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General Discussion / How to get accross RAW sardines?
« on: July 15, 2014, 08:46:56 am »
Sardines is likely the best source of omega 3, calcium and its packed with selenium and iron while being low in heavy metal toxicity  due to being the lowest on the food chain and low in protein its high nutrition value but for god shake, all the sardines are canned and added with crappy additives and are obviously not raw. They are so tempting that I am just considering eating them canned even thought they ain't raw but I REALLY want to avoid cooked food, I consider cooked food  as much poison as feces. Do you guys have a solution,  do you have a place to get raw sardines?

General Discussion / Re: Foods that make you FEEL best?
« on: July 12, 2014, 03:00:17 am »
The food I've been lacking for quite some time and when I finally get it... makes me feel best.
The food the fulfills my current CRAVING seems to be that food at that period of time.

Yup I had this happen a lot, when I was dying for fruits and eating them was the best thing ever then after eating so much and not meat, eating meat was like the juiciest fruit from heaven. I think our body really likes balance and if we over eat the same thing it will tell us enough is enough.

General Discussion / Re: how long is raw fish safe to eat
« on: July 11, 2014, 10:25:53 am »
I still like it when it gets old, after about a week or more. I got into "high meat" when I started raw paleo in 2010 and enjoyed it and did feel "high" from it, so older fish is still OK to me, and who cares except I have a friend who's super sensitive to smells and one day I had just eaten some old fish before I arrived at her house and she was all..."what is that smell?" LOL I seriously didn't think that it smelled that bad.

I get fish that's pretty fresh and have some from Saturday and now it's Thurs and it's still so fresh—I should keep some to test how long it takes to get smelly.

Ya I recall when i was eating high meat and planned to make it my staple, it was a feast at the time and i wouldn't think it smelled bad at all. I was forced to eat it outside in the cold freaking winter because of the smell. I never felt it smelled much but my parents freaked out so many times and kept getting pissed and acting like i was a wild animal. Funs times, i guess. I still very enjoy raw meat but i dont plan to eat high meat ever again, it tasted MUCH better when i was eating it on a daily basis. I would eat 2 week old thawed frozen meat and even with the fat and it was a feast, now i cant even enjoy a 3 day old one, but a fresh thawed still taste like the best thing ever to me.

General Discussion / Re: carb meal
« on: July 11, 2014, 06:46:59 am »
I very rarely eat veggies. I get most of my carbs from fruit. I eat at least a pound of fruit daily, usually over 2 pounds, often over 3, sometimes (like if I get a lot of some really tasty fruit that I rarely can find) as much as 5 or 6 pounds in one day.

What are the fruits you eat most often?

General Discussion / Re: how long is raw fish safe to eat
« on: July 11, 2014, 06:44:58 am »
Since fish has plenty of pufa fat and fat got rancid wouldn't that make anyone sick? every time i ate rancid fat i ahd HORRIBLE indigestion. and mostly with fish, i had bad fish or cod liver oil and the oily burn lasted for a whole day.

General Discussion / Re: Foods that make you FEEL best?
« on: July 11, 2014, 06:32:01 am »
VERY ripe bananas like those Have like 10-15 of them mashed like potatoes, taste like sugar banana cream, SO dang sweet.  I wont eat a banana unless it has plenty of brown spots (what most people consider overripe/rotten, which is actually when to fruit taste it's BEST, people are so clueless.

I also LOVEEEEEE mangoes but too pricey to make a meal of it and today I ate a sample of a fruit called pitaya/dragon fruit, OMG i would eat those for the rest of my life but they are like the most expansive thing in the world.

Fresh, thawed beef heart from the DAY, i like it served cool and not room temp and if its longer then a day its disgusting. I also love ground pork but im never getting this again, ground is eaten too fast and leave me with an horrible feeling in my stomach and i dont trust pork from any source.

I also enjoy 12 raw whole eggs in one setting like i had last night, so yummy.

Now if I could get my hand on some wild tuna, salmon, shrimps or oysters to try... I tried lobster once and never again, its about the only thing I would much prefer to eat cooked but I wont eat cooked food so never again.

General Discussion / Re: Farm raised oysters, are they safe?
« on: July 09, 2014, 07:07:36 am »
I live in Canada so its pretty close to USA as far as legislation goes, so I'm guessing red tide isn't an issue here.  I'll have to look for some Asian market since the regular grocery store is a very poor place to find oysters.

Also what about pacific vs eastern/wild, any preference?

General Discussion / Farm raised oysters, are they safe?
« on: July 09, 2014, 04:18:01 am »
According to a few sources, oyster often contain bacteria that are quite dangerous, since most oyster are farm raised, do you think it would be safe to consume them still? I want to try them really bad since they are the best source of zinc and selenium with the extra benefits of being low in protein so not too taking on the liver but my liver is also very weak so i know that any bacteria would probably send me to the hospital.


General Discussion / Re: carb meal
« on: July 08, 2014, 10:43:26 am »
fat wont curve your appetite unless you are accustomed to a VLC, ketosis mode. I've had almost a pound of the "healthiest" fat at times and its like I didn't ate anything then the next day i would poop it all like I had throw pure oil in the toilet but it came out of me. I had nausea all the time, this lasted for months until i realized that i just couldn't do well on fat, so i changed my fat for fruits and still eat raw meat every now and then, whole eggs and beef heart, i'm dying for some good seafood but cant find anything fresh that is wild caught. Oh ya, i threw away that high quality grass fed fat in the garbage, never eating fat as a meal ever again, no animal does that just like no animal eat cooked food, so why would i eat pure fat when it makes me feel so ill, because Eskimos with dozen of generation of hard trained livers can?  I know my liver cant.

General Discussion / Eggshell question
« on: July 08, 2014, 10:24:03 am »
Today I started using eggshell powder as a calcium supplement but something makes no sense, everywhere I read says that half of egg will yield 400-500mg of calcium and egal 1/2 teaspoon, well I used 12 eggshell and it yield me around 80gram and of course I tried to weight half of a teaspoon and I come up with 1.5g. Logically it makes no sense for half a teaspoon to egal 400mg since half a teaspoon of refined sugar is 2g, so I doubt calcium weight 5 times less then white sugar. What should I do? 400mg of calcium is about 1/7 of a teaspoon for me, why the hell do I get that measurement? Any clue? I can't find proper information anywhere.

HGs/Stone-Agers never had access to vast amounts of raw honey.  Raw honey would have been a rare treat.

I dont think honey is meant for human consumption at all. It's far from being like meat where meat is food, has water vitamin and minerals. I get very sick from even a little bit of raw honey fermented or not, once I had so much that I couldn't breathe and had nausea for a whole day. I dont have this problem with any form of sugar except honey. Only fat made me ill like this and rancid fat too, raw meat never disagreed with me in such way. Fat require a strong liver and I believe so does honey.

General Discussion / Re: Silica from sand?
« on: July 05, 2014, 06:27:56 am »
What you are referring to is Geophagy.

General Discussion / Re: Why we eat what we do.......?
« on: May 29, 2014, 12:14:08 am »
Just In general.  I am using the instincto approach to my diet.   Starting thinking about various periods of human evolution ,diet, what made us human, and an individual instincto approach.  Why do we grow the foods we do?  Why kale?  why not some leaves from a tree in the rainforest? Why dont i just eat literally like a chimp does.. What made us human and why do we choose to grow the foods we do???? Did eating all these various new fruits and melons and veggies from new places make us human?

Have we as humans over the span of life selected the healthiest fruits and vegetables to grow?   Not talking GMO
but there is a reason we eat thing like lemons, cucumbers, celery, ,melon , etc. instead of leaves and figs, and roots.

Eat a melon and then eat leaves, you'll know why :P

General Discussion / Re: Why we eat what we do.......?
« on: May 28, 2014, 03:53:18 am »
Every plant has its own zone. These zones roughly follow lines of latitude, and they are reflected north and south of the equator. For example, I live the same distance from the equator as Mediterrania, the Middle East, China, southern South America, South Africa, and Australia. Tropical plant species will not grow to fruition here.

This can be clearly seen when the Dutch settled South Africa, a similar latitude to their homeland. Their crops and livestock thrived. But when they tried to expand northward into the tropics of Africa, their crops failed and their livestock withered, even though there was an abundance of fertile land.

A similar reasoning applies to European colonization of the tropics for the purpose of growing tobacco and sugar cane, plants that would not grow productively in northern Europe.

Tropical rainforests cover a tiny percentage of the earth, and most of us didn't develop there and don't live there. My closest relatives are human beings, not chimps and bonobos. I eat foods like other humans eat.

So you eat processed food, grains, dairy, mcdonalds and the rest? Because that's what most other human eat, those that have a healthy dietary habit is a minority.

I agree healing can be complicated these day. Because of our unnatural ways of living (staring in a computer all day long... might mitigate all the great foods effect..)

I think when wanting to heal we need to have an open mind and take into account as many factors as possible.
+ always think, what does Nature say?

I take sun and walks every day now that I have the energy to do so!

I right now eat quite some dandelion flowers almost every day, so yummy! Our sheep love them too.....

If the nutritional instinct would work correctly it should lead us to eat what is beneficial for us, no?
So far I have not seen this too much.. so I agree with you Hanna... seems we need conscious education and conditioning quite a bit

Because we live in a society that is SO out of line with our nature, we are told every single day someone else's truth and we don't know what to believe anymore. We are told low carb, zero carb, high fat, sugar is bad, too much fruits is too much sugar, plants are poisons, avoid anti nutrients and then we use words like safe starches. The idea of safe starch is ridiculous, it is food or it is not, either it's good for us or its not, there shouldn't be any concept of what is safe to consume but rather what we SHOULD consume. There is so many different opinions out there about what we are "instinctively" supposed to do and we have lost complete track of our true instinct that we simply don't even follow them even if we should because we are told that it is bad for us so we engage in behavior that are harmful to us because we are told "this will heal you".

If Raw zero carb was the optimal human diet then it would make sense that you could feed the same diet for any human and have them thrive just like if you feed any cattle grass then it will heal from its grain based diet, rather its a young cattle, female or male and regardless of the specie. So if raw zero carb doesn't work for everyone, then one is allowed to question if this is truly our "optimal" diet. We human are no different, a diet that works for one should work for everyone be it that it is in line with human natural diet. Eating "safe" starches such as potato and rice make no evolutionary sense. Would you eat raw rice? of course not, birds do that.

Who said we were herbivores?

The fact it says we should consume lots of grains just makes this whole statement a joke. Grains are for birds not human consumption.

Been drinking it daily, first I had this organic brand and it was a clear white tasted like gatorade, pretended to be all so mighty healthy and organic. So I bought another brand and it actually taste like aloe vera with a very deep brown color, clearly this new one has NOTHING to do with that gatorade crap I had. In any case I can't see if it helps or not, I think a good diet work better then any "super" food.

General Discussion / Re: About to DO IT, just a few queries!
« on: May 14, 2014, 03:43:01 am »
I assume from a butcher it would be grassfed? How should I ask? Cause obviously some lie!

Don't ask if its fed grain or grass, just ask how they are fed then ask for antibiotic and hormones use.

Health / Re: BAD BREATH - What to do?
« on: May 14, 2014, 03:21:19 am »
Or do like me and use

Everyone and their mother tells me I have Candida and Candida and OMFG DUDE YOU GOTTA HAVE CANDIDA! Yet my tongue and mouth are the only part in my entire body that look healthy and I have yet to see someone with candida with a clean mouth, so what does that say?

General Discussion / Re: Best Red Meat
« on: May 13, 2014, 08:47:07 am »
I don't know if I'm thinking of the same thing, but grain fed lamb always tastes a bit fishy to me and has a funny smell. I think it has something to do with the soy in the feed. I read somewhere that the soybeans have this fishy effect on chicken eggs so I'm assuming its the same deal. But grass-fed lamb is always good.

Makes sense, I had eggs taste like fish too and the taste was unbearable.

General Discussion / Re: No milk
« on: May 11, 2014, 11:14:53 am »
If you are going to use a calcium supplement for your calcium intake then you might wanna give a shot at blackstrap molasses, sure it's not raw but neither are supplements. It has very low sugar per TBS only 11 and unlike honey or other sugar, it contain almost no fructose, only 1/4 of it is actually fructose the rest is other forms of sugar, glucose and galactose. It is also rich in potassium, iron, magnesium and vitamin 6, making it an excellent source of electrolytes and minerals.

Heres the one I buy:

I eat 5 TBS a day

General Discussion / Re: Best Red Meat
« on: May 11, 2014, 10:58:12 am »
I've never tried pork because I don't really trust any of my sources. I do like wild boar, have you tried that?

Unfortunately not, not sure how I could get my hands on that.

And I'm drooling. I already plan on ordering duck meat very, very soon. I imagine how amazing the fat is going to be. I LOVE quail and even really like chicken, so I'm assuming the duck fat is going to be delightful. Okay, I might have to just order my duck right now ....

I've ate melted duck fat once and got sick from it, it did taste decent though, wasn't raw and I wish it had been, must make a hell of a difference.

General Discussion / Re: Best Red Meat
« on: May 11, 2014, 05:24:40 am »
Having had lamb, beef, pork and wild game, I can see I dislike lamb a lot and wild game is decent but prefer beef but my favorite is pork, it is so good but I avoid them because of their safety and their diet.

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