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Time for an update!

and the drum roll please......

as of today 3/4/2011 I have gained............  -6.5 pounds.  Yes you read that right, I lost 6.5 pounds, I am down to around 163ish.   

What happened to that awesome bulk I was planning???


Full time school
Full time work
Social life on the weekends

I tried adding a bulking program to my busy lifestyle this semester and it caused me to loose weight.  Even though I upped the calories and increased weight training frequency I lost strength and muscle.  **lowers head in shame*** -[

Anyway, it just goes to show that lifestyle and stress are extremely important for fitness and wellbeing.  The success of my last bulk was due to the fact that all I was doing was working part time over the summer, this gave me lots of time to eat, rest, train, and most importantly REDUCE STRESS!

So?  I will be doing the bulk after I graduate this semester when I have more time to devote to it and am not extremely stressed out with school and work. 

Sorry guys this was a major failure but I'm glad I learned from it.  Can't wait to restart the bulk in a few months.

i do not know what those guys are eating but sprinters are usually pretty bulky and very lean.
gymnasts are also somewhat lean and have massive upper body.

Would love to find out.  They also have soaring growth hormone levels from that type of training.

Thanks for the follow up B.Money

Lol I love it when people start getting worked up telling guys like us that we are on keto diets and try to tell us how bad it is for our health.  Oh well... Not much can be said to these people that is worth the effort.   

If you haven't listened to this already, then listen.  This is a must listen for guys like us

Hot Topics / Re: How to Create REAL Raw Paleo Honey
« on: February 12, 2011, 04:30:10 pm »
that honey looks awesome I'll order some.  Yo pretty sure wolves don't eat honey, just sayin'...

Primal Diet / Re: What to do with Old Raw Milk?
« on: February 12, 2011, 04:26:03 pm »
throw it on your annoying neighbor

Eventually I decided I wanted to try RP, went cold turkey and my weight went alll the way down to 155 at 10%ish and has STAYED here. It only took me a couple weeks to lose the weight, and being sick on and off (I figured from the diet, I don't know for sure) didn't help.

I was super discouraged and my lifts were pretty weak starting back up, but I was significantly lighter.

Could this have been a detox?  Did you feel an overall better sense of health?

The only difference you are going to notice from raw paleo to SAD/bodybuilder diet is being leaner year around, POSSIBLY stronger, and a LOT longer to gain weight. At least that is my experience.
If you asked me, I would say I am not sure if its possible to get big off of RPD (compared to a diet with starches and grains), but I do think its possible to be strong and lean.

"December 23rd -154lbs- January 27th- 161lbs" - total 35 days
Stopped bulking from February to May

Started bulking up again in May  
"May 5th 163lbs - July 2nd -168-170lbs"
 total ~60 days
95 days bulking = 15 pounds
this is all covered in this log. Bulking is very possible on RP.

For most, bulking is very hard on RP, that is why I made this topic in the first place.  There is a method to doing it.  Consistency....  Every single day, no excuses, CALORIES EVERY DAY this means  4500-6,000kcal per day. EVERY DAY.  Consistently.  I found bulking significantly easier on RP(the food is more nutritious, digests easier, better utilized by the body, low toxicity).  I believe the problem is people just don't eat enough and don't take advantage of fruits and honey.  LOTS OF FATS!  and of course at least 1-2 pounds of raw steak a day.  It is hard to bulk period, no matter what you eat.  AND it is especially hard on RP because when the body gets good food, it feels full and satisfied, and your body basically says "hey that was enough good nutritious food, I am well nourished"  and it's hard to force your body to eat more when your body feels good and is in homeostasis.    Forcefull feeding is not everyones cup of tea, and it is harder to forcefully eat on RP than SAD in my opionion, since the food tastes sooo good. 

Maybe I am in the minority? who knows for sure.  

Perhaps I have hit my peak leaving my previous bulking efforts minimal at best.  Only these next 6-8 weeks will tell if I can bulk to a respectable weight on RP.  

I do appreciate your logical thinking and your lifts are amazing for a guy at your body weight.  So you obviously know what you are talking about.  How tall do you stand?  I will take your advice for strength pushing into serious consideration.  I just hate taxing my body and overtraining.  Maybe take a low rep method?  Do you eat low carb?


Nice diet, looks like its from AV.  Your results from doing the slow building approach speaks from your pics.  After I bulk I may try to eat that way.

I know the bulking/cutting things is really overrated and not generally accepted here but one must experiment yes?

Are any of you guys registered over on any lifting specific forums? I have a log that I log pretty much every workout over at . It would be awesome to see some raw guys over there learning and posting up logs regularly, since I am the only one.
I would highly recommend getting active on a board, and posting up a log. Ironaddicts is small and kinda like here where everyone (for the most part) gets along and has similar minds, and offers each other advice. Pretty tight knit.
Oh, also this site looks like a bodybuilding site, but its very much so strength emphasis. The site originally got popular by making the "get stronger to get bigger" concept. Like I said, it would be awesome to follow some of you guys on there, or if you guys are on any other sites post it up!

Never registered with any bodybuilding site.  To be honest there is too much information for me to search through, and since eating raw, I am only interested in what works for raw paleos.  I'm also after size, not strength or definition(yet). 

Do you have a direct link to your log that I could take a look at?  Hell I might even take up your offer...

I admit I did wrongly assume you might have taken up keg-stands and co-eds as a large part of your exercise routine.  8)
I'm up over or ~170
heres the latest pic and also alot of my perspective on this subject in general. I personally think its worth reading :)
clean and jerks/deadlift/pull-ups/pendlay rows
push press

You were in fact correct about my keg stand workout lol, but these days it no longer catches my interest. 

Man!  you look far more cut than I remember.  You have been on top of your training routine as well, well done!

Good read on that topic.  Once I hit 180 I'll probably have to figure out how to shape my body to the desired look, but for the meantime it is time for pure bulking!

And it's a different kind of gain. Carb gaining is much more water bloated muscle look which you lose very very fast if you don't eat like a beast.

Primal diet gaining (keto) I gain size slowly, but strength really fast. But the strength is there to stay. My muscles feel more condensed and there's definitely more strength per pound.

Can you briefly describe what you eat in a day or two, and maybe a little on your recent training?  How are you energy levels throughout the day?  If that is you in the profile pic then yes you are a beast.

oh yea pictures included too.  They'll be better than those awkward photos I took before

Hey all!  It's been over 6 months since my last login in I've missed you all

Unfortunately there is nothing exciting to update.  Once I hit 170 I've been maintaining it and going through the motions as far as weight training.  My calories have been cruising around 2000-3000kcal per day, sometimes less.  Since taking up sobriety for 5 months my muscle mass doesn't wither away so quickly anymore.  

BUT this is a perfect time for a growth phase... :)  I suspect the gains will come quickly with a good program and diet shock.  I'm 168 today and would like to hit 180 by the end of March.

So, any ideas on training? New diet ideas?  Has anyone had progress lately?  Any good logs going right now?  Bulking? Cutting?  Your goals?  Let's Discuss!!  I've been out of the loop

I will start my growth phase this weekend.  Will include more info on this run so we can all learn from experience:
-Full workout log
-Daily diet
-Bloodwork(if I can convince the student healthcare center to do it for cheap) hopefully a full blood profile and total testosterone in addition

Just to be clear I won't be turning this topic into a daily log, but give updates on significant gains and improvements

Would like to experiment with high frequency approach for maximal bulk (train 5 days a week, adding weight every week to the exercises) with multi-joint exercises more specifically :
-Overhead barbell press
-Dips/Bench Presses


I ask because when blending eggs I heard its does something with the enzymes inside of it.
So better avoid blending but drinking rocky style?

I add lemons because I suffered two campylobacter infections from supermarket bought raw eggs. Lemons greatly reduce a future risk.  Just personal preference.  Even though I get my eggs from a farmer now there is no way I will ever risk it again.  The infection drained 8 pounds from me in a week(this was back in February of 2010).  You are right it is better to eat them rocky style. 

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: RZC Athletes that train 3+ times a week
« on: August 17, 2010, 05:25:17 am »
No, Randy Roach eats plenty of carbs, mostly raw I suspect.

From the superhumanradio interview raw eating follow-ups Randy Roach follows AVs juicing methods, and eating 1 fruit a day.  Pleanty of honey and avocados with his meat.

Very interesting, I'll have to look into it this more

How do you figure these don't fill up glycogen?  I've always found mine to fill up very nicely with fructose.

Dextrose drains me.  Potatoes and oats are sugarbombs, they drain me even harder.  They can even make me pass out it is so intense, along with stomach cramps.  So these aren't used.  Replenishing glycogen isn't one of my top priorities after a workout anyway.   

What methods do you use for replenishing glycogen?

Wish there was a real Paleo Restaurant

Protein and fats only after workout up to 3 hours after.  There is a great show on superhuman radio explaining the science behind it featuring Dr. mauro di pasquale... although I can't locate it yet.  When I find it I'll post link

Just out of curiosity, for those of you bulking...

How much rest do you get? Sleepwise, leisure?

I find that it is incredibly hard to bulk on a regular 8 hour a day sleep schedule. 
When bulking it I need at least 9-10 hours a day, not including naps.
Naps usually last an hour, overeating helps get a great nap in. 

If I'm not sleeping for at least 10 hours I will lay in bed awake for that long. For example if I only sleep 8, I'll lay in bed for an extra 2 hours.

is anyone else paying close attention to their resting schedule? anyone have any good strategies?

Yo KD, I don't consider myself a hardgainer anymore the gains are really coming in quick now.  I noticed that if I eat big, then sleep immediatley after a workout the gains come on a lot faster.  Also resting a little more in general helps.  I know a lot of people don't have this luxury though.

Do you still consider yourself a hardgainer?

All raw baby...


I go out to eat with my friends about 3 times a week.  Social reasons ya know

I'll just eat a banana and take spoonfulls of the almond butter and coconut oil, no special preparation, I'm far too lazy

I really like the banana and oil snacks, they are one of my best tools for keeping the body anabolic.  I cannot afford to go too long without eating or I will lose muscle.  Gotta stay anabolic

MRZ I would recommend you get as many foods as possible into your diet, after all variety is the spice of life.  I have developed food intolerances to certain foods because I ate them too much.  It's really crucial that you switch up your diet every now and then

As you can see my diet has changed A LOT since the start of this topic.  Still is changing. 

If you start feeling tired and fatigued, and are not growing, it could be something as simple as you are eating too much of the same food.   

For most of my meat it is not grass fed, but grainfed without hormones/antibiotics, basically raised naturally with a crappy diet.  Still a better choice than the supermarket crap. 

Here is what I use to calculate for example, I eat about 2 pounds of raw top round everyday or every other day

Eggs are calculated from the farmer I get them from

Oil calories come from the carton

raw almond butter comes from the carton

raw honey is calculated from the container

lemons are estimated

 bananas are estimated

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