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Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Raw meat doku
« on: February 13, 2020, 12:53:54 am »
Try this link, Galileo blocked the video because thy put up the original version :)

There was over 4000 comments and most of them were bashing me(I do not care-in fact it made me laugh so hard many were so comical lol) but some were kind and real, with questions. I answered them and there was some meaningful conversion emerging, but today Galileo have blocked the comment section? Very weird. I do not understand why.
I tried to explain the truth about my diet and their questions for the people that were genuinely interested. Maybe they did not like that? Or they was afraid all the bashing would hurt me?


All videos from you are beautiful and there is lot to learn from them and to get inspired. I wish you make tons of more videos. All things about your life style are interesting. Your house, your sleeping system, your shopping system, your eating system .... all is interesting.

I am really upset that they blocked the comments. It is sad that even in the most civilised society of the world, still people are not ready to give basic human rights to the others.


Do you believe that raw paleo diet expanding in the world?

I don't see many new members joining this forum any more.

And good luck with your Book. I have been waiting eagerly for it now since ages. Could you give us some hints about it, otherwise in my wild imagination i see a fat encyclopedia with thousands of pages which took ages to come to the market .


Here is the Pro7 Video of Derek in German:

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Raw meat doku
« on: February 12, 2020, 11:58:29 pm »


Video is unavailable, and I am getting this message:

Video unavailable
This video contains content from Studio71_1_1, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Raw meat doku
« on: February 12, 2020, 11:56:28 pm »

Welcome back Inger.

Hopefully you stay longer here, as you were really missed.

Actually, almost all Gurus are posting less and less here, which makes me sad. You people are inspiration for us, and we need you all little bit active here when possible.

Now I have to watch your Video. Tchüß.

General Discussion / Re: your strongest health side
« on: October 05, 2019, 09:34:15 am »
@thehadezb. I would recommend eating organic cranberries and blackcurrant. Plus nuts such as walnuts. Cranberries have many benefits, super low ph, very low sugar, high in iodine (for thyroid), help against parasites and much more. Walnuts are the most acidic nuts that I know of. If you don´t break down your food constipation can occcur easily, especially if you eat foods that are acidic and alkaline together since that messes up stomach acid, which is an issue if you have weak one. Or if you don´t produce enough bile (to break down your fats), which acts as a lubricant.

Blackcurrant or Yellow Bell pepper have a high Vitamin C count. There are others which are even higher. Liver is good too. Vitamin C can increase intestinal motility and increases WBC, which kills pathogens and parasites that can cause constipation. It is super important for immunity. You can also try Vitamin C liposomal instead of eating carbs. Sometimes eating more fat is not the answer. You need to look at other factors too. I solved my year long constipation issues by adding acidic nuts, berries, stopped dairy due to estrogen which inhibits proper function of gallbladder (for bile) and now again, anti-parasitic foods such as onion, pumpkin oil and pumpkin, cayenne pepper, ACV, oregano oil, but also black tea helps. There are so many things against parasites. Basically going low carb/keto and anti parasitic foods was key, adding fats did not matter that much. And I eat cooked foods btw. I also drink lots of distilled water, helps a lot against constipation. Almost solved my year long health problems. Energy finally went up. But one thing I learned through these years, eliminating pathogens/parasites/candida or fungal overgrowth is the key for good health. Parasites are not necessarily a bad thing, since some of them consume waste matter, but there are the ones that can make your health go downhill fast and it´s hard to recover from them once they got out of hand and keep on reproducing.

I see the image of my disease in your suggestions.
I have been suffering from gout problem, and thus my raw paleo has very little meat, and almost no organs. It consists of mainly vegetables.
It seems that I have severe constipation and I have got hanging belly due to the old stuff in my stomach.
I think I have a deficiency of Vitamin C. I cannot consume lemon or vinegar or soy sauce or vitamin C in any form while then I get a lot of pain in my lower back.  Pain is so severe that I had to stay in bed for days. That's why stopped consuming Vitamin C for the last many years, which probably finally resulted in gout problem.

I want to know more about your anti pathogens/parasites/candida diet. Do you have any more suggestions/information about it?

Err, vegans are also against dairy as they view milking as animal abuse. Technically it is, as cows were dysgenically bred to have overly-huge udders to produce milk, unlike what would have happened in the wild. Also Sverige may have made the right decision in avoiding court as that implies that he does not accept the court's justice or judgement. Also that Sverige might find that playing the victim makes for greater propaganda in this day and age of the snowflake.

More extreme these vegans go (i.e. also no dairy) more support will they loose among the masses.

Even in India, despite the huge religion following, still there is only a tiny portion of vegans who avoid dairy products. 

Masses are actually attracted to the half vegans who use the dairy. They are ready for only so much compromise where dairy takes the place of meat.

The problem is that the vegans are also trying to force their way of life on others on a legal front. There is Paul McCartney and his "Meatless Mondays" campaign which is claimed to be environmentally-friendly and where the idea is that school canteens and government canteens should all have no animal food available on Mondays. In fact, of course, modern agriculture as regards plants is in many ways as or more environmentally-damaging as raising animals.

Actually, it should not only be the concern of raw meat eaters, but the Meat Industry should fight against the vegans on a legal front, along with the cooked meat eaters.

Anyhow, I think that Meat Industry does not have such strong arguments against the Vegans and therefore meat industry would not be able to convince the masses against the vegans.

Only Raw Meat Eaters have more convincing arguments than the vegans. Thus only raw meat eaters could win the legal battle or mass convincing battle against vegans.

Moreover, I doubt that Sverige fought this case properly. He was absent from the court personally.

The only heavy argument from vegans was this that child was shocked to see people eating squirrel.

Counter argument is:

* Children also get shocked when one animal attacks another and kill it.
Therefore, children could not be banned from watching one animal killing the other, but children are taught to understand the nature in order to come out of this shock.

* Children also get shocked when they see any deer (or any animal) is shot by the hunter. Then should we also ban hunting?

* Children also get shocked when they see animals are slaughtered in the slaughter houses. So, should we also ban all the slaughter houses while they could shock the children?
No, but children are taught that many people consider meat as natural diet for humans and thus they have the RIGHT to slaughter animals for their consumption.

In the same way, if any child shocked to see people eating raw meat on the street, then children should be taught that it is their food and they have the right to eat it while they consider it natural diet for them.

Western Vegans VS Indian Vegans:

It seems that most of the western vegans are only against getting beefs from the cows. But they have no problem in getting MILK from them.

It is same with the Indian vegans.

It results in millions of stray cows on the streets of India, which are old enough to not give milk, but could also not be slaughtered due to the religion.

In West too, if old milk cows are not slaughtered, then there will be millions of old cows and no one would want to feed them as they would be useless.

But if vegans are ok with the slaughter of old milk cows, then they should also have no problem with the slaughter of cows for beef.


The direct approach that he tried doesn't always work, as this proves.  Rocks are worn down by water.  Be like water.  You have to approach things indirectly, deviously.

OK. I agree with you. My personal approach would also be to avoid the direct confrontation and be like water.

I think that our own raw meat markets, and inviting people to visit us for different raw meat dishes from all over the world could be a very successful idea.

Nevertheless, what happened in the UK court, that is bad for the freedom. It will make vegans extra hostile and aggressive against any raw meat eater.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Amorites ate raw meat
« on: July 24, 2019, 01:06:14 am »
"The MAR.TU who know no grain.... The MAR.TU who know no house nor town, the boors of the mountains.... The MAR.TU who digs up truffles... who does not bend his knees (to cultivate the land), who eats raw meat, who has no house during his lifetime, who is not buried after death[.]"

Any proof?

Are they going to high court against this decision?

I think it is important to go to the higher court, otherwise this decision could bring a lot of difficulties to the meat eaters.

Every one of us has to face a situation when one has to take one's food outside in the city, in the parks etc. I am afraid that due to this decision, now people could sue us for eating raw liver in the park.

This madness should be brought to an end in the higher court.

Icelandic Kelp. Oh man what a difference! I hardly need any sleep. My teeth feel really clean and 100 percent of my back pain is gone. I feel like a teenager! Kelp must be what I've been missing.

I'm sure it has to be Icelandic kelp though as several years back I got some from Japan. It was giving me flu like symptoms and when I tested it with my Geiger counter it was well over double background radiation. The difference between Japanese and Icelandic kelp is like night and day!

How much Kelp powder are you consuming per day?
Do you take it with meat, or separately?

Off Topic / Can Raw Paleo help in overcoming Drinking Addiction?
« on: January 31, 2019, 04:24:57 am »
How to overcome this addiction?

Asking this question for a group of my facebook friends who seem to be addicted now. All of them are in UK. And they showed their willingness to get rid of it. They tried different thing, but failed.

Off course none of them know about Raw Paleo. But I was wondering if raw paleo could give extra strength to overcome this problem?

Any other non raw paleo suggestion is also welcome.

Mark Wiens is No. 1 food tourist on Youtube, and has been followed by
3.5 million people. He ate all type of dishes all over the world,
including raw meat dishes too, and he hold very high opinion about raw
meat dishes in Ethiopia and Thailand and other parts of the world.

Here are some samples of Amazing Amazing simply Amazing raw meat dishes.

Raw Meat and Organs eating in Ethiopia:

tere siga - raw meat in Ethopia:

Raw Beef in Thailand (Larb):

Raw Buffalo meat with lot of Bile in Laos:

Ethiopian Kitfo - Best RAW BEEF Ethiopian Food!


There are many more such mouth watering raw dishes, especially Raw
Fish on his channel.


I believe this is one of the best way of presenting the culture of raw
meat to the world.
Perhaps someone good with video editing could collect all these raw
meat eating scenes from his different videos and combine them in one
single video.

I am not able to get the wild liver/heart, but lungs of deer are offered to me.

So my question is, if lungs are equally healthy and is it worth to buy them?

Hot Topics / Re: The least toxic (cooked) junk food.
« on: November 18, 2018, 12:38:30 am »
How good/bad are the cooked chickpeas? I don't eat it, but it is favourite food of my family. So, I have to know about it.

Hot Topics / Re: The least toxic (cooked) junk food.
« on: October 08, 2018, 02:29:48 am »
When I want to eat junk food lately I have a bowl of pinto beans. They may not be junk food; but  they seem to satisfy my cravings and are still a fairly clean food. I find that if I cook them for 3 or 4 hours they don't give me gas. I usually spice them up and pour coconut oil over them.

Are cooked Beans health wise better than cooked meat? While I cheat my raw paleo diet with cooked meat mostly.

Hot Topics / Re: The least toxic (cooked) junk food.
« on: October 08, 2018, 02:28:15 am »
Thank you people about the tips regarding chestnuts and beans.

What could be the Bread/Rice alternative?

Is there any type of rice which are healthy and not so much harming (like the one used in making Rice Cakes)?

Hot Topics / Re: The least toxic (cooked) junk food.
« on: October 07, 2018, 10:58:41 am »
(1) Should it be a cake, or simply "boiled Rice" are also the least toxic food?

(2) And should it be the Japanese  glutinous rice, or could it be any white rice like Basmati?

Or in simple words, what should I cook for my family who don't follow the raw paleo diet?

Palm lines are pseudoscience and more likely only a coincidence from having longer lines due to being more limber and folding your hands more from using them. My mentally ill next door neighbor boasts of having long lifelines but he also believes he is a super genius and talks directly to Donald Trump, giving him advise when it's only someone using it as a screen name. I've considered using the name myself and pranking him for a laugh but I'm not that kind of guy...

I also don't believe in Spiritual people telling about the FUTURE through palmistry.

But I am of FIRM opinion that one could still find a lot of things while observing the palm.

It is just like one could look at the healthy hairs or healthy skin or healthy smile  and can tell this person is healthy, similarly,  one could tell a lot of thing using the palm.

Same thing is about the tongue. Chinese ancient doctors are able to see lot of symptoms through the shape and colour of the tongue.

Off Topic / Palmistry: Changing of your palm lines due to Raw Paleo diet?
« on: September 28, 2018, 06:22:16 pm »
Have you noticed any change in your palm lines due to Raw Paleo diet?

I am not talking only about health line, but in General about whole changes in Palm lines and Palm structure.

General Discussion / Re: Spotting Good Quality Liver
« on: September 20, 2018, 03:02:09 am »
I get the frozen wild deer liver.
It has a lot of blood.
And it's taste is so much strong that I am unable to eat it.

Do you prefer grass fed liver or the wild liver taste wise?

... After exhausting the older animals from this farm, I have four young rams left to go

How old were those animals?

I can get 6 to 7 years old mother sheep (grass fed) very cheap. But their meat seems to be tougher. Is it ok?

Hot Topics / Re: Sweating: Why and how to control excess sweating?
« on: July 31, 2018, 03:02:47 am »
In my case, this problem of sweating goes long long back when I ate SAD. 
At moment I am eating no high meat, but still sweating.

I am sometimes washing it and some times not (while I am confused right from the beginning if I have to do it or not  :) )

OK, I wash meat pieces, but if it is ground meat, then I eat it without washing.

And I have also never tried washing Suet  :)

Chicken I don't eat.

So, do you wash your meat or not?

Hot Topics / Sweating: Why and how to control excess sweating?
« on: July 31, 2018, 01:57:37 am »
Problem is of Summer and Sweating

Why is it?

I drink 2-3 litres of water in summer, but somehow release 4-5 litre of water through sweating  :)

Any help?

General Discussion / Re: Bananas
« on: June 30, 2018, 11:31:06 am »
Oh no, not when they are really ripe and overripe. Ripe when their skin starts to have black spot, and overripe when it gets completely black and soft all over. One of the most delicious and nourishing fruit!

Iguana, are the plantains in the markets of Europe are of good enough quality to be eaten?

How long do they take to be ripen or over ripen? And do they go bad during this process and should be thrown away?

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