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Health / Re: What level of body fat is healthy?
« on: June 01, 2011, 02:02:39 pm »
I think that guy looks healthy because "Exercise is king and nutrition is queen". You can eat crap and if you exercise enough you burn all that food off anyway. Nutrition is still important. In fact, when you put the two together, exercise and nutrition, you've got a kingdom.

I've seen many people who eat healthy: like meats, vegetables, fruits, processed stuff, and they don't look good because they don't exercise. That always surprised me until recently when I discovered how vital exercise is to one's health. In my opinion, it's more important than nutrition.....though nutrition is still important.

General Discussion / Re: Northstar
« on: May 31, 2011, 12:34:44 pm »
Do you get backfat? Where else do you get meat?

I get meat locally, and I get bison backfat when it's available, but on some of the orders I've made (only 3), i was told there is no bison backfat available. But maybe you'll get some if you ask.

General Discussion / Re: Northstar
« on: May 31, 2011, 07:09:03 am »
I only get organs and fat from Northstar Bison

General Discussion / Saturated Fat from beef?
« on: May 29, 2011, 01:35:26 pm »
How good is the saturated fat from grass fed beef? I am used to eating the chuck roast cut, which has a lot of fat. But, it gets to the point where the chuck roast is so much fat and not enough meat. I get a lot of fat already though, from coconuts, eggs, sometimes avocados, (and cream). But to add the fat that comes from chuck roast, seems like and feels like an awful lot of fat. So i am considering getting a more expensive cut that has less fat, specifically the sirloin cut. This cut is very lean with basically no significant amounts of fat.

What's your take on saturated fat from beef? Maybe the fat is addicting or something because I'm having a difficult time deciding whether to stop getting the chuck roast cut and to start getting a more lean cut with more meat.

Health / Re: How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction
« on: May 29, 2011, 12:24:57 pm »
eggs and zinc.

Eggs and oysters (which are high in zinc) , is what I meant to have written.

General Discussion / Re: Candida, Sardines, and fish
« on: May 28, 2011, 02:38:17 pm »
This looks very logical! Thanks a lot of this insight.

Yes, I used to eat TONS of grains/carbs...cereal for breakfast, pastas and rice for dinner almost every day...

My variety is limited (which is why I want to expand more to fish):

Raw eggs for breakfast and/or veggie smoothie (cabbage/broccoli/spinach/parsley combos)
Almonds/Walnuts (eating a lot more lately as I'm always hungry)
Fruits - trying to stay low sugar with green apples, cucumbers, and avocados only.
Fish - Sardines/Shrimp/Flounder

Occasional hemp milk.

Everything is raw except for hemp milk and sardines I guess (although I'm still not sure how exactly they are processed...cold smoked? Maybe not as bad as cooked?)

Should I incorporate some gluten-free/organic brown rice and/or brown rice pasta? Or maybe some organic/gluten-free cereal? Or will this sabotage my progression towards 100% raw?

Well, I think you should differentiate short term and long term goals. In the short term, it may be good to eat some more carbs of your choice for energy, especially if it is getting in the way of the rest of your lifestyle. I've read some information on phytic acid in brown rice or whole wheat carbs that binds to minerals in the body. I don't know if it's true or not. I think you should eat a little bit more carrots and beets, and other high carb vegetables. Sometimes I eat raw sweet potato, which is also high in carbs.

Your variety of meat does not seem very diverse, especially since the sardines aren't raw. I think you should eat more raw fish (prefrozen) and more raw unfrozen: grassfed or free range meats like beef, lamb, chicken, etc. If availability makes it difficult, check out websites like and also Slanker's. Get some raw: liver, heart, kidneys. Liver will give you a lot of energy.

You may be eating too many nuts.
Basically all I've said is to try and decrease the things in your diet you think are not so good and increase the things that are good. Obviously, you don't want a diet where the majority of calories comes from nuts. And again, I think your meat variety should be more diverse, and you should eat more. Fish is low calorie but superb. Consider eating shellfish like clams, oysters, which have organs in them already. Oysters will give you a lot of energy, like liver.

Also, I've read that excessive broccoli or cabbage (or those predisposed to metabolic conditions) can cause anti-thyroid activity. Thyroid regulates metabolism. Metabolism is linked to energy levels. Consider changing the vegetables you use so you aren't always eating so much broccoli or cabbage. I think many, but not all, cruciferous vegetables can have this anti-thyroid effect. I personally don't avoid cruciferous vegetables, but I don't over indulge in them either. If I had an energy problem, I would strongly consider modifying diet, exercise, nutrition, and/or sleep habits/schedule.

In regards to your question, I don't think it will be harmful to add some carbs to your diet. but which ones I can't say because.....apparently whole wheat and brown rice have phytic acid which is bad, and white flour and white rice is bad too. So that's why I eat raw sweet potato sometimes, because it has no phytic acid in it. Sometimes though if I don't feel like eating sweet potato and feel sluggish,  I will eat some other kind of carbohydrate like a piece of white sourdough bread, or some white rice--and it helps a lot. I used to eat brown rice sometimes ( a few months back) but I'm not sure if I should eat it with this whole phytic acid business. I also don't think you should eat too much fruit, so you seem to be good on that regard.

General Discussion / Re: Sleeping 10-12 hours a night
« on: May 28, 2011, 02:16:05 pm »
blood sugar issues - eat a good breakfast

detox - get extra sleep for now

depression - read a couple self help books

nervous tension - exercise which normalizes your body

eat a better diet - examine your current diet and modify

anxiety - see if the job you are in is the right job for you

Sometimes, we just need extra sleep. It may be a phase that will pass.

Health / Re: How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction
« on: May 28, 2011, 02:10:56 pm »
eggs and zinc.

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: Anyone try P90X ?
« on: May 27, 2011, 04:39:06 am »
I got p90x as a gift so I did it, but it took me about 110 days to finish it since I skipped some days.

I got good results . The program is good, solid, and thorough in many different areas of fitness including resistance training(weights), cardio, yoga, stretching, boxing-type workout, and calisthetics.

The program is good because it keeps you motivated to work out. You can get similar results without doing the program. heck you can even do the exact program without watching the tapes. But I believe it's main attribute is to keep people motivated.

General Discussion / Re: Candida, Sardines, and fish
« on: May 27, 2011, 04:34:05 am »
Maybe you did better on SAD diet because you ate more variety, enough calories, or got used to eating lots of carbs.

I've seen sometimes that people who change their diets to raw animal foods (and other raw foods) sometimes don't eat much variety, eating only 1 type of meat and only a specific cut at that, as 95+% (in terms of volume, not calories) of their food intake.

Another thing is that raw animal foods are much lower in carbohydrates than SAD diets because SAD include a lot of refined carbohydrates like pasta, bread, rice, etc. - that stuff is instant energy. For instance, look at Michael Phelps, olympic medalist gold swimmer, leading up to the olympics, during his training, it is reported that he was eating upto 12,000 calories a day. His diet was full of crap . But, since he was burning most of it off, it didn't really matter. In fact he may have needed those extra refined carbohydrates to use as fuel.

In conclusion, variety is very important. Also, compare whether you were eating lots of carbohydrates on SAD diet and how many carbohydrates you eat now. Personally, for carbohydrates, well, theres many options though not too many are raw. Fruits are a good choice, but I prefer higher carb vegetables like carrots, vegetable juices, raw sweet potato. sometimes I eat cooked rice, cooked sweet potato, or a slice of bread for some extra energy from these refined goods.

In terms of fish, well I would freeze the fish first. That's what I do.  I think raw coconuts are much better than coconut oil, as coconut oil most likely isn't raw. You can even make your own fresh coconut oil, but I find it quite tedious so I don't do that.

I think you should do what works in terms of marinade. I think apple cider vinegar isn't a good choice because since it is vinegar it might degrade your teeth over time. Even though I like eating the meats plain with other side dishes, I'd rather use a low sodium, no preservatives hot sauce than apple cider vinegar. Other than the teeth issue, I don't have a problem with apple cider vinegar though.

Good luck, remember, try to get variety and assess whether you are eating carbohydrates.

I just started eating chicken because I've been eating lots of beef and lamb for the last several months and my blood profile doesn't seem very good. .. very high LDL and not so high HDL, and that's typically what is seen from eating lots of red meat.

It tastes good, I just get the breast though because it's very lean and supposedly has the least amount of toxins in it from all the soy.

Those are the mature brown coconuts, First I open one eye and take out the water. then I hit it lightly with a hammer all around the coconut for 1-2 minutes. Then I smash it open with a hammer or strong knife on a cutting board with a towel underneath it. Because I hit it lightly, the coconut meat doesn't stick to the husk, so that step of hitting the coconut loosens the meat from the husk.

No, I was just having fun.

They were 3 separate dinners but the first sushi meal had to be split into dinner and breakfast

Display Your Culinary Creations / 3 meals: Sushi, Cod, and Chicken
« on: May 24, 2011, 10:43:39 am »
salmon sushi w/ carrot, cucumber, horseradish, wrapped in nori rolls, 10 clams, 2 oysters, 1 coconut

cod, beef liver, coconut, cucumber, celery, carrot, kale

Chicken breast, lettuce

Chicken breast, lettuce bunch

Cod, Beef liver, kale, coconut, carrot, celery, cucumber

Sushi w/ salmon, cucumber, dulse, carrots, horseradish, wrapped in nori rolls
10 clams, 2 oysters, and 1 coconut. I didn't eat this whole meal at once but I tried to.

I believe it. Ever since I've been eating more raw eggs lately (2 dozen a week or so), my hormones have definately increased as seen by the increase and intensity of hard ons. That is evidence to me that this particular raw food has an effect on hormones, and maybe fertility wouldn't be too far of a stretch given the context.

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: the importance of exercise
« on: May 20, 2011, 06:49:40 am »
As Jack Lalanne once said:

'Exercise is king, and nutrition is queen'

You see many people out there who eat very healthy but they don't look good. They're fat and don't seem energetic. On the other hand, you see athletes who eat nothing but junk, but they look good because they burn it all off.

And Jack lived to be 97 or so...

I read once in this book called Body mind and Fitness by John Douillard that eating that typical carb meal the day before before a marathon or other strenous event, is a good idea, but it's best done at lunch time instead of night time. If you eat it late at night it may make you sluggish the next day, but at lunch time there is enough of a gap where you can properly digest/store all that food.

It made sense to me and seemed to resonate with some of my experiences of feeling sluggish the day after carb loading at night (of course that was during SAD days)

General Discussion / Re: Why do you bother measuring CHOLESTEROL ?
« on: May 17, 2011, 12:28:19 am »
I bother measuring cholesterol because people like AAjonus vonderplanitz, for example, fabricate and falsify statistics and data to prove their points. Some allegations made by Aajonus are simply too outrageous to believe, and thus his entire dogma and point of view becomes questionable.

Getting cholesterol measured isn't going to harm you, directly. I don't have to go out of my way to get my cholesterol levels checked, in fact it is fairly simple for me to get it done.

Yes, there are artery blocking measuring devices, but for some people like me they are far more expensive to get tests done with.

Primal Diet / Re: AV raw goat milk or cow milk?
« on: May 16, 2011, 01:38:58 pm »
Listening to an Aajonus interview the other day with Patrick Timpone at , I remember AV saying that cow milk is better than goats milk because cow milk won't make you as hyper, or something like that. He was like, " Have you ever met a calm goat?"....something to do with hyperactivity, adrenaline, .....around those words

You could get a body tower which lets you do pullups, chinups, dips, and knee ups with equipment like this

In addition, you can do lunges, pushups(and the many variations), yoga, stretches, cardio, wall sits, hindu squats, one legged squats, deadlifts, etc.

You can wear a backpack and put some weight in it(eg textbooks), and do weighted pullups, dips.

Health / Re: Blood test results from 5/6/11 compared with 2/10/10
« on: May 15, 2011, 11:46:51 am »
Interesting I will check that out.

What is also interesting to me is that my LDL is much higher than my HDL in the recent test. Another member here, sabertooth, also got some blood tests done and he has a much higher LDL than HDL also, and from what I've read here on the forums, he also tends to eat more red meat than any other meat.

Another person I know eats far more chicken and fish (both raw) and much less red meats, and usually gets his fats from raw eggs or coconuts.

This guy did blood tests and his LDL was 127 and HDL was 130. That is 2x the HDL I have and far less LDL than mine. According to common medical practices, that guy has a stellar blood profile. Since he also eats totally raw, I'm just wondering if that common superstition that white meat is better than red meat may have some truth to it.

General Discussion / Re: Bananas
« on: May 13, 2011, 11:12:24 am »
What about plantains? They are banana-like.

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