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Wai Dieters / Re: Fructose
« on: May 18, 2010, 12:41:26 am »
I believe it is the nuts that hurts your teeth's heaviest. Fruitarians eat little if any nuts, that might help. Dried fruits are also bad, I think.

I ate a lot of nuts at the beginning.  -[

Journals / Re: Ioanna's Journal
« on: May 16, 2010, 05:39:25 am »
i am great with ground beef or bison though, even better when aged. 

That is quite intresting that aged meat goes better with you, pemmican (raw) don't. I wonder if it matters to eat a lot of dried meat.  -\
I sometimes do. But I love aged meat too, like you eat it.

I wish I could find cheaper Bison meat, I pay 70 € / kg. here in Hamburg. l)  I love Bison/Buffalo.


Journals / Re: PaleoPhil's Journal
« on: May 16, 2010, 05:21:59 am »

after reading about the oxycholesterins in Ghee, I loosed all my interest in trying it. All. It have huge amounts of oxycholesterin, much much more than butter!
That might be why you got sick..  ;)


Welcoming Committee / Re: new frenchy coming
« on: May 16, 2010, 05:17:03 am »
hi , i was raw vegan for around ten years with lot of fruits and so on and my weight was going down and down through the year , i use to weight 40 kg for 1m75.....
full of energy that's true but no power at all
and then i discover what they called "living food" with tons of juices , quite no fruit , only greens and...everything went wrong ; lose 8 more kg , become like a zombie and inable to change the direction , sent to hospital with tuberculosis , hepatics , non working immune system (very classical!!)*

Oh my god..  :o
You must have been a skeleton!!! Did not family/friends around you got scared? Good you didn't die.  -X


and then a friend of mine that has lived with instincto pionnier for a long time and practice for 20 years intsincto nutrition push me to make the experiment...just to smell without first idea of what thinks are...
and of course i choose....raw greasy wild porc!!  ;D
takes me some days to accept the idea of eating flesh , but really my body take the control on my mind and feels it was necessary
during two month i eat a mono diet of meat and in one year and a half gained 20 kg up to 54 kg

 ;D no wonder you wanted only meat, after all this!


and since then , every time i put meat in my mouth (mostly wild from the area , not purchased through industrial awful production) i feel so much energy and peace

That's exactly the way I feel too, when eating animals.  :)

Boah.. this was a crazy story! So happy you leaved the raw vegan diet, at least!


Welcoming Committee / Re: new frenchy coming
« on: May 15, 2010, 07:14:27 am »
Hi Thierry!

I'm Norwegian, living in Germany and my English is terrible too, so don't mind!  ;)

Tell me about how raw meat saved your life, please!  :)
Sound so exiting!

Nice to have you here.


Wai Dieters / Re: Fructose
« on: May 15, 2010, 05:06:43 am »
Thanks guys, thanks so much!

I so much appreciate all this info!  :-*

Tyler, you said you tried "instinkto". Did you tried cassia, too? I was eating cassia every day for about two years. Gave me very loose bowel movements etc. I wonder if this also demineralized me and so my teeth's too?
 :o about the raw dairy almost killing you.. do you mind if I ask, what happend!?

tough, how you tried Fruitarian that long. You must have looked terrible. 55 kg.  :(
I'm totally with you on this nut-thing. Never eat them anymore myself, too (except of a seldom, few macadamias and I also tried Kenari-nuts this week, they are wild-growed nuts, but I got a strange feeling in my mouth after just a few so I think I will leave them)!  -[  Healthy teeth's is just so important! I hate to have any kind of fillings in my mouth! It cannot be healthy. I have only one little filling, cement. I refuse to do anything with my other cavities, I believe they will heal, I do.  :) They do not hurt eather, if I eat properly.  ;)  (if not.. i suffer terrible tootache  :'( )

Have you tried bone-marrow? It is my last favorite. I started to eat it one week ago, and from this day on my wrist (hand) have healed! It was overwrought due to my work, it did not wanted to heal.. I had this issue this whole winter. It was annoying, I could hardly brush my teeth without my wrist hurting (right hand, BTW). The next day after eating Marrow first time in my life, I looked at my wrist.. the swelling was gone..! And it did not come back after that day, it is over one week ago. I have not changed anything else. I believe it was the Marrow, that helped with the healing. Raw, grassfed marrow. Strange.. huh?  :)


Wai Dieters / Re: Fructose
« on: May 15, 2010, 02:42:42 am »
Tyler, how long was you raw vegan? How long fruitarian?

Why do you change your WOE?
and when, was it difficult? (because vegans tend to have this "ethic" thing)

How long have you been eating raw paleo?

 :) Inger

Wai Dieters / Re: Fructose
« on: May 15, 2010, 01:22:38 am »
Oh, THANK GOD I was never raw vegan!
No no  :). I always included animals in my raw diet. But I was still eating a lot of nuts and dried fruits. Only organic high quality stuff without sulphurites or veg.oil. But it still was not good for my teeth.  :'(

Have you all gone through this raw vegan thing, Tyler, MrBBQ, cherimoya_kid?


Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Raw Beef Liver
« on: May 14, 2010, 04:40:20 pm »
While I applaud your enthusiasm for raw organs, I should mention a minor caveat. I and a few other RPDers have sometimes greatly overdone the raw liver-consumption in the past. This has resulted in the raw liver passing out quickly the other end via very liquid stools, without it being properly absorbed by the body, but nothing else. I took this to mean that my body had had enough of the specific nutrients from raw liver so got rid of it as quickly as possible.

Mind you, I was consuming a hell of a lot of raw liver at the time due to a very foolish experiment I was trying in order to see if I could get away with spending next to nothing on food - I was eating only raw (grassfed/organic) liver the whole of every alternate week plus alkaline mineral-water(and maybe a little fruit?), and the raw liver I'd got was absolutely free as no one else wanted it. So, I think the above really only applies if one really overdoes raw liver consumption over a period of time.

This is intresting Tyler. Could it be, when eating liver raw, you cannot really over dose it? I have sometimes noticed after eating raw liver in larger quantities(200-300 gram), it came out somehow unarbsorbed.
Never felt bad in connection to higher liver consumption eather.


Wai Dieters / Re: Fructose
« on: May 14, 2010, 04:27:29 pm »
Hello Jarnapal,

I know that anything that has more fructose than glucose causes problems for me. I can eat table sugar just fine but no fruit with higher fructose ratio to glucose.  Symptoms vary from pain to mental childness ( very annoying ).

Mental childness...?  ???  *help*
Have to take a look at this link. I do not feel good from too much fructose eather. Not at all.  -[


Wai Dieters / Re: Fructose
« on: May 14, 2010, 04:22:00 pm »
Servus, Herr Barbeque!  ;)

Wie cool, Sie sprechen auch Deutsch!  ;D

You know what? I tried the bone-broth thing my self one week ago, cooking bones from pastured beefbones a few hours. I got the exactly same reaction as you. Quite terrible headaches! I never have headaches, so it had to be the bonebroth. So strange ???! Now I know why.

I got my first cavities as a 30 year old, after starting raw  :'(.  After reading this blogpost I am sure it was the nuts. And maybe dried mangos too. I ate a lot of them both.

And as a kid we had very poor food, like potatoes and porridge, homemade bread,  salted herring every day.  We was 15 kids, that's why. But we all had to take cod liver oil every singel day (I loved the taste of it by the way)! I think that saved our teeth's. And my mom also cared that we got enough sun, We always played in the garden, naked.  No one from us had cavities as kids. Ever. And we do got some Candy's sometimes.

(Entschuldige mein Englisch, puh, die ist einfach schrecklig.. )

Liebe Grüße von Inger

Wai Dieters / Re: Fructose
« on: May 14, 2010, 05:14:56 am »
Have you seen this blogpost Mr. BBQ?

I think it is great!
I'm looking for tooth-healing too, after I hurt ed my teeths with too much nuts (raw omnivore). Now I know, nuts are really bad for your teeth.  -X

And the good thing is,
they can heal! Even if you have gotten cavities!  ;D


Journals / Re: Southeast Asia here i come!
« on: May 11, 2010, 05:43:59 am »
Hi Yon Yonson!

I myself take no vaccines no more. NO.

When it comes to Hepatitis A vaccine, just take a look at this virus. You can google it.
I don't remember the details, but this virus is not really dangerous at all (not for adult, strong and healthy men's like you  ;) ). It almost always heals, just from itself. Hepatitis B or C (I myself am not even concerned about these, to tell the truth..) are heavier. So if I were you, I would not be concerned about it all! I recommend, just take a look at the whole Hepatitis A thing!  ;) You will be no more concerned, I am sure.  ;D


Thank you so much for this info, actionhero!

Can I ask you just one more question?  -X

What kind of fruits are you eating, usually? Do you have any favors?

By the way, I love how you are sharing your own experience, that is just of SO much value!


Suggestion Box / Re: Problem posting picture
« on: May 10, 2010, 02:43:40 pm »
Hi Sydney!

I am not a moderator, but could it be that your picture has too many pixels (too large)? Try to change your pic to less pixels, like 120.. it should work!


Journals / Re: Ioanna's Journal
« on: May 10, 2010, 02:35:21 pm »
Hello Joanna!

This brownie thing is really crazy!  :o
(maybe baking is not a good idea, then.. but I see you, me too LOVED to bake before.. and to cook too, BTW.  -\ )

Have you ever tried to make pemmican with dried (raw) jerky and marrow? I do that now, and it tastes really good! I just mix the pulverized jerky with the marrow, just left the marrow out some hours before, then it is soft and easy to mix! This is a completely raw pemmican.  ;)


Thank you actionhiero!

That is pretty intresting what you are doing there.  ;)

Have you tried some other kind of WOEs? Like raw vegan, zerocarb etc? Or is this your first raw journey.

Your WOE sound very logical to me. I myself am almost 4 years raw (omnivore) but started a ZC at Christmas.

Maybe I should try your WOE.. altough ZC (with some wild herbs) feels really good to me to!



How long have you been eating like this, Actionhiero?

How do you feel?

Why do you skip the fruits on your fat-days? Digestion?


General Discussion / Re: meat turning brown
« on: May 08, 2010, 05:15:58 pm »
I think this is just natural, Nicole.
My meat turns brown all the time, and I dont mind.

I think it happends when the meat is exposed to air?
I really dont know. But you can safely eat it, I do it and never got sick.  :D


Health / Re: Teeth Recovering on RAF
« on: September 29, 2009, 07:46:30 pm »
Hi Ayla!

Skönt att träffa en svenska här! ;)

I´v experienced the same somehow. It looks like Vegan Rawfood really hurt your teeht(and your intestines..). I was newer Vegan, but high fruit/vegs. And I really feel that fat and Wild Meet helps a lot for my gums. Even Flaxseeds. Strange. Me too have been thinking about if it is "detoxing your teeth" or something else..?? Maybe somthing is missing?
I really dont understand.
Here in Hamburg I met a Woman last week on a Raw-Vegan Potluck, and she is really bad off. Looks like a skeleton. Now she wants me to help her, because she sed she thinks I look helthy and she cannot stand it anymore. Even if she knows I eat meat. She is 100% raw-vegan for three years and eat a lot of Wild edibles. A lot. And all kind of nice stuff like Young Coconuts and Durian. It doesn´t seems to help. And there are a lot of them out there. I´m not sure I can help her.. :( For sure I will suggest, she have to eat meat etc. But I dont know if it really helps anymore. She is really bloated all the time. Sad.
I´m so happy I was never Vegan. So I have all my teehts still. But some Cavietes I have. But they dont hurt so I just leave it like it is.  l) And my teeth feels almost nice. ;D

Ayla, I´m so happy you are well now. :)

How old are you, if I may ask? I´m 33 years old.


Off Topic / Re: The social side of you?
« on: September 24, 2009, 05:36:34 am »
Hi Ioanna :)

I always tell stright out how I eat. I just say; I eat ewerything raw, thats feeling nice to me!
And I never, ever hade any negative responses on that. I have the feeling, guys like it, they always find it so funny and intresting. And Im never ashamed for it, though. Why should I? I even eat raw organs in front of people, why not. They eat their burgers & co. ;)
And so funny things always comes out...hihi. Yeah. Really funny. Lets see it with humor ;D. But I think, while they see how healthy and happy I am, they can only find it good, how I eat. So it is, I think..

When I go out im restaurants or for a date, we eat sashimi, tartar, carpaccio, some salad, or I order my steak raw. Just unfried, cold. It works fine! Only one time out of maybe 20, the waitress did not wanted to follow my order. She was afraid of "bad bakteria"   ;) So she refused.. But this was only once.

Oh, and if I go to a party or something like that, I just take some food with me in my (large..hihi) bag. Some pieces of meat, or so. And just eat them out of my bag like it was the most normal thing in the world. And when people ask, I just tell... And it always turn out so funny.. ;D

Welcoming Committee / Re: Greetings from Germay
« on: September 24, 2009, 05:19:38 am »
Wild meet is available always in autumn/winter, no problem. But other times I have to buy Organic- or just frozen wild. Fisch you can always find fresh, wild/organic.
Quite nice, I think! :)

Health / Re: What's your Body Mass Index? BMI?
« on: September 24, 2009, 04:18:30 am »
BMI about 18,5

Fat % about 22.  l)
Quite a lot Fat, I think.. hrm. Maybe because I exercise very little. Or because I´m a woman?

I eat about 2p.(could be more or less) ripe Fruit at daytime, some greens, in the evening about 0,7 p. meat, organs or fisch, sometimes eggs.. maybe some seeds/nuts. Somhow like that :)
Raw (all inkl.) about 3 years.
At the beginning my body fat dropped into 14%, my weight was only 101,5 pounds at 5,5ft. But after half a year I started to gain weight (fat, I think..hihi)

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Talk about Durian
« on: September 19, 2009, 06:07:41 am »
I LOVE Durian, too.
Think I could eat only Crazy.
I order it maybe once a week / twice a month. I dream of travelling to Thailand and eat/drink only Durians and young coconuts.. :P
Like heaven for me. -\

Welcoming Committee / Re: Greetings from Germay
« on: September 19, 2009, 05:48:04 am »

Nice to see Weibliche around hier ;)!
Ok, I'm actually not German, while Norwegian Citizen and born and grown up in Finland, but who cares  ;).. Now I live in beautiful Hamburg, really enjoy it! The whole World is mine ;D

is here anyone who stays/lives in Hamburg..? Just curious... l)


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