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chiriquí province, panama

there's a lot of free range chickens, pastured beef and dairy in the upper regions of chiriquí province. the chickens usually get a bit of local corn in the evening to remind them where home is.

the dairy cows might get some grain once a day at milking time, i dunno.

for the milk,  u'd have to make arraignments with a farmer before the milk gets picked up by the milk processing plant truck. 

most towns have fresh fish shops and fresh fish and vegetable venders ply the roads daily in small trucks.

there's local beef organ meats in supermarkets. (i recall heart, liver, tongue, testicles)

i'd assume horsemeat is available because most everyone in the county side ride horses, kids ride horses to school.

there's a lot of herbicide sprayed in chiriquí...

Welcoming Committee / new member from the philippines
« on: May 10, 2019, 06:51:08 am »
hi everyone
i've been reading the forum for a couple of months and feel i should introduce myself.
i used to read the rawpaleodiet yahoo group but i didn't follow the group to this site cuz i haven't had decent internet access until recently.

i started my raw journey in 1979; the wigmore, kulvinskas, walker days. i was a newbie vegetarian at the time and i started off the adventure doing a 9 day cooked juice fast and (oppss) i found myself down to 115# (i'm 5'10'') and feeble; i needed help to get up off the floor, that's when i started my raw journey and i was back on my feet running a chainsaw in less than a month.

i'm 77yo now, no aces or pains, still climbing trees and enjoying life in the tropics.  i'd say ''raw works.''

i've been all or mostly raw throughout the journey; no sicknesses other than head colds, etc.  i haven't been to a doctor since age 26, except for a motorcycle accident 13 years ago, and dentists and an eye doctor but i've recently started having a bloated belly which prompted me to start a paleo journey to see if the bloating decreased. 

a couple of months ago, i slowly started eating more raw flesh/fats and less plants/fruit with only a few minor discomforts while my system adjusted to the new regime and i'm happy to report that the bloating is minimal to none now.  i'm amazed at how little i can eat and have the same or more energy than i was experiencing on a high raw fruit/veggie diet.

i'm currently living in the filipines and have good access to local no-spray veggies and fruits, filipino style grass-fed meats and fresh wild caught sea foods.

many thanks to all members for posting their journals and trails and errors on the forum; it's very inspiring. 

looking forward to a raw paleo adventure...

ps... i wrote the above more than a month ago so i need to update; maybe start a journal.

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