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One of my favorite foods growing up as a kid was pickled herring. I never knew it was raw till many years later. Also I heard that salami and pepperoni are also raw.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Shiitake Mushrooms
« on: May 28, 2017, 01:37:48 am »
I used to eat a lot of shiitake mushrooms a few years ago and thought maybe I should try them again to get some more variety in my diet. I quit ordering them after the batch I got was really woody but it had more to do with the batch I ordered. This time I ordered some from Ebay that claimed to be grade A++. They were very good. Not even a hint of woodiness. So good in fact that I ate them right out of the bag and gorged myself on them. Boy was I sorry. A few hours later I was shitting my brains out and had such bad gas that my girlfriend threatened to kick me out of her house.

To be honest at the time I wasn't even sure it was the mushrooms but after googling I found out that eating too many can cause that effect. One good thing I noticed that my teeth felt really clean. I think what happened was that the mushrooms changed my intestinal flora and suddenly killed off a bunch of bad bacteria. This all happened three days ago and I've been afraid to touch them since but I got a feeling that I should and that a few of them in moderation will be very good for me.

I also noticed a change in my saliva and can taste the mushrooms in it even three days later. That means that the effect must be systemic. Thinking back I can remember getting diarrhea after eating shiitakes before but nothing as bad as a few days ago. Perhaps it was due to the quantity I ate and the fact that I hadn't eaten them in years. To be honest I wasn't positive it was the mushrooms and was suspecting it may have been due to chlorella which I also started taking a couple days prior to eating the mushrooms but I already knew to beware of chlorella so I didn't take that much at all. I'm reasonably sure now that it was due to the mushrooms because I can taste them on my saliva and my girlfriend claims she can smell them on my breath days later. The whole experience wasn't really that bad for me and the worst part was my girlfriend complaining about all the bad gas they gave me. I got a feeling that the gas wouldn't be that bad if I ate that many again because the mushrooms cleaned me out. But just to be safe I will probably eat them in moderation from now on. I think maybe this batch is also more potent than the ones I got before. Time will tell I guess.

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