Author Topic: Aajonus Vonderplanitz interview on One Radio Network with host Patrick Timpone?  (Read 40707 times)

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   Did you know many domestic animals will happily and healthily eat meat?
    Hamsters are calmer and more aware if permitted to regularly hunt.  They are not from an environment rich in alfalfa or lettuce.  They are naturally nocturnal underground desert hunters.  They may be able to live well on grass, but they get stronger and live even longer on raw or live insects.
Thanks for the vid. My favorite part was when the father said: "He's savoring it" and one of the girls said: "Finger lickin' good!" as the hamster licked his fingers. It was also cute the way the hamster sniffed around vigorously after he finished as if he was thinking, "More! More! I want more! Yum! Yum! Much better than the usual kibble crap those damn humans give me!"
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Thanks for the vid. .. Yum! Much better than the usual kibble crap those damn humans give me!"

   LOL y/w.  Thank you for viewing it.  Poor things usually have to live on dried fluff instead of food with us. 

    I showed this to vegheads, they like the vid too.
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