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Off Topic / Admirable man creates his own forest
« on: August 08, 2018, 02:38:20 pm »

I am very impressed. Mankind has destroyed so much that it's heartening to see someone undoing the damage. My concern is, of course, the fact that this forest will die out quickly once the poachers/illegal loggers become more aggressive. A relative of mine has been planting trees in his property in Ireland ever since the EU gave subsidies for tree-planting to Irish owners of  gardens. This was  because the British had wiped out the Irish forests in the past in order to root out the Irish rebels. I also have tried to get new trees planted in an Italian property co-owned by various families, but the idea died a quick death with the various fools and morons(sadly  all related by blood to me) whining bitterly about the cost(which is minimal). Yet the area is prone to erosion as the local Mafia wiped out the olive tree groves on the hills above via arson, so new trees are desperately needed in order to hold up the terrain.


I experienced similiar nonsense when I once tried to buy some raw wild mushrooms at a local farmers' market and the seller refused to do so once I was forced to tell her I intended to eat them raw.


Arman Tanny, of course, was the bodybuilding superman who ate an almost entirely raw food diet consisting of raw milk, raw vegetables and raw meat. It seems that, from the article, he got his diet from studying these Polynesian counterparts. This suggests that the Polynesians ate mostly raw foods, including raw animal foods. Yet, when one looks at (most) other tribes, very few indeed ate a mostly raw diet. Could a largely insular existence encourage a RVAF diet? Who knows? I wonder if there are still a few Polynesians who practise a RVAF diet?


The above shows it is erroneous to always copy ideas from the palaeolithic era. In the Palaeolithic era, they(at a very late stage) practiced cooking, and also indulged in barbaric rites like circumcision in some cases. That does not mean we should emulate such.


This confirms what I said in recent posts about how RVAFers who ingest more bacteria than cooked-foodists would be better protected against food-poisoning, with those consuming high-meat being the best protected. It also supports the notion of humans being best adapted to  eating raw, aged foods from palaeo times.We really ought to recommend that newbie RVAFers, as soon as they have gotten used to a wide variety of raw, fresh foods, that they then start on consuming raw aged meats as well.


One of my previous points has always been that dates in Palaeolithic times have always been claimed   to be closer to our own era than was remotely believeable, with the older Out of Africa dates already largely debunked. Now, the above article shows an error of 500 million years for the advent of life on Earth.

Science / Dodgy antiobiotics can leave people with crippling pain
« on: July 24, 2018, 04:55:43 pm »

In my old days of ill-health, I once had to go to the local school hospital and was given some antibiotics. Shortly afterwards, thank god, I started vomiting copiously, or I suspect things would have gotten worse for me. The nurse stated that it was impossible to be affected badly by antibiotics. My own father had a similiar experience:- as a child, he was given some antibiotics by a nurse. He duly became deathly ill. When he told the nurse that he fell ill because of the antibiotics, she refused adamantly to accept this, and from then on forced him to drink the pills in water under her close-eyed supervision. He pretended to do so, but did not actually swallow the pills, and, after the nurse left, he would open the window and secrete the pills in a crack in the walls outside. He said if he hadn't done so, he would have died.

Off Topic / Attenborough claims children are disconnected from Nature
« on: July 23, 2018, 03:04:15 pm »

Being connected to Nature is far more important than people realise. Studies have shown, for example, that a child is far less likely to develop myopia the more he spends outdoors every day. Having  green plants(or even just the colour green, to a lesser extent) in one's home or office has also been shown to increase concentration in humans. I suspect most of us humans are facing a future similiar to E M Forbes "The Machine Stops", otherwise.

Off Topic / More vegan authoritarianism...
« on: July 21, 2018, 12:45:07 pm »

All this is worrying. Already, schools have forced children to eat halal meat instead of standard meat at the canteen. Then there is Paul McCarthy who is trying to enforce "meatless mondays" on schools as well.The whole gimmick is supposed to protect the environment, but, frankly, crops grown by humans are far more environmentally-destructive in more numerous ways.

Hot Topics / Man dies of bacteria in raw oysters-claim
« on: July 19, 2018, 05:18:08 pm »

So-called "food-poisoning" generally seems to affect those already  in ill-health, such as old people etc. I once had an awful food-poisoning incident with some aged raw cod roe, but I simply vomited it out. The way I see it, us RPDers are protected from such incidents as we already have lots of other bacteria to combat any harmful bacteria etc. The key to immunity, I suspect, is how much aged raw meats one eats.

Science / Fasting may reduce MS symptoms
« on: July 18, 2018, 12:46:29 am »

You see, for a cooked-foodist, just having some days free of cooked foods can make a difference to his/her health.

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