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Personals / Vancouver, BC, Canada
« on: June 08, 2011, 02:54:32 pm »
If anyone is from Vancouver or the surrounding area then feel free to send me a message and maybe we could meet up for a raw snack.

So here's my story briefly:  I've always been into health and fitness, thus finishing a degree and later working as a Kinesiologist.  Being in my early 20's I looked great and thought I ate healthy (lean meats, rice...) until I started getting an allergic reaction.  The doctors only wanted to pushed antihistamine's so instead I started experimenting with my diet and found I couldn't eat gluten, which was a blessing in disguise. However before this blessing could fall upon me, I was cursed by falling for the vegan conspiracy.  I was vegan for 4 years and although I thought I felt good, I was weak and lost a lot of my muscle.  Then after becoming B12 deficient I tried eating raw tartare and that night I couldn't stop dreaming about meat.  I then added butter (which I don't eat anymore) to my next meat meal and that day I felt like I was on Ecstasy.  I never thought I was depressed on the vegan diet but now I realize my hormones must have not been working properly without the fat.  I soon learned the paleo way of eating and am grateful for the health it has produced in me over this past year.

Although I'm just a forager now, I already met one of the famous hunters from this site and once again have to thank him for his time and for sharing some tasty meat varieties I've never tried before with me.  It was amusing eating the raw meat in the park while passers by looked at us.  Anyway, I look forward to making some more paleo friends or foes (who can challenge my ways and thus help me learn).

General Discussion / Eggs Yolks & Bloody Nose
« on: June 08, 2011, 02:45:40 am »
I noticed that when I eat more then 6 free range eggs yolks a day, the next morning I get dried blood clogging up my nose.  The more yolks I eat, the worse it gets.  I originally thought this may be due to an overdose of omega-3, however I do not bruise easily after eating eggs yolks like I did when I used to take fish oil supplements. 

Has anyone else experienced this or may know what causes it?

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