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Off Topic / Re: US inflation
« on: May 09, 2011, 04:37:09 am »
It depends.  In some things prices have certainly escalated.  I don't buy dairy often but occasionally buy ice cream, and I've noticed the price goes up a dime or two pretty much once a month.  Amazing, really. 

And of course the price of gasoline is going up with the price of oil.  Here in Vermont, USA it is about $4 per gallon for regular.  I don't own a car though, so I don't need to buy it.

On the other hand, consumer electronics are falling in price.  I recently went in to upgrade my cell phone, and the one I bought costed about $50, which was $30 less than the one I bought when I started my plan and it is much nicer.  So with electronics I seem able to get something better for less, while in food and energy I am getting the same product for more.

So whether inflation matters in a practical sense would depend on what someone is spending most of their money on.

I'm not interested in convincing anyone.  Just putting the notion out there.  People who want to will convince themselves.  All I'll have to do is answer a few questions when they're ready to ask them.

Fascinating.  Derrick Jensen (an author I happen to find very inspiring) suffers from Crohn's.  I posted a link to this blog post on his discussion forum. 

Journals / Re: Larry's Journal
« on: April 30, 2011, 04:46:53 am »
For what it's worth, even grass fed animals eat some grain.  Wild grasses and herbs go to seed at different times of the year, and when cows (or deer, or bison, etc.) graze they eat the whole thing, leaves, stems and seeds.  When we make a grass-fed versus grain-fed distinction, we're plotting a point in a gray area between these two extremes.  Unless you buy factory farmed meat, which might be entirely grain fed.

If they say the oysters are GMO, then they're GMO like soya and corn.  I'm not in a position to speak to the risks of eating them, but I personally wouldn't touch them.  Bon apetit!

Hot Topics / Re: Lunch Snake style
« on: April 23, 2011, 08:02:22 pm »
Yeah, this is not a native American snake nor a native American lizard.  Looks like a black-headed python.  See this identifying photograph:

If this occurred in Arizona, then the snake must have been a released pet.  It more likely took place in Australia, and your friend is either mistaken or lying about the source of the images.

Instincto / Anopsology / Re: Who has read GC Burger's first book?
« on: April 04, 2011, 07:38:46 am »
Link doesn't work for me.

General Discussion / Re: Blue/Green Specks In Raw Grassfed Hamburger
« on: March 26, 2011, 12:14:00 pm »
Without a photo it's tough to guess.  Maybe the meat was contaminated by stomach contents during butchering and you're seeing flecks of grass?

I think all of the science you found was legitimate.  Whether it's useful or not is a different story...

Most birds have crops and so their digestive systems are designed to process seeds.  I would sooner eat a bird that had been fed grain than a mammal, but even birds aren't well suited to a diet of 100% grain.  Most are omnivores, and would let fat and protein dominate their diet if given the choice.

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Roadkill-eating info
« on: March 19, 2011, 01:51:10 am »
The maggot part I was worried about because I heard they're parasites and eating them they're still not digested and will burrow into your body after you eat them.

That's pretty silly.  Maggots are not parasites.  They're fly larvae.  They will digest just like any insect, and will not live long enough upon entering your stomach to be able to burrow into you.  They don't burrow anyway.  Their method of feeding is to spit their digestive juices on carrion, let the juices digest proteins and turn them into sugars, then lap up the sugars.

Preventing STIs is always easier than curing them.  There are many strains of STI pathogens that are immune to antibiotics.  I don't know that RPD is going to help with your infection, and I've never heard of an STI just going away. 

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Roadkill-eating info
« on: March 18, 2011, 07:59:50 pm »
Maggots aren't worrysome.  Why would they be?  I've eaten maggots straight from deer carcasses.  They're fairly bland in taste, though not unpleasant.

Toxic forage might be a different issue.  If they live along a road where they spray the shoulders, or along railroad tracks where they spray, or among agricultural fields where they spray then the forage might be toxic and lead to bioaccumulation in the animal.  Otherwise I'm not sure what you're worrying about.

There are people who think it is healthier--and perhaps more 'civilized'--to cook all of their food.  I doubt those who read this thread are among that crowd, though.

Health / Re: Horrible pain, agonizing muscle spasms...
« on: March 16, 2011, 11:04:27 am »
Thanks for the recommendations.  He's had several MRIs and CAT scans, so far to no avail.  I've never had one of these so I don't know how challenging they are to interpret, so maybe the interpreter missed something.  I'll email him a link to this thread so he can look through all of this.

Health / Re: Horrible pain, agonizing muscle spasms...
« on: March 16, 2011, 09:55:29 am »
Anxiety, insomnia and allergies.  I haven't noticed any other of the listed conditions.

The original article in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science is open access, and can be seen here:

Health / Re: Horrible pain, agonizing muscle spasms...
« on: March 16, 2011, 07:38:57 am »
Thanks for the thoughts, and particularly the book recommendation.  Even if he's not interested, I'll probably give it a read as a preventative measure.

Another thing I meant to mention is that when he first moved in this ordeal was still just an inconvenience, and he interpreted its main symptom as lower back pain.  I suggested he try out therapeutic massage, and recommended the woman I went to when I suffered a severe back injury while sparring in MMA.  She agreed to see him, but ended up not massaging him because on palpitating she didn't find any tense muscles in his lower torso.  She described his muscular condition as quite atrophied, and suggested he get on an exercise regime to at least strengthen his core and ideally his legs and core.  I don't know whether he followed through on this... 

He's quite tall, probably 6' 2" or so, and is very skinny.  I'd bet he weighs 150, at the most. 

Health / Horrible pain, agonizing muscle spasms...
« on: March 16, 2011, 03:56:12 am »
This thread isn't to discuss my health problems as I'm in great shape.  My roommate's health, however, is a different story.  I'd like to tell about his problems and his diet, and perhaps get feedback from the group that I can pass on.  

His problems started a few years ago when he was training for a triathlon.  At first he experienced a subtle pain in the joint that connects his right leg to his pelvis.  Over time it got worse and worse, to the point that now the pain is so severe that he's rendered largely immobile.  He tells me the pain comes as shooting pains from his joint down his leg, and he also suffers from sudden and severe muscle spasms that grip his gluteus maximus/minimus and most muscles around his right hip and thigh and sometimes in his lower back.  He can't sit, stand or lay down without feeling pain, and the painkillers he gets by prescription from the (Western) doctor are barely able to moderate the pain.  I often wake late at night hearing him wailing in his room next to mine, but he insists there's nothing I can do and the doctors he's seen (several types) have no idea what's wrong.  All they do is keep giving him stronger medicine, including steroids, valium, and Percocet.  

Besides his joint problems, he also has a serious digestive disorder that causes him to have perpetually soft/loose stools.  When he needs to do #2 (solid waste) the need arises suddenly, and its quite, er...  loud.  You can hear him go from anywhere in the apartment.  It also sounds like it's quite painful, given the sounds he makes when he goes.  He's starting to realize, now that he lives with me (I guess he's mostly lived alone in the past), that going to the bathroom isn't supposed to be like that.

He eats mostly oatmeal (fantasizes about starting a business where he mixes up and sells 'gourmet' oatmeal recipes).  Aside from oatmeal he eats other grains, nuts (raw and roasted/toasted), some fruit (usually bananas), and usually one egg each day.  He occasionally eats meat, and he always fries eggs or meat in olive oil.  He probably gets 80-90% of his calories from carbs based on my observations, the rest from protein and fat.  He agreed to try to avoid gluten-containing grains for a while to see if that helps his digestive problem, but with his ongoing joint problem I don't know whether he's following through on this.  He spends a lot of time at the hospital and at another friend's house who lives closer to his doctor(s), so I haven't seen him eat much around the house lately and don't know what he gets when he eats at other places.


Most wild game raised on ranches in the US, including bison, is either grain-fed or at least fed grain as a supplement.  I also suspect that if you saw how those animals were reared you'd have no interest in eating them.  I have visited several 'wild game' ranches, and they're basically like outdoor CAFOs.

General Discussion / Re: Grassfed, what's that?
« on: March 14, 2011, 11:09:19 pm »
Same is true here in the US generally, but there are enough farmers and farmers waking up to the value of grass feeding that I have ready access to grass fed animal products.  Yeah, most farmers aren't too bright, particularly those who buy in to the industrial processes of raising plants & animals...

Off Topic / Re: Japanese QUake
« on: March 14, 2011, 07:49:57 pm »
GS (and other worried about radiation).  You need to stock up on potassium iodide.  Take large doses of this if you are down-wind of Japan as it will help to prevent uptake of radiation.

General Discussion / Re: What brought you to a Raw Paleo Diet?
« on: March 14, 2011, 07:39:54 pm »
Lierre Keith, Derrick Jensen and a desire to de-civilize and un-domesticate myself.

Journals / Re: Farm Diaries
« on: March 11, 2011, 08:32:26 pm »
Most farm-raised "wild game" is fed commercial grain.  I have looked for bison, elk and deer ranches that allow the animals to get 100% of their food from grazing, and despite looking in several states around me have not yet found one.  The meat is more valuable on the market than cattle or pig, so most "wild game" ranches pack the animals in and grain feed.  Some pack the animals in so densely the "ranch" resembles an outdoor confined animal feedlot operation. 

This is particularly what an elk farm I visited when I used to live in Indiana looked like.  There were over a hundred elk in a small enclosure behind a tall fence topped with barbed wire.  They were fed grain from an automated feeder, and were so cramped that their legs were caked with a mixture of mud, urine and their own feces.  It was so horrible looking to me that I cancelled the order for a side of elk that I'd placed.  Made the owner terribly angry, but I told him I can't support a place that treats animals like that.

I don't recommend believing anything from TD without extra proof.

I don't think anything is parasite-free.  The question is whether the parasites are of the sort that would become pathalogical, that is they would cause you some sort of problem.  Some parasites are better called symbionts, that is they live inside us and have no detrimental impacts and perhaps even some benefits.  It's only a few that can become problematic, and often these parasites are not intended to infect humans so when they get inside they don't know where to go and end up going to the wrong place.  

And, as GS mentioned, sometimes our bodies are malnourished and out of balance and normally neutral parasites can get out of hand, requiring us to use medicines to get them under control.

Overall I honestly don't worry about parasites too much.  That said, my diet is not as wide as others here.  For meat I eat primarily land mammals that are obligate herbivores, things like grazers and browsers.  I do not eat omnivorous animals (except occasionally chicken), and rarely eat fish whether from fresh or salt water.  I occasionally eat eggs when I can get them pasture raised (i.e. hens are not fed grain).  I have been a raw omnivore for over a year, and have not had any problem with parasites.

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