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Health / Re: Just one more thing to be completely healed
« on: August 15, 2021, 02:50:51 am »
... After switching to my carnivore diet I have no more diarrhea, stomach pain or nausea. What I have now is the following symptoms:

- Gas and/or water on the lower left side of my colon (sigmoid)
- Burping on my lower left side of my  colon (sigmoid)
- Vibration and gas burping on my rectum
- Intermittent bloating
- Not feeling the urge to go

Those symptoms seem to me due to antibiotics. Ensure that the animals you eat their meat are not injected with vaccines, antibiotics, and/or dewormers. Usually, farmers consider it essential to deworm and do not tell unless one asks directly. I spent a very hard time and health issues due to this problem, which took me time to discover.

@surfsteve: 2/3 of my plate as greens, celery... That thing really scare me a lot. I've become intolerant to various vegetables after my colonic. I'm scared of fiber. At this time I'm doing ACV + lemon, that makes me go. That thing about turmeric is good?
And also do not mix greens with meat in the same meal, they require different gastric juices and the mix of acid and alkaline make a mess in the digestive tract. Colonics are not recommended as others pointed here.

1.- For joint relief inject pure seawater in the affected zones and try to drink isotonic seawater while following a raw carnivorous diet with plenty of saturated fats, and try to eat wild seafood every week.
1.1 This video might help but it is in Spanish:

Health / Re: Hormone Imbalance
« on: August 14, 2021, 11:43:46 pm »
Hello Wolf
1. THE KEY TO HEALTH: Saturated Fat> Cholesterol> Hormones> Energy> Exercise> Muscles
2. AND REMINERALIZE WITH SEAWATER!: Go up the consumption gradually until reaching 250 cc when waking up and 250 cc at night daily for life,  until reaching half a liter of seawater if the body manages to tolerate it well, if not, mix the 1/2 litter seawater with 1,5 liter of natural spring water and a lemon and drink it through the day, this is isotonic seawater. Gradually is the key plus real organic raw food.
And check my response to needtoheal in this post:
3. Herbs have to be used wisely all might have adverse effects if used wrong, do not make teas, do not heat them, use the juice low speed masticator extractor, and be very, very careful with the extract doses and test minimum quantities, not all bodies have the same response. I would try steps 1 and 2 first, for a long period of time, and ensure the quality of your food, water, air, environment, and sleep.
Greetings and Health

Bare hands and bare scissors  ;D

Health / Re: I cant seem to handle raw meat/dairy?!
« on: August 14, 2021, 08:07:17 pm »
Hello needtoheal, many of us need to heal. Healing is a process that it might take years depending on our conditions and especially our polluted food and environment.

1.- I began with the Primal Diet in 2010 and I improved, but doing roller-coaster, mainly due to lack of minerals and oligo-elements, lack of good animal fats, raw organic eggs, and dairy, and an abundance of harmful radiation and chemicals on the environment and also on our food.
2.- I reached the conclusion that the Primal Diet, to do it right, has to be done on the coast, with access to good raw oceanic fish and seafood for proper remineralization, otherwise, you lose minerals and arthritis and arthrosis arise like happened to me after changing the diet.
2.1 Recently, I began to remineralize drinking isotonic seawater, beginning with little quantities, and gradually increasing to the recommended dosage that varies according to the person and its condition. Seawater is forbidden on the Primal Diet, but I do not get access to good seafood.
3.- Artificial radiation is a long subject per se, and very harmful for me that I worked in huge telecommunications and data centers, and I became electrosensitive, please check with a true expert your room, house, and office conditions and move to other better place or isolate the place from radiation and look for earthing on youtube videos.
4.- With meat and dairy, they can be a blessing or a nightmare depending on the provider. In tropical countries like where I am is a nightmare, even grass-fed cows and all animals for human consumption are poisoned with ivermectin and other antibiotics, vaccines, and dewormers, that caused me many nasty symptoms the few times that I was "lucky" to find raw dairy, and it took me a long time to realize the problem, meanwhile experiencing very nasty detox reactions both physical and on the mind, fortunately, I study a very advanced mind therapy, but it is very tough if there are poisons on food.

Your problem can be the pharmacy poison on your animal food, and pesticides and chemical fertilizers on vegetables and fruits and GMOs.

5.- I am still looking for the right country to eat raw real organic non-polluted food.

Hope this information helps you to find the cause of your problems, good luck.

Hello DaBoss88,

I had an Iridology consult with Aajonus on April 2012.
He mentioned, I have aluminum and other metals from canned food and aluminum cookware that robs about 20% of my energy, and it is true I have low energy many times.
My lymphatic system is heavily congested, and I need to make the hot baths daily that are described in the book: We Want to Live. I have a lung working at best 50% The liver is not so good either, is working about 55% I have penicillin in the pancreas.

Tendons are very week not attached well to the muscles and the bones, there are fungus there, penicillin and waste products also in my back. The thyroid gland has a lot of toxicity, about 50% of the gland has toxicity. A lot of salt accumulation, I took a lot of salt before the diet, and also some radioactive material, industrial solvents and toxic materials from vaccines, aluminum and mercury in the intestinal track.

The worst part of my body is the intestinal track, followed by the lymphatic system. The heart have some toxcicity but it is not bad. Iron toxicity from injections in the arm that is also weak. Even with the lymphatic congestion, the spleen is strong. A lot of penicillin everywhere, and it is true I had a lot of vaccines and penicillin. I have radiation contamination in my stomach, incredible! I had to force my memory in order to understand why I was contaminated with nuclear radiation, I never worked in a Nuclear Plant, then I realized that I might got it when I was doing a service engineer CT Scanner training in the eighties at Ohio Nuclear in the USA, only 2 months there, but Aajonus saw the radiation in his Iridology analysis of my eyes immediately, amazing.

He mentioned a lot of metallic toxins in the brain, that explained my difficulties to think and to focus my attention, but with the Primal Diet I improved this. And a lot of Iron toxicity in my body,  of course I took mega dosages of vitamins and minerals for more than 15 years daily. I have energy production for 5 hours, instead of 14, so that explained why I was so exhausted. That was in April 2012, now I have more energy, but I was not able to follow all Aajonus recommendations, specially the hot baths, I need to do them.

Then he looked at my hands, and he said I have more pollution inside the cells that outside the cells, so I have very toxic cells in the right side of my body. A lot of heavy metals. Left side of the body is better.

He said I was anorexic and I need to eat a lot, and one year later I have gained 10 kilograms more of weight.

Then he recommended to eat certain foods of the Primal Diet in certain amounts and frequencies according to my situation. I was not able to follow some of his advices due to my present limitations that I need to resolve.

Aajonus make personal nutritional advise tailored to the particular conditions for each person. I do not consider appropriated to give all the details since each person would need different things. I would recommend to have a consultation with him, for me was extremely difficult because I live in a country with a lot of economic constraints and very limited access to US dollar, and I did it. Anyway, his books are very clear and explain Primal Diet solutions for each common or dangerous diseases including cancer, with my limitations I was doing the diet by his books for 2 years before I was able to have a consultation with him, and I felt marked improvements in various areas of my health in a few months after I began to make the Diet .

Hope this help.
Best regards

Thanks to all for your kind responses.

Last year I attended a consultation with Aajonus Vonderplanitz, he explained plenty of things about my health as well in his remarkable workshop in Sunrise, FL, USA.

Unfortunately I was not able to find raw dairy  in a frequent basis when I returned to my country of residence. I got dairy during these last  2 months, raw pasture cow milk that I make into kefir with my own flora and cheese, no raw butter is available, that is the most important, but I use less avocado and more coconut cream instead, and also with the coconut water and the raw green juices (only celery, parsley, honey, spoon of lemon juice and a pinch of Terramin clay) was enough to rise my energy levels and blood pressure. I also eat red pasture meet and oceanic fish, mainly sardines and very few mussels, a farm raised chicken once a month and commercial eggs, it is difficult to get eggs from farm.

I go up to the mountain about 3 times a week and take a bath under a small wild water fall in the middle of a tropical jungle with poisonous snakes and big spiders, I drink its unclear fresh water with moderation and I take a couple of litters back to my home.

I stopped using chlorinated waters (tap water). I have what is called "parasites" that according the Primal Diet are beneficial cleansing agents, despite these cleansing processes I feel good.

I am very happy despite some difficult personal situations created by other problematic people. I have solved many dangerous situations in my life, and I will resolve the last problems remaining. I increased weight and I have the energy to overcome those very tough situations, but now I am confident that it is a matter of time and my ability, not health, because I am improving. Please understand that been healthy is important in order to overcome obstacles in life, but it is also important to have a workable technology to effectively handle those life problems, once I had freed my attention from body issues with the Primal Diet.

The key issue is to test everything I eat in a one by one basis to see my body reactions, and to strictly follow Aajonus Primal Diet, my problem was I did not have enough raw dairy from pasture with its fat and I abused of spices consumption.

For me salt in all its forms it is deadly wrong and it is like Aajonus warns in his books.

It is extremely important to double check what our food is eating, our animals has to eat their natural diet in their most pure state, that is a real challenge for a Primal Dieter working with computers and Internet and living in the capital of a country.

Please read Aajonus books very carefully,  always when I have a problem I reread the corresponding section and I find a workable solution. All nutritional answers are there, please read and understand them and apply them correctly.

I hope my experience can help others.
Best regards and health.

TO: Forum Moderator.
Please mark this post as "SOLVED" thank you.

When I get fat from grass-fed beef, it is yellowish because of the nutrients in the grass. That is how I identify that the butcher is giving me the grass-fed beef. It is not a strong yellow, but a very pale yellow.

Thanks eveheart, attached there is a picture, I do not think it is pale yellow, but I do not have experience in this area, What do you think, could be from grass-fed beef or not?

Best regards

Thanks a lot Dorothy and raw-al.

1.- I was sick since I was 2 years old, probably the hype of vaccines and antibiotics of the 50-60's, so when my mother gave me coffe my stomach went very sick and I always refused coffe, its taste and smell is horrible to me. I received huge amounts of antibiotics since then to 2009 when I stopped them.

2.- But given the hot weather in Venezuela and water is not very good for me, at 18 years old I forced myself to drink beer, I did not like it but I got used to it, then wiskey then wine and in 1996 I thrown 50 gallstones with a naturist doctor (liver cleanse I guess), but since I was so sick, in 1995 I stoped drinking at all, and no more alcoholic drinks since then.

3.- After I initiated Primal Diet in April 2010, I became very sensitive to herbs and spices, so I avoid them, for this reason I prefer to use only the right food to heal, but in this society it is very difficult to get the "right food"

4.- I was able to be a couple ok weeks with no carbs, only raw honey to eat the fats but always I got long periods without a good source of animal fats, so I abuse of avocados and coconut cream, I love coconuts. I like pork fat very much, I was able to test fat from pork pasturing acorn (Names: Pata Negra, Iberico de Bellota), the butcher throw it away! but unfortunately it is salted so I test a pinch and I refuse the rest, what a pity.

4.1  I feel more in calm when I had the raw unsalted butter and cheese, then I get more strenght and I begin to eat more and then I get into a terrible indigestion for a couple of weeks. I eat now about 2 or 3 times less than when eating the Standar Spanish Diet (SSD). I visited one of the farmers and I saw he giving the goats/cows compound feed and that makes a very acidic milk, so I stopped dairy last february. But I was doing fine with raw dairy for a couple of months.

4.1 So, with not enough animal fat it is very difficult to me to go to Zero Carb Diet, I would like, but how?. Yesterday I got about half pound of cow suet, it was yellow, I do not trust when I see yellow animal fat, probably was from compound feed or grains (corn) fed. Any way, I do not like suet, I like real fat that disolves easy in the mouth.

5.- For a couple of days I will post this link to a video of my self that I sent to my kids last January, due to my daugther's habit of taking showers with hot water in Venezuela, a tropical country!. If somebody knows spanish please understand that I am providing an example but in a kidding way: a sea bath in winter in the north of Spain, Cantabric sea. I have not changed physicaly since then, just less blood pressure, energy and sleep. Yesterday the sea and the sun were much better :)

6.- So, is there any other way to increase blood pressure safely and to recover adrenals with food or something natural without side effects?

Thanks and best regards

It's over, write your will and wait for the inevitable.

Hello wodgina thanks for the advice, but that it is not easy, I am very persistent, 3 times doctors said that I would die if I do not take the damn little pills forever, and I never took the pills, and never returned to them for advice. I have kids they need me, so unfortunately the inevitable have to wait until I find my way :)

The Matrix
Warner Bros. Pictures

    Morpheus: I imagine that right now you're feeling a bit like Alice. Tumbling down the rabbit hole?
    Neo: You could say that.
    Morpheus: I can see it in your eyes. You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he's expecting to wake up. Ironically, this is not far from the truth. Do you believe in fate, Neo?
    Neo: No.
    Morpheus: Why not?
    Neo: 'Cause I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life.
    Morpheus: I know exactly what you mean. Let me tell you why you're here. You're here because you know something. What you know, you can't explain. But you feel it. You felt it your entire life. That there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there. Like a splinter in your mind -- driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I'm talking about?
    Neo: The Matrix?
    Morpheus: Do you want to know what it is?
    (Neo nods his head.)
    Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere, it is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, or when go to church or when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
    Neo: What truth?
    Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else, you were born into bondage, born inside a prison that you cannot smell, taste, or touch. A prison for your mind. (long pause, sighs) Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.
    (In his left hand, Morpheus shows a blue pill.)
    Morpheus: You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. (a red pill is shown in his other hand) You take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. (Long pause; Neo begins to reach for the red pill) Remember -- all I am offering is the truth, nothing more.
    (Neo takes the red pill and swallows it with a glass of water)

joejac: No pills at all, just my journey in quest to knowledge, true and freedom, and "there is no turning back".

Best regards

Hello Dorothy,
I used to eat the standard spanish diet: everything well cooked with a lot of cooked/fried fats (for about 50 years) but the last 20 years I had a lot of multiple health problems with my bones and joints, insomnia, candida, strong heartburns,  some pain and burn in the chest, increasing blood pressure, never over 140 but when I get that I get really very sick.

Then I changed to Blood Type diet in 2009, and I recover from my knee but got worst from cholesterol, I losed a lot of weight and got very weak, then I changed to Genotype Diet and I got even worst, then on April 2010 I changed to Primal Diet (no raw/unsalted dairy available in Venezuela) and I had intermitent detoxes the first 3 months then I got much better, I gained weight and strength so I decided to come to Spain to help my mother, the short story.

To clarify, I was fine some times and others very bad during the last 20 years, species did not seemed to affect me on cooked diet but who knows. I was doing ups and downs with my health and no doctor found the cause/cure until I switched to Primal Diet myself. In Venezuela I was fine with the Primal Diet but here in Spain I have intermittent problems with adrenal exhaustion and low blood pressure symptoms, probably also with the  stress with so many family problems here, also humidity here is always in the range of 90 to 100%, I do not know.

Last night I had nightmares and I slept but with difficulty, today my blood pressure is low again 95/45 at wake up. I guess fruit sugar makes me drink much water, increase my skin itching and then I do not feel good again. I also retained some liquid in my lungs for an hour, now they are clear again, but probably the salt from the raw mussels.

Today I will try the brain and red meat again and suspend fruit and take the water with lemon and honey, not alone.

Thanks and best regards

Hello to all and nice day,

First thanks a lot for your kind help.

Goodsamaritan, in Venezuela the first 7 months of the diet I ate an average of 500 grams of avocado per day and the cream of one coconut per day, except on Saturdays when going to the farmers' market, that I easily drank the water of 2 to 3 big green coconuts with its bland meat, ha!, how good and refreshing. Here in Spain avocados are very small so I eat 3 avocados about 400 to 450 grams per day, because good animal fat it is very difficult to get, both in Venezuela and here.

I followed your advice I stopped avocado for 2 days, but not the coconut. I did not know that avocado lower the blood pressure, yesterday I did not take the green juices (spinach, celery, parsley, zucchini, cucumber) I did not know spinach also lower blood pressure.

cherimoya_kid, your name reminds me a fruit from heaven, I only take some times an unripe (totally green) banana, but I avoid fruit, although I like it a lot and I used to eat a lot in Venezuela before the Primal Diet.

What is high-Brix fruit?

Yesterday I was lucky and found the brain of a cow lest than 12 months old and I ate half the brain, red meat and in the afternoon also 200 grams of melon with 3 spoons of coconut cream and today I ate also about 200 grams of melon with 3 spoons of coconut cream. For lunch blue fish and mussels (yesterday also) and about 80 ml of coconut cream with 1 honey spoon. I normally avoid sea food because I notice the salt. I only ate yesterday one meat meal, I tried to go to bed early with no dinner at about 10:30 pm but at 11:30 pm I woke up hungry, I followed Vonderplanitz recommendation, I did a smoothie of 2 eggs, 1 unripe banana and 1 honey spoon, and I was able to sleep for 8,5 hours! that is a record to me. I was the 2 previous nights unable to sleep. I also had both days the coconut water, about 50 to 70 ml.

Today in the morning I did the juice of 2 small beets, about 125 ml of red juice and I mixed it with my green juices despite the spinach, and it was like turning on a Power plant, big amount of energy!. I could not believe it, because I had 3 days zombie, barely able to do something I mean totally exhausted, and suddenly a new me. I do not trust in those "digital" changes with my body going from 0 volts to 500 volts, I do not like stimulants at all. One hour later I had 3 eggs rocky style and I was in full action all day.  Just after taking the beets I had a discomfort in my brain that lasted until lunch when I ate the fish and coconut cream.

All these months I was trying to enter into ketosis, unfortunately not enough of good quality fats. Today I was like a hurricane doing everything fast and good, not like the days before.

My blood pressure increased to 104/54 by the end of the morning and an hour ago 107/54  :)

So I need to understand how a body functions, why one day I think I am going to die, and suddenly the next day having the energy levels of 30 years ago, just because I skipped a meal and had some fruit and the juice of 2 small beets. Why it is so damn easy to get energy with beets, and no with fats. I never eat beets, I do not like them.

Dorothy, thanks (Gracias! :)) for the information, before the Primal Diet nothing seemed to work for me, I had everything "natural" of course, but now I have to be very careful because a simple clove of garlic lowers too much my blood pressure, and make me feel sick, when before this diet I was able to eat 500 grams of liver with 500 grams of onions and about 15 big garlic cloves in a meal and no problem, at least with that, of course cooked. So if I can go up to 110/65 or 110/70 with no herbs or supplements I will feel very comfortable, because I guess that is my operational level.

But I need to understand what is the mechanics of food-blood vessels-heart-metabolism and the relationship with fat and carbohydrates and finally which is the right and natural way to feed/run a body. I have some biochemistry books in Venezuela, but they use an obscure language full of technical and super complex terminology, probably because those "experts" do not really know. I have even a chemistry dictionary but no way to clarify the subject of how the body operates in the correct way.

Any valuable references on the subject are very welcome.

I will see if the locomotive is still burning fuel tomorrow like today without getting broke :) it is late here, have a good night.

Best regards

How can I recover from adrenal exhaustion and low blood pressure? (90/50) I have 2 days with all the symptoms.
I eat according to the Primal Diet but without the dairy, so perhaps not all animal fat suggested on diet. I use plenty of avocado and some coconut cream.
Any suggestions are very welcome,

General Discussion / Re: Cleansing and a Raw Paleo Diet
« on: June 13, 2011, 01:34:18 am »
Hello Juzeza,

Although I am newbie, just one year in Primal Diet, I would suggest these links that helped me a lot. Please be very carefull with dairy, and review the "new theory of desease" by Aajonous Vonderplanitz, is the answer to parasites, do not do anything until you have read those links. I will also suggest you to purchase the ebook "We Want to Live", where I have found answers to many health questions.

One year ago I purchased everything to do a zapper by myself, and I am glad I have read that information before I doing a zapper, I still have the electronic components in the bag :D

The links are below, hope this can help.
The Recipe for Living Without Disease by Aajonus Vonderplanitz


This link shows the environmental conditions of this city, I live temporarily here.

1.- How can I deal with outdoors humidity?, today is about 100%.

I am pretty sure the Paleo inhabitants of this place had this problem also.

Are some RP eaters living in similar places, can you share your experience and solutions please?

Thanks and regards

Thanks eveheart and HIT_it_RAW,
The old farmer had a big handsome rooster on top of the hill watching his hens, I thought, what a lucky "guy." ;)
I do not know about the old woman, I will ask.

Last night I was able to sleep 6+3=9 hours a record for me :)

I decided to eat oceanic fish so today I got sardines, a big piece of tuna and mussels for the weekend, but I also got more interesting new data from the fishmonger, he said:

"Here is normal to be tired and have difficulties to breathe, we are on the Cantabric sea coast, this is a fishing port, average humidity range from 80 to 92%! When I go to Madrid (the center of Spain) I feel like if a big weight is taken out of me, and my arm do not hurt me."

And his wife said: yesterday I took out from the moisture absorber about 3 litters of water from a small room, working at low speed (60% absorption) from 11 am to 7 pm, and we have a new home very well insulated. He mentioned that these 2 weeks were specially tough because we had no sun and had low clouds and rain.

This makes a lot of sense to me, I have a similar sensation I had 30 years ago when I was the first time in a steam bath, in 20 minutes I was barely able to breath, feeling my lungs bloated.  What I was feeling these days is similar, but with less intensity, of course that grain fed meats, fats and glands can make things worst.

I used cayenne pepper with food and I got my nose throwing some water, and I felt much better and my need to take a nap disappeared :)

Please see this link where they relate high humidity with many health problems including low blood pressure:

OK, for indoors here it is necessary a moisture absorber equipment, which is not Paleo :(

But my question now is:

1.- How can we protect from humidity when we go outdoors?

One day last week, I was walking in the top of a mountain and suddenly the fog covered everything in less than 10 minutes, I could not believe it, it was like being in a terror movie, 10 minutes before I was able to see about 35 kilometers of the coast line and the sea almost to England, and then my field of vision was no more than a few meters away.

Thanks in advance,
Best regards

Thanks for the data HIT_it_RAW.

I was able to walk 4 miles, not very tired, thanks to the cayenne pepper. I prefer not to use species, just in emergencies while I find the root of the problem. I will see how can I sleep tonight.

During a week I will be eating oceanic blue fish, with avocados, tomatoes, little fruit and some coconut cream and green juices.

But I depend a lot on eggs, and I have 3 sources: one is an old farmer, I personally saw his hens pasturing, but at night they enter into the cow shed and they are fed with corn, other is an old woman that said their hens are pasturing and also fed with wheat and the other source is the supermarket, they are labeled "Fresh Omega 3" this is the website of the producer:

My question is:

Which eggs do you consider better, the one from the old farmer (pasture/corn) smaller eggs, the old woman (pasture/wheat) bigger eggs, the Omega 3 producer medium size and yolk that is less yellow or none of them?


Thanks a lot for you nice support gentlemen.

I come from checking my blood pressure: it is low 90/60, I normally have it in 110/70, and thanks for the information on stop detox, nuts and the meats, this week I was eating heart, bone marrow and liver a lot, so probably it is not a detox, I feel a little bit heavy, I was eating 3 meat meals this week and not from 100% pasture.

I did not realize how bad is not to eat 100% pasture meats, because in South America I always eat 100% pasture beef, some times 1 pound a day plus turkey and/or Caribbean fish, no animal fat, no dairy, only avocados and coconuts and very little bone marrow. Now I understand why suet and pork fat in Spain were no good to me.

In South America I used to eat 2 meat meals, and my breakfast was the cream of one coconut with 5 eggs, 1 lime spoon and 2 honey spoons, 2 bee pollen spoons, and I was working in the computer easily from 8 am to 2 pm, no bloated, no hungry. I will stop eating beef, and go back to blue fish, game here is scarce and is frozen.

Meanwhile, today I will take one dried cayenne pepper to increase blood pressure, not ideal but is the only one available, I do not eat salt, and I will do a slow walk 3-4 miles, with a green juice and a fig and then a light dinner, only avocado and honey.

One thing is to read Mr. Vonderplanitz books and other very different is to do the diet in the real world with all those unknown/uncontrolled variables.

Even though I have one year in Primal Diet I consider myself newbie, no much experience and my first contact with people on this diet is through this forum, so I appreciate a lot your valuable help.

Best regards

Thanks HIT_it_RAW,

Yes candida die-off is very tough,  I know.

I talked with a couple of local farmers and they said that cows eat pasture their first 10-12 months and then they are feed with grains their last 2-3 months before they are sacrifice, just to get them more weight.

I forgot to mention that I some times eat a Nut formula 2-3 times a week specially when very nervous like this week. I think I will eat more fish this week because I was eating plenty of beef during the last month and l am purchasing less from my original butcher, out of town, I think I will purchase from her again.

1.- How can I know for sure it is a detox or it is getting worst, I mean I am eating something that is bad?

Thanks goodsamaritan
, this week I was craving for carbohidrates: the Nut formula, bee pollen and a lavender flower honey, that it is a very sweet honey and I usually avoid it. But I am in Spain, I can not go to Manila to see Dr. Vander.

2.- Do you know a Doctor specialized in Raw Paleo here in Spain?, because I do not feel good like when I was in South America the first 6 months of the Primal Diet?

2.1 What is VCO?

Probably something wrong in the food, for instance, the liver here taste me somewhat sweet and in South America I used to eat bitter cows liver, no this sweet taste. Here egg yolks are very yellow. I would like to return to South America, but I can't due to the situation of my mother here.

Best regards

I discovered I have candida since 2009, I was living in South America, I probably have candida since 30 or 40 years ago. In April 2010 I began Primal Diet, I was improving.

Then, I move to Spain last November 2010 and began to take dairy. First, I got strong and gain weight, before I was under weight, then I got worst with indigestion and insomnia and I totally suspended dairy last march 2011.

I began to eat bone marrow, suet and pork fat. I dislike very much suet and with pork fat and suet I feel like little seasick and tired. I suspended suet and pork fat about one month ago.

For fat I take per day: 2 or 3 avocados and 1 or 2 small bone marrow with the meat meals and about 1 ounce of coconut cream when I got the coconut. A couple of small glasses of green juices, 1 or 2 small glasses of water with 1 spoon of lemon and 1 spoon of honey a day. Each 2 days I eat little fruit: 1 banana or cherries or 1 fig.

I eat 2 to 3 meat meals a day: beef, liver, turkey (not 100% pasture), blue fish, 4 to 6 eggs a day, they relieve my thirst, either rocky style, 2 each time, or blended with coconut cream and 1 spoon of lemon or lime juice. Sometimes I add to the smoothies 1 spoon of lime and 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar.

I have about 2 weeks extremely weak, difficulties to breathe sometimes, very lethargic, annoying rashes and with difficulties to get sleep, could it be the candida die-off due to lime, lemon and coconut? or what else?

I appreciate a lot your kind suggestions to improve.
Best regards

Hello, and thanks to all.

The good news is that a day before yesterday I was able to sleep 5+3 hours with no pain and last night 6+3 hours of good sleep, only some bowel noises and some rashes but did not affect my sleep.

I drastically reduced liquids and increased raw animal fat, and had about 40 grams of raw fruit per day 1 hour before lunch (2-3 ounces of raw blueberries).

I reduced the veggie juices from 1 liter (1 Quarter) a day to 100ml (3-4 ounces). These 2 days I had only 100ml of green juices when wake up the first time and then to sleep 3 hours more :) But I need to work   :D

With the raw animal fat I feel strange, like if I am going to be dizzy but I did not get dizziness, I also feel more in calm.

A.- I am still concerned with the effect of raw animal fat on heart and blood vessels, are there any links to scientific studies on this issue that someone can provide me?.

B.- I still have my previous questions, hope someone can answer them with your experience and information, links and/or books:

1.- How can I get raw enzymes, minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients?
2.- How can I hydrate myself?,
3.- Should I take fruit with animal fat or alone is fine?
4.- Is avocado a good fat?,
5.- Are tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber blended with honey, good if I am thirsty?
6.- What food to suppress and what to eat safety, without getting into malnutrition?.

C.- Hi Tyle, what is wrong with coconut cream?, I never had it before Primal Diet but now it is delicious for my taste.

D.- Hi gosu44, can you be more specific? what did you eat and what specific problems did you have with ZC?

E.- Hi Haai, I'm in temporary in Spain, why?

F.- Hi Löwenherz, yes, Coconut cream and water are special to me  :)

G.- Hi MoonStalkeR, I always lived in hot and humid climate although my genetic comes from the  cold and humid North of Spain. I always complained hot but I recognize it helped with my recovery those first 7 months on Primal Diet.

Yes SS is a real nightmare, but I have to persist, I caused these problems when in 1996 I let alone my mother came to Spain with her family and in confusion due to her illnesses, she made terrible mistakes, I have to be strong and to resolve this once and for all.

You can not imagine how much I'm learning seen them in action, is tough, but is better to know well the wolf and where he likes to bite and how. I have kids and friends and they have to know the truth, so someone has to do the dirty job and I can not delay this anymore.

Salt is no good for me, in combination with mega dosages of vitamins/minerals during 16 years burned my adrenals. I have learned the supplements lesson very hard, and wasted vast amount of money that was enjoyed by the "natural" supplements industry.

Thanks a lot, Best regards

Hello Tyler,

Thanks for your suggestions.

1) I cutted out all the raw dairy 2 weeks ago.

>2) Cut out the raw veggie juices.
Strange because I feel my belly better with some celery/lettuce/swiss chard/honey juice (no fiber). But I will try to cut raw veggie juices, because if I can get rid of the indigestion problems at night I think I will be fine.

2.1 My main concern in this point is what to drink when I were thirsty? Pure springwater or carbonated water are no good for me and I do not want to abuse of the water/lemon/honey mix, any suggestions on what to drink are welcome.

3.- One butcher told me that her meats are from pasture, but who knows. I am now temporary in Europe and here wild game last only a month in december.

3.1 By the way, avocado and coconut cream are fine? because my first 7 months on Primal Diet I ate mainly those vegetable fats, in South America is difficult to get animal fat in a big city, and I was improving fine with vegetable fats.

3.2 In the RPD, are eaten the fruits with fat?
3.3 Is there a link with the list of fruits and the recomended weekly amount, I need to be very careful with fruit due to candida.



But I do agree that a weak, dull-minded society is being bred, whether intentionally or not. Americans specifically are physically sick and weak on average. I'm so curious to understand what does this mean? How will this place a role in the future?

On top of this, I believe that every man, woman, and child needs to be in the best shape possible and civilization is sucking the life out of the population. Without fit humans, the lower classes of society will surely lose their freedom and liberty soon. What is going on? Is this part of a bigger scheme or just an ideal situation for the higher classes of society?

A world of slaves, mind control through drugs and lies through media, people voting for the government that promise a pension to "survive" and "free" pills to cut nerves so people do not feel the pain of illness and ignorance. A Social Security number with the will surrendered to the Doctor's command. A global authority to rule everything even thoughts.
I am sorry.

Hello goodsamaritan,

Your new blog is very nice, I like the theme. I have some questions, because I am planing to run a web site on health issues in Spanish in the future, but only when I found the right approach, I am testing the Primal Diet since one year ago, but I am still adjusting and testing so many variables.

1.- How did you got Advertising from Google, would you like to share?
2.- What were your considerations  to choose WordPress instead other available platforms?
3.- Which Linux distro do you use for server and for desktop?
4.- In your blog you mentioned "select raw vegetables" where I can find the list of those selected vegetables that are part of RPD?
5.- How do you organize and got the time for so many blogs, your family, RPD forum admin/posts and your work? :)

Thanks a lot, and I wish you a great success with you blog.
Best regards

Hello and thanks for the information,

That reminds me my nightmares with my kids vaccinations and junk food and the very angry faces of my ex-wife and doctor, unfortunately they got the vaccines despite my refusal, forced by mother (by law, mother rules children in that country), now my kids are paying the consequences with deteriorated health and low energy levels.

In my humble opinion, this is going to get worst every day specially with the globalization of community of Governments controled and advised with misinformation, fear and terror coming from the food and pharmaceutical industries in detriment of Human Race.

I do not like the idea of having my family future generations drugged, sick and zombies, in other words, a world of slaves, so ¿What can we do about it?

Ideas are welcome, I have one:

1.- To create a "Global Natural Life Society", with the purpose to protect the right of the Human Race to preserve natural and clean its survival resources, (Air, Water, Land, Fauna and Flora) as well as to respect the human right that each individual has to live his life free of poisons and in good harmony with Mother Nature.

This has to be a very big and proactive society so Governments will have to listen to us, and respects our Human Rights to be free of poisons, period.

If we do not work towards these goals, we will be extinct very soon as the dinosaurs in his time, no matter which ELE we face, now we are seeing one in our future and we must act now, otherwise we will be responsible of letting this Extintion Level Event happens.


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