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General Discussion / how to butcher a deer head
« on: December 13, 2010, 06:52:29 am »
I got this young buck I butchered last night and I have left the head intact.

I wanted to know how to remove the brain easily and without loosing any.

Off Topic / Need advice on speading the word wisely
« on: December 08, 2010, 11:33:49 am »
I am an outspoken member of this the raw food forum and I was needing some advice to avoid me putting my foot in my mouth on a major radio station.

I don't want to bring any bad publicity to the raw food movement nor do I wish to focus the  eye of Sauron upon this forum so I will be speaking anonymously(that is If I get called back.)

The local radio rock station was doing a morning show bit on freaky eaters and they responded to my Email regarding my diet. So at 7:00 this morning they called me and put me on air. I think I did well and they asked me if they could call me to come in for a demonstration (public exhibition).

These guys are really wacky and may be serious about letting me on again. They seem to have free control over the show even though its on a clear channel station... I want to honor the movement without being Grandiose and be an example for us all, but I worry about how I will react to their heckling me with insulting comedy.

I wont mention this forum as a reference, although I will refer to my diet as the raw paleo, and suggest that people do their own research. I wonder how far I need to go to inform people; is this too much, or to wreckless a way to get the word out? I only live once you know. I have nothing to lose.

I do wonder about if I should go by a fake name or tell them to call me sabertooth, and only those devoted to researching raw paleo could ever find me here and perhaps by then they will learn the truth about how this way of life is a healthy option for those who seek it. 

This may or may not happen, but I would like to be prepared anyway.

I need suggestions of how you may handle the situation of being put on the spot about what you eat.

Hot Topics / don't drink the water
« on: December 04, 2010, 10:41:09 pm »
The new expose on the corruption of the worlds water supply is going to hit the mainstream thanks to Jesse Ventures efforts in his show conspiracy theory. The producer of the show is talking with Alex on some on the scary details. Uranium, fluoride, lithium, being put into the water, under the fluoridation programs. This may be old news to the well informed, but tonight there are going to be millions of TV landers that will be given a crash course in this subject and now is the time to take action in promoting clean water alternatives as well as anti fluoridation activism.

General Discussion / Matter of taste
« on: November 06, 2010, 04:03:21 am »
Before this diet my sense of taste and smell were dull. I was eatting different foods,trying to find a more healthy diet and it was very hard for me to decide what was good or bad based on my taste.

 I tried to eat greens even though I didn't like them, I ate yogurt even though it was bland and neutral to taste. I never really had any powerful craving for the taste of a certain food on my old diet.

Now my sense of taste and smell has become more powerful and can be overwhelming, I was just curious if anyone else noticed the same thing. Things I once  tolerated now seem totally disgusting. Just a whiff of onion, cabage, or garlic can make me queasy with distaste. When I was carving the Halloween pumpkin the smell of the pumpkin guts was very repugnant. I crave pure taste now and even the littlest speck of spice can make a good cut of meat taste off.

I can now discern the differences between different meats and If I don't like something about a food I will avoid it completely. In my sad days I would keep eatting foods that didn't taste good out of nutritional principle, but now if I dint like the taste of it I wont buy it again, I don't care how pure and wholesome it is claimed to be.

General Discussion / spinal cords
« on: October 11, 2010, 10:18:30 am »
I got some free lamb bones with my case of beef the other day (score) and the spine was cut down the middle where the cord could be easily scooped out. It was very rich and creamy. I just wonder if its the same or simmilar to brain,I cant seem to get brain, but if spinal cord is about the same then I wont worry about finding some brain.

Sorry for the darkness of this picture - it's taken with a camera phone.

Journals / Sabertooths wildlife sanctuary
« on: September 01, 2010, 07:22:59 pm »
Welcome everyone to my side of the jungle

come, gather round the carcass and feast on the raw experience and give thanks to the flesh of life that has given us a better way to live.

This is the start of my open ended testimony to the world about my transformation during the past 7 months on my diet, as well as an place were I can frolic in free thought and fathom the greater depths involved in human experience

I believe there is much more to life than Mir observable factual phenomenon and that paleo mans mind must have been livid with superstitions and spiritual intuition beyond our own understanding. I would like to get into the mind set of a more primal humanity and perhaps shed this thin Vail of the civilized  and once again live and breath in the spirit of our paleo ancestors.

I am emerging from a state of prolonged sickness that I have endured for about 6 years prior, and I could write a book to describe the hell I have lived through from chronic fatigue to unexplainable immune dysfunctions, blood sugar and digestive issues; also suffered mental problems. I believe I may have been exposed to occupational poisons working as an electrician, and possibly most of my sever viral episodes(Epstein Barr) were secondary causes that only occurred after the immune system was already damaged. I really don't want to get into it to deeply right now.(bad memory's) I can say for sure that the only thing to give me improvement has been the raw paleo diet and I am grateful for the opportunity to live life with new hope and optimism.

Hot Topics / fake meat within 5 years
« on: August 19, 2010, 05:46:09 am »

They are cloning animal fat and mussel cells in huge vats and are going to feed it to the whole world,in order to save the environment (can we eat it raw) :)

At least it might replace soy

General Discussion / vaccum packed dilem ma
« on: August 18, 2010, 06:32:56 am »
I have dilemma concerning what to do with my unopened  vacuum sealed 25 pound chuckeye roll.
I have one already open and it might take a couple of weeks to finish it off. I am interested in aging the unopened pack, but am unsure of the best way.

This is pasture raised Kentucky black Angus, and possibly the best beef ever, so I don't want to foul it up.
Any suggestions?

Hot Topics / Bioengineered herpes is good for you
« on: August 11, 2010, 04:53:33 pm »
This issue is up for debate I'm not sure if most people can truly understand the magnitude of what has already happened, nor are they willing to see whats on the horizon.

Its already been going on for years; people were contaminated with many varieties of genetically enginered herpes back in the 70s and 80s through "contaminated vaccines".( Does anyone honestly believe that HIV was the only dangerous retrovirus set lose at that time).

These scientist were monkeying around with the genetic codes of everyone who received these shots.

Chicken pox is a naturally occurring version of the herpies virus that most contract when they are children.
If you get it later in life it has the potently to cause all types of permanent neurological damage. Even people who catch it early can still be afflicted with shingles in later life, and have their nerve tissues attacked by the virus that emerges when the immune system is weak.

Starting in the 70s there was an explosion in outbreaks of new varieties, which except for herpies 1 and 2, got very little attention. Its important to remember that these varieties were injected into us along with other poisons ,in vaccines, so everything we have be taught about how a strong enough immune can handle virus doesn't apply

There are numerous varieties of herpies some are natural and some are frankensteinian
(Epstein Barr is of importance to me personally, because most of my health problems emerged after a severe mono infection that left me a convalescent for months)

I have noticed that many others who are infected with herpies 1,2,3,4,5,6 signs of neurological degeneration; MS ALS, dementia,chronic fatigue, fibromyiaga, chronic back pain,etc... at younger ages

Once it was injected into the populations it was then spreed through sexual contact, thus putting an end to the free love of the 60s

Cold sores are an outward manifestation of a virus that lives in the base of the spine and literally eats away at the nerve tissue. Herpies 1 and 2 may have been around for ages and it is just the poor state of peoples immune systems that triggers the outbreaks

The good news is that my mother must passed on some immunity to type one and two, because I have never had an issue with cold sores, however I did breakout in pox on my neck when I had shingles at age 22(very painfull experience).

The bad news is that the controlling bastards keep rolling out with newer and more damaging versions, before the population can develop immunities to the previous . We cant win , its being done by design.

These new conglomerations have been designed in a way to bypass the immune svstem and piggyback antibodies against our own nerve tissues directly into the brain.
(the technology is available)

Now there are being tested, genetically modified herpies live virus vaccines that are designated to go into the brain and attack certain receptor sites and hormones that deal with anger aggression and anxiety

Well if they do that whats left of the human spirit.( this is dark)

Welcoming Committee / 5 months of raw and doing good
« on: June 26, 2010, 05:47:48 pm »
I haven't posted much, but have been following the forrum for 5 months

I was chronic fatigued with liver congestion and blood sugar/metabolic issues, and constant viral illness

I have been eating very low carb- raw animal foods , with high meat for about 6 months.

Its been truly a blessing to find a way of eating that is true to my nature, I feel like I have been missing

this my whole life.

In the past  few months I have gained 20 pounds of good lean weight, were as before I could hardly eat

enough to maintain my bones: without sugar spikes, abdominal pain, and nausea.

Now my body regulates it self to the point were I eat a meal of meat and fat, and feel truly full and

satisfied.  After a couple of months on raw meat my blood sugar leveled of to in between 80 to 95, when

before it would always spike after a meal to 130 to 140 sometimes higher and make me feel horrible.

I believe I had adrenal burnout, because after a mono infection 5 years ago, I was stricken with months

of fatigue, my adrenals would actually be burning with pain along with my liver and pancreas. my

lymphnodes would swell for weeks at a time. My muscles would burn with pain and my tendons would

tighten up () during flare ups.

This last winter I was ill with viral meningitis, hand foot and mouth, swine flu: within a three month span.

So you see it was only out of desperation that I started to eat raw flesh after finding AV and reading

about the guts and grease diet of the native Americans.

I am greatfull to say that feel I am on the right road to recovery now and I feel better than I can ever

remember feeling, My libido is back to capacity ( testosterone boost)even have thicker chest hair

As of now I have been maintaining myself on     Pasture raised black Angus
                                                                 lamb and or beef fat trimmings
                                                                  bone marrow
                                                                   raw coconut butter(main carbohydrate)very yummy
                                                                 high meat
                                                                   organ meat(liver, kidney, spleen, heart)
                                                                    egg yokes(back yard chickens)

I have tried some fruit but think I do better without , my sugar doesn't go high any more , but sometimes if I eat some berries my sugar will drop to about 70 after a couple of hours , insulin response?

Well that's it for now

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