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General Discussion / How to get accross RAW sardines?
« on: July 15, 2014, 08:46:56 am »
Sardines is likely the best source of omega 3, calcium and its packed with selenium and iron while being low in heavy metal toxicity  due to being the lowest on the food chain and low in protein its high nutrition value but for god shake, all the sardines are canned and added with crappy additives and are obviously not raw. They are so tempting that I am just considering eating them canned even thought they ain't raw but I REALLY want to avoid cooked food, I consider cooked food  as much poison as feces. Do you guys have a solution,  do you have a place to get raw sardines?

General Discussion / Farm raised oysters, are they safe?
« on: July 09, 2014, 04:18:01 am »
According to a few sources, oyster often contain bacteria that are quite dangerous, since most oyster are farm raised, do you think it would be safe to consume them still? I want to try them really bad since they are the best source of zinc and selenium with the extra benefits of being low in protein so not too taking on the liver but my liver is also very weak so i know that any bacteria would probably send me to the hospital.


General Discussion / Eggshell question
« on: July 08, 2014, 10:24:03 am »
Today I started using eggshell powder as a calcium supplement but something makes no sense, everywhere I read says that half of egg will yield 400-500mg of calcium and egal 1/2 teaspoon, well I used 12 eggshell and it yield me around 80gram and of course I tried to weight half of a teaspoon and I come up with 1.5g. Logically it makes no sense for half a teaspoon to egal 400mg since half a teaspoon of refined sugar is 2g, so I doubt calcium weight 5 times less then white sugar. What should I do? 400mg of calcium is about 1/7 of a teaspoon for me, why the hell do I get that measurement? Any clue? I can't find proper information anywhere.

General Discussion / Optimal time to eat meat?
« on: May 09, 2014, 10:48:29 am »
I always read how we shouldn't have a big meal before bed and especially a high protein meal, My understanding of how we evolved would be different. It makes more sense that we would have waken up in the morning and stack on whatever we can find, usually fruits and vegetables, perhaps a few nuts while looking for the big hunt and by the time we would get a kill it would probably be around night and then we would rest and sleep after a high satisfactory high protein meat. Eating a high protein meal makes me sleepy and this is how I like to sleep. I cannot sleep if I'm hungry and its way worse if I don't eat right before bed.

There were times where I ate lots of fat before sleeping and all I could think was how bad I was craving red meat. Eating fat never leave me satisfied, I always crave red meat and the more fat I eat the more red meat I crave. I don't mind eating vegetables in between meal or as a little snack while holding on for the next big meal during the day, but anything like eating a light meal of fruits or vegetable would keep me awake all night being hungry. so to me it makes sense that we would like want to sleep with a high protein meat, despite what people say that we need a digestive rest and that protein meal are long to digest and that our stomach acid is lower at night.

So lately I been trying to experiment with meat and other food and see how it affects my gut. I had 2 week old thawed beef heart last night and I had such indigestion, the meat tasted AMAZING but I could hear my stomach and liver making so much noise trying to digest, so I was thinking maybe it's something to do with bacteria and histamine. This is nothing new I been feeling this way ever since eating organ meat, never from ground beef and it seems to happen a lot more from beef heart then liver.

So today i tried a fresh frozen beef tongue and it feels like i,m about to get diarrhea again, right after the meat is in my stomach, my intestine starting feeling all sick. I tried fresh egg, both white and yolk and although I get clogged from anything, I seem to tolerate the white much better then the yolk to my surprise. I don't get the diarrhea feeling from eggs or fat alone only from organ meat apparently. I haven't tried with enough organ meat to be able to have a clear idea but it seems like something in there is messing me up and I think the more aged the worse it is.

And no I don't get diarrhea it get stuck in my intestine, I absolutely never under any circumstance get diarrhea. I could eat a pound of coconut oil and I won't get diarrhea.

I feel like going vegan for some time maybe it will let things settle down or stick to eggs, the problem is I wanna stay Zero Carb and the only way to do so is from animal food. It's honestly not even feeling clogged that bothers me now, the coffee enema help tremendously with that, I just feel SO sick in my gut from eating meat even when it is STILL in my stomach, WTF, parasites?! Surely these hookworm I tried to kill are probably having a war with my gut, I received my supplements and will go with Clay, GSE, Oregano Oil and finish my humaworm as well as peppermint oil capsules once I receive them.

So I'm looking into copper toxicity and it just seem so much like me, I seem to have most of the symptoms.
I've been eating organ meet 3 liver and 3 beef heart so far, not sure if that's enough for copper toxicity but regardless, it is clear that living of beef heart will not be a possible thing to do as it contain twice as much copper for zinc and will in the end lead to copper toxicity.

I can't seem to digest lean meat very well and lean meat is what contain the most zinc to copper ratio, it's the perfect ratio its about 8:1 at the least. I'm guessing I'll just have to eat lean meat that I cannot digest. I've been buying zinc supplement that I'm waiting to receive but clearly that's not enough to out balance the copper, FFS.

Beef heart where SO cheap, lean meat is so expensive, it's about 4 times the price and I much prefer beef heart, god dammit living of beef heart was too good to be true.

You think beef tongue could do it? It has 2:1 zinc/copper not as good as 8:1 from lean meat but at least you get much more zinc then copper.

I'm considering doing a hair analysis to have a clear idea.

So i know store bought meat is full of grain and antibiotics and such but what about seafoods like lobster, oysters, shrimps and fish?

Ive been dying to eat lobsters because i'll be able to eat the whole thing, eyes, brain and intestines. But do i have to look for super special ones or can i go ahead and eat raw conventional lobsters? Also wondering for other seafoods and fish.

General Discussion / Okay so should I try to include carbs in my diet?
« on: April 02, 2014, 08:32:06 am »
I always had a severe sweet tooth, I LOVE sugar and I know that I can't have honey raw or even fermented because it cause me stomach burn. I don't know why but it does so that's a clear sign that it's doing me more arm then good. Then fruits makes me bloated like hell so then I have coconut sugar and I had blueberry and black cherry juice left from months ago when I was still not intolerant to everything and couldn't eat to drink some black cherry juice (of course now I feel discomfort and I had fat 2hours prior)

I feel every time I have carbs of any kind that I am setting myself back significantly.

Now I hear so many bad things about sugar but I also hear many bad things about going ZC so what to do?

I'm afraid that sugar will cause inflammation, pancreas problem, and liver stress and overall digestive stress but then some people say that ZC can actually cause stress, so should I avoid it? Atm the ONLY plant food I seem to do well with are papayas(yes they actually allowed me to have a bowel movement without the use of magnesium). So my only source of safe carb for me would be papaya.

I'll be honest, I keep finding reasons to cheat on sugar, I do it all the time and I hate myself for it, I see it as a quick cheap source for energy but then it always cause me digestive discomfort of some kind should I just go ZC except for occasional papayas?

General Discussion / Internal beef fat (suif) vs suet
« on: March 27, 2014, 01:08:36 am »
So I got around to having beef fat suet and it vary a lot, some melt in your mount which is the best and some dry which need a lot of chewing, I like both but I think the one that need chewing is much hardest on your digestive system.

Now my farmer is telling me he can get me internal beef fat that he calls suif. Since I asked him if he could get me beef heart fat, that's what he proposed me. Now I wonder if this is any better then suet, he claims that it is a bit more solid and it also cost considerably more. 4,50$/Kilo for suet and 7,00/Kilo for internal fat).

So I'm paying more for this fat when suet satisfy me plenty, I wanna try this fat to see if I like it better as I recall getting no heartburn from beef heart fat and getting it from suet. What are you guys thought?

General Discussion / RAW Paleo pride?
« on: March 24, 2014, 05:04:22 am »
I personally LOVE everything about raw paleo, high meat taste incredibly good to me, I love raw beef heart and I would NEVER wanna go back to my old habits(I still love the taste of the old food but I just prefer the new one). Eating suet is absolutely fun, breaking down all that fat with my saliva, and eating takes me a whole 20-30mins now. Ground beef although it taste good is something I never wanna eat ever again, it would take me 2-3mins to chunk down on pile of ground beef and would leave me totally unsatisfied, having no pleasure from eating it as it would be too quick.

My parents especially my dad is crazy about my new eating habits, he can't stand the smell he keep wondering why the hell I don't cook it even though I explained times and times again. He is so grossed out that he cannot look at me eating, I love the feeling of instincto that comes with eating raw paleo. I only ever use a fork when I eat raw liver since I spice it with turmeric(love the texture but not the taste) but everything else I eat is with my bare hands and my hands get VERY messy, greasy and gross and I LOVE IT. I used to ate using my hands and freak out about dirt, now I have rotten meat and stuff that has touch the ground like it's candy.

I have to hide when eating my food as visitors would go crazy seeing me eat and I take so much pride in eating this way. The irony is that it is also much cheaper, beef heart cost nothing compared to muscle meat, I don't need to waste time cooking and beef fat is so tasty and VERY FREAKING CHEAP. I also absolutely go addicted for beef blood, drinking the blood out of beef heart is just SO good, I wish I could replace water with beef blood, makes me feel like a vampire!

Now I just wish that my body doesn't screw me up and allow me to keep on eating that food, I have so much pleasure eating!

General Discussion / Vitamin E and other vitamins sources
« on: March 24, 2014, 04:48:09 am »
Well so since I cannot handle plant food and we all need Vitamin C, I went with raw organic camu camu powder it has a ton of vitamin C. I get all my vitamin A and K2 from liver and I plan to get all my vitamin D naturally in the summer. Atm I testing vitamin D3 capsule just to hold on till then. I know egg contain lots of D and E but again I don't seem to do with with egg, even yolk and even if I could do yolk, wasting all the white just bothers me.

So I wonder, what source of vitamin E beside egg can we get? I avoid nuts like the plague as well and I tried avocado as it is such a super food but ehh, fiber HATES me.  Since vitamin is contained in our body I would think that animal source of vitamin E would be found in the skin but don't think we can really consume that.

Also how important would you think vitamin E really is, think I could get a supplement? there are some good natural vitamin E made from palm oil extract.

Ideally I would get my vitamin C from organs such as spleen but despite having found a lot of farms (you guys were right, when you look there are many suppliers) that sell quality beef, NONE sell any other organs but the usual, heart, liver, kidney and tongue and SOME sell kidney which is fed some grain and grass.


General Discussion / Can I do high meat in the frig air dry from trim?
« on: March 13, 2014, 02:48:38 am »
I received my 60% fat 40% protein trim today and since I don't have enough glass containers, I had to put some in the refrigerator and just shut the temperature off so that it age faster but I'm concerned if it will work? I also put it under wax paper so that it doesn't touch the plastic and grid, is this ok or should I really get some containers? I would need like 10 and they are like 20$ each. And what about the fat, fat doesn't go high meat right?

General Discussion / Gelatin
« on: March 09, 2014, 03:31:06 am »
I read that muscle meat lacks gelatin which is very healing and soothing for a damaged gut, but apparently you can only get gelatin from cooking broth?

I wonder if it's possible to get raw gelatin any tips? I would really like to try gelatin and avoid the cooked supplements even from grass-fed cows.

Couldn't you get the gelatin from skin or just chew on the cartilages like dogs?

There's a website I use that state oxalate and Salicylate content of food and it shows that honey contain some oxalate and very high Salicylate. Some people cannot tolerate Salicylate and so my guess is cannot tolerate honey even raw. I was under the impression that honey was free of anti-nutriment, guess not? So is meat the only food truly anti nutriment free and what about purines?


I'm considering buying suet and put it in the freeze and take whatever part I need, can it always be stored in the refrigerator? I'm wondering this because I know fat is better then eating meat, meat last forever but what about pure suet?

Also I heard that suet is hard to digest so what other source of fat do you guys use if you don't consume suet?

Health / Chronic headaches
« on: February 27, 2014, 07:42:20 am »
I started developing chronic headache that got more and more frequent as time went by, now barely a day goes by without having an headache. I been using melatonin for years now to help me sleep as I have a very hard time sleeping but it give me an headache most of the time when I take it now, even as low as 0.1 mg. So I decided to cut melatonin for good and see if it help headaches.

As anyone else struggled with this? CFS/Chronic Headache started after my digestive issue and I find CFS/Headache much more impairing now then all those digestive problem, today I'm doing very good digestion wise but my headache feels like a migraine. For some reason whenever my digestion is at bay, my headaches go crazy, it's like I can't be free of headache and without digestive upset at the same time, it's one or the other or both. Any thoughts on what could be done or why it's happening?

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Are overripe fruits good for us?
« on: February 22, 2014, 09:25:50 am »
So if we can make high meat why can't we just make high fruits? I was under the impression that a rotten fruit being eaten by ants wouldn't be any different then a piece of meat filled with maggots. For fruits to be fermented accordingly it needs lactic acid bacteria but I don't see how that would have ever occurred in nature, so how would we have developed to eat them. If we eat a very ripe fruit are we harming ourselves, were fruit meant to be eaten as fresh as possible?

General Discussion / As anyone went to a pet shop to eat an animal?
« on: February 21, 2014, 08:22:46 am »
Some might find this disturbing but I am a newbie and wonder how far some might have went.

General Discussion / Is Pastured-fed pork healthy?
« on: February 21, 2014, 07:05:36 am »
My farm serves pastured-fed pork, they get serves the cattle's diet from what I know, but don't pork have a different diet than cattle? I wonder about this because I would much rather eat pork than beef, I find them more palatable and they have much higher fat content than beef. I tried asking the farm for fatter beef, but they only serve lean beef. The thing is, is it okay for pigs to eat the same diet as the cattle, or should pigs' diet be different? Here is what they say about it, I would prefer pork over beef in the case of grounded meat but I rather go for quality over taste. Their pork taste very good though.

Journals / Sorentus' Journal
« on: February 20, 2014, 07:11:28 am »
Hi I just joined and been on RZ for 4 days now, I figured that if I wanted to give the best chance to heal i should put on a journal.

Bit of background: I used to workout 3 times a week and was healthy at 160pounds then 9 months ago I started becoming really sick, bloated,constipation, with lots of food intolerance. Then within a month I became really fatigued and just wanted to crash all day until I was too tired to work out anymore and now I am bed-ridden. I was told to cut out gluten by my MD who has since passed out. Eventually it helped but then it got worse and then i tried all kinds of diet SCD/GAPS/4-Day rotation/Elemental diet/Elimination diet. some gave relief but it never lasted. Things just went severely down hill leading me into CFS and all sort of problem that no medical doctor and hospitalization helped for. So now I am trying Raw paleo as a last chance, if this doesn't work I don't see anything that will.

The diet so far: I am eating frozen grass-fed bed consisting of grounded beef/pork/lamb. I been on it for 4 days, I had about 1pound the first day and and became very bloated. Then I kept on it for 2 days, grounded beef/pork/lamb. The problem is I feet extremely worse then I ever had, congested from all over my body, liver, stomach, intestines.  the only thing that surprise me is that despite feeling so bloated, I didn't look pregnant. Usually I would feel all my intestine's veins and my belly would look all inflamed like it's about to explode but despite feeling congested, my belly was extremely flat.

After 2 days in, I had to do a colon cleanse with magnesium as it got too bad.
Yesterday,I decided to fast from 2:30pm till 1:00pm today, I had some duck eggs with honey, not sure if pasture-fed  though. I usually do very bad with chicken eggs but I figured maybe raw and from duck I wouldn't get a reaction. But I started to look pregnant again, not sure if it's my body adjusting as I didn't get the same reaction then chicken egg, just that I looked pregnant and it worried me(Here is what it looks like I followed with lamb with honey at 3:30pm I mix it with honey because I get constipated and clogged ever since on the diet, so I figure honey will ease things through (digestion,clogged and constipation).

I will keep on posting as I go through, I also got myself some organic fermented green cabbage and carrot, haven't eat them yet. I tried fermenting them myself but since I never ate it before, I had no way to know if mine were good.For now I'm waiting for my belly to reestablish itself. I'll stick to meat and honey till it's fine again. I have some fresh never frozen grass-fed meat in cubes that I will go to high meat for as long as possible. I am hoping to get as much beneficial bacteria as I can to help my immune system and gut.

This is so overwhelming and stressing me out, I have NO problem with eating raw meat, I love it and I am even letting my meat ferment to get it high meat but it's FROZEN food. I am extremely sick and I tried every diet out there and this is my last chance at healing. I don't have access to fresh grass-fed meat only frozen and having seen AV's comments on frozen meat, he make it sounds like it's just as bad as cooked food.

Should i just buy crappy FRESH sick animal from regular store contaminated with parasites and salmonella or stick to frozen grass-fed meat?

This is really overwhelming, can I ever heal from high quality frozen meat? I feel my only option is to just move to a new place NEXT to a grass-fed farm, which literally would be impossible at this point, am I doomed, what to do?!

And what about raw eggs? I could get raw pastured eggs but eggs make me very sick due to food intolerance/gut dysbiosis and leaky gut, you think raw  meat should be safe?

So I am new to this raw food diet and just started to eat all raw meat yesterday. I bought all pastured fed meat, beef,pork and lamb, ate all 3 in once setting andthey all tasted amazing but I wasn't too keen on the lamb.

Now I really love raw pork but I see so much concern about it's safety and parasites and stuff, do you guys just stick to beef mostly? I was thinking of eating all 3 to get good variety but they all seem to be about the same (mineral,vitamin wise).

My question is, since the nutrition value is about the same, I take I could just stick to ground beef?

And one more thing, I have SEVERE digestive issues and food intolerances which is my reason for going raw, I found I couldn't eat cooked beef as it would make me feel seriously inflamed, so now I don't feel inflamed but my intestines and stomach feel heavy, I take there need to be an adaptation period?

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