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Health / Pilonidal cyst
« on: September 04, 2012, 03:33:45 am »
Has anyone had these before? Real pain in the ass!  :P

I woke up two days ago and thought I had bruised my tailbone somehow. But then that night I felt around and felt some lumps! Freaked me out!
I haven't been to a doctor or anything, but I'm pretty sure what I have is a Pilonidal cyst.

I've been applying different oils, bentonite clay, and colloidal silver at different times. Also took a warm epsom salt bath the night I noticed it. Last night it burst a little bit in the shower when I was using really hot water (for some reason directly after it burst I experienced extreme nausea, dizziness and confusion and crawling skin for a few minutes but then it passed). It has been bleeding slowly but steadily since then.
The swelling has gone down a bit but the pain is just as bad if not worse.
I really don't want there to be any complications or for it to: get worse/infected/need surgery/come back. Does anyone have any tips perchance?

Other than topically applying what I listed above, since noticing it I've dropped my sugars/carbs to as close to 0 as possible (still getting some from homemade raw kefir but I understand a lot of the milk sugars get "eaten up" by this process), I've started taking raw garlic, upped my coconut oil intake, and have been taking Bentonite and Diatomaceous Earth internally. Started taking a bit of turmeric added to my kefir as well.
So yeah, any tips or experiences?

I know the picture may not look the most appetizing, but in person it actually looks great, and tasted incredible. It's definitely one of my new favorite foods.

To make:

1. Get some raw milk. Let it sit outside the fridge, preferably in a glass container, for about 3-4 days (perhaps more or less depending on temperature) until you can see a visible separation of the curds and the whey. This is more than just the cream sitting on top... you will be able to tell.

Strain this in a cheesecloth-lined strainer over a bowl. What drips into the bowl is whey, what stays in the cheesecloth is the curd. Keep straining until the curd looks decently dry.

2. Scoop the curds into a container. At this point, I will add sea salt to the curds. Keep your curds and whey in separate containers in the fridge. The whey can be used for so many things... skin + hair care, bathing, making lacto-fermented things, making a tonic, etc.

3. When it comes time to eat, pour a little whey into a bowl, then add curds, mix together. Then, I will add berries (in my picture below, I added just-picked off the bush raspberries and currants, and organic blueberries, but you can add whatever you want... or none at all!). Then I drizzle with honey, add a bunch of cinnamon, and stir all together.

Tastes better than the best yogurt, and is truly raw, IMO nutritious, and very digestible. Makes a fantastic breakfast followed by some raw eggs.

Hope someone out there enjoys!

General Discussion / Just want to share my happiness
« on: May 26, 2012, 03:36:48 am »
Gahh!! I'm really happy right now.

My girlfriend, for the past week, has given up grains and sugars and has been eating all organic. Not quite all-the-way raw paleo, and I don't ever expect her to be, but she has been eating a little raw liver (which is an incredible feat all by itself, knowing her). Her mood and energy levels seem more stable than usual, and her belly has flattened out and her skin looks great, just in this short amount of time. She said she's a believer now and plans to keep it up. I've been waiting a long time for this and just had to share my exuberance!  ;D

General Discussion / US Wellness Pet burger review
« on: May 17, 2012, 08:06:05 am »
Hello all!

I just today received a large order of US Wellness's Pet Burger. I got it both for myself and also to feed my dogs.
For those who don't know, it's a mixture of 65% lean ground beef (90% of total product) with 5% liver and 5% heart. 

I found it randomly while looking on the website... didn't even know of its existence, but I was excited for multiple reasons when I found it. First of all, the price, especially when bought in bulk, can't be beat. Second, both my dogs and I have been lamenting the overly lean grass-fed beef that is available locally. The amount of fat in this mixture is great. Third, who couldn't use a bit more nutrient dense organ meats? Well, I could, at least.

The only thing that made me a bit wary was wondering whether the liver flavor would be very pronounced. I must admit, even though I've eaten raw liver many a time, it's still not my favorite. I was pleased to discover that I couldn't taste it at all, in fact it tastes really good!

Hot Topics / Article: Hot Find! Humans Used Fire 1 Million Years Ago
« on: April 09, 2012, 02:08:43 am »
Thoughts on this article?

personally I don't care WHEN people started using fire, "easier to digest cooked foods" might be true when referring to starch, but in my personal experience, certainly not when referring to real paleo foods. And there's no denying the problemic compounds created by cooking

Welcoming Committee / Coming back
« on: November 16, 2011, 02:35:46 am »
Hello all!

I am an old member of this forum... looking to become a member of the community once again!
I see the forum is going stronger than ever, which is good.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Farewell for now...
« on: January 31, 2009, 06:42:25 am »
Hey all.
I don't know if anyone's noticed, but I haven't really been very active here lately.

I've really been adjusting my priorities lately, and I realized that I was just way way too focused on, maybe even obsessed with, my diet. I think it was having a negative impact on my life, even my health.

I wish to thank everyone here that I know, for all the information and conversation in my time here.
I support this forum 100% and I will still continue to eat a mostly raw-paleo diet because I still believe it's the best way of eating there is, at least for me.

This is not a final farewell. I am sure I will be back again, whether it is soon to pop by and see what's up, or a bit later on and become active again.

Mods, it is up to you whether to leave me as a moderator or to take away my modship. It's all good either way  8)

Peace and Love,

Off Topic / Could you pass the 11-plus?
« on: December 11, 2008, 01:13:36 am »

Must be hard for an 11-year old, especially timed.

Display Your Culinary Creations / Paleo limeade
« on: December 10, 2008, 11:17:02 am »

I think I've finally perfected the recipe. Very simple to make and it's delicious


- juice of 2 limes (organic)
- 4 farm fresh eggs

Simply squeeze the juice from the two limes into a glass, crack open the eggs into the glass, and stir just enough for the yolks to break up.

I think it's best that the whites be included as it helps to dull down the sourness of the lime juice and also creates more texture.

I just gulped down a glass of this and it was really good.

General Discussion / Mucous??
« on: December 08, 2008, 11:55:28 am »
Does anyone know anything about mucous??
I just had the strangest idea pop into my head, that may mucous is a medicine produced by our body that is good for us to swallow? You know, like when you have a stuffy nose (think back to the last time you had one at least  ;) ) and you get mucous in your throat. My mom told me when I was a kid that is was not good to swallow it and that you should spit the mucous out. But who knows? Does anyone?

Sorry if this is a dumb question  :P

Health / Allergies
« on: November 30, 2008, 10:59:10 pm »
I'm extremely allergic to cats.

And my parents have four of them.
I went home for thanksgiving break hoping that my allergies would have diminished since going raw paleo, but that was not the case.
I was constantly sneezing, stuffy and runny-nosed, foggy-headed, miserable. My sneezes were so violent that by the second day, whenever I would sneeze the muscles in my neck, back, and arms would be in extreme pain.

So are allergies not due to a poor diet? At least some of them, like my cat allergies?
I really wish I could go home and enjoy time with my family without being absolutely miserable the whole time I'm home.

Drinking a concoction of water, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and cayenne pepper worked for a couple months. It was miraculous actually, I had no allergy symptoms whatsoever. However this became ineffective over time.

Any ideas about what could get rid of my allergies, or even just my symptoms (naturally of course)?

Off Topic / Happy Thanksgiving!
« on: November 28, 2008, 03:12:13 am »
To all of us stateside, Happy Thanksgiving!
What are you doing for dinner tonight?  ;)

I haven't logged in two days and I come back to find an unbelievable amount of unread posts!!
While that is wonderful, man it's gonna take a while to catch up! Probably not til I get back to school from break (I'm at my parents' house right now)

General Discussion / Weird smelling kidney?
« on: November 18, 2008, 08:00:10 am »
Alright guys, what do you think about this...

The other day I defrosted a bison kidney. I opened up the package, and the kidney smelled very strange.
I've had beef kidney and lamb kidney before, and neither of those had this kind of odor.
It kind of smelled "chemically".

I contacted the place that I get it from, and they assured me that not only are the bison 100% grass fed, but that the organs are handled in a completely natural way. They are removed from the animal, inspected, and then directly sealed in the package. They are not washed in any chemicals whatsoever.
They recommended that I open the other kidney and see if it smells the same.

So I just now opened up the other kidney, and this one also smells strange.

I'd hate to waste it, but what do you guys think? Knowing that it is grass-fed and handled naturally, would you eat it?
Or does anyone get kidneys that also have a strange smell to them?

General Discussion / Oh boy!!
« on: November 10, 2008, 06:47:56 pm »
I just want to share my jubilee!
I'm about to place an order with Slanker's, and they have a new item on their list:
"High Fat Ground Beef 78%/22% (2 Lbs Pkgs)"

Yippee! lol

It's cheaper too!

General Discussion / Mineral water?
« on: September 19, 2008, 08:24:17 pm »
What are your thoughts on mineral water?
I know Tyler recommends it for beginners trying to get used to the taste of organs, but what about as a drink in general?
The past week I've been drinking a liter of mineral water per day...
Some places I've read say it's about as good as taking a mineral supplement, and others say the minerals are completely worthless.

Off Topic / You know you're an RPDer when...
« on: September 18, 2008, 09:32:15 pm »
You know you're an RPDer when...

1. You have lots of blood stains on your clothes
2. You started eating your food naked so you wouldn't get any more blood stains!
3. Neighbors continually complain about the smell of rotting meat
4. You've used acronyms like SAD or RAF in normal conversation.
5. Those bugs that most people scream at or try to kill look more and more like a tasty meal each day.

This list is meant to be humorous! Please contribute if you can think of any!

General Discussion / Cabbage and Alfalfa Sprouts...
« on: September 03, 2008, 09:18:52 am »
Well, yesterday I ate some raw organic alfalfa sprouts and today I ate some raw organic cabbage...
After eating the alfalfa sprouts, I was left with a burning sensation in my throat.
While eating the cabbage, there was a similar but less intense "burning" in my mouth. The burning was similar to what you would expect from spicy foods, but still kind of different, and I don't think that cabbage is supposed to be spicy?
The burning from the sprouts was more unpleasant that from the cabbage.

Is there something wrong with me, or is this common with these foods?

Suggestion Box / A couple things...
« on: August 25, 2008, 01:04:10 am »
First of all, the "Rolls Eyes" smiley face is not usable...  the code is:  : : ),  but when you have the : )  it makes a  :)

So, if I click the rolls eyes smiley, it does this:  ::)

Also, I don't know if it's just me or what, but lately the "Show unread posts since last visit" has not been working well.
There's been posts that it's been missing that I have to look down in the Recent Posts to see.

Health / Itchy scalp
« on: August 22, 2008, 01:10:09 pm »
Recently I've developed a scalp that is very itchy in certain patches, and the itchiness is accompanied by small scab-like things. Well, they feel like scabs, and I can pick them off of the skin underneath my hair. Gross, I know.

This isn't anything new, but it comes and it goes. And the weird thing is, the itching doesn't really bother me until night time, especially when I'm lying in bed, making it difficult to sleep (I was in bed, but I got up to post this). It's mostly the back of my head.

So I'm wondering could this be caused by a nutritional deficiency? I can't think of anything I would be deficient in, unless my body is not efficiently absorbing everything.

Does anyone have any light to shed on this issue?

Hot Topics / And this guy calls himself a doctor??
« on: August 20, 2008, 10:28:27 am »

Off Topic / My compositions
« on: August 18, 2008, 07:50:29 am »
Well, it was recently suggested that members show a little more of what they like to do other than RAF...
So I figured I'd share some of my compositions.
I'm going to school for music theory and composition (I haven't had any music classes other than fundamentals yet) and I wish to compose for video games someday. Anyway hope you enjoy and feedback would be excellent!

1.  -  this I composed with the idea that it would be used for a village or a town

Off Topic / Are You Enjoying the Fake Olympics?
« on: August 18, 2008, 12:12:23 am »
Are you enjoying watching the fake Olympics? By "fake," of course, I'm referring to all the fabrications that have emerged since the opening of the event. Each day, it seems, brings news of yet another fabrication by China. Here's a short list of the fabrications that have been discovered so far:

• The weather is fake: Beijing is usually a smog pit with air so polluted that city-dwellers there almost never see the sun. To artificially clean up the air and create the image that Beijing is a clean city (it isn't), Chinese officials ordered the shutting down of virtually all manufacturing plants, coal-fired power plants, and automobiles. They've basically shut down Beijing to create the impression that it's a clean city, and when there's still smog, they just call it, "mist." (Tony Snow couldn't have spun it better, huh?)

• The free speech is fake: All the freedom protestors who might have spoken out against China during the Olympics have been arrested and imprisoned, thereby creating the impression that there is no public dissent in China. (Need a kidney, anyone? Organs are suddenly available...)

• The opening ceremony was faked: The fireworks displayed during the opening ceremony were faked using pre-programmed computer generated images. Instead of watching live fireworks, viewers around the world were actually watching 3D computer animation.

• The Internet access is censored: Reporters from around the world have all had their internet access censored by Chinese authorities, restricting them from accessing websites that might be "dangerous" (like sites on religion or meditation).

• The singing was lip-synced by a pretty girl to replace an ugly girl: It turns out the beautiful voice singing the opening song of the ceremony did not belong to the face of the girl who was lip-syncing it. The actual singer, it turns out, was a bit too ugly to represent China, so they faked it and replaced the girl's face with a cuter-looking girl who lip-synced the whole performance. Millie Vanilli, anyone?

• Swimmer Michael Phelps' food is fake: Consuming a whopping 12,000 calories a day, Michael Phelps is a junk food junkie powered by empty calories. While you can get away with that when you're 23 and exercising six hours a day, if Phelps continues his ingestion of fake food beyond his peak training years, he'll soon have REAL diabetes and obesity. Fat makes you float, by the way, so it might actually provide real buoyancy to his swimming career...

• The ages and passports are faked: The Chinese gymnastics team won gold, helped in part by a tiny gymnast who, according to China's own media, was 13 years old just nine months ago. Amazingly, she is now 16 years old, which just happens to be the minimum age to compete in the Olympics. This astonishing acceleration of aging is, of course, fully denied by Chinese authorities who provided forged passports for the girl to "prove" she was really 16. The IOC apparently has no interest in investigating this apparent fraud.

So I hope you're enjoying the fake Olympics. Most of the athletes are real, of course. Their remarkable feats of human artistry, strength, endurance and athleticism are real, but the whole show surrounding it is fake, fake, fake! It's all a fabricated show to keep the world occupied while your money, your health and your future is stolen from you by the criminal institutions of the world (governments, corporations, etc.), many of which are actually sponsoring the Olympics.

Much in America is fabricated, too...
Now, just in case you think China is the only country engaged in fakery, let me remind you that the United States is just as fake, but in different ways. In the U.S.:

• The war on terrorism is fake: It was all fabricated to keep the population in a state of fear so they wouldn't notice their freedoms being stolen away.

• The mainstream media is fake: The news is largely fabricated or selectively edited to brainwash American consumers into thinking they live in a free country. Corporate press releases are run as "news" and any real news that threatens big advertisers is routinely censored.

• The money supply is fake: The U.S. is running on monetary fumes, borrowing trillions from countries like China that actually have REAL money, all while claiming the national debt doesn't matter anymore. (It does.)

• The housing bubble was fake: As publicly predicted here on NaturalNews nearly two years ago, the housing bubble was fake, creating false wealth that created the impression that the economy was doing well. The whole thing was a charade, of course, and now housing values are plummeting and consumer spending is in a tailspin.

• Health care is fake: There's no "health" in health care, and the entire disease industry in the United States is based on keeping people sick, ignorant and bankrupt.

• The corporate green movement is fake: Corporations love to act like they're really "green" even as they continue polluting the planet.

• Even the breasts are fake! The U.S. is the plastic surgery capital of the world, where moms are now giving their teenage daughters breast augmentation surgery as a high school graduation present.

It's quite fitting, then, that American viewers who live in a fabricated American reality can watch the fake Olympics by tuning into a fake television network where they can watch a fake opening ceremony that celebrates competition among fraudulent Olympics participants who compete for the only thing that's still real in this global economy: GOLD!

<a href = "">Are You Enjoying the Fake Olympics?[/url]

My parents sent me this article:

It is clear that it is just ludicrous, and I've already emailed them back with a rebuttal, but I was wondering what some of your thoughts were on it and maybe I could get even more things to say back.

General Discussion / Applied kinesiology, dowsing, ... thoughts?
« on: August 10, 2008, 09:22:22 am »
So I've just started getting interested in these two topics...
does anyone have any thoughts on them?

This video got me thinking:

This is really interesting... saw this in a movie (What the Bleep Do We Know?):

Any thoughts?

Off Topic / "Into the Wild" SPOILER!!
« on: July 28, 2008, 10:53:48 am »
Anyone else seen this movie?
I just finished watching it and it is the best movie I've ever seen. Ever.
I highly recommend it.

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