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Journals / Re: It Better Goddang Work!
« on: January 02, 2014, 11:10:55 am »
Your post reminds me of me starting out with critical family and bitterness with doctors.  The more health improvements you see, the more you'll be so grateful to have found your way all on your own. With doctors, I just remind myself that they were giving me the best care they knew how to give.  And thank goodness they failed me or I'd actually think I needed their care?!  My family loves me, and I know they couldn't handle it, so I keep it secret. I bring food with me, eat in solitude (something I prefer for calm anyway), and just find a way to keep busy with something while everyone is eating.  My mom did figure it out.  Meat was disappearing without dishes getting dirty and she just said, 'you're eating it raw then?'  Now its 'our' secret :)  She can be very critical, but she's seen me at about my worst and is just glad I'm eating and healthy!

The confidence you'll feel when you cross off more on your list is so wonderful!!… enjoy the journey :)

I hope they can at least 'tolerate' me. I am sure if one found out, the rumor would spread like wildfire though. ;)

Today I had lamb shoulder blade chops with marrow bones in them. The marrow is sweet and easy to pull out, unlike cow.

Journals / Re: It Better Goddang Work!
« on: January 02, 2014, 11:07:18 am »
Eric, and I will do you a courtesy that you have not extended me, which is to allow you to blather without protestation.

lol what? Drop it with the internet tough guy attitude. Reserve that niche for the vegans.

Your skin literally eats the things it absorbs CB, the only difference is it doesnt have the mitigating factor of the gut, careful what you put on you, or in your tummy or in your lungs bla bla bla

Oh please.
The skin does absorb what we put on it, no shit. Thanks for telling us, captain obvious. So what? Still has nothing to do with diet nor is it as severe to put something on your skin as eating it (or you wouldn't have suggested the neem oil). Never did I ask if I am getting the *supah dupah magical powah* of the raw fats by skimming the tallow. Now behave yourself.

Cavebiatch and Eric... I think Thoth meant well.  Maybe the "F" word doesn't come across "nice" sometimes. 

Happy New Year everyone!

Thoth meant well, indeed. By going off-tangent.

Journals / Re: It Better Goddang Work!
« on: January 02, 2014, 03:15:08 am »
Lol did you read my post? What are you even arguing with? I used the tallow on my skin and it did an excellent job.
Nothing to do with diet.

Journals / Re: It Better Goddang Work!
« on: January 01, 2014, 01:49:12 am »
Being bitter isn't all that healthy. I see why you are, and I certainly went through that phase too, but the sooner you can let that all go the better off you'll be.

I have the same struggles with family that you do. I suspect many others here do as well. As time passes they'll get used to your eating patterns, however different they may be. My mom and sisters are constantly reminded that I eat most of my meat raw, and that I'm the only one among them not suffering from chronic disease. They won't touch raw meat or organs, but years in they've largely stopped pestering me to change back to their eating patters.

I only changed my diet a 2 years ago and I still have a lot of health issues, so it's difficult not to be reminded. I am sure I'll get over it once things get better.

It's easier for you because you're the healthy one while your family is unhealthy. For me it's the opposite, and I have health issues so it's as if I don't have any authority over health because "if your diet works so well why are you still sick? I eat normal and I am fine. Thus your diet must be BS and you should just use more soap on your face / take pills"
The only redemption is to become a living proof of change. I am hoping that raw paleo will help take me there.

Journals / Re: It Better Goddang Work!
« on: December 31, 2013, 11:48:22 pm »
I already know that they're ignorant, it's just that they can get away with it while I can't, and then any issues I have, they attribute to me not following the conventional wisdom. It's really sad when people don't believe what they see with their eyes and go with what the 'experts' tell them.
"If it's so bad for us why would they put it in our food"
"They probably put whole grains in here because it's good for us"
"But said so"
"But my doctor said whole grains are good, so any sickness I have after eating it must be imaginary"

I used the tallow on my skin that I skimmed from a chilled stock. It smelled beefy but then the tallow absorbed into my skin and there were no smell. I hope that cooking the fat didn't render the tallow bad or anything. After all I think all tallow, to be rendered, needed to be cooked to a point.

I've tried a lot of magic bullet short term stuff. I need the long term! :)
I didn't try neem oil but I use the neem powder for my skin. It instantly deals with the acne already on the surface and gives my face softness and a glow, but it's temporary. It doesn't stop the hot mess going on in the inside.

Hot Topics / Re: Has anyone tried urine for skin/hair care?
« on: December 31, 2013, 11:33:10 pm »
it’s how most people will perceive it. We already have enough social difficulties by eating raw animal foods: thus we don’t need an even stronger social rejection! 

Who cares what other people think, with their unhealthy diets? The proof will be in the pudding and if raw paleo is right, we're the ones who get the last laugh.

However.. I am not going to call out names but I've lurked this forum often and some of the prominent members' internet fights, tearing each other's lifestyles down, peculiar goals to "multiply their progeny", and narrow worldviews were a lot more disturbing than putting piss on your head. It made me really think "raw paleo makes sense but since the people who do it seem like a bunch of intolerant dicks, maybe not.."
Not you Iguana, but some people. And it's unbelievable that people actually think the way they do.

Putting urine on your head will make you look crazy and dumb, but no one will tolerate dicks who trample on other people's life choices (not talking about urine, I am talking about some of the stupid "debates" I've seen here). If there's people to make us look bad it's the ones who think they're cavemen and act like one.

I think its weird you can smell you pee and it smells foul.  My pee sometimes has a smell but there is no way its offensive smelling, its hardly noticeable at all and doesn't smell funky.  Is that real or something you are imagining?

Apple cider vinegar works really well to make hair smooth and silky.  Try diluting a tbsp. in a quart of water and pour that over your hair and then rinse it out really well, you'll feel immediately how it corrects the ph of your hair and makes it super soft feeling.

Nettles tea is really good for your hair and scalp.

I dunno I only have to use dr bronners soap/acv every other on my hair and I work in pretty dirty conditions most of the time.  It just takes patience to improve your overall health and everything else should fall in line.

I don't think pee smells foul necessarily, but I do think "I better not smell like this because other people will know". I think it's a social conditioning more than anything.

I use white vinegar during showers, ACV never did it for me. Never tried nettles but I use tea rinses. I hate Dr. Bronner's for the hair, it just doesn't do well with the water around here. I tried a lot of things, so I guess the unmentionable will be one of them.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: A vegan forum... bashing raw paleo
« on: December 31, 2013, 03:07:50 pm »
It's fine. I say let them die out of the gene pool...

Hot Topics / Re: Has anyone tried urine for skin/hair care?
« on: December 31, 2013, 02:57:16 pm »
Van is right, I am sure a lot of us got that "silly and disgusting" response to even considering raw paleo and it turned out well for us.

Lol cc what made you try urine therapy if you're healthy? Urine is usually the last resort.

Journals / Rant
« on: December 31, 2013, 01:21:37 pm »
Coming out:
I might meet my family again anytime soon and my boyfriend is returning home in 4 months.
My sister is in med school, and she warns that eggs should be fully cooked to the core in order to avoid salmonella (even though salmonella... is on the outside?) and my mom is super paranoid about parasites and germs so she won't even let me cook because I don't cook my meats inside out like she does. She has to cook her meats until the core is all gray because that is safer in her opinion. This Christmas she told me she'll make me medium rare steak and then I found that it was gray to the core LOL. So no, I can't get away with the "cooked surface but raw inside" disguise at someone else's house. I am sure I'll have to join my family and relatives again for the holidays and weddings, what do I eat besides a bunch of boiled eggs??!?! Even eating a bunch of boiled eggs get me that "that's too much cholesterol!" bs.

My family is already concerned over me eating a lot of butter and they think I eat too much meat and animal produce. They attribute all my health problems such as acne to eating too much butter and not enough vegetables. God forbid how they'll react if they find out that the reason I refuse to join in their pastas and the dumplings is because I eat raw meat. I am sure my mom would break down by the thought of me eating raw liver, and my family would force me into an institution. For real!
My mom knew some hunter's daughters who were raised on wild game blood and offals, and admits that the sisters were strong and beautiful looking. Yet, she's convinced that raw meat = instant death. Ugh.

I want to improve my health, and my looks, and after people are surprised as how I've changed, THEN I want to confess to them so they don't think I am anorexic for refusing their cooked vegetables or something. Then when they go "but but Dr. PhD said..", I can be like, "hey, I look way healthier. The proof is in the pudding, who cares what Dr. PhD says?"

My family already thinks that my avoidance of gluten and cow dairy is BS, and they suggest that I cook with grapeseed or olive oil (which are not real olive oil anyway in most stores), eat more vegetables, whole grains, and soy. I am sure the reason why I am smaller and weaker than my siblings is because my mom was really into the conventional healthy lifestyle such as eating more soy products, drinking a lot of orange juice, only eating whole grains, cutting out meat when possible, using margarine, and low-fat everything. Somehow I wasn't stopped from drinking sodas and eating a lot of candies by mom. My siblings are several years older than I am, and were raised on the more traditional ethnic diets. And they're healthy and they wonder if all my health issues are just in my head. After all, my mom did "everything right" but I was still sick. I was often accused of pretending to be sick for attention.
As you can see, I am extremely bitter with the conventional wisdom and the stupidity of the doctors who failed to help me. The more I think about it, the more the medical industry looks like a joke, and so many smart and gifted students are put into a position where they exploit people's illness instead of curing them, and the med students don't even know it.

When I switched to borderline paleo (not even real paleo but following the basic stuff), I wasn't bedridden 24/7 and I felt more "concious" of the things around me. As if I was drunk during my whole childhood and suddenly I am sober and aware. Sometimes I used to cry because I was so bitter, it felt like my childhood was robbed and I am so much weaker, smaller, and sicker compared to other people. No child should go through the sickness and pain I did, let alone be constantly told that there's nothing wrong and that all the pain is inside your head.

Even after I followed some paleo rules, I didn't watch my sugar intake. Even though I don't eat a lot of sugar compared to others, I probably had lingering gut issues that made me a lot more sensitive. I still had acne and occasional fatigue. My periods were still very painful. I was diagnosed with PCOS (I didn't tell my family because that would open up a whole new can of criticisms and power struggles) and I am told that it's "genetic" and that all I can do it take birth control. What utter crock. Thank you fat doctor, but why should I believe you when you can't even take care of yourself...

My family knows that I eat differently, but thanks to my chronic symptoms, they think my diet is BS. They point out that I still have acne, and blame the butter or accuse me of starving myself, and that I should just "take a bite" in the whole grain dumplings they made...

He's coming home in 4 months. My boyfriend finds it funny how I eat a lot of 'fattening' foods but never gain weight. He jokes about how I must be so fat because of the bacon I eat, but he knows that I am not fat. I never was. He's sure that it's my fast metabolism and freak genetics, but I try to convince him that fat doesn't make you fat. My BF would be aghast if he finds that I eat raw meat, but then I'll use the "proof is in the pudding" argument on him. And then compare raw meat to sushi, one of his favorite foods. Or maybe, who knows, he'll find it exotic and claim that he has a dog as a girlfriend.

Journals / Re: It Better Goddang Work!
« on: December 31, 2013, 01:16:43 pm »
Tried slivers of raw lamb during Christmas. Didn't get sick. Screw the doctors.

December 27: tried thawed raw beef. Bad texture, but edible. Ate with kimchi and sauerkraut.
December 28:  0.20 lb of Liver (delicious!), Beef shank with a bit of bone marrow, shoulder roast.
December 29: Finished the shoulder roast from yesterday.
December 30: Ate stock meat, but ate too many. Felt like crap. Finished the day off with raw rib. Still craving more raw meat, and liver... damn.

Cooked meat tastes like crap without any seasoning, but raw meat is juicy, mild, savory, and sweet by itself. Whoever came up with cooking meats, I have no idea. Why would you ever cook meat lol... I can't even begin to reason why..
The only good cooked meat is bacon, but even that requires raw curing... what...
I only use fermented veggies for the extra tang and the potential probiotic value. I began taking probiotics with my meals and use them every day.

I am experimenting with urine as a hair and skin method. I know it sounds disgusting but I am so unhibited by 'ew' factors by this point. I eat raw meat. I can eat 2 pounds of butter a week when I can afford it. Urine hair rinse? Yeah, I am up for the challenge!

I am trying to see what aged urine would be best for me. Fresh? A day old?
Can I mix herbal concoctions with the urine for more benefits, or to compliment/disguise the odor?
Can I use conditioner afterwards? Will I even need my conditioner anymore?

Journals / It Better Goddang Work!
« on: December 31, 2013, 01:12:50 pm »
Thanks to my crappy diet during childhood, I don't think even regular paleo will do it for me, even though it seems to help a lot of other people.
So I am really hoping that raw paleo will help me. After all it wasn't difficult at all to say "screw it" to cooked meats and chow down on the raw. The only cooked meat I like is bacon, but who knows. Maybe someday I'll be like "what is this crap" and stop eating bacon.

I am struggling with:
PCOS - Endometriosis - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Candida - Acne - PTSD
Funny how if you have one, you tend to have many other illnesses.

Hot Topics / Re: Has anyone tried urine for skin/hair care?
« on: December 31, 2013, 09:20:50 am »
I see. Bacteria is okay in the gut but I don't want any growing into huge numbers and affecting my external flora.
Well, it seems that people are having good results with urine online, and I doubt they're paleo let alone raw. So I am guessing that it can't be that bad?
I wonder if you can infuse or mix herbal water with the urine. One because I love herbal water, second so I can find a scapegoat to blame any potential odor on, if anyone asks. "Um.. it was the rosemary!"

Hot Topics / Re: Has anyone tried urine for skin/hair care?
« on: December 31, 2013, 01:10:42 am »
Also do I feel weird/crazy for even considering urine a possibility? Yes, yes I do. But being the deadly curious person I am...
If I go raw and also use urine, anything can happen.
Best case scenario: My hair is shiny and clean, I have no acne, I smell clean. I finally find that I can eat raw meat as much as I want and know that it's also the best food for me. I look much healthier, more beautiful. I am more energetic, and people wonder how I transformed so drastically and strangers wonder how I have such perfect skin and hair, but they don't know my very simplistic, low-cost, but nasty, nasty secrets.

Worst case scenario: nothing happens, I am still as acne-ridden, tired, and sick as ever while also looking crazy for eating raw meat and smelling like a hobo. I become officially insane.

Hot Topics / Re: Has anyone tried urine for skin/hair care?
« on: December 30, 2013, 11:31:10 pm »
"Just think about a sponge (or even a plastic can) having been used for a toxic fluid. Would you ever use it for alimentary purposes, even after having washed it a hundred times?"

Ok but the cells in our bodies replace themselves every 7 years. Or so we're told. So no I don't agree that our bodies are always going to be dirty sponges necessarily. Also, I am sure urine from our own bodies are a lot tamer toxin-wise compared to drugstore products. Also there's no bacteria to hurt us or anything in urine, what's to lose? (except social life if the urine reeks..)

I also disagree with the testosterone = angry, aggressive idea. Now that's a silly and disgusting crock. Silly because it's totally unfounded scientifically and people think "men have more testosterone, men become more aggressive, aggression must be related to testosterone" and then one day that became gospel. Disgusting because it brushes a notion about men (all men are monsters! I hear that all the time), and people actually act on their placebos once they get synthetic testosterone (or just sugar pills). Which is... absurd because it shows how gullible people are to their self-fulfilling prophecies.
The healthier and masculine looking men, who obviously have a healthy balance of testosterone, tend to be the calmer and nicer ones in my experience, while the scrawny and neutered looking men are the unstable and irritable ones who burst into random acts of aggression. I would say that testosterone makes someone tamer especially under pressure, not more aggressive. After all, testosterone is a response to working out or managing stress, not the other way around.

Hot Topics / Re: Has anyone tried urine for skin/hair care?
« on: December 30, 2013, 02:07:36 pm »
My hair turned out soft and voluminous, but it feels a bit dry/exposed maybe because I didn't use conditioner to give it that coated slick feeling. My hair doesn't smell even after I wet it, but my bathroom has a peculiar odor to it. Great. I'll have to figure out a way to deodorize the place.

I thought aged urine worked better for skin and hair? There seems to be mixed results. Some like fresh better, some prefer old (like 4-7 days in a jar).
Also has anyone heard of the urine containing pheromones?
Ref 1:
Ref 2:

If urine is so great, how come no one mentioned it in the beauty thread or whatever? Lol is it really that taboo? I even tried googling variations of "urine for hair" and didn't get as many results as I wanted, but a lot of "ew! gross! we have shampoo you know!" responses.

Welcoming Committee / Re: Once upon a time
« on: December 30, 2013, 01:33:11 pm »
Maybe you're right about the kimchi. I am not good with spicy/salty stuff in general. The raw lamb didn't give me any issue.

I seem to be getting satisfied, then hungry really fast.

cherimoya, the only fish I like raw is salmon. I also like live cooked oyster/mollusk types and raw octopus, but I don't see that much in America.

Hot Topics / Has anyone tried urine for skin/hair care?
« on: December 30, 2013, 08:27:48 am »
I know that CW argues that urine is a "toxic waste product", but then there's also people who claim to have scientific proof that urine is just filtered blood with excess hormones/minerals/substances because the kidney is constantly regulating levels of substances in the blood. I don't know who to believe anymore. Just because some highly accredited Institute XYZ said something doesn't mean that we can blindly trust them. Everyone here knows that by now. But also I never heard of the "urine is filtered blood" thing before.

Anyway, urine was apparently used for hair wash by the Inuits and the Peruvians. If it's free and we eat a healthy, natural diet, then why not? I am already over the ick factors (that's how I got started on raw meat despite CW), so I might as well try urine for topical care as well. Just for the heck of it.
I am afraid of the urine lingering in my hair and stinking up. I just rinsed my hair in diluted pee with a cup and a basin. I poured the urine dilute onto my scalp and surprisingly, my hair didn't tangle up from being wet. It's not like shampoo or conditioner but I was able to rub the urine into the hair without too much friction. After rinsing for maybe 5 minutes, I turned on the shower head and rinsed my hair thoroughly. My hair is still wet and I don't notice any odor. However someone else might if they met me LOL.  I am waiting for it to fully dry in order to see how my hair feels.

So, has anyone tried using urine on your skin before?
What about using urine to wash your hair? Did it clean well enough, or did it smell bad or build up in any way?
Is anyone willing to try this with me and post your results (anonymously is fine)?

Welcoming Committee / Re: Once upon a time
« on: December 30, 2013, 02:42:11 am »
I was at my parents' house when I ate my first sliver of raw meat (the lamb), so I wasn't able to eat raw until yesterday (after I arrived to my own home). I JUST started so I still have to find my sources.
I got beef shank w/ bone marrow, liver, and shoulder roast at Whole foods. The farmer's market sells offals but they're frozen beforehand and I don't know how I'll do with thawed offals.

I eat my raw meat with organic kimchi and sauerkraut for the flavor and probiotic value. I also eat raw butter, raw goat cheese, pasteurized goat yogurt, herbal teas, homemade gelatin snacks (low carb with raw honey). I am hoping to continue eating pastured bacon (the only meat I like cooked) and I already have beef stock boiling on the stove (no choice, the bones were beginning to smell sweet/sour similar to old coconut water so I had to boil it)

For me it's less about avoiding cooked foods and more about including large amount of raw animal produce. At least for now. Who knows, maybe I'll ditch cooked meat altogether later. I already would like to do that now, I am just boiling the broth out of no choice. I'll probably just use it as a supplement for when I run out of raw meat.

Also is it normal for my stomach to feel a bit sore, like a slight heartburn, after eating raw meat? Is it just my gut getting used to it or something? It's really the only symptom I have.

Also what's up with the fear of parasites? Are they really that bad? Weren't they already found in nature and we co-evolved with them anyway? People are more than willing to feed their kids plastics, synthetic sugary foods, and pesticides but they get their panties in a knot over natural parasites... I guess it's because parasites aren't cute. smh

Welcoming Committee / Once upon a time
« on: December 29, 2013, 10:59:59 am »
Once upon a time,
I ate cooked meat. I hated it, and I wondered why I had to cook it. It was dry and powdery. Even grass fed meat seemed to give me acne, but I knew I needed meat. I craved meat. I even tried frozen veal liver. I hated the texture of the cooked liver, yet my body craved liver.

I would often bring grass fed meat from whole foods, and they would smell so fresh and sweet. It was sad that I couldn't just eat it raw (or can I?).
As I prepared the pots and turned on the stove, I would sadly look at the sweet, bright red slabs and think, "I didn't pay $10 just so I can turn that into leather.."

I researched more, and eventually found the idea of eating raw meat appealing. However, despite thinking about my persistant health issues, I never got the push towards raw meat.

However, looking at the beautiful Inger (and reading about her transformation on Jack Kruse), I gave raw meat more thought. A few minutes later, I watched the TLC Freaky Eater's Raw Meat guy, who looked incredible. I concluded that if the guy from the show can eat even the cheapest cuts of meat from CAFO factories (which sounded like eternal diarrhea right there), then grass-fed meat must be a non-issue.
I know this is shallow but hey, beauty is a signal of health: these raw meat people are hot so they must be doing something right. I am sold!

During the holidays, I was like screw it and ate raw lamb instead of cooking it. It was like warm sashimi in my mouth. I didn't feel sick nor die, so I continued little by little.
Today, I tried fresh raw liver as well. The texture was smooth and the mouthfeel felt nice. Chewing on the liver felt weird but I can get used to it. It even tasted good, savory and sweet even though there's that hint of odor (like when you drive across the countryside). But it's okay.
My body's craving for the formerly wretched liver was answered.

So here I am.
I am struggling with:
PCOS - Endometriosis - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Candida - Acne - PTSD
Funny how if you have one, you tend to have many other illnesses.

YMMV, but for Asians, cow milk really isn't that great. I tried raw grass fed cow milk only to get very bad joint pain. Just because it works for white people doesn't mean it will always work for Asians (and yes race does matter when it comes to diets). However, goat milk is fine for many Asians, and probably yak milk too. Just to be in the clear though, you really should cut out milk altogether for a while. Raw butter is fine though as it doesn't contain the milk proteins in high ratios as milk does.

Also, are you male/female? It matters because we require different rations of food.

Primal Diet / Re: Has anyone tried fermenting raw meat in yogurt
« on: December 29, 2013, 02:59:45 am »
I was thinking more of just brushing the yogurt on the surface of the meat.

Btw is it normal for thawed meat to smell 'beefy'?

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: December 28, 2013, 04:23:32 pm »
Inger, what got you into raw paleo? Surely you did not always eat this way? How long were you raw paleo?

Primal Diet / Has anyone tried fermenting raw meat in yogurt
« on: December 23, 2013, 01:38:02 pm »
I am thinking of using yogurt or kefir to give raw meat the extra boost. It would make the meat more bioavailable,fight off the pathogens more, and speed up the "rotting" process towards high meat, wouldn't it?
Has anyone tried this or have recipes for it?

I hope the yogurt helps with the taste of liver.

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