greens" and neither of us enjoy the taste of greens, nor how they feel in the stomach.

I've never seen raw molasses.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 19, 2014, 04:14:27 am »
What are you guys doing for carbs?  Liver flushing can drain livers of carbs.  The coffee enema protocols some have you eating 2 tablespoons of raw molasses before the coffee enema.

Running out of money and not able to eat sounds scary.

Yes, it was not fun.

Carbs come from fruit, nuts, and honey.

Maybe ditch the fruit. Sugar (fruit) might really be a bad idea
Jack Kruse have lots of stuff on Sleep Apnea.... you should search his blog/site.. EMF is a big thing

Maybe stop uropathy. Maybe he is cleaning out some bad stuff and for now this kind of therapy is not the right? Do lots of spring / RO water instead. No chlorine/fluoride

Do you live in a high EMF area? How does the work looks like? Have you tried high meat?

Yes, it's somewhat of a city ... a rural city, but still a city. Just using the wifi search brings up like 20 different wifi sources. We're in an apartment complex.

I didn't think the fruit was bad because GS was giving his boy fresh fruit and seafood. And I didn't want him to be on nothing but seafood. Even that could be missing some nutrients. Plus we can't afford THAT much seafood.

On a side note, his food showed some clear areas for the first time this entire time. He also noted yesterday that he feels like he has more energy. I asked today and he said that he still feels like he's getting more energy as well as not being so cold sensitive.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 18, 2014, 02:26:41 am »
Probiotics might help with the farting.  Egg yolks can make bad farts, do up guys eat them daily?  Does it get worse with the flushes?  Might be good to consider taking a probiotic like garden of life primal defense after all of the flushes and cleanses as you will want to be sure to bolster the population of good bacteria in the gut

He took probiotics in the beginning. The farting started around then, and it doesn't seem like they did anything. He's no longer on that, and he still farts constantly. They might get slightly worse with the flushes because of all the bowel movements. We abstained from eggs when people said to be cautious about allergies, and the farting did not stop. We had no eggs at all for about 3 weeks, but now we're eating them again. And we do eat quite a few. Only the yolks.

Has he considered fasting for a few days to let his digestive tract empty out and rest for a bit?

We were forced to fast for two days last weekend because of money. He could barely move from lack of energy. Since he is already always drained from this, the lack of calories just had him in bed. I have to admit that I was particularly low in energy, too. So I know he must have been worse. He farted constantly through that fast as well.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 17, 2014, 03:14:07 pm »
Methodical is all it is.
Try the 1 day vco detox first.
And the raw garlic with meals.
You will find out if his case is more of a candida thing.
I know my brother's case was and he had the same symptoms you are describing.

Once you have exhausted the candida angle, you might want to move into the parasite angle.

Oh yeah, I was just wondering if we would use Humaworm for parasites should it come to that.

We're picking up garlic tomorrow. Thursday will be the VCO detox. Can only do one day for those. We're doing another liver flush on Saturday.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 17, 2014, 02:29:15 pm »
Beef may be too hard for him to digest at this time.
Try fish and eggs for the moment.

After you have tried vco detox and garlic... you might want to explore parasites.

Funny you say that, we haven't had red meat at all. We are doing only seafood, egg yolk, fruit, and a little nuts right now. But we do have liver sometimes. Is that okay or cut that out too?

Would we use humaworm for parasites? I have some.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 17, 2014, 10:41:39 am »
I wanted to add that he has extreme gas. I forgot to add that above.

When we went paleo (before raw), both of us had almost no gas ever. Now, he farts constantly. It started when his eczema got bad. Constantly farting, VERY LONG AND LOUD ONES. They can be horrible smelling or completely odorless. It does not seem to matter what we eat or whether he has to go or just went to the bathroom. He will fart through the night and wake up and immediately let out tons of gas. It's just a constant thing that has neither improved or worsened this whole time.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 17, 2014, 10:03:18 am »
I would hesitate to decide that his sleep apnea is cured based on your observations since he needs 1 - 5 hour naps. That good-sleep nap in the afternoon could be a spillover of exhaustion from an insufficient nighttime sleep period. Untreated sleep apnea has negative long-term effects. He could get a new sleep study and compare his original waking number of times per hour to his current number.

The sleep apnea "suffocating" attacks have stopped. His insomnia has not. I agree that the naps are definitely because he's getting inadequate sleep at night. I know for a fact that his sleep is awful every single night. He wakes up in the night many many more times than before. We don't have to test that because he wakes up every 30 min to an hour. Like I said, those midday naps are the only time he will sleep for a few hours straight.

I read about one study in which even a single burst of bright light during sleep can have a negative impact on circadian rhythms. I realize that you two are in a studio apartment with completely different work schedules, but you might figure out a compromise - like going to bed at the same time when you get home from work and waking up together, in which case you would have your "doing stuff" time in the morning hours before work. Even if you don't do something like that, remember that it's light, not just waking up, that affects the day/night cycle the most. My daughter sleeps with an eye-cover to block out city light in her bedroom - a cheap solution.

Yeah, I've been going to sleep earlier and waking earlier as well. But some nights I am just not tired enough to sleep as early as 9pm. I do want to get the eye cover for him anyway because we still have electronic lights.

Hot Topics / Re: FED UP!
« on: June 17, 2014, 09:18:46 am »
Yes, organic means absolutely no GMO's can be used. However, there are certain "safe" pesticides that are allowed to be used and they can still label organic.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 17, 2014, 08:46:28 am »
What would you roughly estimate are the macronutrient proportions of his diet (% or grams or calories)? How much prebiotics does he eat?

Snoring and apnea have been linked to CO2 deficiency:

Acta Neurobiol Exp (Wars). 2007;67(2):197-206. Role of hypercapnia in brain oxygenation in sleep-disordered breathing. Brzecka A.
"Adaptive mechanisms may diminish the detrimental effects of recurrent nocturnal hypoxia in obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The potential role of elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) in improving brain oxygenation in the patients with severe OSA syndrome is discussed. CO2 increases oxygen uptake by its influence on the regulation of alveolar ventilation and ventilation-perfusion matching, facilitates oxygen delivery to the tissues by changing the affinity of oxygen to hemoglobin, and increases cerebral blood flow by effects on arterial blood pressure and on cerebral vessels. Recent clinical studies show improved brain oxygenation when hypoxia is combined with hypercapnia. Anti-inflammatory and protective against organ injury properties of CO2 may also have therapeutic importance. These biological effects of hypercapnia may improve brain oxygenation under hypoxic conditions. This may be especially important in patients with severe OSA syndrome."
Yeah, in the old days a "wash out" was usually done just once a year (typically at the start of school, for children), and maybe occasionally as needed, rather than chronically.

It's hard to come up with an idea on macronutrient %. We make sure to eat mainly fresh seafood, so a mix of lean and fatty meats. We've been eating more fresh fruit because it's in season and we both crave it, as well as nuts. I would say fat and protein are higher than carbs, but not by an extremely large amount.

I've never heard of a CO2 deficiency. What would cause this? I realize now that you mention it that he does have sleep apnea. However, it is VERY minimal nowadays. He used to suffer from these "suffocating" attacks in his sleep every other night years ago. Ever since eating paleo, it's almost non-existent. I think he had it happen once this entire year (2014).

I agree on the flushing. Once a year sounds about right just because toxins can accumulate from our environment. But in situations like these where there could be a major build up (considering many of us came from SAD or something just as bad) it might be effective to do a combination of many flushes to quickly rid yourself of toxins while eating nutrient dense foods to keep your body healthy. Just my thoughts, though. I definitely can see how constant flushes would be negative in the long-term.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 17, 2014, 07:50:03 am »
Thanks GS. He has Thursday off of work, so I'll have him do it then.

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 17, 2014, 06:54:19 am »
I'm not sure who is saying that you have to wake up at exactly the time of sunrise or unplug everything at night. If city light brightens your home at night, you can block it with window shades. Bright indoor lighting can be changed with different light bulbs. (Refrigerator light bulbs are good. My daughter uses night-lights and Christmas tree lights for low lighting.) Computer screens can be altered with f.lux. The basic idea is that day/night light controls all the functions in the body, so you want to harmonize with circadian rhythms as a vital part of healing. Getting daylight on your body, including the eyeballs, signals the body in an important way if healing is desired. Getting strong light at night confuses this signalling system.

Good to know!

Try the raw garlic at every meal.  Easiest thing to do.
My mother in law does 1 day vco detoxing.
My son used to do 1 day vco detoxing.

Okay, we will do that. Any preparation for the VCO cleanse, or we can just do it whenever? How much garlic should he have? Is it a good or bad thing that raw garlic (onions too) make our stomachs burn and it can be unpleasant?

Health / Re: Eczema - A Journey To Healing
« on: June 17, 2014, 03:32:50 am »
Sounds like my brother's old problem.
My brother was very much pleased with his progress with VCO detox.
He did 3 day VCO detoxes... a total of 4 times.
It was candida for my brother.

My brother also had great results eating raw garlic at every meal.

I was thinking about this, along with the OJ fast. But, he never gets consecutive days off work. So he wouldn't be able to do the VCO one for more than a day.

Another thing: how are your circadian rhythms? Being awake during sunlight hours and sleeping during darkness, getting outdoor daylight, avoiding much indoor light at night, and going to bed with an empty stomach are healers.

For work, he has to wake up at 5 am (prior to sunrise, just by 45 min or so). He's awake all day, works from 7am -  6pm and gets home by 7-7:30. He is outside some of the time of work, but not always unfortunately. When he gets home, he will eat and shower and then either stay up a bit or go straight to bed. We live in a studio, and unless I unplug every single thing and turn off phones (not even possible because one is our alarm clock), we cannot escape the lights. And I would have to sleep exactly when he does, and sometimes I have to do stuff, so there is indoor light. Even then, there's a light almost right outside our window so that also comes in even with the blinds shut.

So I'm sure both of our circadian rhythms are off. Mine doesn't seem bad, but I'm sure his is. Sometimes it seems like he sleeps really well during the day. On his days off, he usually takes anywhere between a 1-5 hour sleep in the afternoon. He sleeps better then than any other time, so I just let him get his rest because he needs it.

Hot Topics / Re: FED UP!
« on: June 17, 2014, 03:22:54 am »
Speaking of USDA, does anyone know if GMO produce can be labeled 'Organic'?

The reason I'm asking is strawberries at TJ labeled 'Organic' look like regular conventional GMO stuff - all huge and pretty.  While strawberries from Amish are small and ugly.

I can vouch that the organic, local strawberries from the Farmers Market are much deeper red, HUGE in comparison, and delicious compared to conventional. They are enormous. Go by taste though - conventional berries are ALWAYS too sour for me. I never ate berries as a kid because we always got conventional. The ones we get from the market are delicious and sweet, super juicy.

I asked the guy how he gets them to be so big and delicious, and he replied with a smile, "You just have to treat and feed the plants right." I thought it was cute.

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