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Off Topic / Re: Suggestions, please, on how to get more sunlight in winter
« on: November 30, 2016, 02:22:28 am »
If frozen Herring is ok, then one should consider eating Holland's Matjes.
They have plenty of Vitamin D and taste great (they have 2.5% salt in them as compared to German/Austrian Matjes who have above 10% salt ). It is perhaps the best option available in the winter.

Thanks Tylor,
This is surely very interesting for me as I have been suffering with Gout and it is becoming worst and worst with meat/fish.
Moreover, I have read that Vitamin B6 generally helps against Gout. I also took vitamin B6 for some period (but without Pyridoxamine) , but it didn't help.

For the last night I have been searching for Pyridoxamine in Germany, but it seems it is impossible to buy it in Germany (as in US). Only got one online shop in Luxemburg, but I am sure they will also not ship it to Germany.

dariorpl, I have noted all your suggestions and will definitely follow them. Thanks.

Ever tried large quantities of fruit smoothies?

As RVAF, which fruits should be used for smoothies (In Europe, there are not so many regional fruits available)?
Do I need to still take large quantities of Suet fat if I take these smoothies? At moment I take 100 to 150 gms of fat. Now thinking of adding more Avocadoes in the diet.

Thanks a lot dariorpl. Really helpful.
I have saved all these information and will test them one by one.

I weight 83-85 kg and my height is 183 cm.

I eat High Land Cattles meat along with it's fat usually. But I rarely eat tomatoes with it or Avocados. I tried Raw Milk couple of times, but I was unable to digest it. Sometimes I eat vegetables and sometimes I also juice them. But one thing I could do is to add the Berries in the diet.

I am very much interested in AV recipes for getting rid of constipation. It is a nightmare for me. Such recipes will surely help me in emergency.

Tylor, I have not tried all Hight Meat diet. I can try to increase the amount though.

Sabertooth, I eat absolutely no nuts or seeds as they are super constipating for me.

I eat max. 250 gm to 300 gm meat in one day. Then I am still hungry. For that I eat green Salad leafs and vegetables. But at the end I get constipation (it may be due to vegetables, or due to small amount of raw meat). I also tried steamed vegetables, and they proved slightly better than raw vegetables in case of constipation.

Let us say a man weighs 85 kg. He eats 300 gm ground meat with 100 gm fats per day.

Are there chances he will encounter constipation?

My problem is this that I have severe problems of Uric Acid. It runs in whole family. If I eat fish or organs, then I always have to pay for it. I only tolerate them if I take them in very little quantity. That is why even after years, I am unable to go to full raw Paleo diet even today.

Does coconut oil help against constipation in this case?

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Fish head smoothie Video
« on: February 16, 2015, 08:54:37 pm »
I haven't made a fish head smoothie yet, though I have chewed up sardine heads, which are not bad if you can get all the scales off.

This may be somewhat gruesome to people outside of this forum.....

I've been thinking about whole animal smoothies as a way to absorb the maximum nutrition possible. I have 5 bunnies and a blentek.  Two of the rabbits are bred and may give birth sometime in the next few weeks. Since there are limited number of hutches, I was thinking about making a smoothie with whole buck bunnies.

I also have a pregnant guinea pig ready to give birth anytime, I am going to skin, gut and blend, the cull males.

It may take some experimentation to find the perfect recipe, but if a bunny smooth taste as good as it sounds I may be onto something good. I will let everyone know how it turns out.

Please don't forget to make a video when you do your experiment.

Same is true for Inger.

Dear Inger,

After you advice, I also started eating mackerel/herring heads, but I eat them as they are (i.e. without making smoothy).

I also tried smoothie, and it tasted much better than what I imagined. But still I prefer eating heads as they are.

Inger, could you please experiment once of drinking your smoothie without gills and tell us if you feel any difference in health benefits without gills or not. I tried to eat gills raw, but they didn't taste good to me.

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: February 05, 2015, 09:04:18 pm »
My opinion is that some (small) compromise can be OK over time.  But sometimes 2 people are so different, that it would take too much compromise to make it work, and one person (or both) would end up unhappy. 

* One must keep in mind that there are always limit to everything. Too much compromise may break you.

* Secondly, Compromise begins if other party is also ready to adopt (otherwise it is not a compromise, but it's name is Dominance VS subservient/submissive). Till the time this condition is not fulfilled, compromise is never going to work one sided. You may stay together, but you will not be happy.

* He is unable to understand EMF % Light stuff. And TV is playing very big role in the social life every night along with disco and drinking.
* One side gives him freedom to eat as he wishes, to watch TV as he wishes. But is he ready to give the same freedom to the other side?

My Fears:
* Human being is a social animal. His whole social life and of his friends and relatives is different. In case of non balanced compromise, it may happen sooner or later in the future that demands could come to eat cooked foods too in the parties or with the friends.
* One must keep in mind too that if he is more inclined towards body than the spiritual friendship, and he also keeps on eating his SAD diet and drinking and unhealthy lifestyle, then sooner or later he may be going to lose his health too, which automatically means less body interest too.

* He has no objection upon the diet. He understands the importance of diet. Alone this fact could bring huge change. May be once if he gets bad health, he will be forced to start the Raw Paleo himself.

All these Positives and Negatives and fears should be judged and evaluated by Inger herself.

Earlier one Paleo friend also mentioned that it is very important to take the time (i.e. no fast actions needed). Some people do learn things with the passing time.

I think you're beautiful.  I'll make a deal with you - you can come live with me and we can have a home on acres of rural land... away from the city and other people... with lots of green land and woods to walk through and have spring picnics..... lots of sex and no cable for TV..... but you have to come to the US! ;D

Sir, show the compromise and please come to Germany yourself in order to find the love of your life ;D . Absolutely nothing against your relationship, but big NO to  going to US, while I am myself in Germany too  and don't want to lose Inger to USA  ;) .

Back to the topic ... sometimes it does play huge role to be among the people/community who have similar lifestyle. We all benefited ourselves from this community (Forum) to get constant INSPIRATION from each other.

So, this is an extra PLUS point and one has to take this into the consideration too.

You see, fighting alone against the SAD eaters world is a difficult task. But 2 partners together could face the world in a better way. Also if Oyster Babies come, then both raw paleo parents could fight the challenges in better way. It will be very difficult for a single raw paleo mother to meet the challenges alone, specially if there is not a 100% behavior of compromise from the other partner.

So, I have also one more fear (the biggest fear) that more differences could occur after the baby is there.

Distances in modern world mean nothing. In general, if you have enough money, then you could reach to any part of the world within 24 hours. So, if one could find a suitable partner even in the other corner of the world, then please don't fear and go for it.

I think you're doing the right thing.  Take your time.... and time will help you see things more clearly and hurt less.

It is a good advice. Most important task is to not let yourself get hurt.  Healing is good, but PREVENTION is better.

General Discussion / Re: Best Organs to eat outside of Liver and Heart?
« on: February 02, 2015, 06:01:54 pm »
Question: Is tongue equally healthy for us like liver?

How will you classify the organs (healthwise)

No. 1 : Liver
No. 2: Heart

General Discussion / Re: Farm raised oysters, are they safe?
« on: February 01, 2015, 01:22:54 am »
Thanks to both of you.
It is really helpful to know that they could be kept in the fridge for 1 week (earlier I got the wrong impression that one has to eat them within 1-2 days and after that they die).

Eveheart, how much do you pay for 5 dozen box?

General Discussion / Re: Farm raised oysters, are they safe?
« on: January 31, 2015, 06:34:35 pm »
I buy the best oysters from a wholesale seafood dealer. The minimum order is 5 dozen oysters. For smaller quantities, I buy from a fish market that I found by trial and error. My oysters seem to mostly come from British Columbia or Maritime provinces.

I also got an offer from a wholesale dealer for 5 dozens of Oysters, but I didn't buy while I don't know for how many days I can keep them in the fridge.

Please you and others tell me:

1) Can I also deep freeze some of them for next week?

2) How long are they good in the fridge?


Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Lex's Jerky Maker Specimans
« on: January 25, 2015, 01:10:18 pm »
Does this link help?

Thank you Eve.
I got this link, but it seems that yon yonson made some modification to it and that modification is not available now as the Photo link has expired.
But Lex's jerky link is also enough at moment for me.

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Lex's Jerky Maker Specimans
« on: January 23, 2015, 01:15:18 pm »
here's my jerky maker (i also made lex's but ants kept getting to it). takes about 3 days until it's completely dry and hard. i usually just hang up scraps i have left. no risk for overheating and no bug problems!

edit: not sure if you can tell but the fan is on... that's the dehydrator

I cannot see the image now.

Has anyone saved it?

General Discussion / Re: Raw Paleo way of curing Fever and Flu
« on: December 20, 2014, 01:19:52 pm »
Thank you. It makes some things clear to me.

I have also not got fever or flu for a long long time, and I was little afraid of it while some people say it is a sign of cancer that people stop having flu and fever.

At moment some members of my family having it and I think I got it from them (... also I had to cheat on raw during last week as whole family came to visit us from other city and it was impossible to continue raw in their presence).


General Discussion / Raw Paleo way of curing Fever and Flu
« on: December 20, 2014, 04:41:11 am »
I searched the forum, but didn't get success with this question.

Please help.


PS: I always wished that our Paleo Book would have been completed and got a section where Paleo ways for curing different sickness are also dealt with.

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: November 24, 2014, 09:30:39 pm »

And now what's your plan about Hamburg?

It seems Denmark is winning over Hamburg while Denmark has an advantage of having that young man at it's side, who is loved by Inger.

How good is Denmark for your raw paleo diet?

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: November 22, 2014, 10:23:11 pm »
Thank you Inger for taking time for us and replying.

I am happy to know about your love. I always felt you emits so much love every where, and you also need equal amount of love from others in your life.

All the best wishes from us to you and to your love.

I am studying the magnetic mattress infos, and I am also seriously intended now to buy.

I already seriously took your advice about cold water showers and now becoming addicted to it. For me, life is changing slowly, but towards the positive and for that I am thankful to this Forum and kind senior encouraging members.

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: November 18, 2014, 07:22:23 pm »

Dear Inger,

I came many times to your journal, but you are not updating it any more.

I want to know about all, how life is going for you, but especially  about the magnetic bed that you were using.

Hot Topics / How to desalt the grass fed raw Butter?
« on: September 22, 2014, 02:24:23 am »
It is difficult in my country (Germany) to get Grass fed meat/fats.

So, for emergencies (and also for social pressures), often I have to go to the grass fed raw butter. (I found this Butter in Real Market, and it's brand name is also REAL).

Problem is, there is 3% ocean salt in it (perhaps to preserve it longer). It is too much of a salt and you cannot eat it with spoon at it's own.

So, is there any way of desalination of butter which I could use?

General Discussion / Re: What to eat when nothing appeals
« on: September 22, 2014, 02:12:32 am »
a little bit of "high meat"? ala Aajounus Vonderplanitz...maybe one month old...always cheers me up. beef and not so old that it turns liquid, just smelly and a little rotten. my 2 cents

Can one make high meat out of wild frozen Salmon?

I once saw it on youtube about the pigs. Perhaps it will also work for the goats/sheep.

Please watch it from 3 minutes. This method seems to be good one as it is easily doable in homes.

I noticed that after doing RVLC for long periods of time, that my own ability to digest (raw) carbs decreased significantly because of the lack of gut-bacteria needed to digest those carbs - it needed some time of carb-eating(some weeks/months?) before my gut-bacteria/digestion of carbs went back to normal. I have assumed, up till now, that a lot of those on long-term raw vegan diets might also often have a similiar problem with not being able to properly digest raw animal foods, at first. I take it that's correct?  I suppose recommending raw seafood and raw eggs at first might be an option for the latter.

Which carbs did you take to overcome this problem and how much? Did you take RS?

General Discussion / Re: Bone broths best prepared raw, not cooked
« on: September 11, 2014, 05:07:26 am »
Here one solution for turning normal jars into gas evading jars in order to make perfect fermentation.

He fills a plastic bag with water, and then puts it instead of lid, covering the whole jar mouth. When the gases have more pressure, they can come out of it, but no oxygen could get in it.  A simple but practical and good solution.

(Please watch from 4:00 minutes where he is showing how to use the plastic bags with water as the jar lids.

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