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General Discussion / Re: Getting enough food while adapting
« on: June 25, 2009, 11:50:25 pm »
I think that you're overthinking this diet.. Paleo man didn't look up nutrition facts and worry about grams of fat and protein. I also don't believe that paleo man "trained" either. I don't believe in exercises in the going to the gym and lifting weights sense. I believe it to be unhealthy.

There is also a lot more to being healthy than just what you eat.. Its the air you're breathing (and breathing properly), the water you drink, how much stress you have in your life etc..

Getting outside in the fresh air and digging holes, climbing trees, running around... acting like a real paleo man is the way to go.

I eat a meat-only diet, bison and lamb(mutton) are my staples and i eat beef as a secondary option (I feel beef is a poor meat source)
I found that once i stopped weighing out portions of fat and trying to do the diet 'right' i became much healthier and the diet became 100 times easier.

I'm 5'4 and weigh 140 pounds right now, having put on about 20 pounds in the 6 months or so that i started the diet. I had a good physique before the diet even on a vegetarian diet but the density of my muscles has gone way up since i started. Id say i pack back about a pound of steak in the morning before work, then ill eat another 2-3 pounds of meat at night. After a while on the diet you will know if you need to eat some fat or red meat(too long on lamb you wont feel as good until you eat something nice and red)
Since i live in Canada and in the middle of winter you do not want to eat a cold piece of meat, ill drop mine in a hotplate for about 5 seconds a side on a low temp so that when you put it on your tongue it feels nice(simulates a warm fresh kill i suppose). You learn to eat fast this way (before it gets cold again haha). Ive swallowed pieces of meat almost the size of my hand whole and while it feels like your throat is stretching, Ive never choked on it (while i swear Ive nearly died on stuff like celery before haha) and it all gets digested except for some sinew and fatty remnants.

I also don't believe that you can half-ass this diet either.. Its about being mature and giving up on taste because you know it is the best thing for you.. I think doing a healthy meat/fat diet while still eating sugars and other bullshit is almost worse for you and you may as well go back on a SAD.  Having said that, after i decided to cut the crap and no more 'cheat days' I don't get cravings anymore, and you wont even see that stuff as food. You will realise that you enjoyed the memories of eating them more than the actual experience when you do.

I think all I'm trying to say in all these paragraphs is to stop thinking so hard about it and just do it.. haha

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