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Let us say a man weighs 85 kg. He eats 300 gm ground meat with 100 gm fats per day.

Are there chances he will encounter constipation?

My problem is this that I have severe problems of Uric Acid. It runs in whole family. If I eat fish or organs, then I always have to pay for it. I only tolerate them if I take them in very little quantity. That is why even after years, I am unable to go to full raw Paleo diet even today.

Does coconut oil help against constipation in this case?

General Discussion / Raw Paleo way of curing Fever and Flu
« on: December 20, 2014, 04:41:11 am »
I searched the forum, but didn't get success with this question.

Please help.


PS: I always wished that our Paleo Book would have been completed and got a section where Paleo ways for curing different sickness are also dealt with.

Hot Topics / How to desalt the grass fed raw Butter?
« on: September 22, 2014, 02:24:23 am »
It is difficult in my country (Germany) to get Grass fed meat/fats.

So, for emergencies (and also for social pressures), often I have to go to the grass fed raw butter. (I found this Butter in Real Market, and it's brand name is also REAL).

Problem is, there is 3% ocean salt in it (perhaps to preserve it longer). It is too much of a salt and you cannot eat it with spoon at it's own.

So, is there any way of desalination of butter which I could use?

Virgin Coconut Oil Detox

Question is very easy. Could we substitute VCO with Animal Fat in this Detox?

What are the benefits of VCO over Raw Animal Fat?

Can we stay for 2-3 days or 7-8 days or longer on only RAF?

General Discussion / Fat to Protein Ratio Ready Made Chart
« on: February 16, 2014, 04:57:17 am »
Idea is of making things simpler for the newcomers...  Still the Online Book has not been completed ... newcomers are not introduced properly to the protein to fat ratios.

Rough Idea is to complete a ready made chart of fat to protein ratio. Something like below. This topic about fats should be sticky one.

General Discussion / Grassfed Suet better than Wild Suet?
« on: October 16, 2013, 01:34:15 pm »
Recently I got chance to eat wild deer Suet and Bone Marrow. It was tasty and one cannot compare it to grain fed animal suet and  bone marrow.

But then yesterday I got the suet and bone marrow from one butcher, and it was 100% grass fed. And I found the taste and quality was even better than the wild one.

Wild suet was only 20% yellow, but grass fed suet was 50-60% yellow, and it was very very oily and soft like cream (while the wild one was much harder).

What is your experience? Is it possible that a grass fed cattle could beat the quality of wild meat/suet?

I am offered a frozen block of 20 kg Herring Filet.

I have yet not bought it while I don't know how I am going to get small amount of fish out of it for daily use.

Any tips?

General Discussion / What to do against Gout Attack?
« on: July 17, 2013, 07:10:23 pm »
Beef and Fish 2 or 3 time gave me small gout pain.

But this time it seems serious attack.

How to deal with it.

Note: My whole family has serious gout problems.

I ordered the meat and they send it yesterday in small plastic bags without pre-freezing (but with ice bags). Plastic bags are sealed, but not vacuum sealed.

But due to some reasons, DHL is unable to deliver it the today and telling me that I will get it tomorrow.

In total = 40+ hours.

I hope meat will be ok till tomorrow, but still I want to know for how many days meat in plastic bags stay good (i.e. botulism danger)

Please answer it for emergency times.

- How is the quality of Proteins in the grain fed meats? Is it equally bad as the grain fed fats?

Raw fats (suet) are almost always available there. But sometimes there is a shortage of 100% grass fed meats.

So, how do you consider mixing the 100% grass fed fats with grain fed lean meat?

Off Topic / Are they related to human race too?
« on: April 24, 2013, 01:21:28 pm »
It is written that they found it somewhere in an Arab Country. Remaining are Religious claims that they belonged to a nation of "Aad" and Allah sent it's wrath upon them and they died.

I found it on wikipedia:  The Nation of A'ad:

My question is, if this could be a real?

General Discussion / Kangaroo Meat: How does it taste?
« on: April 03, 2012, 01:49:17 am »
Today I saw the "Australia's Wild Kangaroo Leg Piece" (boneless) in the market. It  was frozen.

But what  surprised me was this that it costed only 4.50 Euro per kg.

Earlier, I bought "Newzealand's Lamb Meat" from the market (frozen), but it turned out to be worst kind of meat. It was from the firm "Ashley". It had almost no fat, but a thin layer of fat which consisted of only bubbles. It smelled awful too after it thawed.

This was my first experience with the Newzealand's meat.

I also saw the whole lamb from Chilly too.

I asked the people from that market if that Newzealand's meat and Chilly meat was 100% pastured one, but they were unable to confirm it to me.

Does any one having experience here with meat from Chilly and Newzealand?

Galloway or Highland race usually eat only grass and no grains. Therefore, it becomes easy to find out the 100% pastured Beef in my country.

My question is, are there such Races for lamb/sheep too which only eat grass?

General Discussion / Urgent: What to do in Appendicitis
« on: January 21, 2012, 01:14:00 am »
I am feeling pain in right side stomach and also have slight fever at moment.

My house doctor has just told me to go to the hospital as he doubts it is Appendicitis.

Please advise what to do. I don't want to undergo any operation

General Discussion / Inuit Video: How to eat Frozen Fish?
« on: September 28, 2011, 01:05:15 am »

1. Is there any Inuit Video where they are eating the "Frozen Fish"?

2. Do they eat the Lever and heart of that frozen fish too?


Please clarify to me: What are the differences in the following methods.

High Meat  vs  Fermented Fish  vs  Aged Meat (air)  vs Aged Meat (vacuum)

I have discovered Fermented Fish in the local asian shop. What is about the health benefits of Fermented Fish? Does it contains same useful bacterias as high meat contains?

Question 1: Is reversal of White/grey hairs possible one paleo diet? Any one experienced it personally?

At same time, few other short (personal) questions too:

Question 2: In supermarket in Germany, there is meat with label "South American Meat". Is it same as Argentinian meat?

Question 3: At moment due to social and cultural problems I could not go on 100% raw paleo diet most of the times. Therefore the following question as alternative diet:

- "Are fermented Vegetables like German Sauer Kraut  better than using fresh Vegetables?"
- "Can the suet of bad supermarket quality lamb be used for cooking? Or should I use coconut oil for cooking in this case?"
- "In my family, mostly vegetables and Indian lentils are used for cooking and rarely there is meat (and fish is hardly 4-5 times a year). Should I use any vegetable alternative of protein too (like Hemp Seeds)?"

Hallo from Germany,

My name is Zaidi. My family lives in Germany (originally from Pakistan). I have already read about 250+ threads here + Mr. Vonderplanitz essays + Answers from RawPaleoGuy (but I am still a newbie).

Firstly, I want the links to Raw Paleo Diet in Germany (e.g. Discussion Forum + Where to buy pastured Meats etc.)

My family was in Pakistan last week and I got the chance to go for 100% "RAW" Paleo Diet (cold turkey) and I felt really good against my health problems. But the quality of meat was not pastured, but only "BIO" (which means organic in English).

My real problems will start with the return of my family, as there are some Cultural and Religious Values which should be followed then.

Culturally, we have "Joint Family System". This means it is very very difficult to revolt against the Culture, which says eating "RAW" is Taboo, which says Kitchen belongs to MAMA and we have to eat what Mama cooks. I really don't want to go to Mental Hospital, as this is the place where my family will bring me if I tell them that I want to eat "RAW" meat.  :D

And culture was not enough that religion also becomes problem too. More bad luck, as Muslim family, ONLY "Halal" (Kosher) meat is allowed to enter the home. This is not the end of story, but more bad luck that our Community's Muslim Butcher has the worst quality of meat I have ever seen & I am sure I have seen better Halal meats than this one.

As described above, my family is in Pakistan on visit and I am able to buy the "BIO" (i.e. Organic) Non-Halal meat from the Market and it is 10 times better in taste than the Halal meat from our butcher. Sadly, this party is going to end with return of my family.

So, what to do?

At maximum my family perhaps allow eating of some Raw Shrimps or little bit of Fish in sashimi form (I could not imagine of having raw fish in hands and eating like Eskimos in front of my family like I have done during this week).

Question 1: Is there any guy here who was able to maintain Raw Paleo Diet for longer period of time only upon Raw shrimps/fish?

Question 2: I found Black Tiger Shrimps here in Market, but they were not red in color (i.e. not from sea). Is it ok to eat such shrimps?

Question 3: What is better if I secretly get a chance to eat "Raw lean Meat" VS "Organ Meat" (both from same bad quality Halal meat present in our refrigerator)  ;D?

Question 4: Is Beef/Mutton really necessary? Mr. Vonderplanitz says that Red meat is necessary for tissues. Have you found this statement to be true?

Question 5: I need Paleo Diet Links in Germany (Discussion Forum + Shopping links in Germany). May be I am able to find Raw Organic Eggs too.

Question 6: I searched for "Fermented Liver Cod Oil" in German language, but have not found any yet. Is it ok to take normal Liver Cod  Oil for time being till I get the fermented one? What is the maximum dose that I could take from it?  

Question 7: In absence of raw Meat & raw Animal fat, is it ok to go for 2nd class oils like Coconut or Palm Oil? Should they be cold pressed ones?

Question 9: Considering my situation, it seems easy to switch to Paleo Diet which is cooked one. Do you really rate cooked paleo diet and recommend it?

Thanks a lot & Tchüß from Germany.

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