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That's because you are not yet a scavenger.  8)

ha ha :)  Probably more a scavenger than a hunter to be honest but, you're right, currently neither! :)

General Discussion / Re: Shoes roundup
« on: October 04, 2010, 03:17:05 am »
Are there any barefoot-style boots or shoes that have good traction on snow and ice? One of the downsides to Vivo Barefoots, water shoes and kayak boots is that it's fairly slippery to walk in them on ice and snow.

Hey Phil,

I came across a website today that may be of great interest to you in your search for suitable minimalist footwear for your snow & ice!  The guy at the AdventureInProgress blog has an interesting article here:  His idea is basically using a layering system of minimalist boot, overboot and (when necessary) an additional cleat for grip.  Of course, the article links to the various products he discusses.  The minimalist overboots (which could be used over the FeelMax Kuuvas) can be found here:

Hope this is of interest to you and offers up some new possibilities!  :)

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: attn. parents! need some advice
« on: October 02, 2010, 05:59:24 pm »
That does sound like very strict supervision raw!  :)

I appreciate only too well the dangers that social interaction with other children could bring.  Indeed, this is a constant cause of concern with my son and subject of heated discussion with my partner and family.  Current pre-school groups he attends with myself or his mother and social get togethers with friend's children can be difficult.  He sees other children eating/drinking all kinds of junk.  But, so far, it's not presented a problem.  I think education is key.  When he's old enough, it will be explained to him precisely why he eats differently and I think the validation will be all too obvious for him to see in the children all around him.

I do think it's very important for development, however, that social interaction is not completely prohibited.  An approach of openness and the gift of knowledge & understanding should be sufficient to allow an otherwise normal life in our crazy world.

General Discussion / Re: Raw Bone Meal
« on: October 02, 2010, 05:47:08 pm »
That's an interesting point well raised donrad.  I'm also of the understanding that minerals themselves remain undamaged by the appliance of heat.

My concern with bone stock is not the minerals themselves but any other heat created toxins which may be produced from other nutrients present such as proteins.

Perhaps Tyler is aware of any studies on any heat created toxins present in bone broth?

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: 22 kg fatty male mutton
« on: October 02, 2010, 05:39:22 pm »
Tinker's Bubble? Btw, 50 acres is tiny, right?

Bingo!  How you managed to determine that from my description miles I am at a loss to know!  Well done!  Have you ever stayed there?  It's a magical place.  Unfortunately, this was 13 years ago that I stayed and long before my RAF days.  In fact, I was still vegetarian!  I was suffering with totally disabling hay fever during my stay which made it almost unbearable.  Of course, I haven't had the slightest sign of hay fever for years now.

Fifty acres is quite a large area and was certainly sufficient to provide the requirements of the 20 or so adults and children living there.  Fruit/veg gardens, pigs, goats and a sustainable supply of timber (cut in their own developed steam powered sawmill!  I wonder what the place is like now?  I would expect that it's moved on significantly.

Maybe that would be true, but I've got comfort, as there aren't any racoons over there; they're don't live in Poland. :)

Do you get badgers or similar scavenging pests?

Ah, yes.  I forgot about those pictures of your fresh mutton.  I think we could declare it a draw!  :)  I now recall thinking at the time that your mutton picture where you're holding it on the balcony looks very similar to the lamb breasts that I buy.

So you're just storing your meat in the ground?  That's wonderfully paleo (apart from the glass jars obviously!).  I hope you're right and that the forest creatures don't get there before you!  :)

Yes, indeed, that's my heaven.
Look at these pics -

Stunning Hannibal!  Is that all your own private land/woodland?!  You appear quite young still.  If you don't mind me asking - what do you do for a living to be able to afford such a wonderful '2nd' home?!  How much would something like that cost in Poland?  Perhaps I need to relocate to Eastern Europe?!

ha ha :)  Yes, it looks a little more tempting Hannibal!  :)  I must admit that high fatty mutton didn't do much for my salivatory processes! ;)  I do know which would be more satisfying to my RAF fueled body though!

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Whats your view on Raw Honey
« on: October 02, 2010, 05:15:20 pm »
That does seem to be a general problem with honey and most high-carb foods in my experience Hannibal.  There always seems to be the danger of a 'slippery slope'! :)  This latest occasion that I enjoyed a little honeycomb with cheese on my birthday was quite significant in that I was able to only consume a little of it (relatively) and didn't have subsequent cravings.

Ordinarily, I've always had issues as you described which has been a lifelong problem.  I could never eat a single biscuit - it had to be the whole packet!  Never a bowl of ice-cream - had to be the entire tub!  :)  Phew, glad those days are years behind me.  Candida, disrupted hormone issues etc can be an awful way to eat and live!

If you believe in the theory at all - do you have a history of suffering systemic candida?

Interesting that you've noticed no significant difference with the addictive tendancies of liquid honey and honeycomb.  I suppose we could draw various conclusions from this.  Perhaps the liquid honey I source is not raw, perhaps your honeycomb is not raw, perhaps there's some other marked difference between the two that I source and your own (unfiltered liquid honey, sugar syrup fed bees etc).  Perhaps, even, there has been a recent biological improvement in my own physiology which could now mean that liquid honey, also, would not effect me as it usually has done.  I'm actually still very interested in buying a blood sugar monitor to put such theories to the test as I previously discussed with PaleoPhil.  That may help to answer some of these questions.

Well, I could never of imagined that rotten cabbage, mushroom and seaweed could look so delectable!  Well done on another fine creation Yuli!  :)

Was that homemade sauerkraut?  I make it myself from time to time and have recently started using purple cabbage which creates a rather stunning visual that you may enjoy!  Interesting that you mention only a trace of salt.  If you did make the sauerkraut - what ratio of cabbage to salt did you use and what pot/method of fermentation?

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: 22 kg fatty male mutton
« on: October 02, 2010, 05:51:39 am »
ha ha  :D  Brilliant!  High-meat-fed racoon meat.  That would surely take some beating?!  :)  But, I agree, they are probably too cute to kill.

If I did that where I am the racoons would lift the cover and open the cans and gorge on the high meat (their little hands can do everything).

I remember when I was living in an eco-community of strawbale houses, yurts etc in the middle of a 50 acre woodland in SW England.  My partner and I had been told tales of badgers going to such great lengths to get at bags of sugar as sneaking into member's abodes, removing heavy items placed on top of trunks, opening the trunk and stealing the discovered bag of sugar!  We were also told they could bite clean through a human leg bone if startled!!  Needless to say, panic set in when we heard them bustling around at the foot of our bed late one night!!  :)

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: 'girly' Meat & Liver 'salad'
« on: October 02, 2010, 05:42:54 am »
I think my fruit binges stopped after consuming those four bananas which made me sick all night (I did that a few days after the 5 peaches binge), I really learned my lesson, now even thinking of bananas revolts me.

ha ha :)  I find that it's often good to learn things the hard way.  The thought from reading of your peaches and bananas revolts me!!  :)

Your birthday feast must have been scrumptious! I love good mangos, what a treat... I recently got my hands on some good raw cheeses but I am not indulging in them (I only bought them because I was so happy to see raw cheeses being sold in Ontario), just having a little slice every now and then. Last night I had a piece of raw Emmental wrapped in nori, it was such a nice combo.

Yes, I must say that I enjoyed the feast immensely!  :)  Sliced chunks of raw cheese topped with sliced chunks of raw honeycomb and washed down with freshly cut mango was some treat!  That's incredibly disciplined of you to pick at your newly found cheese in such a manner.  I'm impressed!  Also impressed that you managed to buy it in Ontario - I thought raw dairy was completely illegal in Canada?!

Where are you in Ontario?  Great country!  I have fond memories of Thunder Bay, Ontario as part of my 1995 coast to coast backpacking trip.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: attn. parents! need some advice
« on: October 02, 2010, 05:31:48 am »
Great thread Shannon!  I can't believe I missed this one?!  Perhaps we could start a thread (or use this one?) as a place for RAF/RPD/Primal parents to unite and share ideas, experiences etc?

You're doing a wonderful job with your children and I greatly admire you for it.

I have a 16 month old son who I'm trying to raise in a similar manner.  I've been eating RAF (now VLC RPD) for 10 years myself.  My partner of 5 years has transitioned now to a largely cooked Weston Price diet with as much RAF as I can encourage her to eat (raw butter, cream, milk, jerky, liver drinks etc) but is certainly not a raw paleo eater.

I've found that it's been important to compromise the diet of my son in line with i) the wants of his mother and, ii) the wants of my son!  My experience has shown that it's not quite as simple as one may be led to believe by theory and dogma.

Like you, I've had difficulty getting my son to eat raw meats.  I've been growing concerned that perhaps he's, on some spiritual level, a pescatarian!  :)  For the first 12 months or so he was solely breast fed whilst paying close attention to my partner's diet.  Since then, he's been offered raw meats/organs, raw egg yolks, raw butter, raw goat yoghurt, cooked fish/seafood, scrambled eggs, homemade bone broth, organic berries, natural spring water and raw coconut water.  That's it.  Currently, he's still largely breast-fed but usually has 1 or 2 meals per day consisting of scrambled egg with lots of raw butter and cooked fish/seafood in bone broth.

Like you, I've often tried slipping small amounts of raw finely chopped meats into his fish broth or eggs but it's always been difficult and, likewise, I don't think deception is the way to go!  However, and perhaps to offer a little encouragement to you, I can declare that the last couple of days has seen him eat raw finely chopped beef/lamb as a meal alone!  This has usually been dehydrated for 1/2 hour or so and, sometimes, added to cooled broth.

Perhaps patience is key and your children will, simply, eat it when ready?

Of course, it's important not to force raw meats on them at all but it may encourage them to develop a taste for it by offering them a little to 'play with'.  For many months, I've been giving my son thin slices of raw beef or lamb which he happily holds and wanders around sucking/chewing - eventually handing me back the soggy mess when he's had enough.  Although he would never actually eat it this way, it was a worry initially that he may choke on it but such fears proved ungrounded as we never had an incident despite him often wandering around with whole big pieces shoved in his mouth!

How is is going with your children now?  Any progress?

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Whats your view on Raw Honey
« on: October 02, 2010, 05:00:26 am »
You peeps who eat raw honey. How much of it do you eat, do you get problems if you eat much and do you notice a big difference if you've eaten it in the comb?
I usually abstain from honey and most carbs these days miles.  But, I have indulged in a little raw honeycomb again recently and am pleased to say that it didn't cause me any noticeable negative effects.  I did only consume quantities that would be considered small by any Primal dieters - maybe half the carton over a period of a week?  When I used to consume jarred raw honey I would certainly experience sugar highs/lows with even small amounts.

The trouble with this is that it makes it tempting to repeat the 'experiment'!  ;)

Also, I've never heard of raw honey for scrapes and cuts.  Does it help healing faster or stop infections, or both?
I thought EVERYBODY knew this now Marissa?!  How did you manage to miss such mainstream information?!  ;)  It's alleged to prevent/overcome infections and increase the efficacy of healing as far as I recall.  I believe that as far back as the Egyptian period, honey was utilised as a preservative in mummification too.

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: 22 kg fatty male mutton
« on: October 02, 2010, 04:47:03 am »
Wow!  You're most fortunate Hannibal.  If I had a home like that it would most definitely be my FIRST home!  It must be wonderful to have such an idyllic escape for the duration of summer and a period of time each week.

Ah, that was the mutton meat!  That explains it.  I thought perhaps our interpretation of what represents 'fatty' was somewhat skewed!  :)  I think the lamb I get is fattier but would certainly describe your high mutton as fatty too! :)

BTW, interesting method of producing your high meat.  Are the delightful creatures of the forest not attracted to your buried treasure?  Or is that part of a cunning plan which would see them, too, served up as the next batch?! ;)

I appreciate your comments TD and am aware that for most people this does not seem to present a problem.  Unfortunately, my own experiences do not reflect this.  Parasites in raw fish/seafood remain a concern to me due, purely, to problems I've experienced with them on any occasion that I've eaten them raw without freezing or marinating.  I appreciate that this may be due to possible remaining personal biological dysfunction such as low stomach acid, imperfect immune system etc.  This may render any problems I experience irrelevant to others but could perhaps serve as a warning that one hat does not fit all in this case.

With my own confidence in the safety of consuming raw fish/seafood somewhat questionable, the matter becomes a larger concern at the moment when deciding what to feed my 16 month old son.  Clearly, I'm not going to feed him something I am not 100% convinced is safe.  In cases such as this freezing becomes a viable consideration. 

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: 'girly' Meat & Liver 'salad'
« on: October 02, 2010, 04:15:41 am »
Don't worry Yuli - I still indulge in a little fruit myself every now and then! :)  Although, I'm glad to say, I would no longer consider inflicting 5 peaches and 2 apples on myself!! :o  I'm not surprised you suffered the described consequences!  Difficult to abstain when you have a tempting abundant supply in your garden I'm sure.

I would expect the fruit binges to slowly decrease in frequency and level if you stick with this WOE.  I tend to just eat a controlled amount of berries occasionally now with the odd indulgence on special occasions eg my recent birthday which included, shhh, organic mango, unpasteurised ewe cheese and raw honeycomb!   -X

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: 22 kg fatty male mutton
« on: October 02, 2010, 04:07:24 am »
Nice pics Hannibal!  Are those photos taken where you live?  It looks like heaven to me - a rustic wood store in the forest! :)  How cool!  I hope you weren't thinking of cooking that meat on the fire in the background?!  ;)

Do you consider the high lamb in the pic as fatty or lean?  It looks quite fatty to me.  I'll have to get a photo up of the lamb breasts I eat, and consider fatty, to compare.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences Pimativo.  That's interesting.

How long do you usually freeze the fish?  Do you consider the figure stated by Sally Fallon / Weston Price Foundation of 14 days as accurate and suitable for killing all parasites and their eggs?

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: OH YEAH! barefoot run!!! whos going??
« on: September 28, 2010, 02:47:11 am »
Blimey PaleoPhil!  You weren't kidding when you mentioned taking the opportunity to discuss the topic in depth!!!  :)  When I find a couple of spare days I hope to work my way through that last post!  ;)  As you know, this is also a subject I'm very interested in so I hope I find those spare days soon.  I did watch the videos but need to watch them again as I wasn't monitoring her feet sufficiently!  ;)

Lex, you're an inspiration!  It's really encouraging to read of your progress with your barefoot lifestyle.  Like raw-al, as a fellow woodworker, I'm very impressed that you're able to do this barefoot and would love to be able to achieve such a level of hardness/durability on my feet.  It does make me think that this whole 'minimalist' footwear thing should only be used as a brief stepping stone to achieving a true barefoot lifestyle.

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: 22 kg fatty male mutton
« on: September 28, 2010, 02:39:01 am »
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences on that TD.  Perhaps it wouldn't prove as fruitful here in the UK as I was beginning to hope in that case.  We seem to really struggle for quality foods here in the UK compared to our compatriots!

General Discussion / Re: Raw Bone Meal
« on: September 28, 2010, 02:35:21 am »
No worries RawZi.  BTW, I just googled for a machine capable of grinding chicken bones and skimmed various random forums.  There seemed to be a general consensus that a Vitamix would do the job or even a good food processor.  A high quality meat grinder was considered the best method, however.  Of course, I can't vouch for any of those methods myself as I have no experience of it.  I just thought I'd let you know!  :)

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: OH YEAH! barefoot run!!! whos going??
« on: September 26, 2010, 01:04:47 am »
I've been pretty much barefoot for about 3 years now....

Great report Lex, thanks!  I didn't realise you were also a long-standing convert to the barefoot movement!  I suppose I should've guessed considering your wisdom in most matters.

That's interesting to read of the change to your walking pattern as well as running.  I haven't read of this before.  I think it's a good suggestion from Josh re: trying minimal shoes for occasions when footwear is necessary.  I suspect for other times that, once truly barefoot, one would have no desire to wear ANY form of shoe.  I'm still using VFFs, VivoBarefoots etc myself as I don't see much opportunity for being totally barefoot.  I am keen to try it for my walks/runs in nature, however, and your experiences spurn me on further.

Some of the leading barefooters (like Barefoot Ted, if I recall correctly) have reported that their soles didn't harden, so Lex's contradictory report is interesting. Maybe they mean their soles don't get really hard, just a little tougher or something like that?

Yes, I seem to recall Barefoot Ken Bob stating the same (Funny how they all prefix their name with 'Barefoot' like it's some religious cult eg Father Ted!)  :)  A good friend of mine who spends his life travelling the world, working on organic farms etc tends to naturally go barefoot when hiking in the mountains, running, walking great distances etc.  I can confirm that the soles of his feet are hard and rough like leather!

General Discussion / Re: Chelation therapy using DMSA / ALA
« on: September 26, 2010, 12:51:39 am »
I haven't tried ordering from them before but will do so soon!  I'll let you know how I get on.

I've read about the unpleasant taste/effect of taking the powdered form but intend mixing it with water.  I'm sure it can't be too unpleasant.  I've done so many things over the years in the name of regaining health that little phases me now.  The Pure Bulk website gave some useful information regarding dose sizes.  If you find and view the information on ALA on their website you'll see 3 pictures at the top allowing you to enlarge label details etc.  The 3rd image, volumetric equivalents, offers some suggestions.  1/8 teaspoon, for example, is equivalent to 0.62cc or 243mg.  It should be easy enough to work out what's required.  They even sell some seemingly good quality stainless steel measuring spoons! :)

Sorry to hear you're having difficulties with the candida TS.  It's a difficult monster to tame and I can certainly tell you that I've been in the same place only too often.  Just know that you'll get there eventually.  No need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself.  Each day is an opportunity to start again and improve on the previous.  At least you're not living in the land of denial.  That can be the most difficult obstacle to overcome in regaining one's health!

I'll take a look at your journal...

Hot Topics / Re: After sex?
« on: September 26, 2010, 12:39:26 am »
didn't know you asked for a link,!/video/video.php?v=159668554044333
its on facebook, i tell a story

lady thought i was homeless

Thanks Sully.  It appears that I need to join Facebook to have a look, unfortunately, which I intend NEVER TO DO!!!  :)  If there's any other way I can view it, please let me know.

I have that book on order. I had read and followed one of his other books. Mantek Chia. I found it useful....I think @57 I am in a different age bracket than most here. I recall in my misspent youth going back to my hometown to see my girlfriend (at the time) and staying @ a motel for a day and 8X was all I could manage. I recall having difficulty walking afterwards. I was in love with her.

Which books have you read on the subject Alan?  You're probably a little older than many on here (as am I at 39 today!) but there are certainly quite a few older.  Sounds like a good misspent youth!  ;)  If only you'd known about RPD back then hey?!

Health / Re: Your Body Temperature? Metabolism?
« on: September 26, 2010, 12:32:24 am »
I wonder if you know of links on the subject you mention....

You may live to regret asking that Alan!  ;)  I haven't quite had time to read/digest your earlier 'speech' yet but the nostril thing sounds bemusing enough that I may just try it!  :)

General Discussion / Re: prepare liver
« on: September 26, 2010, 12:28:57 am »
No not every week. Every second order of meat I get a liver, the other order I get a heart. An order of meat lasts me about 2 weeks. So i eat the liver in a week then have none for about 3 weeks.

Sounds sensible Haai and provides a good emulation of the manner in which it was probably eaten in paleo times.

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