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Hot Topics / Re: Thriving and surviving in the 2020s
« on: December 16, 2020, 01:30:24 pm »
Pfizer CEO won't take his own CRAP VACCINE... why would you?

video here

General Discussion / Raw Beluga Whale meat / fat at 0:55
« on: December 14, 2020, 12:26:40 am »
Raw Beluga Whale meat / fat at 0:55
no seasoning, no cooking
She swears it is deeelicious.

This Inuk Creator is Throat Singing with Her Mom on TikTok
Throat singing was banned by Christian missionaries throughout the 20th century — now Inuk creator Shina Novalinga is using TikTok to keep the practice alive and teach others about Inuit culture

Hot Topics / Re: Thriving and surviving in the 2020s - Avoid all VAXX
« on: December 07, 2020, 07:21:49 pm »
Avoid all VAXX

The entire "science" they present to you is absolutely false.
There is zero health benefit for you.
All pro-vaxx info are TOTAL LIES.
Whether this vaxx or previous vaxxes.
Yes I observe and researched all childhood vaxxes, their "science", their "history", their "studies" are all manufactured BULL SHIT.

You never know what they are really jabbing you with.

I cured my young nannie of ovarian cysts and breast cysts and infertility for free.
She became pregnant... success... she went home to her provincial mountain home town, at 5 months, some "doctor" convinced her to take a vaxx, in 1 week her child in eutero died.  This happened mid 2020.  Be warned.

Hot Topics / Re: Thriving and surviving in the 2020s
« on: December 07, 2020, 07:36:11 am »
Crypto is the lottery ticket Ive bought into for the past 3 years.
Bull run is coming 2021.
That money may help us buy some more freedom and security beyond the current measures we took this 2020.

I've seen some of my friends bug out already ahead of me with this same plan in mind.

I have an invite to visit a good friend in their bug out farm next week.

Farm living is something I have never experienced, I have zero expertise.

What I'm thinking is inviting friends or hiring employees to do the farming part.
Learn as it goes.

I'm an IT entrepreneur.

Please let us know how this goes.  This is a dream of mine, to live off the land and be left alone.  One tip I can think of if you decide to buy this land or lease it, is to look for land in a mountainous area.  Many valley/flat land owners (farmers) are being forced by the government to sell their land to big developers.  Right now Amazon and FedEx are doing huge land grabs with the help of the government in order to have more warehouses (in the US at least).  I'm sure they have a plan to do this all over the world to kick people off their land.  A mountainous area will be more difficult to do this, because they would have to do dynamite/blasting in order to make it flat enough for a warehouse and connecting roads.  Mountain areas also don't have city water/sewer or many powerlines so that would be a huge deal to set up as well.  Also, I think (although I could be wrong), there will be more wild animals in a mountainous area that you could hunt.  Animals don't go into valleys and flat lands because they know people are there and they want to stay away.

In the meantime, this secondary vacation city we moved into is pleasant.
Renting has always given me the freedom to move effortlessly at the drop of a hat.
I'm looking for a 2nd home office next month, maybe a detached house with high walls for when the forced vaxxing comes.
Also looking to hire personal assistants if the tyrants decide they require vaxxed / marked of the beast 666 only people.

Thanks for the contribution Smokey Quartz!

Guys, please add your ideas here.

Another way I'm looking at is finding a way to be wealthy enough to purchase / lease multiple hectares of land where we can live in peace and be left alone, wall it all if possible, better if we have access to a beach where we can have boats for fishing or go island hopping.


They have done this before with their fake Spanish Flu 100 years ago in 1918... their hoax arrived in Victoria Australia in 1919 where it was documented here and the hysteria lasted some 7 years:

I have been curing viruses for free for 13 years, those spiky ball models and alleged infectious nature of viruses are all INTENTIONAL LIES.

Fake hoax plandemic, false medicine 100 years ago, the same fake BULLSHIT in the 2020s.

Hot Topics / Re: THE MARK OF THE BEAST!!! Vaccination cards will be issued
« on: December 05, 2020, 11:20:52 pm »
WELL HERE IT IS FOLKS. THE MARK OF THE BEAST!!! Vaccination cards will be issued to everyone getting Covid-19 vaccine

Hot Topics / Thriving and surviving in the 2020s
« on: December 03, 2020, 07:43:09 am »
I wrote and sent this message to all the mothers of my multiple children. 
Including my current wife who still has yet to bring forth children.
Sharing to this community who I owe a deep debt of gratitude over the years.
Thank you all for participating in our conversations!
Thank you all for mentoring me!
And I still have much to learn.

December 2020
Parenting Log:

- The Medical Schools and Medical Institutions were all bought out 100 years ago.
--- They have systematically been teaching everything false about GERMS and DISEASES to their students of medicine.
--- Cancer industry FAKE tests, FRAUDULENT treatments, HOAX info
(anti fungus mold treatments had been deleted / marked as poison in the medical books: for example TURPENTINE and all associated concoctions.)
--- HIV AIDS industry FAKE tests, FRAUDULENT treatments
--- Everything "VIRAL" is FAKE FRAUD HOAX
--- Every VACCINATION theory is fake fraud hoax.
--- Every Germ causing Disease theory is fake fraud hoax.
(the real risks are parasites, constipation, electromagnetic radiation, poverty, malnutrition, fatigue, drugs, vaccinations, medical profession scam treatments)
--- Their entire dietary regime malnutrition FOOD PYRAMID is totally false.
--- We humans are deprived of immense health until 120 years on average
--- We humans are deprived of 20-40+ IQ points not realized.
--- Fertility rates are at the LOWEST in recorded history!

I am fortunate for the Universe / God blessed me with TRUE KNOWLEDGE about health and healing.
Why I can CURE diseases for FREE consistently over the years.
Truth - Knowledge is POWER.
And the truth has always been hidden from the public.

- The current virus COVID 19 SARS 2 is totally FAKE, FRAUD, HOAX

--- brought on by the New World Order:
------ Technocrats, World Economic Forum, Depopulationists,
------ Money Masters, IMF, Central Banks, UN, WHO, Puppet Governments

--- for the purposes of:
------ Global Financial Reset with total monetary control via blockchain technology bringing on total slavery, surveillance, and mass unemployment, mass poverty
------ Further Depopulation via forced vaccination, false health protocols, travel restrictions, social restrictions, virus fears
------ Technocracy Tyranny worse than Orwell's 1984.

- What challenges for our children?
--- Old style schools are rendered obsolete, they are a waste of time, money and energy
--- Old Mating / Reproductive opportunities are stymied with the WEF Chairman gloating at the prospect of further depopulation
--- Avoid forced vaccination, infertility, death, poverty, slavery
--- Avoid 5G mitigate against 5G
--- Avoid techno brainwashing dangers, it used to be TV and MSM, it is now Google, YouTube, Facebook

- Actions to take?
--- Educate ourselves about the dangers and new opportunities in this new technocratic society
--- New style real education to make money, gather resources to THRIVE in the new abnormal
--- New socialization strategies to find non-zombie, non-brainwashed mates
--- Educate the children ourselves - Mentor them personally on health, money, life, new opportunities
--- Their teenage years and 20s must be made healthy, fruitful / reproductive, enjoyable, and wealthy.

Hot Topics / Re: Covid - how is everyone
« on: October 30, 2020, 03:44:25 pm »
I moved out of the big metropolis to a secondary city.
To avoid tyranny and abusive cops.
To avoid 5G.

Cooking up plans for my own multi-hectare private walled property so my descendants can live in peace.  Some friends have forged ahead with similar plans.
Teaching teens to have skills that make money without being a slave worker to some "office" where they have to wear masks and forced to be tested every 2 weeks.

"In 2013 he stumbled upon a blog by a man in the Philippines who adopted a raw food diet to cure his eczema. It inspired Mr Li to adopt a cleaner and healthier diet."


Off Topic / Re: Slow Cooker
« on: October 01, 2020, 05:04:51 pm »
I have a slow cooker,  it only says low or high or warm.
Pretty low tech stuff, but hey it works for bone broths.

Health / Re: Digestion and Skin issues
« on: September 08, 2020, 08:32:28 am »
That zero carb experiment is another thing you have to figure out.
Some people do well on zero carb for a period of time.

I personally over the years have experimented with zero carb and I get zero sex drive on zero carb
You will eventually find the carb amount you feel comfortable with.

On raw paleo there is that issue where you get your carbs because most fruity carb is fructose like.

There are veggy type raw carbs that you might want to  try in the future.

I usually look to sex drive / libido as a sign of good health.

Health / Re: Digestion and Skin issues
« on: September 07, 2020, 09:36:49 am »
Inflammations not stopping... you may need zinc from raw oysters, eat once a week or more, instincto style.  You might also do well swimming in clean ocean water for magnesium and other elements.  And get enough sunlight.

If you are unable to go to the beach because of lockdown idiocy, order magnesium oil sprays online.  Spray 2x a day on arms and legs. 

Try living wifi free as well.  Use ethernet lan connections on your laptop.

You are correct to stay away from all pharma drugs, all of them.

Health / Re: Mineral Deficiency
« on: September 03, 2020, 09:47:37 am »
Why eat chocolate when you can have natural cacao?

Just the fleshy parts, right?
Not the seeds?

Health / Re: Digestion and Skin issues
« on: August 31, 2020, 12:11:11 pm »
If you have congested liver, you can use:

apples - 2 a day.

apple juice, make your own
in the context of preparing for liver flushes every 2 weeks for up to 5-10 times

you may follow on with coffee enemas.
(I will make a coffee enema entry later)

tell me more about your problem here.

I'm in the mood for curing people today.

Note: The more paleo liver flush is egg yolk liver flushing:

Health / Re: Digestion and Skin issues
« on: August 29, 2020, 02:49:55 am »
Probiotics.  Whether you culture probiotics yourself like high meat, or vegetables, or commercial probiotics, lots of it and plenty of variety.

There's also diluted orange juice fasting, or water fasting.

General Discussion / Re: RPD Facebook Group
« on: August 27, 2020, 07:20:06 pm »
Ahem Faceberg is kind of already compromised ...

Yeah, no anonymity and no freedom on FB.

Not saying I don't participate in some discussion on FB, but yes, FB works sometimes.

It's good to have more outlets to discuss.

I clicked the FB link and asked to join.

Hosting Upgraded from Php 7.0 to Php 7.2

From Debian 9


Ubuntu 18.04

Please report anything wrong, amiss or malfunctioning.

Sorry I've been very busy guys, life just changed so much with the virus HOAX.

General Discussion / Re: MUST READ BOOKS!!!
« on: August 08, 2020, 07:57:38 am »
Wow, thank you for this thread.  Please keep on adding resources to this thread.
Save these on your own hard drives.
The book burning / bit burning is insane these days.
It is a deliberate dumbing down.

Just like the HIV/AIDS narrative in the mid 1980s. HIV/AIDS is full on HOAX.

Covid-19 virus paradigm is a total complete mainstream media / medical mafia HOAX.

PCR Tests perpetuate the hoax. PCR Test is un-scientific bullshit hypothesis... PCR Tests must be debunked publicly... its use will perpetuate the HOAX.

The breathing problems and blackening of skin problems are targeted 5G attacks on certain populations to affect legislation for FORCED VACCINATION (which will actually harm, injure, neuter you) and promote the hoax.

In the virus hoax paradigm "new normal", we are forced to PRETEND to accept this stupid hoax narrative... OR ELSE.

Protect yourselves against 5G and tracking. 5G and tracking is the big bad enemy they do not want you to look into!

-- Goodsamaritan (02 May 2020)

Hot Topics / Re: The Vaccine is the REAL Eugenics Weapon!
« on: April 23, 2020, 10:21:45 pm »

IT BEGINS: Chicago Official CONFIRMS CDC Plot for Mass Vaccination
Apr 22, 2020
The Next News Network

Consent to taking it & you will be chemically lobotomized & sterilized.


#N3 #DrRashidButtar #Coronavirus
EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses

2.5 Million Views: April 17, Dr Buttar, with all the mainstream credentials to impress you. Read the title: Blasts CDC, Gates, Fauchi for FAKE pandemic numbers.

The mainstream media you watch is complicit in this fear mongering.


#N3 #FireFauci #DrButtar
BOOM! Fauci Sweating Bullets! Trump Investigating His $3.7 Million Obama Era Grant to Wuhan Lab!!!

Hot Topics / Re: a Dr. Andrew Kaufman is exposing PCR Tests
« on: April 12, 2020, 05:00:35 pm »
a Dr. Andrew Kaufman is exposing PCR Tests and doing the rounds on plenty of concerned YouTube Channels

Let's help him spread the word.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s research proves COVID-19 is actually Exosome which normally exist in our lung cell fluid.


A Breakdown on Current Testing Procedures
“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been  fooled” -Mark Twain

"I dont see him making claim to be an expert or a Virologist for that matter only that he's done extensive research himself and studied others' research and is I think presenting the biochemical scientific facts - and how test results can be misconstrued. He references others, i.e. James Hildreth stating "A Virus is fully an exosome in every sense of the word". Having listened to him its not hard to see how Exosomes are immune response to a variety of 'diseases' which seem to definitely include Respiratory/lung disorders. Many who have died of this COVID19(?) virus had pre existing respiratory problems and/or were very elderly which would show that their immune systems were already greatly compromised and maybe they didn't die FROM it but WITH it - and thousands (I think like 250,000 died of the flu just last year - odd really when more people than ever were actually vaccinated AGAINST flu!  So why people, see below, seem to want to ignore the validity of this man's research and bother to 'shoot the messenger' is truly purile!  No one is forcing them to watch this video and yes we all have a right to our own opinion/judgement but seriously whether he's a vet, dentist, psychiatrist or doctor -is truly irrelevant as he obviously a good research plus he's got a scientific background!   I for one am most grateful that there are people like him who are 'shining a light' on discrepencies such as this.  THANK YOU ANDREW"

Hot Topics / Re: Do not despair, spread the word, plant a seed
« on: April 12, 2020, 04:50:16 pm »
Do not despair if the sleeping zombies cannot understand you right now, spread the word, plant a seed.

We have our incomes, jobs, livelihoods DESTROYED
It's all the fault of those CONSPIRACY nuts!

Hot Topics / Re: DOOM BREAK cartoon via Elon Musk
« on: April 12, 2020, 04:25:51 pm »

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