Author Topic: Halal Grass-fed meat source in/near New Jersey?  (Read 103 times)

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Halal Grass-fed meat source in/near New Jersey?
« on: November 11, 2021, 08:19:17 am »
It is a possibility I may soon be converting, marrying into a Muslim family, and moving to New Jersey (from California) and I am a little concerned in how difficult it will be to find grass-fed meats which are also Halal.  I'm not sure if anyone here happens to be Muslim that knows of a way I would be able to get ahold of some Halal grass-fed meat, or to otherwise verify if the Halal meat is grass-fed, especially around the area of New Jersey.  It's already pretty difficult just to find and verify if a meat is Halal or grass-fed individually even here in California, let alone to find meat of that combined, plus I will be in an entirely different state that I know nothing about..
Hi, I'm 32, around 5'4" and ~124lb, no real significant health problems other than hyperventilating when running/exercising (that my doc said was because of the smog/asthma), fatigue, and really bad acne.
I'd preferably be a carnivore/very low carb, but I have had a very hard time finding grass-fed or even organic fats, organs, and marrow. I consume raw dairy, but I do not eat much vegetables.. however, I do love fruit.
I live with my dad, so I also have to sneak any raw meat eating.


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