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General Discussion / does a jar of high meat need to be shaken up?
« on: April 11, 2013, 09:49:23 am »
I started my first jar of high meat 4 weeks ago and have been airing it out every 3 days. The meat at the top of the jar has turned brown but the meat at the bottom has stayed red and looks relatively fresh. Should I shake up the jar to make it uniform?

I also noticed that there is no repulsive smell when I take off the lid, and I do not see the slime that others on this board describe. Do you guys think it is progressing ok?

Primal Diet / Re: Aajonus's germ theory
« on: February 20, 2013, 08:20:01 am »
I understand that toxins and/or poor nutrition weaken an animal's immune system or otherwise create an environment where pathogenic bacteria thrive. Some specific toxins catalize mechanisms responsible for specific diseases.

However, I am wondering about Aajonus's assertions that disease is not contagious and is solely a function of toxins and nutrition, as he claims in his books. Lots of authors recount the Bechamp/Pasteur debate, but they only go so far as to say that conventional medicine ignores the role of the terrain in favor of attacking pathogens, which unlike Aajonus they hold are infectious.

I am trying to find out if there are others out there who also hold Aajonus's radical view that infectious diseases arise spontaneously within each animal and are in fact not contagious (and who are basing this view on some kind of published research). I haven't come across a single other source that has this view, and Aajanous doesn't provide much in the way of hard references to where he got his information.

PS Thanks for the good links!

Primal Diet / Aajonus's germ theory
« on: February 20, 2013, 04:55:05 am »
In "We Want to Live" it says that all infectious diseases such as the common cold, flu, herpes, measles, syphilis, etc  are really caused by toxins and the blame just gets shifted onto contagious pathogens. Is this backed up by any other sources?

I have read about Pasteur vs Bechamp but have not found any definitive evidence that bacteria and viruses are actually produced from within the body (which is not to say that this evidence doesn't exist just because I haven't stumbled upon  it).

 I know there are books about Gaston Naessens and other scientists who supposedly invented super microscopes, but if these stories are true then how could they still be suppressed? You could put a video on the internet showing something like syphilis spontaneously appearing from cells in the presence of toxins and then it would be goodbye to the germ theory. Upstart corporations and governments would want to use it for their own advantage against the big boys.

How can he make all of these radical statements that contradict what everyone else believes and then not back what he says up with hard references? Obviously toxins and poor nutrition weaken the body and make it susceptible to sickness but Aajonus's statements go way beyond that.

I find his book very interesting but I need to see solid collaborating sources. Can anyone help?

Primal Diet / Re: food poisoning from chicken
« on: February 17, 2013, 02:04:55 am »
Well, to wrap this thread up here I am on Aajonus Vonderplanitz's own forum and it doesn't look like anyone really supports his point of view on raw poultry. I don't think he should be presenting himself as an authority and telling people to eat raw chicken in his books without also realistically warning them about the danger of food poisoning and how to minimize the risk. Beef and fish might not be that big of a deal but chicken definitely is.

Primal Diet / Re: food poisoning from chicken
« on: February 17, 2013, 02:03:40 am »
Poop on eggs is a great sign. Means they haven't been washed and still have their natural antibacterial coating intact.

Primal Diet / Re: food poisoning from chicken
« on: February 15, 2013, 10:46:16 am »
To give Aajonus the benefit of the doubt, I wonder if it's not the case that getting "food poisoning" is actually an extreme healing crisis and that ingesting the "pathogenic" bacteria, although no fun in the short run, actually helps you by cleaning up diseased tissue.

I might actually buy into that if his books contained any hard references but they don't. What do you guys think? I remain doubtful since I can't find any other sources making the same claims, and although it all sounds good in theory it's no fun to experience it firsthand. Especially when you don't know if it is in fact a "healing crisis" or just the sickness that the FDA warned you about all along.

Primal Diet / Re: food poisoning from chicken
« on: February 14, 2013, 11:35:00 am »
As far as I can recall Aajonus's books do not go to noticeable lengths in advising the reader to be careful about their source of animal flesh. From reading them you might think it's ok to go down to your local Wal Mart and buy some Tyson chicken then rip off the cellophane and gobble it from the styrofoam tray.

I nonetheless took the best precautions I could and bought the best stuff I could find according to what I knew at the time.

Based on what multiple people have posted in these forums, the reality about eating some forms of raw flesh seems to be different from the theory that is presented in Aajonus's books.

Primal Diet / Re: food poisoning from chicken
« on: February 08, 2013, 11:43:32 pm »
The chicken I had said it was organic and air chilled and was fed corn and soy.

I understand that this is not the ideal diet for a chicken that a human will consume, but I have never been able to find a chicken anywhere that was raised for sale that was purely left to its own devices in a pasture that was not given grain (and I have tried hard).

I recently found a new farmer at my local farmer's market who only processes about 200 at a time. It is a small operation of just him and his wife and the fat on the chickens is a beautiful golden color but even they are fed grain at night, even though they can roam a pasture during the day.

Unless you guys know anywhere I can order perfect chickens from, or unless I start my own farm, it looks like chicken is off the menu. Aaajonus might be able to afford 2 months of diarrhea shooting out of him as he dances around with coyotes and wolves but I live in the real world and can not.

Primal Diet / food poisoning from chicken
« on: February 08, 2013, 08:40:44 am »
I was enjoying the aajonus diet eating steak tartare and sushi for several months but then I tried raw chicken. I got the most pure chicken I could find but after a couple of days I developed heavy diarrhea that lasted for 2 months. I went to the  doctor who ran tests and said it was campylobacter (exactly what MDs say you will get if you eat raw chicken). Aajonus writes in his books that bacteria on food can at most give you a few days of diarrhea but this is not what I seem to have found out.

Can anyone here who understands his theories help me to understand why I should not believe what government agencies say about cooking poultry in order to avoid food poisoning? From what happened to me it seems that they are completely right on that count (I know that they are wrong on most counts, but I'm listening on this one).

My health background is that I suffer from severe fatigue but have no other diagnosed conditions.

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