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Hot Topics / GMO Companys play dirty
« on: January 13, 2011, 11:36:57 am »

Read this, spread this to your family and friends.  Fight the GMO companys to the bitter end!  Providing the right info to the masses is the first step.

General Discussion / Blood type A? Is it bullshit or ...?
« on: June 01, 2010, 01:09:37 pm »
OK, I got my blood type tested today by a naturopath.
She said I was blood type A and this means I should flourish on a vego type diet.
My bullshit detector went off right away because I know this not to be true. 
I do well on lots of meat, and little amounts of fresh fruit veg ect.

So I have a few questions for all of you out there.

1: Is there anything that can interfere with a blood type test(Make it give a wrong reading I mean, I only ask because my father is type O and I don't know what my mother is.  I take a fair bit of different things so I'm just curious.  I want to be sure the test got it right is all)

2: What do you guys think of these blood type diets?

3: If my test was correct is there any real reliable information about blood types and foods that work well on them?

I would also like to just hear about your experiences with knowing your blood type and how its affected you guys?

General Discussion / Paleo water!
« on: April 16, 2010, 03:58:04 pm »
This guy talks INDEPTH about water and his ideas, I don't know if hes paleo or not but the way he talks about water is definitely paleo.  Watch till at least part 7 and you will see what I'm talking about.

Watch the video and all its parts, and give me feedback on what you think of it.

I am really interested to hear your views on what this guy has to say.

P.S. I originally found this guy in a video talking about how he eats raw Buffalo meat and how cholesterol is healthy. :)

Hey really simple, I have been looking it up here and there and kinda got a idea of what ketosis is but it still baffles me a little.

Can anyone give me a basic summery of what ketosis is?

How ketosis happends?

If its healthy and why?

I need to understand the basics of something before dwelling into the complications of it.

I know I can just google it and do research and I actually have a google link open to do that right after posting this.  But I want to hear your versions as I know often theres mixed data on everything and it takes awhile to get a grasp of alternating views.

General Discussion / Agressive Animalisticly Sexual desires!
« on: April 01, 2010, 08:23:20 pm »
OK I have always had a healthy sex drive but lately since turning all my meat raw and really getting into this.
Its more then healthy its intense some days.
I find myself at work sometimes and all see a girl walk by in a certain way, or all see a girl and my mind just flips.  I instantly get that "I wanna put my genes in that!" Kind of instinct.  I saw a girl today and I had to go stand behind the counter for awhile because thinking of her was causing Issues down below.

It must be my testosterone because I have to shave every day now.  I see a girl that I find attractive and I think about ripping her cloths of like a animal and..well yea you get the picture.  I think its healthy to have a sex drive its a sign of fertility and good health in my opinion.  I just wonder why this happens with some foods more then others.

I notice after I eat raw salmon I get like this almost every time!  Is there a reason why raw salmon would make someone react so intense?  I also must be giving these vibes to people around me more as well seeing as I have had several girls at work just act unusually flirty.  It could possibly be a mental thing, a placebo effect, who knows.  Or could I be sweating out allot more attraction pheromones?   I have noticed my sweat smells slightly different.  Is there any foods that you guys/and girls, have noticed that really seems to sexually charge you up?

I was a little hesitant to post this, but what the hell if your curious about something just be honest about the situation and ask.  Sexuality in one way or another had to be a part of paleo life.  Where all adults here after all.

Health / Chroniccaly flakey skin..:( HELP!
« on: March 31, 2010, 10:00:54 pm »
My health seems awesome on so many aspects this is one of the very few problems I have.  I don't have acne, but I get supper sensitive skin.  Its almost like I can just give it a little scratch and skin will peel off and become dry and flakey.  I realize part of it is because I have recently moved to a more humid hot climate that I'm not use to but there has to be something I can do to improve this without moving.  Where ever there's a problem there's a solution.  I shower less now(once or twice a week) and when I do shower I make it a cold shower, that's helped tons!

Just to get a idea of my routine below

I eat lots of raw fat, I take fermented cod liver oil for vitamin A&D, I eat oysters about once a week for Zinc, I just started eating raw salmon this week, I eat lots of raw meats, and lots of organ meats just based on instinct what I crave.  The organ meats include, lamb and beef heart, brain, pancrease, liver, kidneys, etc.  I eat egg yolks daily.  I know its not considered paleo to eat this much egg yolk but Its improved my health tons and I go with what gives me results and what logical makes paleo sense.  (just the yolk I give the whites and yolk sack and shells to my plants out back) 

I still have not cut out dairy, I am curious if this could be whats causing the problems.  I haven't cut it out because I have been getting great results and it hasn't seemed to hurt me in any way.  I haven't seen reports on the site from anyone who gets flakey skin from dairy so I don't know.  I am welcome to cutting it if this is the root of the problem.

Really I am open to all feedback and ideas I really just want to be free from this problem. :'(  I am a naturally confident person and I only remember this is a problem when people remind me and suggest commercial moisturisers.  I don't trust these, I know about mineral oil and a few other things in them and thats enough.  I want a paleo option, a option that makes evolutionary sence.  Its also frustrating because people I live with think eating raw meat is unhealthy and have recently blamed my raw meat eating on the cause of my dry skin.. I am smarter then to believe that bullshit.  I just want help!!

Any Ideas welcome.    ;)

I do self massage to my groin area and my neck after working out and often before bed because I think circulation to these areas is key to testosterone and HGH production.

I want to know about anyone El's who does self massage, where do you do it?  Why do you do it, and whats been your experiences?

P.S. I put this in exercises because I think its something you do to stimulate muscle tissue in a health beneficial manner.

I find them all the time when I'm hiking and I enjoy a good nibble on them.  My mum taught me when I was a kid to eat them when I have a stomach ate she said her mum taught her.  I don't know how paleo they are though, or if they contain much antinutraints.  I know in general any plant food does, but I believe where omnivores and that we can eat plants and animals plentifully.  I tend to avoid any plant that I get a bad reaction from(nightshades make me BLAAA!) and anything I know is just bad, like soy and such.  Variety is impotent in my diet. 

Anyways I'm rambling on allot for a simple question.  Mint leafs, whats you guys(and gals) opinions on eating them?

Whether its seafood or wild game.  I'm curious I know many tribes fresh after a kill would cut the animal open and eat its liver.  I suppose there's probably some small sea animals that you can chew down well there still squirming, probably bugs like this too.

I am excited to hear about others experiences.

General Discussion / Eating whitebait?
« on: March 29, 2010, 10:04:56 am »
Has anyone El's eaten whitebait?  I just bought some, they are little white fish eaten whole like anchovies except I'm pretty sure people usually cook them.  No worries I am planning on eating them raw.  Curious if anyone El's has experience eating these, or any small little fish like these whole?

Hot Topics / Canabilism..?
« on: March 28, 2010, 07:54:37 pm »
I put this right in hot topics because I know the taboos about this topic.

Facts are that it was apparently very common in aboriginal tribes Mari and papua new guinea tribes.

Probably other tribes as well I'm not sure.

Other then that taboos of cannibalism, whats the big deal?  I mean if the human lived healthy like any other animal wouldn't it be good meat?  Or is there some evolutionary danger in eating your own species?  Do you think paleo perhaps evolved eating other humans when there was a death in a tribe?

Remember this is all just random thoughts I had here, I would appreciate hearing other peoples theory's I'm really not quite sure what to think about it yet.

General Discussion / How much Vitimin K2?
« on: March 28, 2010, 07:44:35 pm »
I am familiar with Weston price stuff so I know about this vitamin, "activator X".  I just want to know more about it in raw food, because from what I previously understood was the highest sources where in fermented foods.

So how much Vitamin K2 was naturally in are paleo diets?  Any theory's?

And what sources do you guys get your vitamin K2 from?

Personals / Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Anyone want a Raw Paleo Buddy?
« on: March 27, 2010, 02:24:11 pm »
No not that kind of buddy!  I am looking for someone whos just looking for at least 1 single other raw paleo eater.. Someone to discuss things, get together and eat, brainstorm ideas for getting different foods ect. 

General Discussion / A.L.F. Where to find them and how to get them?
« on: March 27, 2010, 02:07:35 pm »
OK so I was reading this post below and I after researching this thing, I want to get one!

When I am determined for something I get it.  The only question I have is how do you find a orthodontist that will do this in my area?  I also know that its expensive, I am saving but, is there a way to get this cheaper.  I know allot of people will just say no there isn't period, but I mean cmon lets brainstorm here, I have found cheaper ways to get all sorts of things I never thought I could have in the past some even medical.

I am also surprised there has not been more on this website about this product it looks pretty amazing.  I would be very excited to hear about anyones experiences with using one or anyones insight on this. 

OK so I know its rare for animal foods, but I want to know if we can make a list of any dangerous animals or animals with dangerous parts we can not eat.

Polar bear liver I know is one rare food that has a dangerously high level of Vitamin A.

seal, walrus, and husky are a few others.

I suppose there are some sea animals that contain poison, and some snakes and bugs as well.

Don't get me wrong I think there is allot less dangerous raw animal foods then people think, but we should have a standard precautionary list of foods to keep away from.

I think if you grew up in a tribe this would be pretty standard knowledge, your elders would warn you what plants and animals to stay away from, when you eat this make sure to cut this part off etc.  So it only seems right it should be standard knowledge among us.

One of My best friends Nate who's big into snowboarding has taken interest in what I eat and I have started telling him the health benefits of eating raw animal foods.

He is really interested, and recently became more interested for more specific reasons.  See hes a snowboarder and has a broken bone in his arm which if it doesn't heal up within a few months he wont be able to compete in a competition he really was looking forward to.

The doctors told him there is nothing he can do but just wait for it to heal and hope it heals in time.  But me and Nate both agree you have to take almost EVERYTHING doctors say with a grain of salt, most of those guys have no clue about anything nutritional or Beyond there subscription pad.

I know if I could show him some evidence that this diet and/or specific foods on this diet would speed his healing he would jump into it and see many of the other benefits straight on I've been telling him about.

Nate's is really fact oriented and a really critical thinking guy.

Anyone have experience in healing broken bones?  Or any insight?  :)

Any specific suggestions, and please provide the reason for your suggestions as well.  I need to be able to show him more then just ideas he wont get into it unless he hears a good argument for it.  Haha its one of the things I respect him for we debate for hours and always get insight from each other, where both deep thinker types.

General Discussion / Eating raw eyeballs?
« on: March 23, 2010, 08:39:01 am »
I hear eating raw eyeballs in some cultures is considered a delicacy.  Such as the Eskimos.  Does anyone know what kind of unique nutrients would be in them? 

I am thinking of telling my butcher all buy the eyeballs of all her animals seeing as no one El's probably buys em so shed be happy to get a price for them.  Is there any eyeballs from any animal that are dangerous to eat?

I was thinking of eating eyeballs from the fallowing animals Cow, Lamb, salmon, fish, is there anything I should be warned about?

Also I would love to hear about experiences from anyone El's on here who has eaten eyeballs.

Bruce Parry eats raw reindeer - Tribe - BBC

Click on that link and check it out this guys name is "Bruce Parry".  If you haven't heard of him look up a few of his videos its quite interesting I just found him.  It seems he travels to remote tribes and undergoes their rituals.  Very cool shit! I want this dude's job!! :P

Suggestion Box / ACTIVISM!
« on: March 21, 2010, 09:17:22 am »
We need a section on activism for are style of eating and are ideas on foods.  So that people can be eating this way continually for years to come!

I just thought I would start a post on this seeing as I didn't see one up already.
Does anyone here know about monsanto?
If not then research the corporation and post your thoughts on them here.
I think more people who are actually concerned with there health should be concerned with these issues.

So heres some links on monsanto

Heres a website all about them explore it indepth and do your research.

Heres a petition you can sign if you agree that they are a corporate monster that needs stoping as I do.

Signing petitions and knowing the facts if one thing but we need more people speaking out and taking action. 

Anyways post your thoughts, really getting people talking and thinking about it is the first step to progress.

Welcoming Committee / New to raw paleo & I have some questions.
« on: February 21, 2010, 02:40:23 pm »
 :)My Names Jesse I'm new to the raw paleo thing.  I have been eating Weston Price style for years now though.  Although I love raw paleo for the raw meats/lifestyle and foods, there are many things I want to keep doing that got me results I got from weston price.  These things are mostly, Raw dairy products, My daily dose of green pastures raw fermented Cod Liver Oil, and the bone broths.  I have recently got into raw meats, and I love it!! I have never had a problem consuming organ meats or eating my meat rare or even raw from time to time + I feel amazing!  But being new to this I have a few questions. 

1:  Where do you guys get some of these meats, I can get the fallowing easily-Grassfed Organic.. Liver, brains, Kidney, Bones, Pancreas, Heart, Muscle Meats, Seafoods,-  But I have had a Hell of a hard time finding some of the more exotic types of meats such as... -Glands like, adrenals Thyroid,.. well just glands in general, Testicles/any male sex organ such as penis and Prostate.(Yes I want to try everything!)-.  So I am in Australia at the moment anyone on here know of spots to get these things?

I have no fear of eating anything raw and I think My system handles it well because of my genetics, My mother was European, and My dad was a little bit European and native American.  I think that being brought up around that native culture/maybe a genetic factor, has made it much easier for me to jump into eating raw organ meats without a problem.

Anyways next question.

2:Is there anywhere on the net where you can find a general analysis of nutrition content of different grassfed organs?

I have been looking and have not found a place yet but maybe you guys know somewhere I don't.  Problem is so many people don't think the way I eat is healthy and warn me about it rather then encourage me or find interest.  I find so much content on the net on how low fat cooked processed crap is healthy and it drives me crazzzzy.  90% of modern society doesn't even know what healthy is these days.

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