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The fat helps a lot with digestion, and is a great to get calories when your trying to gain weight/muscle.

And how to loose weight on the raw paleo diet?

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Rocky Mountain Oysters
« on: May 11, 2018, 01:03:17 am »
I made them this morning with garlic pepper cilantro and hot sauce. (Didn't need any salt as it was already in the hot sauce.) I think they would have been better with hot sauce and garlic only. Also they were kind of tough and chewy and needed to be in smaller slices to more or less swallow whole similar to eating oysters so next time I will run them whole through the food processor with my slicer attachment. I wish I'd left them in chunks big enough to fit in the food processor instead of slicing them for this. Even so I still liked them better than drinking them in a smoothie.

What to try next?

I have eaten only lamb testicles.
And trick is to remove the outer skin. One could do it with hand with little force.
And the inside stuff is absolutely not tough or chewy (It is only the outer skin which is tough and chewy).

Please watch this video

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: May 09, 2018, 01:21:27 pm »

Clabbered milk - strange that the milk went moldy for you. I did quite some experiments with clabbered milk to get quark, cream and butter and left it out for way longer than 3 days (in the summer with high humidity) and it never got moldy. I put it in a 5 liter glass jar outside and sealed the top. I used raw conventional jersey milk, maybe A1 can get moldy. I don´t know. But pasteurized milk gets moldy when left outside for sure. Ur 100 % that u have pure raw milk?

Pasteurized milk - in yoghurt form works great for me. It always helps food to move. Rest like milk, cheese or cream I wouldn´t recommend.

Once clabbered milk is made, then how long will it last in the refrigerator?
And if fresh cheese is made out of this clabbered milk, then how long will in last in the refrigerator?

Do you feel clabberd milk (from raw milk) to be better than yoghurt from pasteurized milk?

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: May 02, 2018, 01:08:44 pm »
I am underweight and constantly hungry.
I tried to isolate the problem with HCL - i tried no protein diet and no fats- it is a disaster for me - i tried only fruits, then only starches like potatoes - i think they are worse than cooked meat. I decided to try fruits because i read about way diet and her claims that sugar moves intestines - but many people especially here in Europe have fructose malabsorption and eating fruits and some veggies is very bad idea - also honey.
Then i tried some raw fish called bacalhao - i think all raw fish is great but not easy to buy here - we have only frozen fish and when you defrost it nothing is left - 80% water and 20% meat. Yesterday i eat raw duck liver - it was disgusting but i eat it frozen - it was foye grass - so fatted liver from grain fed ducks - nothing to do with wild duck liver but this is what we have here.

In which country of Europe are you living?

In general, in most of the Europe you would be able to get the fresh lamb liver/heart/brain/organs. In my area, mostly Muslim Shops are selling fresh lamb meat and organs.

The quality differs. In summer, when lambs are out on the green fields, then the organs have good to acceptable quality. In winter months, quality is bad. Some times, quality also changes from one shop to another.
Nevertheless, despite inferior quality, one is able to eat them and they indeed helped me.

Later I found a source from a private shepherd in the nearby hilly area. Quality was much better there as compared to the Muslim shops, although he also fed them with grains in winter, but 100% grasses in summer.

I would start a video diary of some sorts about my raw paleo diet and how it combats my candida/depression. The thing is though that I don't feel like doing it because I am depressed. This sounds funny but is actually terrible. Imagine if I were to capture my transformation from depressed to happy and healthy on youtube while eating raw paleo. It would bring in lots of people because depression and candida are serious problems lots of people have.

Waiting for your first video.

You underestimate the sheer laziness of the human race.

100% true.

Previously, we have had all sorts of people, including myself, argue for books/videos galore on the subject of RVAF diets, but most people are just too lazy to do anything. The one time I did something, a collaborator chose to "reword" everything I said etc. What we really need is an excellent charismatic, seemingly normal,  author, on the level of a Dr Atkins or a Dr Mercola, who is extremely photogenic and charismatic, and who churns out books and videos by the score.

Once I hoped that Inger would do that task. She got the qualities. Although I don't know about her writing skills and she was not a doctor. But then Inger disappeared.

Also, internet forums in general have slowed down or disappeared completely every since 2004. Sensible people recognise that real life is more important.....

But I also doubt that one big reason was also the popularity of Facebook/Twitter which caused the closure of discussion forums.

Do we need a facebook account of raw paleo diet? Is it going to help new members to get in touch easily with us?

Up till now there 50% contributions by Tylor and 50% by rest of the members. I am following you since you were giving the answers of questions at another website. I started raw paleo due to you. And I hope many others like me also followed you from there.

To Senior Members:

It seems to me that our forum (rawpaleodietforum) is not so active as it was in the past.

I don't know what is the rate of new people turning to raw paleo as compared to the past.

When new visitor comes to our forum, then it is difficult for them to understand raw paleo. "Search" option is not optimal for the new comers as they don't know what they should search for. 

The best thing at moment is the informations to the newcomers section by Tylor (really helpful). But still it needs a lot more of material to become convince and to get the courage to go raw paleo.

Here came the detailed raw paleo book/wiki project, which was supposed to have enough informations to cover almost all the topics.

I don't know what happened to that project.

Any how, it seems to me that "Video" project may be easier than wiki/book project.

For example, Derek has 10 youtube Videos. They are excellent and I have seen them many times. But I know that Derek has written a lot more of informations in this forum in different threads, in different replies. 

So my question is, if it would be possible for the senior members here to make some kind of Video Project about raw paleo diet? Or at least an individual project would also be cool.

Therefore, my request is to make Videos ... videos about every thing from your life ... how you eat, what you eat, how you store meat, how you live, how you exercise ....  This is different than this forum where informations get lost among many many threads and replies.

General Discussion / Re: Do glands regenerate after abuse?
« on: April 24, 2018, 03:25:15 am »
In the 1970's I used to take dried raw glandulars, sometimes consuming an entire bottle of desiccated liver in just a few days. I am a big believer in raw glandular therapy but these days I can't afford to buy them in the quantities I want so I have been consuming raw glandular meat smoothies for the past several years. Liver, kidney, sweetbreads (thymus), tripe, heart and bull testicles. I've consumed them all in the past. I used to think that it was the bull testicles that were doing the most good and were the ones mostly responsible for raising my testosterone but recently I've been consuming liver and sweetbread smoothies only and they seem to be the ones that are doing the trick. I read that liver has the most vitamins and that the thymus is the gland that produces T cells. (I always thought it was the thyroid.) The thymus is the gland responsible for the immune system and is also believed to contribute to youth and vigor. (The thymus is largest during puberty and almost disapears when you reach the age of 50.)

I did 40 dips last week and 25 pullups the week before and the best part is I'm 60 years old and managed to get rid of my gray hair naturally. I don't know if it will cure your condition but am confident that it will definitely help and be the best thing you can do for yourself.

What I do is buy the meat in large quantities, take it home, slice it up thin and put it in plastic baggies in my freezer. Several times a day I take one out, whack it on the counter to break it up and dump it in my food processor to grind it up and slowly add water till it reaches the right smoothie consistency. I own a pretty good slicer so I can freeze the meat into blocks, take it out for an hour or two and slice it with my slicer while still slightly frozen. I don't bother with the liver anymore because they sell calves liver sliced and individually frozen already.

Would you be please kind enough to make Video of your organs/meat smoothies and how you slice the frozen meat etc.

General Discussion / Re: Raw Cod Liver? Has anyone tried it?
« on: March 12, 2018, 04:33:01 am »
canned food is high high heat processed,, bad for pufas.   Almost ate raw cod liver  in Norway, but the fisherman said it was riddled with nasties..

Isn't freezing Cod liver at -18 degree for 7 days kills all these nasty things?

General Discussion / Raw Cod Liver? Has anyone tried it?
« on: March 11, 2018, 11:04:47 pm »

I wonder if any one has tried raw cod liver?

How does it taste?

Did you feel any health benefits after eating it?

Lately I found canned rod liver in the market, but I am not found of canned foods. But I tried it and it tasted good. That is why I am wondering if any one has tried raw cod liver?

General Discussion / Re: Storing raw meat
« on: March 11, 2018, 02:44:19 am »
Hello everybody i've tried to eat some raw liver and regular meat for the past 3 month now, and i feel like it would be alot cheaper to buy parts of a let's say a cow and hang it in a fridge.
I've seen a guy called Derek on youtube put alot of meat into his fridge where he stores it with low humidity and tempeture.

My question is.... How do i control humidity and air flow within a fridge if it's not a specific (Dry aging fridge) because the one Derek used didn't really look like one of those (Dry aging fridge) so if anyone could help me here it would be super nice. Do i need a specific tool or anything or am i completely wrong and he uses a special fridge?

Thanks alot to anyone who can help!

Sneppen :)

In the meantime please see the old threads about storing meat, eg.

There are others too (here), who could guide you in this matter.

General Discussion / Is fish roe a super food (like organs)?
« on: February 09, 2018, 04:05:06 pm »
After a lot of search I find a source where I could buy a carton of 10 kg frozen Roe (Salmon) for 100 Dollars.

Before I make this investment, I want to know:

(1) Is fish roe a super food (like organs)? Or is it similar to  chicken egg?

(2) How does it taste?  How you eat it?  Do you add salt to it? How much fat does it have (nutrition value)?

I have long advocated consuming the entire animal, including the guts and glands entirely raw.

Is it the raw gut that you are talking about?

Moreover, may I ask you another question?

You said that lamb meat is not good enough while lamb has not forested long enough to have the proper nutrition.

What about the meat of old mother sheep (100% grass fed) who are already 7 years old?

General Discussion / Re: Raw mackerel, so good! All edible?
« on: January 20, 2018, 02:53:31 pm »
That is why I chose the intermediate, and I cook what I cannot eat! After all, our ancesters used fire for this purpose, and had no blender! I do a very long enough slow cooking with no boiling, to get stuff from bones and skin etc.

Did our ancestors use to do the slow cooking on fire?

Please elaborate further:

(1) How do you do the slow cooking of fish and meat, and which parts.

(2) Do you feel energy boost after eating the cooked meal?

General Discussion / Re: Raw mackerel, so good! All edible?
« on: January 05, 2018, 10:51:48 pm »
I agree, never did want to say while she was here, but eating drinking things that you don't like is a sure way to get stuck in your head and leave your instinct behind. And yes polyunsaturated fish oils, especially from whipping/blending air into it seems like a recipe for oxidized fats.  Fish and  Animals in the wild only eat fish immediately after being caught.

I have one suspicion.
I eat mackerel head too with eyes and brain and soft bones (without blending them). But I never get that "Energy Boost" which Inger always talk about.

Then I specifically asked Inger if she includes Fish GILLS in the smoothie or not. And she told me indeed she is blending fins and gills too.

I suspect that it is due to gills/fins that she is getting that energy boost.

I tried to eat the gills/fins without blending, but they are awful and I failed eating them.

Any how, indeed I get that energy boost from the mackerel liver (especially when I eat liver of 5-6 mackerel in one day).

General Discussion / Re: Coconut oil detox
« on: January 03, 2018, 05:56:39 am »
for how many days u did it?

Initially I was very sick and I was unable to take more than 3-4 Table spoons per day. The detox started after 2-3 days. It lasted for 6-7 days. I was not completely detoxed, but I was unable to do more at that time.

Even now I could not take more than 5-6 spoons, but now detox starts quickly within 1-2 days, even with this less amount of oil.

General Discussion / Re: Coconut oil detox
« on: January 02, 2018, 03:50:33 pm »
Thanks to goodsamaritan, the Coconut Oil helped me a lot when I was really sick.
I don't know about detoxification of whole body, but for sure digestive tract was cleaned completely.

General Discussion / Re: Raw mackerel, so good! All edible?
« on: January 02, 2018, 03:33:29 pm »
I got really fresh mackerel yesterday. I had bought 3 fish. I thought I was going to cook them very slowly and little, but decided to try it raw while I was cleaning them. It was so good that I ate all the fish! Then I put the others in a jar with orange and lemon. Actually I ate 3 fish in 1 day. But not all raw, I still have soup today. I make the soup to remove all from the bones.

Is it ok to eat raw fish with no lemon/acid? Is raw fatty fish ok? How long can you keep it without getting the harmful stuff in non fresh fish?

I have  question about cleaning the fish, and what has to be removed. I removed what looked like stomach. It was very different from and terrestral animal and was a bit lost in the anatomy... How can I get explanations? Thanks

We once had an active member here whose name was Inger. She ate a lot of mackerel and Herring.

Once Inger told , fatty fish is not suitable for making broths. I don't know the exact reasons for this, but I simply followed her advice.

Mackerel brain is also good. Skull bones are soft, so I chew the skull bone which contain the brain.

Inger was also the biggest fan of mackerel head smoothies and for her it is one of the top most Super Food. Here you could watch her making and drinking mackerel head smoothie.

Mackerel heart is very bitter, while liver is bitter too, but not so much. Any how, whenever I ate mackerel heart and liver together, then I had to vomit after couple of minutes to hours.

Then I tried only Mackerel liver. No vomit this time. Then I felt that Mackerel liver is much more powerful and healthier than ruminant's liver. Try it for yourself. May be for first few times it will be uncomfortable (detox effect?), but after that perhaps you too will find it healthier.


My 2 year old eats a little red meat and marrow as well as oysters and drinks eggs AV style, she is beautiful and thriving, my 8 month old is eating pea sized chunks of meat and fat along with my homemade formula and she is a complete butterball(they are the hardyest healthyest children I know, no exaggeration)

What is your homemade Formula for kids?

Greetings folks. A couple months back I posted on the forum that I was looking to have someone on my podcast, A Worldview Apart, to talk about raw food. Our own sabertooth (Derek Nance) stepped up, and a few weeks ago we had a great phone conversation. This became Episode 45: The Raw Paleo Diet, with Derek Nance. In addition to listening through this link, folks can also listen on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and other podcast apps that draw RSS streams from these aggregators.

As folks know, Derek has been featured in a number of media pieces, including articles by Vice and Men's Health, and in the docuseries Million Ways to Live. Let me know what you think of the episode, once you have a chance to listen.



A lot of thanks to you and to sabertooth.

Hot Topics / Re: tenderising meat with KOJI?
« on: November 01, 2017, 10:57:16 pm »
You must try the Holland's Matjes.
They are simply the best tasting raw food that I have found. Herring Fish is fermented in it's own enzymes from pancreas.

General Discussion / Re: Raw Dairy Nutrition
« on: October 20, 2017, 03:13:32 pm »
Thanks Tyler,

Is there any alternative to "hight Meat"? (e.g. Kefir? I know dairy is not optimal, but still, could Kefir help in this regard?)

Moreover, can high meat be made from wild frozen fish?

Welcome to the club bro.
More experienced Paleo Members could tell you better about your Stomach feeling, but I could only say about myself that digesting raw grass fed beef is the easiest thing on stomach (sometimes in the beginning, there may be some diarrhoea, but it is good while it is only the detoxification of stomach).

I cannot tolerate free range eggs (but there are many who could do it). For me, the eggs should be pastured ones.

After eating first time the raw meat, the next steps which helped me:

(1) Fats: The amount of fats in your trimming is not enough. You need much more fats on this diet. Grass fed Fats bring wonders. Back fat, suet, bone marrow, brain. Fats are absolutely necessary.

(2) Organ Meat: Also absolutely necessary are organ meats. Not so much, but still perhaps 25 gm per meal. Heart, liver, tongue, kidney (and later sweetbreads too)

(3) Dairy is not optimal. If any, then raw milk kefir (good for the beginners), raw milk butter (good), raw milk cheese.

For some people it didn't help, but for me (and many others) immense help came from the "activated Charcoal" in the beginning. Both inner and outer use. Activated Charcoal proved for me much much better than the healing clays.

General Discussion / Re: hanging meat in your fridge
« on: October 09, 2017, 12:32:50 am »
(1) Yes, but it will age quickly depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. Better with a fan in front.
(2) it varies according to the temperature, humidity and size of the chunks. In a fridge, 2-3 months. If the fridge is auto-defrosting, it generally needs a fan. If it is an old fridge with manual defrosting, the meat will become dry quickly and too hard to chew after some weeks, depending of the size of the chunks.


(3) When hung like this it is always aired!
;D  My bad. I wanted to ask  how often we have to use the "FAN" in order to air them? I hope we don't have to keep the fan on for 24 hours a day.

Your provided informations are very important on this issue.

I wished the project of "Raw Paleo Book" would have been completed with informations like this.

General Discussion / Re: hanging meat in your fridge
« on: October 08, 2017, 03:10:22 am »
Here are some pictures I already posted somewhere else. Excellent suggestion, we can make a sticky topic or even a dedicated section latter, if others mods agree and when one is willing to take the time to do so !

(1) Is it enough to preserve the meat in such Pantry (without the Fridge)?
(2) For how many weeks/months could be meat hanged in this way?
(3) How often does we have to air, and for how long?

I am planning to have this thing in my kitchen.

It costs  10 bugs from ebay.

I wished mods would have made a separate section for storing meats, as suggested here.

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