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General Discussion / Re: different races and penis size
« on: November 03, 2019, 05:44:00 pm »
I think you have a small penis.
A Dream Wedding, John & Stacey Get Married

Im as red pilled as they come.
Man Paradise Episode 1 - Pilot, John Goes MGTOW

General Discussion / Re: different races and penis size
« on: November 03, 2019, 08:02:29 am »
Oh I get it now...

Is this the thread where we kinda see who's piss goes farther?

I was raised super blue pill... (but my internal compass is pro-life, pro-family... i always wanted a big family tree with me on top, my version of immortality) but narcissist ex-wife ( exactly described narc here + sexless marriage for 10+ years) left me no choice but to become red pilled / mgtow / polygamous - polyamorous / with all these kids and women in rotation.

So far I have 7 kids with 4 women.

And my current girl friend (23 years younger than me) who I set up as my neighbor promised me 5 more kids.

No government laws are shackling me for forced alimony or child support... I run this show as I please.

I get my kids and their mothers and my girlfriend together during vacations.

I still date around and keep my dating account updated... I know the current norms, I have to... as I'm training 4 teens... 2 boys and 2 girls... they are just getting started.

Yeah, I get all the skin to skin sex I need... at my age and experience, I'm pretty good at sex.  Raw paleo diet works... keeps me hard.  Oysters provide more ooomph.

I'm 50 and I run a small IT business firm... hoping to expand more in the next decades as I've discovered Dan Pena... got to get back to my roots as I grew up and was trained with medium sized businesses with my parents.

I have a young pretty maid and a laundry lady. 

This is as far as my piss goes in November 2019.

General Discussion / Re: different races and penis size
« on: November 02, 2019, 08:00:18 pm »
Why different races have different size of the penis?
You can say that most of the asians have a small pecker while in congo you be very hard not to stumble upon a giant one.

What regards evolution? Aka women choosing biger mates due to essier orgasm achieve.. 

Males with small penis are fucked in modern world.
Everyone respect big penis even males..

In terms of women choosing the fathers of their children, I do not think females choose solely on penis size.
As long as your penis is in the acceptable range, women will have sex with that.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Major Server Upgrade 19 October 2019!
« on: October 19, 2019, 06:15:20 pm »
Major Server Upgrade 19 October 2019!

Website and database has been moved to server with all new tech!

From an i7-6700 to an i9-9900k

From regular linux raid 1 tech to open ZFS raid 10

This is a major upgrade for me and my company.

Report any problems.

If you have dedicated server requirements like custom wordpress websites, massive emails, or massive forums, contact me at

Health / Re: high fruit animal based diet.
« on: October 14, 2019, 02:53:43 pm »
what do you mean no sugar? theres sugar in fruits?

No commercial sugars.  I eat whatever is in fruits.

Health / Re: high fruit animal based diet.
« on: October 13, 2019, 11:51:21 am »
i do this, just no sugar

Welcoming Committee / Re: Heya,
« on: October 10, 2019, 10:27:42 pm »
Hey welcome.
Great to know you started learning and doing health explorations at a young age.

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: can not get rid of belly fat no matter what
« on: October 09, 2019, 10:49:29 am »
You could be eating too much.

Ever tried fasting or intermittent fasting?

General Discussion / Re: How to choose a durian?
« on: October 08, 2019, 07:20:40 pm »
thanks for the tips. looks like durian season is about over for the year; only a one vendor at the market last week.

as far as ripeness; i've been playing it safe by looking for a crack but sometimes i find the meat is a little too old. after reading this informative website on durians in the fils, i'll try a greenish skinned and some of the more colored ones ... 

Wow your website is fantastic!
Thanks!  Must plan a trip to Davao to taste them all.

General Discussion / Re: How to choose a durian?
« on: October 05, 2019, 07:00:48 pm »
If you are in Davao City where durians abound, the cart seller will choose for you, you only pay if the durian is good, if it is not good enough, he changes it with a good one.

In metro manila, in my regular fruit stand, I ask them for a guarantee like above.

Otherwise in the wholesalers, I will just have to take a leap of faith that it may be good or not so good.

If you are to ripen them yourself, you can knock them with your knife, it goes thud... it's not yet ripe, if it seems hollow, than it is ripening.

There's also smells and cracks when ripe and the stem on top lopping off may signal if it is ripe.

Unfortunately some sellers may have picked the durian too early and it's not so good.

Your mileage may vary.

Journals / Re: GoodSamaritan's Experiments
« on: October 04, 2019, 11:28:10 am »
Going back to fully raw in 2019 is a BREEZE. 
I'm home, I'm happy, I'm satisfied.
Everything is easy because the knowledge and resources and supplies are all there.
I'd figured this out many years ago and everything is delicious.
It's durian season, so good.
I have my source of grass fed raw milk.
I can get raw butter, raw cheeses.
I know where to get my seafood, my red meat.
There is zero learning curve.
I have my maid / help / nanny to help me.
I'm not pressured to go out on dates and have to eat cooked food on dates.

Now that I know my health is assured...
... I can concentrate on new business.
... I found Dan Pena... high performance business... found a new goal for the next 50 years.
... I achieved lifestyle small business... great... big business lifestyle seems interesting... be able to achieve more... be able to teach my kids more.

1st thing - I avoid raw pork.  I cannot vouch for the cleanliness of my sources, or the parasites that come with pork.

2nd - with food poisoning this is my protocol:

- 1 tablespoon of activated charcoal in a tall glass of water, mix and drink it all.
- after 30 minutes take 60ml of castor oil.

Poop out your guts in a few hours.

General Discussion / New web hosting for
« on: September 30, 2019, 11:13:59 pm »
I have just moved the hosting of from Ubuntu 16.04 to Debian 9.
Hopefully, it will be technically more competent than the previous hosting platform.
Especially tracking IP addresses of posters.
Moderators, on the righ bottom of each post, you can now see the poster's correct IP address.

Please reply here if you notice any problems.

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hey everyone! 23yo from Germany
« on: September 30, 2019, 11:10:26 pm »
I think you must have 10 or more replies.

Hot Topics / Re: raw=more hunger? some carbs=less hunger.
« on: September 29, 2019, 01:56:43 am »
You need raw fat too.

Depends on the quality of the carbs... raw starch is satisfying.

Fructose type from some fruits not satisfying.

Science / Re: Freezing sperm may not be a good idea...
« on: September 26, 2019, 01:04:29 am »
Victims of cancer treatment.
There's plenty of ways this medical profession makes $$$

Journals / Re: GoodSamaritan's Experiments
« on: September 23, 2019, 11:37:53 pm »
I had slid down to cooked paleo diet in 2016-2017 to cure a fungus mold infection, recipe, technique from Bervin Jackson , hats off to you, it worked.
I learned from that technique and proceeded to do a quick cure of my friend with stage 3 bone cancer combining raw paleo and Bervin Jackson's techniques with italian seasoning and turpentine.
Have a new 1 year old.
Got a divorce, started dating again, got new young wife. (yes, I'm considered a handsome, provider good catch here with Pick Up Artist skills)
Gained weight... and I don't feel like superman anymore.

I just turned 50.
I want a new batch of children.
And of course I want to raise them even better this time.
So I need strength and youth and what better way do I know than going back to raw paleo diet.
Did it for 8 wonderful years until that darn fungus mold thing hit (we moved homes to avoid the source).

So I started today with a diluted orange juice fast, raw duck eggs on stand by in case I get hungry.
I don't know how long this fast will take.
I then plan to just do wai diet first to lose some weight.
Then add red meat when I feel like it.

I'm now some 155 lbs.
I'd rather be some 135 lbs.
And I'd like to feel like superman again... business is good.
I'm teaching my teenage boys basic pick up skills and I would like to personally be out there with them.

General Discussion / Re: rami nagiel died of cancer.. how?..
« on: September 02, 2019, 04:03:09 pm »
There is a chicken or egg first, situation with mold and fungus cancer causation theory. There is definitely a strong correlation between these molds and fungal inundations  and conditions like cancer, but are they a direct cause or are they symptomatic of some other environmental condition?

Mold and fungus feed on decaying and already sickened tissues. Yeast are the last line of defense, when the metabolic system break down and the body accumulates excess biotoxins. Although the process by which fungus and mold break down waste on the body is not very kind, without these decomposing symbiotic organisms, our body’s would become overwhelmed with toxic tissues and die well before anything like cancer would take hold.

These organisms produce the elements needed to clean away and catabolicly neutralize elements which are far more detrimental to the body than the byproduct they excrete...the problem is that medical science cannot isolate exactly the underlying disbiosis which leads to such overgrowth, and so mistakes the symptoms with the disease.

There are many more nuances to this phenomenon, but the basic point is that although the toxic byproducts of mold and fungus can in excess lead to the eventual development of cancer, for the sake of holistic treatment  they still should viewed more like symptoms rather than a cause.

This of view mainly applies when there is an internal cases like house mold poisoning and chronic exposure to external toxic overgrowth, then there should be a much different approach. Housing materials infected with mold will off gas metabolic waste toxins full of both synthetic and organic pollution, there is no reason or necessity to be exposed to this kind of risk, when simple mindful avoidance of toxic environments can be practiced. Though like the frog slow boiled many people being slow poisoned will never realize the source of the it from internal or external nature?



Awesome insight!

Old thread.

But this YouTube video I stumbled upon seems to fit here

Pottengers Cats - Diet Will Affect Future Generations

Monica Hershaft
Published on Nov 5, 2013

The effects of nutrition and how what you eat affects your children and their children's future generations.


I now wonder generationally where we are.

Can we ever recover?  Cats took 4 generations of strict raw diets to recover completely.

Can we somehow make an edict to our descendants to eat raw consistently?

How wonderful would our recovered descendants be like?

Veganism IS the NWO recommended diet for the masses! Depopulation is their main thing. See NSSM 200.

Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment 5
by sv3rige
Published on Jun 6, 2019

Screenshot of a twitter thread with some fellow XRP enthusiasts who were interested in going VEGAN.  Duuuhhh..

So I tell them right off that paleo is Da Bomb! (Best)

Some pompus self important environmentalist feeling he is the authority on being the guardian of this planet is against paleo diets because he thinks:

Paul Howard

"Your personal health is less important than the Earth's vital ecosystems. The modern situation demands forward human evolution, whereas you are trying to go backwards."


What nerve of this ass hole.  He does not care about the individual sick person.

So my last reply to the health seeker was:

"If it is your personal health, or you are sick, you look out for #1, and that is YOU.  Find the diet that suits YOU best.  For YOUR SAKE."

The asshole is mind fucking the health seeker not to go paleo for the sake of the earth.

Health / Re: Can Backaches be Viral?
« on: August 20, 2019, 10:58:03 am »
For all viruses, I have great results killing viruses with
I've had that machine since 2007.  So worth it.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Updated CleanTalk Anti Spam
« on: August 19, 2019, 06:10:46 pm »
Did another cleantalk upgrade...

Please advise if we have bugs.

General Discussion / Re: rami nagiel died of cancer.. how?..
« on: August 19, 2019, 06:09:14 pm »
I would strongly agree that fungus mold can have a very bad effect on our health. Especially since we are surrounded by it in many places. Air conditions are very prone to have it. How did you know you have an issue in your house? Was it visible mold or did you just "feel" that this can only be the cause? And what do you think is the best building material to prevent mold?

It was an old 1 story house.  Flooded several times past the roof.  Wall had black mold due to pipes leaking.  Roof was moldy after 2009 flood, had to be entirely replaced.  Very big mango tree above house.  Plenty of maids already left due to illness.  Wife and daughter moved out too, cannot stay, always sick.  Me and 2 boys always sick.  Switched homes with the maids from other house they got sick.  Looking back, grandfather of wife had cancer lived in that home.  We all got well when we left.

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