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Instincto / Anopsology / Instincto starvation
« on: November 07, 2012, 07:45:04 am »
I have began to wonder if it would be a good idea to reasonably starve myself so that I start to enjoy certain foods more. I have heard that if you starve you will begin to really enjoy basically any food, and eat what is given to you. I have never even fasted for more than a day, and even then I haven't done it more than a few times.

I am tending to feel  -v if I eat more than a little bit of certain foods, though I feel I would be healthier eating more of them (organ meats, fish, etc)... Now you can't tell me that I should eat what is purely instinctual, because I don't think I have the right instincts. If I limit myself to raw foods and listened to my body I would most certainly lose a lot of muscle weight, and eventually enter into starvation anyway...

Even normal raw foods like muscle meat and raw fruit/veggies become bland after only a short while... it is like I have an over-active 'stop'...

It feels like the time when I was trying to gain weight when bodybuilding, and I would force feed myself to keep the calories up. Except now that I am raw I am tending to have to force feed myself just to maintain a normal weight (65kg at 5'9").

Maybe I need to change my eating pattern? Am I eating the wrong foods for me?

General Discussion / How to eat sweetbreads
« on: October 29, 2012, 02:45:49 pm »
Hi bought some sweetbreads and they have a tough wrap around them, not sure how I should be eating them raw... Any ideas?

Health / Adult onset Asthma :(
« on: October 29, 2012, 01:06:46 am »
I have been developing asthma over the last few years, since I stopped running lots as a teenager. It has been getting worse these last two years and it is really noticeable now that I am running again.

Today I just did 20 minutes barefoot running and it sounds like my lower throat/chest is rasping. My sinuses also get very runny when I run...

Now, I am sure I will hear a lot of you mention dairy... yes I do drink a lot of dairy, when I was running lots as a teen I would drink 1-2 litres of homogenized pasteurized milk a day which might have been a grave mistake! Now I am only having milk sparingly, and when I do it is fermented into kefir.

Any other ideas? What to eat more of, what to eat less of? Any good therapies for sinus/asthma? I could get my estrogen checked? I don't smoke anything ever.


General Discussion / Raw Coco and Raw Coffee Beans?
« on: September 29, 2012, 03:39:00 pm »
I am wondering if either are raw paleo foods? Can you be eating raw cocoa and raw coffee beans? I think I heard raw cocoa is good, but raw coffee beans are indigestible and that's why they ferment them... If that's the case, is coffee in the same boat as 'raw fermented' olives, where you can eat 'raw fermented' coffee beans? How do olives and coffee compare? I do not plan to drink coffee as that is cooked bean juice.

General Discussion / Breeding rats (or guinea pigs) to eat
« on: September 26, 2012, 11:22:58 am »
Next time I see a bite sized rodent running around the farm here I will woof it and see how that goes.

Do you think it would be a worthwhile idea to breed mice or rats for food, in your own rat-farm? How much would it cost to feed them to full size, and compare that to the cost of grass-fed beef? They are meant to be fast breeders, so perhaps they are a better option for breeding for food than cows? I will have to look into this. But maybe if mice were a staple you would get digestive problems from eating too much bone regularly and not enough fat (an other parts like meat and organ)?

"The gestation period is only 21 days and litters can number up to fourteen, although seven is common. " - you could, perhaps have 3 rat mothers breeding at a time, for, on average a rat to eat each day, and as they grow to the right size you could put them in the fridge to die, then dry age them in the fridge for a fortnight before eating them.

To be honest eating rats whole would be gross, not sure if I could do it :p I get too attached to little pets.

Either way, what would be a good raw 'wild' diet to feed rats?

General Discussion / Eating fruit seeds and pips good for you
« on: September 24, 2012, 02:14:51 pm »
Of course there are some seeds to avoid such as the apricot and the bitter almond, but generally smaller safer seeds are good for cleansing your gut.

There is the myth that seeds can get caught in your gut and cause diverticulitis, but the research says that is not true, and if anything, when they are eaten raw they act as extra 'smooth' insoluble fiber which is good for your health.

I first got onto eating all my fruit seeds (watermelon, lychee, mangosteen, lemon/lime, wild banana, grape) after I learned about the cleansing properties of papaya seeds.

What do other people think about eating seeds whole (if they are small enough to swallow with mouthfuls of the flesh)?

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / "Vegetarian" Raw Paleo Diet
« on: September 24, 2012, 09:35:26 am »
Someone posted this on another forum, and I thought it was interesting.

You can actually cover all the RDI's and ward off deficiencies with raw vegetarian, without eating any meat or seafood. I don't think it is optimal, obviously, but it is a good example of what a vegetarian should do if they want to be avoiding starches, legumes, soy and all that other crap most vegetarian doctors tell you to eat.

General Discussion / What do 'wild' chickens really eat?
« on: September 23, 2012, 06:02:12 pm »
There are threads on the boards here talking about how many bugs chickens love to eat, and that bugs are the chicken's natural diet (along with some plant and seed matter). I thought I would share some research I did today with everyone, because whilst I thought chickens were a domesticated turkey I found out otherwise:

The Red Junglefowl, formally known as Gallus gallus, is one of four species in the genus Gallus. Its significance arises from the fact that it is the wild ancestor of the domestic chicken. "

Junglefowls are omnivorous by nature. The staple diet is insects, especially termites and winged ants which emerge at dawn and dusk. It also rakes the ground in search for invertebrates and seeds. They forage in large parties which may consist of more than a single family group."

So, you are all so right! Chickens are not meant to eat our domesticated grain, or even our domesticated vegetables! They are meant to be eating mostly insects, and a little bit of wild seeds! Insects and seeds...

General Discussion / Our first 'cooked' food was bark, not meat?!?!?
« on: September 23, 2012, 05:46:27 pm »
I just had a great epiphany today as I was reading about natural foods, wondering where good sources of vitamin E were. I was also listening to Daniel Vitalis talk about how domesticated foods don't exist in the wild, and that if you went into the forest as a 'domesticated vegan' you would basically starve to death! This got me thinking.... What would we eat in the natural forest? A survivalist said that inner bark is damn tasty when it is cooked over a fire, it is basically the tree version of bacon!

I read that pine needle teas are great vitamin C and that many barks are edible, so I looked into the nutrition and preparation of bark for food. Bark is meant to be really high in vitamin E.... and basically every other nutrient too (like kale but even better).... they are ketogenic so go well with a high seafood, whole-animal diet.... so this tells me bark is the 'factor X' in (mostly) raw paleo diets...

A paleolithic man, who has not yet discovered tool, or fire, who isn't eating fruits or nuts or vegetables because none of them exist like in the supermarket, wouldn't have have a damn chance of getting plant nutrition from raw inner-bark, it is chewy and horrible, but then how would he consume it? He would cook it? Damn...

Wait a second.... A paleolithic tribe would travel as nomads, following natural bush fires across the land (watching for the smoke in the sky). They would camp outside the range of the fire, hunting fish in the dark dawn and animals at dark dusk, but when they can see in the daylight they would jog from their camp to the burnt forest to tear the bark off the crispy trees when the fire had died down and then eat the warm toasted inner bark for their midday meal!

Think about it! Trees are everywhere, there is more volume of edible bark in the world by far, than there is volume of edible fruit or vegetable in the wild. That is a damn bounty of food for the paleolithic man, and a huge amount of fiber and nutrients to eat. There are figures in books, where the calculated amount of fiber in the paleolithic man's diet is up to 100g a day, and they eat fat and meat to get their calories, but the fiber has such a cleansing effect.

When I thought of this I got so damn excited my heart beat was thumping. I hope I have piqued interest in some of you with my theory, it all makes so much sense to me right now, but I hope you can give me some feedback.

General Discussion / Bone broths best prepared raw, not cooked
« on: September 23, 2012, 05:24:41 pm »
"There is only a small loss of nitrogen when bones are soaked in water
at room temperature, but the loss of salts is comparable with that at 100 C."

Salts including iron, calcium and magnesium, are better extracted in cool to warm temperatures. I would imagine it is better to make a broth in a yogurt warmer (37 C) than it is to cook the bones! The 37 C would allow the marrow to seep out into the broth, but wouldn't cook.

Who would have known? Everyone just ASSUMES you need to cook bones to get the calcium into the water, but it seems it does it on its own without your stupid 'cooking help'. Here is to raw nutrition, again!

From the start I was struggling to eat raw meat, and I was very picky. But since I started marinading in  olive oil and a bit of brandy or other spirit, I have found I am really enjoying my raw meat now!
I did a 2 day flush with salt water and senna since reading in another forum, and then started eating copious amounts of marinaded raw grass fed beef, heavy kefir, and now I am even starting to crave organs like liver! Now that is a surprise!

I think the flush had something to do with the change in cravings, as it would have culled my sugar craving gut bacteria, and then feeding the good bacteria with raw meat and kefir let only the good bacteria grow back over the next few days.

I think a lot of my enjoyment comes down to preparing my foods properly, where as before at the start I was simply trying to eat things raw and unprepared.

I am soaking my liver and kidneys in milk, then cutting them up and  covering them in a teriyaki sauce, etc. Soaking them changes the flavour a lot and is much nicer than bloody.

I am covering my whole-fillets of meat in melted butter to stop them drying out, then ageing them for a few days until they change to a dark marble red/brown, a much tastier looking colour.

I am using olive oil and different spirits and ports, with garlic, thyme, rosemary, all sorts of herbs, and letting the cold meat out of the fridge sit for a few hours in the marinade as it warms up to room temperature, then I feast!

Another thing is that adding little bits of raw fat into my diced fillet in marinade makes it much more enjoyable, a ratio of about 1/3 fat, 2/3 meat.

My sugar cravings are down, and I enjoy some 90% cocoa chocolate after my meat, rather than before when I used to like milk chocolate or fruit.

I hope we can encourage newbies to make real preparations with their raw meat so their first experiences can be much better than if they ate it plain.
My family even is no longer disgusted by  my eating of raw meat, because it is in a much more acceptable format, and when I describe it as tasting like prosciutto or somesuch they are much more inclined to give me a nod and a smile! I hope other's can do the same as me and reap the same social benefits, and this is why I am talking about all this!

I know some of you will think it is blasphemy to be changing the foods so much and 'cooking' all the foods with acids and alcohols, but really, isn't it better to do this than to eat meat fried and baked?

General Discussion / Lacto Fermented Raw Eggs
« on: August 17, 2012, 04:08:04 pm »

Can you lacto ferment RAW eggs? I know they would probably wish wash around in the liquid but you could drink the whole thing when it came to it. I was thinking about what to do with all the egg whites I throw out, and thought perhaps I could chuck them in some fermenting liquid like kefir water, then drink the whole thing after a few days... that would be a nice high carb high protein drink, assuming the egg whites actually change in composition?

I want to try but I don't want to be the pioneer... I would like to know others do it too and it can be done.

General Discussion / Fermented meat vs high meat
« on: July 28, 2012, 03:19:02 pm »
From what I have read, there are many ways to ferment a fish, but only one way to ferment meat, and usually tribes will dry meat out rather than ferment it...
There are recipes for lacto fermented fish, but why no lacto fermented beef or lamb?

I remember a thread a while ago where someone asked about lacto fermenting meat, and I thought because there are no carbs in meat there would be nothing for the lacto cultures to eat, therefore the cultures would die... but then how does the fish lacto ferment? What is this big difference between fish and land meat?

I don't understand how you can have such a high % of fats in your diet if you eat seafood and game... both are just so lean you couldn't live off it.
I understand eating sushi because the rice gives you calories, but if you are largely eating wild foods I just don't get it...

General Discussion / Raw meat becoming increasingly disgusting
« on: July 12, 2012, 03:07:15 pm »
Exactly the topic subject! The more beef I am eating the worse it is getting  -v

I basically hate the taste of raw beef now. The raw liver is fairly tasteless, but I am tending to make myself raw liver curry and that's pretty nice. The kangaroo is better tasting than the beef but is still getting pretty sickly, and lamb no better. I couldn't afford to have salmon or fish every night, and I can't live off organs because I would probably OD on something like Vit A, plus they are 'oversatisfying' by which I mean I eat a little then I am 'satisfied' even though I am still quite hungry.

What do I do?!

General Discussion / Becoming Insectivore - Superworms
« on: July 02, 2012, 11:31:52 am »
I am looking around for more tribal food and I came across insects. They look sustainable and cheap to make, so I was going to start a superworm farm!

Does anyone here eat bugs? Anyone with any ideas on how to breed them successfully enough to feed a human?

I am thinking of having a small handful each day, if it's sustainable. Cut their heads off so they stop wriggling, and think of them like green beans.

General Discussion / Organs in fermenting milk
« on: June 26, 2012, 09:21:50 pm »

I thought you guys would like this. Maybe we should try blending small amounts of organs into milk before fermenting it?

General Discussion / The price of grass fed and game
« on: June 25, 2012, 05:57:03 pm »
How do you all afford  the damn food? I am looking around for grass fed and game meats in Australia... grass fed beef and lamb, wild boar and birds and other game meats. Even looking at imported buffalo, or really ANYTHING that isn't grain fed!

Everything is lean, and everything is $20AU/kg ++

Wild Boar Leg $35/kg, Buffalo Osso Bucco $25/kg, Kangaroo Fillet $21/kg, Free Range Maryland Fillet Skin on $20/kg

How do you get all your fats in if you eat grass fed and game meats?

I think I would starve before I could afford enough calories to feed myself.   :(

General Discussion / Blending
« on: June 03, 2012, 08:14:46 pm »
Does blending or beating destroy nutrients and digestibility the same way cooking does? For example you beat eggs and it denatures the protein so that they bind together.... What does this mean?

General Discussion / Cooked vs Raw fats
« on: June 03, 2012, 07:55:00 pm »
I understand how protein gets denatured and enzymes are changed in meat protein, but what is the difference between cooked and raw fats?

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Order of eating, and food coupling
« on: June 03, 2012, 02:33:57 pm »
Hi everyone, new guy here.

I am wondering in what order should I be eating foods, and what I should be separating?
What foods should I couple together for good digestion?

I have heard people say do not eat fruit after meat, but if the meat slows the digestion of fruit, wouldn't the fiber ferment longer, and result in more fuel-like digestible byproducts resulting in a good stool? I heard soluble fiber ferments into butyric acid which aids in fuelling the intestinal lining!

I have heard fruit or soluble fiber foods should be eaten before meat.
I have heard meat + egg yolk is good combo.
I have heard vegetables and insoluble fiber foods should be eaten in isolation.

I am actually thinking of eating lots of edible flowers and herbs instead of vegetables, so I assume I can eat them as if they are fruits? Dandelions, roses, parsley, basil etc.

Are avocado and tomato treated like fruits or a vegetables?


Exercise / Bodybuilding / Any powerlifters or strongmen in the house?
« on: June 03, 2012, 11:49:45 am »
I haven't lifted in ages and ages, and now I am getting into the whole raw food thing I think I want to go back to my powerlifting!
I will be doing Sheiko, as I got some pretty solid, continuous gains by doing that last time.

Any powerlifters or strongmen in the house?

Welcoming Committee / Drifting toward a better, more natural me
« on: May 31, 2012, 11:57:21 pm »
I am an ex weightlifter, after having sustained injuries snowboarding I stopped to rehabilitate myself. After I left home, I attended uni for 4 years, ate rubbish, lost strength, size, mental capacity/clarity and turned into a total slob. I mostly ate roast pork + potatoes, and oreos, normal milk and soft drink the entire time.
I have been slowly tidying and diversifying my diet, and I started eating more vegetables, then leaner meats, then went raw vegetarian for a while but never got through the initial gut-adaptation and so was dealing with massive amounts of gas, irregularity and all sorts of weird things. To be honest I felt great whilst I was on it, in terms of mental energy levels, and I felt healthy for the first time since high school. Even high school I didn't feel top notch.

Eventually I drifted toward a paleo style diet, which has worked for me best so far. Cutting out bread/pasta, eating more seeds and fruits (which restored my diminishing apetite and lost bodyweight). Started eating meat again, but decided to not eat any factory farmed meats, so now I stick to mostly lamb, free range pigs and free range chicken. I plan on moving on to grass-fed beef but I need to find a good supplier.

I have also been experimenting with my sleeping patterns since university started a long while ago. If you have heard of polyphasic sleep I have been doing a variant of everyman for a long while now, and I am feeling good.

Recently I have been taking fish oil, nootropics, and coconut/mct oil, and I am feeling better than ever! I am now going to be dabbling in raw meats... which brought me here!


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