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General Discussion / Re: RPD Facebook Group
« on: August 18, 2020, 10:05:26 am »

One of the main reason seems to be this that there is no BOOK available on raw paleo diet. And no Doctor/Guru is working with people on this diet directly.

not pure RPD but how about:
The Carnivore Code

a review by Dr Mercola

One of the main reason seems to be this that there is no BOOK available on raw paleo diet. And no Doctor/Guru is working with people on this diet directly.

i'm not a fb person but i get sent there on occasion and i don't understand what is so attractive about the site's formatting/interface that anyone would abandon a site like this.

Primal Diet / Re: Raw meat odor.
« on: August 03, 2020, 11:23:34 am »
well..... u could eat it (joke).

assuming you're asking about fresh beef heart sitting on the counter;  i eat several beef hearts a month and i've never noticed a (get rid of) smell.  i air dried some in the fridge for ~3 months and the smell got a bit more meaty but not all all offensive. 

i get freshly slaughtered beef stuff from the local abattoir and the fat sometimes has a strong smell, which i don't find pleasant, but the fat is a mix of some (fat) items other than the firm white fat from the muscles; i'll check them for off smells next time i order.

to learn more about temperatures, do an internet search for ageing beef.

i don't have a dedicated fridge to hang meat like some other members (envy, envy) but i slice beef muscle and heart and air dry it on racks in the bottom drawer of the fridge (36f); makes for tasty snacks!!!  doesn't last long tho bcuz i can't not eat it.

freezer burn:
i've stored various foods in the freezer for more than a year and not had freezer burn issues.  i double bag items in poly produce bags and insert that in a 'freezer' zip lock bag, making sure to squeeze out all the air i can before i close the zip lock..

General Discussion / Re: Mincing meat SAFELY
« on: July 23, 2020, 06:58:32 pm »
Well, it makes sense that the metallic parts through which the meat goes through will contaminate it with tiny amounts of metals. Aajonus also said that metallic mincers will contaminate it.

Regarding knife, it is metals, and it is difficult to process lamb breast, which are extremely high in fat.

i do some mincing on an inexpensive home machine.
- are you asking about commercial or home mincing machines?
- what kind of contamination are you referring to, metal leaching from the mincing machine, metal particles or ???

chilling fat and muscle to near freezing will make mincing easier but the fat still builds up inside the machine.

General Discussion / Re: Fasting
« on: July 13, 2020, 12:19:09 pm »
Distilled is more like rain water so,to me,it seems more "natural".

the drinking quality of rain water has a lot to do with what's happening upwind from you.  i caught rainwater in a rainy area of panamá in the rainy season (~20ft annualy) and learned a lot.  i'm in the filipines now, the land of 3 stone fires, and i've found it pretty hard to get drinking quality rain water but again... it depends on what's upwind of you.

- it takes a few daily strong rains to get rid of the smoke flavor.
- you could do a sediment test.
- you could also filter the rain water.

Do you add anything to distilled water?

there appears to be pros and cons to drinking distilled water but, fwiw, the RBTI folks drink distilled water with lemon juice.

Why does human hair seem to grow forever? Head, beard.

i'm caucasian, european decent, with male pattern baldness living in the filipines.  i haven't shaved or cut my head hair in more than 50 years.  the end of my ponytail is 10'' from my scalp.  i never let my beard grow than 2 or 3'' from my chin becuz it gets in the way.

i occasionally see a filipino (male) with a beard and or long head hair, even dreadlocks, but that's not the custom here so it's hard to know how long their head hairs will grow.

it's not uncommon to see a filipina (female) with waist length hair and i occasionally see a filipina with knee length hair

Primal Diet / Re: Help, trying to transfer to this new diet!
« on: April 07, 2020, 11:48:46 am »
i'm relatively new to RPD so hopefully some of the more experienced members will chime in tho everything you need to know is in the archives.  consider starting in the Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet section: 

for starters, i'd suggest dumping the grains and trying cooked starchy veggies (squash, sweet potato, etc) and then slowly reduce the starches and increase the animal foods cooked or preferably raw.

eat the raw foods 1st in the day, cooked scratches later.

increase your animal fat intake; how much depends on the individual.  this 47year young woman is running on a two fat to one protein ratio.  watch some of her vids around one year back.

many on the group found they needed to eat more fat. i'm currently trying a mince of:
2k   beef round
2k    fat   
550g    liver
2pcs   kidney
2pcs    heart
1pcs    brain

hang in there...  you're fortunate you've discovered RPD at 23, you'll do great!

The Windermere Children (2020)

~1:01;   Holocaust survivors mention of eating corpses to stay alive.

Alive (1993)

16 out of 49 people survived a plane crash in the Andes mountains, for more than 2 months, by eating the flesh of frozen dead crash victims for food.  you have to wonder about zero carb/keto adaptation.

~1:02 (day 10) start cutting into frozen dead crash victims.


Caesar (2002)

~1:27  ''we do what our ancestors did, we eat the elderly and the infirm to keep ourselves alive.''

hey GS... sorry to say; it looks like 5G is soon to be in your neighborhood..

UnionBank heads to the streets with 5G-enabled 'Bank on Wheels'

i thaw frozen meat by putting the pkg on a plate on the top shelf of the fridge, leaving it there long enough to make it easy to remove the bag, then i leave it on the top shelf until thawed to regain some of the energy it took to freeze it (it helps to cool the fridge).

as for storing it, i treat it as one would if aging meat, just leave it in the fridge uncovered.
here's a previous thread on storing meat:

General Discussion / Re: Iron overload on raw meat diet
« on: February 18, 2020, 06:48:30 pm »
All very fascinating. I eat a very diverse diet, not just animal-derived foods, so have never seen any symptoms of iron overload (or deficiency).

by the looks of our teeth, i reckon that humans are designed to eat a variety of foods RAW.

nice to have some more of the group pioneers posting; i often wonder what happened to all the members that were so active around 2009/2013. 

General Discussion / Re: Thermic efefcts of food
« on: February 09, 2020, 05:24:49 pm »
this topic came up in October, 2019:

''What is your opinion on cold/heat exposure?''

i think i've finally adapted to raf in the tropics; i will know more this summer, march thru may, here.

General Discussion / Re: Convert Freezer to Meat Locker Like Derek
« on: January 30, 2020, 09:57:38 am »
here's another raw meat storing option for members that don't have room for a Derek style freezer.
i air dried a beef heart about 3 months ago and put the dried meat in a loosely closed poly bag, the kind that's used for veggies in the stores. i put the bag in the bottom drawer of my fridge and forgot about it until reading this thread today; the meat is in the same state of dryness as it was when i put it in the fridge; still a little flexible. i can't bite through it but i cut a piece off and it softens up quickly in the mouth, chews nicely and tastes about the same as before i stored it. (good stuff!!!)

the fresh raw heart was sliced into strips approx 5/10 mm thick x 20mm wide and air dried on wire racks outside in the sun. the racks were covered with a layer of sheer fabric to keep the flies off and the racks were placed on a table, the legs of which, were placed in plant trays of water to keep the ants away.  i brought the racks into the house at nite. the dried heart was stored in the fridge when it was still a little flexible.  the drying process only took a few 27?c/80?f sunny days.

the meat strips will stick to the racks for the 1st few days so i turn them over daily to keep them from ''permanently'' sticking to the racks.  it also helps to put the racks on cookie trays to catch the drips.

i've also air dried beef muscle, heart and liver, on kitchen racks, in the bottom drawer of the fridge; takes about a week.  the fridge is a frost free type and the bottom drawer is about 5?c/40?f

for anyone new to drying food, i've found that foods dry from the outside in, so before i store a newly dried food, i put the food in a closed container/bag overnite and check it the next day.  this gives the moisture content a chance to average out.  thicker/wetter foods, like fruits, might need to be checked for dryness several times before storing.

Health / Re: Just one more thing to be completely healed
« on: January 25, 2020, 12:16:06 pm »
hey norawnofun...
tnx for sharing, hope u find the solution to your ills soon.   

what country and or latitude are you currently at?

For starters sorry if these type of questions are repeated, but I gotta ask.

for starters; tell the forum where you're coming from and where you're at now diet wise. also, if you have any health issues.

searching the website for ''new to raw'' will bring up some reading.
result number 2, by tyler should should get you off to a good start:

Primal Diet / Re: AVs theory on Apple Cider VInegar
« on: January 13, 2020, 09:33:52 am »
As long as you were eating a decent amount of meat, I doubt your bones were worse than average, or if they were, I highly doubt that your diet during those 20 years was the cause. If if understood what you described correctly, the average diet is much worse than that.

from what i've been reading in the archives on this forum, i think my previous diet was at fault; i was only eating about 100g of cooked meat a week.  raw, i was eating a beef heart (~800g) and 200g of fish a month.  the rest was fruit and salad.

I'd put more weight on the doctor just trying to convince you to buy the calcium supplements. They get paid for that.

i agree with you, i was a foreigner in a developing nation and seen as rich by the locals. at 1st, i was taken to a public hospital and after seeing the hospital situation (jamb packed/bed to bed in dormitory type spaces and hallways) and being told they couldn't set my leg for a week, i inquired about transferring to the private hospital. the dr who eventually set my leg, overhead  me and i found myself in the private hospital and on the operating table a few hours later for 10 times the cost of the public hospital.  i also noticed a new car parked in his reserved parking spot on my next checkup.

And then when the calcium supplements don't work and you break another bone or have another problem as a side-effect, it's more opportunities for them to make $.

agreed again; ''stringing u along'' but i was a fish out of water and very happy to know that i would walk again.

Btw, the average 90 year old can't ride a motorcycle at all.

maybe where you live but it's not uncommon in the filipines.

It's true that part of this is due to lack of muscle mass, poor eyesight, hearing and reaction times, and arthritis, but a big part is also because their bones would break at the slighest trouble.

i had none of the above and i passed for 50yo. and worked a cattle farm.

The fact that you had to have a considerable accident for anything to go wrong makes me doubt the doctor's claims even more.

actually, i was only going about 15kph and i rolled over a large dog who suddenly changed his direction.

to sum it up; i appreciate your input but i do believe my bones were old as the bone density scan said but...

Health / Re: Receeding gum line problem (help wanted)
« on: January 12, 2020, 11:22:20 am »
Avocados does not tree-ripen. They need to be picked to start ripening.

maybe u've never had the pleasure of being under an avo tree but i find the avo's on the ground (tree drops), warmed by the sun, to be the tastiest..

Primal Diet / Re: AVs theory on Apple Cider VInegar
« on: January 10, 2020, 06:05:55 am »
It's certainly the case that vegans who eat tons of fruit end up with rotten teeth and frail bone structures.

i had a motorcycle accident around age 65 which completely broke my tibia, fibula and immobilized the ankle in one leg.

i'd been on a high fruit and green veggie salad, with a taste of cooked meat, diet for about 20 years.  i had a bone scan done after the doc put my leg back together and the doc took me aside and sternly said i had the bones of a 90yo man and sold me some calcium supplements.

Hot Topics / Re: Vegans: The Epitome of Malnourishment 6
« on: December 31, 2019, 05:06:43 pm »
It has been re-uploaded by someone else here, if you want to watch it:

tnx for the repost of the video url; mind blowing!  looks like Sv3rige lifted the before/after clips from other youtube channels, is that legal?

just in case it gets taken down again; i tried to download the video for future show and tell using '4k video downloader' but only got error messages

General Discussion / Re: Your experience with ACV and kelp(seaweed)
« on: December 25, 2019, 03:56:32 pm »
Your opinion and experience?

i'm not sure what you're looking for but i harvested about 10 types of seaweed in Puget Sound, USA and all tasted great fresh or dried; i never rinsed them.  one, iridea, tastes like raw beef to me. 

i'm currently in the filipines and the local wet market has several seaweeds; one called lato or tiny bubbles by the locals is delicious;  the flavor and texture reminds me of fucus.

Caulerpa lentillifera


Fucus vesiculosus   
bull kelp; (my namesake)
Nereocystis  leutkeana

i haven't harvested in puget Sound for about 20 years but i can suggest harvest dates if anyone is interested in gathering seaweeds there.

The Old Man and the Sea (1958 film)

39 minutes:  the old man takes a bite of bonita
48 minutes:  the old man eats some dolphin fish commenting; ''what an excellent fish dolphin is, to eat cooked, and what a miserable fish raw.''

personally, the tastiest unseasoned fish, raw or cooked, i remember eating was a freshly speared, raw, red snapper on the coast of the Burica Peninsula, Pamamá.  i also liked the corvina, raw.

General Discussion / Re: Himalayan Salt
« on: December 19, 2019, 07:35:59 pm »
i was surprised there is no listing on

''Himalayan salt is nutritionally similar to common table salt, though it lacks the beneficial iodine added to commercial iodised table salt.''

hummmm;  ''lacks the beneficial iodine added to commercial iodised table salt.''  that would make me think that there is an insignificant amount of iodine in himalayan salt but...

Hot Topics / ''The Game Changers''
« on: November 22, 2019, 07:06:21 am »
The Game Changers is a 2018 documentary film about the benefits of plant-based eating for athletes. It covers multiple success stories of plant-based athletes, references scientific studies, and touches on other arguments for plant-based diets that extend to non-athletes.
note the section starting at 43:24 minutes claiming "early humans ate mostly plants'' followed by
''human ancestors were nearly all vegetarians"

 available on youtube, netflix and 

General Discussion / Re: Raw meat diet article in the Daily Mail
« on: November 14, 2019, 04:52:17 pm »
I've seen them before somewhere. The working out they do is so terrible for females.. Women ideally have a nice layer of fat. They train all of their fat away and it looks terrible.. Even though they eat raw, their faces look thin and fragile.

here's a link to the filipines raw primal poster girl, 46yo and looking good... 

General Discussion / Re: Bone density, liver and kidney health
« on: November 11, 2019, 11:11:36 am »
i've been reading the archives for about a year and notice mostly positive posts about bone density, finger nails and teeth.

here's the results of a bone density search in lex's journal:

i thot i was getting stiff after cutting back on my green food and fruit intake and increasing my RAF intake but i wasn't very physically active during that period so i'm not  sure if it was food or inactivity related.  and i'm really not eating all that much RAF; 3 eggs, 35g suet and a mix of ~150g; 3 parts beef, 3 pts suet, 2pts heart and 2pt kidney and liver per day.

i did notice that my finger nail growth slowed down and muscle cramps increased.  i increased salt and the cramps lessened but then my feet swelled so i reduced salt and the swelling reduced but i still get an occasional cramp; seems there's a fine line between too little and too much salt for me.

i was working in the garden this am and the ends of my finger nails rolled under so it looks like i need to make some changes in diet.

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