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Health / Re: The downside of raw paleo, tiredness?
« on: August 06, 2012, 05:32:55 am »
Chris... that was pretty harsh. I feel it's not giving Charlie the support he needs right now.

Harsh? Try the truth. That's the problem with certain people/members on this site. They can't handle the TRUTH. How long are you going to go on with Charlie? He makes this stupid post, than disappears. He doesn't even have a normal dialog with people who respond to his posts. If he really is mentally ill, you can't help him. Period! If he's not, he's a troll! If you want to play his game, go right ahead. This post is on a public forum, so i have every right to voice my opinion. I suggest you take your concerns and advice privately. PM him! Or is that too much trouble?

He's not Raw Paleo anymore. I doubt he ever was to be honest. If he really wanted your help, he would be working with the forum and it's members. He's not. He doesn't even want to help himself out, so what makes you so sure you can help him out? You can't make him do something he won't or doesn't want to do. How well do you really know Charlie?

Hey, if you don't like my opinion on the matter/subject. Fine. Just ignore it! Believe me I won't loose any sleep over it. I'm stating my opinion on a public post/forum. I have my own opinions and views. I'm not a robot people. I'm not here to cater to, or stroke peoples egos on this site. I tell it how it is. I guess some of you just can't handle an honest opinion? When you make a post, be prepared for different viewpoints.

Health / Re: RAVF and skin health
« on: August 06, 2012, 04:41:43 am »

Chris- you and I are different.   - clearly. I trust you insult me because you belive I required your guidance.
      My path to health is exactly perfect for me. So, don't worry yourself a bit.

You got that right, We are so very different. Andora, I think you have problems handling the truth! When you post in a public forum, expect to get a lot of different opinions. If you can't handle that, then maybe you shouldn't post at all. You think that was an insult? Boy, you are either way too sensitive, or you just can't handle an opinion that is different than yours. Ya, I can see your path to health is working for you. It's written all over your post! If it was working for you, you wouldn't post what you did. RIGHT. A little advice, if you want real results please follow the RAW Paleo Diet. I mean this is a raw paleo website you know.

Believe me, I don't worry about you at all. If you don't want to take my advise, I won't loose any sleep over it. Just ignore my post, and continue down the wrong path. I have a question that you can ponder in that brain of yours. What do you expect from people when you make a post like you did? SERIOUSLY! I thought your  >D was funny. It shows how immature and messed up you really are, if you think I'm EVIL for posting what I did. Please, get some help for yourself, or grow some thicker skin. Good luck with that concoction on your grill.

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: I'm a believer whole flounder
« on: August 04, 2012, 04:05:06 pm »
How do you prepare these?
My guess is RAW! Or is this a cooking thread? You can never tell on the forum anymore.

Raw Weston Price / Re: How to eat grains?
« on: August 04, 2012, 04:01:02 pm »

How do you eat grains, by cooking? Or raw soaking,sprouted ?

Thank you,
I think you landed on the wrong forum/website. We are a RAW PALEO website/forum. Look it up if you don't know what it is. Buy the Book Nourishing Traditions. They have a ton of info/recipes on the subject.

Health / Re: RAVF and skin health
« on: August 04, 2012, 03:46:57 pm »
I want to discuss mostly external application of RAVF on skin, but of course diet is the foundation of health.
      I've been using raw coconut oil and other oils on my skin. It has improved, but I'd like to see more dramatic results. I had a bad acne break out in the last month, the coconut oil didn't touch it. It was the obnoxious hard acne, not just a little stress white head. It has been on my face, neck and shoulders. I've eaten junk repeatedly! I know that's why and I'm cleaning it up, but I've noticed big improvements with topical stuff. I want to share.
   First noticed big improvement with lemon. I had some on my fingers in the morning before I showered and I just patted it on my skin all over pimples.  It dried and stung a bit before I was ready to wash so I rinsed my hands and patted water on, it was a bit tight, which I fear pulls my delicate 40 y/o skin, so I moistened again and  applied a bit of olive oil. My skin was much better, but it got bad again due to continued binge cheating. So, I continued to do this and it continued to improve. It is almost gone and honestly, I was still cheating daily, mostly chocolate and not tons, but it's added carbs and stress = BAD. But something good has come because I've been paying attention to my skin improving. I've been smearing whenever I have time in the morning. I've tried kefir, avocado, tomato, egg, and even some meat juices. All with excellent results. It seems good to vary it all too.
   Sulrin mentioned breast milk for healing acne (what prompted me to try kefir). Brest milk is good for healing most skin and mucus membrane problems. Also, good for eyes. - sorry, tangential.
    Stem cells are being used with great results in and on skin. Mostly plant stem cells are being used on skin. Maybe this is part of why my skin is improving, because my lines and tone of skin is improving not just the acne. I'm still eating well but not as well lately so there is no other explanation, for the recent improvement.
    I found an article today where sheep umbilical cord blood stem cells are used to make a facial serum. I don't have that now, but I'll try to get that from my farmer. He might freeze one for me.
      The human studies are harvested from bone marrow, which is the richest source in adults. We can all get frozen animal bone marrow. I'm pretty sure they freeze it, b/c they keep it for months while they continue to harvest more as a person only makes so much at a time. The bone marrow has nourishing fats too, so I tried it. It was more bloody than fatty and it itched like the lemon as it dried, so I rubbed some x-factor butter oil (I think it is pasteurized), then I just went nuts. I massaged a little bit of everything in my fridge onto my face.
    I haven't washed yet, it feels really good. I smell like cod liver oil  -v but, I look normal so, I'm going for a bike ride then, I'll wash and post my results.  I'll try to do this as much as I can and see if there are any long term benefits.  The lamb stem cell serum claimed it reduced wrinkles and healed broken capillaries and fine lines in weeks. I think fattier bone marrow might be fine alone, but this had almost no fat and dried quick, tight, and itchy. I have some fatty beef bones in the freezer for the rest of the week. I'll eat some every day too.
Are you SERIOUS? You already answered your own question! You know your problem. It's all the junk your eating. Eliminate the junk, and make better food choices. You have to nourish and clean out your body from the inside out. Instead of putting crap on your acne and expecting it to go away, while you still are consuming junk.  I mean, what exactly have you been eating? It doesn't sound Raw Paleo to me. If you want changes, you have to take the necessary steps. Step one: Cut out the CRAP/Junk out of your diet, and start following the RPD.

Health / Re: HELP! Pinky finger's deep cut
« on: August 04, 2012, 03:14:21 pm »
Oh Chris are you trolling now?

Raw, make sure you're getting plenty of raw meats and veggies, then dress the wound with raw honey and/or coconut oil if you have it, then bandage it up good so there is pressure on the wound. I cut myself often enough here on the farm to have to deal with that kind of thing regularly, you can also use clay as a dessicant if necessary, but keeping pressure on the wound with a bandage/bandaid should be enough. Good luck!

If I want to Troll on this Forum. I'll take a class from Charlie and a few others here. GEEZ

Health / Re: HELP! Pinky finger's deep cut
« on: August 04, 2012, 03:11:21 pm »
Oh Chris are you trolling now?

Raw, make sure you're getting plenty of raw meats and veggies, then dress the wound with raw honey and/or coconut oil if you have it, then bandage it up good so there is pressure on the wound. I cut myself often enough here on the farm to have to deal with that kind of thing regularly, you can also use clay as a dessicant if necessary, but keeping pressure on the wound with a bandage/bandaid should be enough. Good luck!

How can you take a question like this seriously? If it's serious go to the freaking hospital!

Health / Re: The downside of raw paleo, tiredness?
« on: August 04, 2012, 02:14:22 pm »

But please - stop blaming raw meat for your problems on a forum filled with people that have nothing but wonderful experiences with it. Other people with emotional problems that could be helped with the raw paleo diet might be reading your posts.
Hallelujah! Thank you Dorothy! Charlie, you getting this Bro? I'll put it simply for you. If you don't want to eat raw meats/foods than why are you posting in this forum? We don't get paid enough to listen to your BS here, night in and night out! Get with the program, and take some responsibility for once in your life. How do you expect this forum to cure you, when you don't even follow the RPD anymore? That's if you even tried it in the first place. If you have issues with this diet, stop wasting your time, and ours, and please move on to something that better works for you! Nobody can help you here, if you don't help yourself. Do you just want self pity, or for people to feel sorry for poor little Charlie? Because life is unfair to you? Come on bud, get with the program. You have all these great, intelligent, and knowledgeable people trying to help you, and your just pissing it away! The more you post, the more convinced I am that you are a TROLL! Think about that for a second! You don't sound like someone who wants to be helped! Nobody is going to fix you, you have to fix YOURSELF!

General Discussion / Re: Raw meat becoming increasingly disgusting
« on: August 04, 2012, 01:51:34 pm »

I basically hate the taste of raw beef now. The raw liver is fairly tasteless, but I am tending to make myself raw liver curry and that's pretty nice. The kangaroo is better tasting than the beef but is still getting pretty sickly, and lamb no better. I couldn't afford to have salmon or fish every night, and I can't live off organs because I would probably OD on something like Vit A, plus they are 'oversatisfying' by which I mean I eat a little then I am 'satisfied' even though I am still quite hungry.
Oh yikes! No, not beef? I have a suggestion! Don't eat beef! Eat those other foods that you enjoy. A little FREE advise, KIS (keep it simple)!

Health / Re: HELP! Pinky finger's deep cut
« on: August 04, 2012, 01:41:01 pm »
Mom now accidentally cut her pinky finger is so bad that for the past couple of days lots of blood lost. She gets so tired and her face has the sign of the pain. I need ur help to fast recovery.
Have her eat raw testicles and a pint of dog blood, then chase it down with a tylenol. That should do it! Oh ya, try taking her to the emergency room too.

Journals / Re: PaleoPhil's Journal
« on: August 04, 2012, 01:44:04 am »
I have tried different variation/brands of EV coconut oil. There all different on how there are made/produced. I never liked the fermented ones (nutiva)Fermented coconut oil? Where can I buy it? I tend to find I digest raw fermented foods better than unfermented.
Cool! thanks, what temp?

Hi Phil,

Here is some more info regarding Wilderness Family Naturals EV Coconut Oil.
The centrifuged virgin coconut oil is exposed to maximum temperatures of 40° C (about 104° F) and the cold-pressed coconut oil is processed at about 98.6° F or 37° C. Neither oil is exposed to extremely "low" or high temperatures. If you go to there website: ( I apologize Phil, I gave you the wrong web address, I forgot to add "Naturals" at the end) and go to the FAQ's you can get even more info regarding why this is the best EVCO in the market! I hope you give it a shot! My body seems to agree with this brand. Probably due to the extraction at lower temperatures. This is the ONLY EVCO I recommend!!!

General Discussion / Re: raw scallop reaction
« on: August 03, 2012, 08:49:53 am »
Costco has wild frozen raw scallops for a fraction of what I pay for the fresh ones - but I'm afraid to try them raw. I love eating the fresh scallops but at $4 a piece - I'm not eating many!

I've been taking the Costco frozen wild scallops and slow cooking them in water with different fish for Brian for the minerals - but I've been thinking of trying one of those scallops raw ... but eating any meat from the likes of Costco makes me so darn nervous.

Has anyone tried it? What's your opinions on trying them? They say they freeze them right away, but should I believe that?

Btw - my fish monger taught me that the darker colored scallops are females and they are sooooo much tastier! The darker the color, the more delicious they are. None of the scallops from Costco are ever females though.
I read that they use some type of chemical on scallops when processing to preserve them. Check the label, or with the company first before you consume them. If your going to eat them, made sure their ultra fresh!

Hot Topics / Re: olive oil: clarity and quality
« on: August 03, 2012, 08:46:35 am »
If the oil is over 5-6 months old it is rancid. Almost all oils no matter how they are produced are rancid.

Put some in your mouth and let it go to the back of your throat and gurgle but sucking in with air to make it move in the back of your throat (this is the way olive oil tasters - much like wine tasters - do it). It should taste like pepper and even burn. Those are the anti-oxidants. If it doesn't have that strong pepper effect - no good.

Cloudiness will tell you nothing about how fresh the oil is - it's a useless quality to take into consideration - as is whether the oil congeals. Smell and taste are the only real tests and most people have never even smelled or tasted fresh oil. Rancid from 100 year old trees is still rancid oil if it isn't fresh.

What you really need more than anything is a HARVEST DATE! Even if the oil itself is only a few months old the olives might have been sitting around for a year.

Most EVOO is really extra virgin because most of the modern machines don't produce heat - but most of it is horribly rancid - which is the real problem.
Dorothy, your a wealth of information! I was just reading some of your past post's regarding EVOO. Very good stuff. Thanks for sharing that information! I learned a thing or two.

Hot Topics / Re: Blue Hill Bay Pickled Herring
« on: August 03, 2012, 08:03:48 am »
Just because there is no pasteurization, doesn't mean it isn't heated. Did you ask specifically if the product was heated?

I would LOVE to find a pickled herring that has not been heated.

That will be my next question. Stay tuned. I'll find out!

Primal Diet / Re: Primal Diet and Magnesium
« on: August 03, 2012, 03:55:09 am »
What do Primal dieters do to maintain a proper balance of magnesium and calcium from eating large amounts of calcium in dairy?

Fish and Sea Vegetables (kelp, dulse, ect) for magnesium. Dairy is not Paleo. But, many people still use it in this forum. Personally it's unnecessary, and causes more problems than it's worth. IMO

General Discussion / Re: Should I stop eating raw while traveling?
« on: August 03, 2012, 03:46:06 am »
Hey everyone,

Been eating raw for almost two years now and I really enjoy it. There have been moments during travel where I've eaten cooked and it was no big deal -- though I definitely feel better with raw meats. I've recently taken on a new job that will involve long stretches of travel from town to town (without returning home) to the point where eating raw consistently will be hugely difficult if not borderline impossible. I've considered the following:

1) Pemmican -- I know many people seem to do well with this but I'm not sold on eating a dry, water-deficient food for long periods.

2) Trying to source meats in each successive town I go to. Based on past travel experiences, this will often be impossible due to timing and transportation concerns. I can't guarantee my hotel's proximity to an organic food supplier or even a refrigerator to hold my meats. And I definitely can't afford to eat large quantities of sashimi.

3) I've thought about bringing on a good supply of supplements. Edible clay, Dr. Ron's organ supplements, Cod Liver Oil, etc. This seems like a decent compromise.

I really believe in the job I've taken on but I also value my diet. In the end, this job should only last about 2 years. After which I can resume my raw diet full-time.

So, I'm asking the advice of this community -- what would you do in this situation? Ultimately, it must be my decision, but it is nice to hear other opinions.

This is a more important question: would you recommend I transition back to cooked food or eat raw up until the moment I leave?

Just in case: Do you have any other ideas on staying raw that I may have overlooked?

Thank you all. Even though I don't post much, I have learned so much from this forum. Truly a giving, knowledgeable group of people.
If you choose, you can eat raw anywhere! Do a little research ahead of time, on the local markets, health stores, butchers, and seafood outlets. You should find something. You have to think outside the box! I don't compromise my diet at all, especially if I'm traveling. You can make it work if you really want too. Don't make excuses for yourself.

But, look around this forum. There are people who eat cooked food all the time, they seem to LOVE IT? So it all depends on how you define the RFD yourself. Myself, I define the RFD as RAW!

Hot Topics / Re: Blue Hill Bay Pickled Herring
« on: August 02, 2012, 02:28:36 pm »
I though I'd pass on this bit of info to you all. The company (Blue Hill Bay) emailed me, and this is what they had to say regarding their Pickled Herring product:

Dear Chris: Thank you for your question. We receive Herring in a concentrated 11% salt brine. We then desalt the fish and cure in vinegar and salt brine. There is no pasteurization.

Hot Topics / Re: olive oil: clarity and quality
« on: August 02, 2012, 12:54:09 pm »
What does the clarity of olive oil say about its quality? Any recommendations?
Nothing! Unless it's extra virgin olive oil. Is it? Cloudiness is a sign of unfiltered EVOO, which is a good thing. I prefer cloudy over clear any day. There's much more nutrients and antioxidants in the oil. But, the biggest thing is how it's processed. I've heard most EVOO isn't RAW. So beware, if that is important to you. If not, as long as it's the first pressing (EVOO), you should be golden. Dark glass containers are best, or steel. It blocks out the light to preserve the oil. If it's not EVOO. Go with butter instead, even if it's pasteurized. Regular OO, is extracted with additional chemicals to squeeze every ounce of oil left in the pressings. It's just adding more toxins into your system! Not worth putting into your body IMO. Hope that helps you out.

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: Question about weight-lifting
« on: August 02, 2012, 12:40:11 pm »
Hi folks,

I've had plenty of experience with exercise and martial arts, but have never bothered to do any amount of weight-lifting.

I knew a guy from the old rawpaleo yahoo group who had been trying a new method for a while.

He said he would lift a very heavy weight (like in a military press, or bench press) to maximum extension, and then just hold it there for several minutes.  He said that keeping the muscles still encourages cross connections between muscle fibers, which would increase strength as much or more than actually moving the weight up/down. Any thoughts? He said this wouldn't increase bulk, but it would increase strength.

No offense. But, that sounds like a crock of shit. That's not how to gain strength. If you want to gain weight/strength increase your weights and lower your reps (3-4 sets).

General Discussion / Re: Broth Nutrition?
« on: August 02, 2012, 12:33:53 pm »
Bone broths are fine on a cooked diet. On a raw diet, eating cooked usually interferes with digestion. Long-termers like me find, after a while, that the body starts not digesting cooked foods as well as before, as it is a strain on the body and the body defaults to raw-food-digestion instead after a long time raw.

I also agree. Your body is not going to be able to absorb any nutrients when cooked. You'll just piss them right out of your system. Minerals go from an organic (ionic) state to an inorganic state (when cooking). There only use is to satisfy your stomach, and create more cravings. That's been my experience. But, if it works for you. More power to you. I've always had trouble with Vegetables and fruits. They only brought more problems than their worth. I never felt satisfied, and I always had a craving for more and more of them. Ever since becoming a carnivore on the RPD, I've felt so much better! My hunger cravings are under control. I feel much more satisfied. I eat 100% raw right now. But, I'm flexible at times. I try not to dip under 95% though.

Health / Re: The downside of raw paleo, tiredness?
« on: August 02, 2012, 10:49:59 am »
Yes, of course! Every fish from clean waters will do! That is soft enough to mix into drinkable smoothie! You can use the whole fish BTW. I use the heads and liver and fishmilk and roe and heart if I can find it... not the intestines yet.. cause I am a pussy... :P but maybe soon. Fishliver is so good for us! All these are.. just.. WOW!

If I get this smoothie 1-2 times / week I am very happy! No need to eat it every day I guess because it is real powerfood. You can of course. Maybe you get superpowers then..  ;)

I would never call you a pussy Inger. Not after the food that you ingest! Over in America we have this TV show called Fear Factor. Contestants are challenged to eat all kinds of weird stuff for 50K. I think you could handle your own! lol . I'll have to give your recipe a try. Thanks for your reply! I had a question for you. Are all Norwegian girl's as beautiful as you are? Because if they are, I'm putting Norway on my list of destinations! Thanks again Inger!

Hot Topics / Re: Steak Cake haha
« on: August 02, 2012, 09:02:28 am »

I understand why you're getting a little testy, but I wasn't making a value judgement in calling you a strange duck, otherwise I'd be practicing self loathing, and I love me!

It's all good. I just thought your comments were a little strange/weird. I've had liver many times, and I have never tasted one that even come's close to tasting like ASS. A little gamey maybe. But, never that bad as you described. I have never had goat's, pigs, or bisons liver yet, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Not to knock your smoothie, like I said to each his own. But, I could never down that! I'm still debating even trying Inger's concoction. But, at least it doesn't have too many combinations (no offense). I think I could handle that.

Looks like I've been pretty lucky than with liver according to you. Do you get yours fresh? I take it, that it's grass fed. The liver you may have gotten, sounds rotten/old. Well, maybe you and Inger can collaborate on a Raw Paleo Smoothie Book Edition? That sounds like an interesting book, let alone topic. Peace!

Hot Topics / Re: Steak Cake haha
« on: August 02, 2012, 04:50:24 am »
I will now and then add a chunk of kidney or liver to my usual smoothie of banana/honey, eggs and raw cream oh and I forgot to mention in the other thread, I like to add some cocoa powder and real vanilla extract to balance the flavors. It's not much cocoa powder but it is soooo delicious

You drink this shit, and you call me a strange duck? LOL. I wouldn't touch that shit all the tea in China! Sounds like something I would expect to find on Fear Factor! Come on, do you really eat/drink that crud? You think I'm weird that I eat organ meats straight? LOL. Maybe you need to get a better source for your organ meats, if yours taste like shit? I don't have your problem. Too each their own! I'm glad that concoction works for you. Just reading it I wanted to  -v .

Off Topic / Re: Terrifying article
« on: August 01, 2012, 12:41:52 pm »
Looks like my future includes Insects and Dog Food. I'll have to retrain my taste buds!

Suggestion Box / Re: Isn't this a RPD Only Forum?
« on: August 01, 2012, 08:35:43 am »
I like your suggestions!

Thanks, it means a lot coming from you GS.

Hope that counts!

Absolutely, your opinion always counts!

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