Author Topic: Diarrhea, milk and figuring out everything  (Read 1684 times)

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Diarrhea, milk and figuring out everything
« on: October 22, 2021, 12:48:52 am »
I don't eat any vegetables,nuts, fruits or honey, it triggers my IBS hard.
I'm mostly animal based, except some spices here and there.
I'm very suspicious that cheese(/dairy) is the culprit of my eczema.
I can eat some raw eggs but if I do it 3 days in a row I eventually get diarrhea.
I think that mucus in stools is because of egg white.
I also have digestive issues with milk.
I found raw red meat really tasty and I consume it regurlarly.
Regarding fat, my mind(and most people can relate) doesn't consider raw solid suet as food, it's the most unappealing thing ever.
When I slaughter an animal suet is warm and quite melted.
If I just eat raw meat along the fat(suet, marrow, in the muscle,...) my mind doesn't consider it a finished meal, and I feel a lack of salt.
I tried to drink salty water afterwards and it wasn't bad at all, but I don't like to drink if not thirsty, drinking interferes with digestion.
I am considering switching to "cooked" foods. Not cooked in the usual sense but just heating things up.
White meat or fish is okay for me cooked, I feel perfectly good. The same with gently cooked eggs.
Cooked red meat is a no-no, once or twice okay, but if I continue I eventually feel exhausted. I'm not gonna brown any meat, I hate it indeed.

What are your thoughts on melting fat?
That way I can prepare sauces based on animal fat with spices to taste, and warm up the meat in the sauce(without cooking it).
I suppose this will speed up motility, but actually things go really slow whenever I eat a raw meal(meat+fat). Could it trigger diarrhea?

It's really hard to figure out things for me, I have done "fasts" drinking plenty of raw eggs and I felt great. I made the same with eggs and milk at it was great also. But if I mix more things in my diet things get screwed. Actually I got rid of my eczema while drinking exclusively egg and milk. So I feel a little confused...

I think that there's a problem with the food that contains lots of water, and that they make me feel good whenever I'm lacking water but they're not good when I have already lots of water in my sistem.

I'm very familiar with AV, but there are thing that I can't make them work for me.

Your thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Diarrhea, milk and figuring out everything
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2021, 08:24:12 pm »
When I first consumed a lot of raw eggs I had heavy diarrhea but felt better afterwards. My guess would be the fat and egg white binding to what was stuck in your gut, or the body dumping toxins. Most people never detox, they just slowly become more toxic. If they fast or do the cooked carnivore diet then they just "maintain" their toxicity level, if not just slow down the process. When you finally consume raw food you suddenly swing the podium the other way and starts detoxing properly for the first time. That is my explanation, many people have diarrhea when starting consuming raw foods.

For digestive issues with raw milk, DON'T drink it cold. Always drink it at room temperature (leave it out for an hour) and drink it slowly. As you know from the raw milk thread its not good to drink too much anyway.

Honestly just keep going. According to Natasha Campbell Mcbride the raw egg white binds to heavy metals, so in my amateur opinion your symptoms are just a fast detox of your gut from heavy metals.

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Re: Diarrhea, milk and figuring out everything
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2021, 04:19:29 pm »
I don't know, right now I'm not trusting the detox theory. It's like, all my life detoxifying?
I would say it's more about osmotic diarrhea, just too much water and electrolyte imbalance that the body can't cope with.

I'm really familiar of expelling high amount of mucus with raw fat, I suppose my body uses it as a solvent. But constant diarrhea intuitively doesn't seem like a good thing.

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Re: Diarrhea, milk and figuring out everything
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2021, 04:27:34 pm »
I find it difficult to distinguish between when certain symptons are directly from the food, or from detox. Like you say, you eat some eggs and get diarrhea. Is that because the eggs are bad and you body does not want them? Or is it because you start detoxing? If you want to answer this question, i think you should try different quality eggs. Buy them at different places, and see if that changes something.

About detoxing all your life: i do not know how old you are, but im 33 years old now and have been doing raw for a bit more than 1 year. I'm pretty strict with what i eat, and if I eat junk (like cake or something) I only do it when it is homemade stuff, nothing from the factories. I have been poisoning myself for 32 years (all my life), eventhough i think the body is capable of great things, i think it will take a long time to get rid of all those years of abuse. I've read that AV was even finding pharma waste coming out of peoples bodies after decades.

I feel way better on a daily basis eating this way, so i'm not too concerned with how long detox will take (although i do not have extreme reactions often, i'm actually waiting/hoping for them). I'm only concerned with stopping the poisoning by food/chemicals/cleaners/shampoos/water/etc. I think that is more important.

It is also a matter of trusting your body to do the right thing, but that is related to your doubts on detox theory. Nature everywhere cleans itself, so why would our bodies be any different? 'We' are just unfortunate to being raised in an extremely toxic environment.

If i were in your shoes i would stick to eating raw eggs and getting diarrhea. Meanwhile trying different eggs to see if it changes anything. I heard Mr Milkjar (youtube channel) saying that he drank raw milk and had diarrhea for (i think) weeks/months. All the while he also had back ache, then one day the diarrhea stopped as well as the back ache. So he concluded that the milk detoxed his back. Are you aching anywhere specific when eating eggs and having diarrhea?

edit: i do not like melting fat, more and more it is starting to disgust me. Many cooked foods, especially meats become more and more unappetizing to me as time goes by.


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