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General Discussion / Re: low quality meats
« on: December 27, 2010, 10:20:20 pm »
If you dont have access to anything better, than low quality meat is better than none at all.
but then again ive gone to eat meat that was from the store and it tasted so bad i said id rather eat the rice and let my dog eat that meat.On the other hand I eat a grainfed meat right now thats local and it is really good.
There is a huge difference between one persons cow and anothers.  The people I get my beef off of only feed Barley and Grass, and its a HUGE difference over something that is given corn and soy as well.  Some people may also give their cows a bigger ration of grain than somebody else.
So its hard to say where on the sliding scale of 'badness' the meat you can get will fall.  But in general stuff from the store sucks because the people dont care about them.  Just cause you get free-run organic eggs from the store, doesnt mean they're going to be good haha.

General Discussion / Re: How long do you store meat?
« on: December 22, 2010, 01:11:26 am »
If you keep it like Iguana is in his fridge, all hung up it will last a really long time, it also does not get "high" like it does if you're keeping chunks in a jar and airing it out. It just gets aged.  If you keep the air around it, its not going to 'rot' like it does in the jar.
My wife and I have eaten some pretty gross stuff with mold and fuzzies all over it and its pretty  :o  but its not going to kill you. at least, it has never killed us  :P

Pretty much what you have to do is just get the nerve to eat something gross the first time, and then you lose your fear when you realize nothing is going to happen to you, and then its no big deal.

General Discussion / Re: Hunting anyone ?
« on: December 17, 2010, 04:05:39 am »
Holy smokes miles, whats with the name-calling?  You must secretly be eating wheat and it is making you aggressive.

All i said was that meat fresh from a kill, as in 20 seconds after it has died, is not as 'good' as meat that is past the 3 day mark (which is what you are probably eating the equivalent of, coming chilled, cut and wrapped conveniently for you). It becomes more tender and flavorful (good things). Fresh meat is 'shit' as in it is not as tender and flavorful as something that has been hanging from a hook in my cabin for 4 weeks.  I never said that you cannot eat it or anything, but if it makes you feel like a badass eating it fresh and bloody then knock yourself out.

Personally i always feel like im cutting into a special delicacy when im cutting into a piece of meat thats been aging for weeks, with the nice crust and all that on the outside haha.

I also found that with meat that was fresh, I would eat 5lbs and still not feel all that satisfied, whereas if it was aged for a few weeks, i was happy with a much smaller portion.  My wife has sensitive digestion and felt like fresh meat sat a lot longer than aged before being digested.

General Discussion / Re: Hunting anyone ?
« on: December 17, 2010, 01:05:09 am »
Small game you can eat fresh and you wont notice it as much as a larger animal.  But even small game is still better if you let it hang a little.

General Discussion / Re: Hunting anyone ?
« on: December 17, 2010, 12:18:46 am »
you go for the organs first, they are better if you have them sooner rather than later.
Lungs are pretty crappy so you just hack them up into strips and dry them for when you get desperate, they're like Aero's (the chocolate bar) but ahh, not chocolate haha.
Livers from big animals are really big, you probably wont eat the whole thing before you're sick of liver, good thing is that liver makes really good jerky (once you're not a meat noob, it might be a little much for someone new to intense tastes) so eat as much as you want fresh then dry the rest.
Heart makes good jerky or is good fresh.
kidneys do well with both but they're not gigantic and i prefered them fresh over jerky, but nothing wrong with jerking them.
Fat is fat, its just warm when you eat it straight out of the animal, but it doesnt stay warm for more than a few hours usually.

You pretty much just have to keep stuff dry, well ventilated and keep the flys off (a pain in the ass)

General Discussion / Re: Hunting anyone ?
« on: December 16, 2010, 10:51:00 pm »
Meat cut straight from a freshly dead animal while its still warm is not as magic as you would believe, it takes around 3 days for it to begin getting some taste and softening up.  It is nowhere near as good as meat that has been hung up to age for 3+ weeks.

General Discussion / Re: Hunting anyone ?
« on: December 16, 2010, 09:22:15 pm »
I have tried to sustain myself by hunting and was in a sense successful, but learned a few things along the way.

The first one we noticed was that when you're living off of mainly moose and rabbit, you are not getting a lot of fat. You might get 5 weeks of meat, but only 1 week of fat off the animal.  You can have meat coming out your ears but it doesnt matter because you have no fat source.  We realised the folly of trying to emulate an inuit style diet, when you dont live where the inuit do, hunting animals covered in blubber.  You 'can' do it, making up for the fat by hunting beavers and bears and fatty animals like that, but you dont get to choose what you eat. You can say 'ill just get a bear for my fat', but actually doing it is a different story.  We found out that nature doesnt provide in the way that you might think.  The main thing we really learned is that Diet is a Privilege.  In the real world, sometimes you dont have a choice of what you get to eat. You can call yourself a carnivore all you want, but sometimes all you have is a bowl of rice.

I was just one person taking care of a full grown moose using a hunting knife and hatchet.  Id start taking the skin off (to make it lighter) and then put a leg up on my shoulder so i could take the stomach out (which isnt easy when its laying in a hole or whatever other inconvenient place it chose to die.) and get all the stomach/intestines out of the way.  Id put everything else that was inside in a bag, jar up as much blood as i could and drag it back. Then id take a leg at a time off (you just learn where to make the cuts and you can take the legs off easy with just a knife) and drag them back.  Then my wife and I would go back and strip the rest of the meat off of the ribs/neck/spine, take out the tongue/eyes/brain and drag the last load back.

Then we would usually eat the organs first, and whatever we didnt eat the first say, three days, gets turned into jerky.
Fresh meat.. is shit.  Its really terrible, it has no taste and is really chewy, it takes at least three days (depending on the temp) for the muscle meat to become edible.  If we were eating the meat before then we would have to send it through our burger-maker, but the burgers were still lame compared to something a little older.
we would turn the 'shit meat' like the stuff with lots of sinue on the front legs into jerky, and kept the good meat, from say the hind legs or backstraps for eating.  Any organs we didnt finish were dried, blood and eyes were dried, lungs were dried.
Anything that 'went gross' was just turned into jerky and it became amazing jerky.
After all the meat was off a leg we would crack it open and mix some spices into the bone marow and have wonderful buttery dip for our meat.
When its warmer out you have about a 3 day window of what you would call 'fresh meat' like what you would get from the butchers (so hung 28 days or whatever) and then you're eating high meat for the next 4 weeks (which you will come to prefer anyway, but variety is always nice)

General Discussion / Re: how to butcher a deer head
« on: December 15, 2010, 10:51:03 pm »
oh, and you can take your knife and cut away its eyelids, then stick your knife in the eye socket and start cutting away around the eye, until you can pry it out a little bit, then grab it and pull it out more so you can cut off the stuff thats sticking it to the brain and you have yourself some eyeballs, which i usually dried with the blood since they're not the most edible when its from a bigger animal but if you're hungry knock yourself out.

General Discussion / Re: Bloody goodness.
« on: December 15, 2010, 09:54:02 pm »
When you hang up your meat the blood is just going to keep dripping out from it, and its going to last longer if its not as wet (at least on the outside),  When you cut into one of the main veins/arteries or open up the heart, let the blood drain into buckets or some kind of container, then set it near something thats going to dry it out and in a few days it will turn into blood candies that will stick in your teeth really bad.. It is easy to bust up into a powder though and you can put it into anything from there, since nobody is going to drink a whole animal worth of blood from something as big as a deer.

General Discussion / Re: how to butcher a deer head
« on: December 15, 2010, 05:44:20 am »
I used a small hatchet..
Make a cut on each side, just inside where the horns are, then one at the front and back of the top of the skull..  Its just going to take a few heads until you've got an idea where the brain is..
After you make your cuts you can kind of pry open the skull top.. If you cut the right area it will pop off and the top of the brain is in there. Its inside a kind of sack thing so you take your fingers and use them to loosen the sack from the wall of the skull. there will be cord things from the back of the brain into the neck, and the some through the bottom. Use your knife or fingers to sever them and you can pretty much scoop the brain out whole in the sack.

Now laugh at how small animals brains are.

We're not sure yet if the brain has something in it like adrenal glands where adrenal glands from something large like a moose will kind of mess you up if you eat too much at once. Mabye the pituarity or hyperthalamus have a bunch of hormones where you might not want a big chunk of them at once.. just something to keep in mind.

and if you havent already, you cut the tongue out from the fleshy area between the two jaw bones, underneath.  Skin it off and start drawing your knife along the inside edges of the jaw from front to back and chopping away untill you have it loose back as far as you can go and then cut it off from there.

Personals / Re: Newfoundland?
« on: July 27, 2010, 04:21:02 am »
The 'Wilderness' is abundant. I guess the one problem is that all the roads out into it are the old logging roads, so a lot of what you see from the roadside is all chewed up and cut down which is a shame.  If you're a fan of wild berries then this is definately the place for you.. there is so many blueberries coming ripe that you wouldnt know what to do with them all.. I have eaten meals of raspberries haha.
You cant walk 10 steps without seeing signs of moose or caribou, they are everywhere.
You can pick up remote cabins for less than 10k easily here, some lower than 3k.
Its a pretty perfect place for somebody who wants to live off of the land.
Ill have to live here a little longer to give you a 'real' evaluation though.

We're just new here and looking to see if there might be anyone into the same kind of stuff as us.

Personals / Newfoundland?
« on: July 24, 2010, 03:06:27 am »
Heya, My wife and I have just moved to newfoundland and were wondering if there were any RPD's here. It would be strange if there wasnt since there is so much MOOOSE to live off.   >D

General Discussion / Re: storing raw fat
« on: May 13, 2010, 07:45:49 pm »
I just throw all of my extra fat into a bucket when im processing animals, a mutton was the last one i had a bunch of extra suet-like fat, but some was hide fat and just random fats from all over the animal. its been in the bucket for oh, 8 or more weeks now?  its fine..  if you dont let the air get at  it (like, good airflow over the stuff), it might get a little fuzz on it or some green mold. Other than it getting a 'taste' its fine.

I guess its kind of funny how it works.. first you have to get over the 'yukkyness' of this diet, then your fear of parasites, and then your fear of mold.  why stop there? lets stop being afraid of everything haha.

General Discussion / Cadmium
« on: April 28, 2010, 12:11:19 am »
I hear about not eating the livers and kidneys of wild animals because of Cadmium being in their organs.... Sounds kind of hokey to me.. kind of like mercuary being in fish...   Anybody have any experience?

Hot Topics / Re: Urine Therapy
« on: April 27, 2010, 11:53:50 pm »
I kind of look to children for the answers..

Kind of like 'why do kids eat glue?'  their bodies must know there is gelatin or something from those horse hooves that they make that pasty kids glue out of, they know they must need the nutes from it so they eat it...

in that same vein of thinking, i can not recall ever watching a child collect its body wastes and re-ingest them.... 

but then again i suppose i used to eat my boogers as a kid.... humm.

General Discussion / Re: oh my, what did i grow??
« on: April 27, 2010, 11:28:37 pm »
it sounds just like the fuzzy mold that grows on meat when you leave it out, just happened slower in the fridge..

It wont hurt you, it just has a weird taste.. Ive never had a problem eating the mold that grows on my meat.

The funkiest so far would be my mutton bits that were mainly fat, a little meat. they had been sitting out on the bench for about 5 weeks and in all the folds of the chunk, a wet blue mold was growing so we sliced the fat up like blue cheese and ate it like a fancy treat haha. It was pretty intense tasting.

Another thing i dont get is raw fat going 'rancid'. How long does this usually take? right now i am eating a piece of fat that I left here on the desk about oh, 17 weeks ago, its pretty tasty...

General Discussion / Re: Anybody up for a no-sleep challenge?
« on: April 27, 2010, 11:22:04 pm »
eating a natural diet.... while getting into an unnatural sleep pattern? haha

Haha, well it looks like I have gone the opposit, where I used to eat a lot of dandelion and leeks at this time of the year.. after eating meat dandelions are pretty Yuck and leeks burn the shit out of my mouth and I need to broth them first to take the unpleasantness out of it.. Last year I also noticed that I could not eat more than 1-2 wild apples before my mouth got all fucked up and sore from them, where as before when i used to be a veggie, i would eat 10+ apples a day no problem..

Im not saying that they are so horrible that i would not eat them anymore, i am still munching on them as i stroll through the woods looking for shrooms, just that I would not be putting them in my mouth as a source of food unless i was starving to death. You would not want to LIVE off of them, eating large quantities of them every day.

haha its not that im 'limiting' myself to meat.. its more that after eating meat for a while, anything that isnt meat just isnt food anymore.. i kind of got myself stuck haha. 

 We are big fans of wild edibles, except that we dont really concider them as edible as we used to... have you ever munched down a bunch of dandelion?  would you really eat it as a food?  Other than fruits which are only occasional (in canada) what wild foods would you WANT to eat in the same way that i WANT to eat good quality grassfed meat? (I do not get the same, i WANT to eat this from grainfed.. more like a DO NOT SWALLOW haha)

but this isnt about me, Its more for suggestions on foods for somebody to eat who is on a budget and cannot afford meat at $5.50lb (again, thats what it costs around here, you pay that, or you dont get grassfed..) Fish is $7lb for the cheap stuff pretty much which pales next to red meat as far as nutes for your buck go....

What a predicament haha...

I have found a raw meat diet very expensive.  For some months of the year i can get grassfed beef at $3.50lb  but generally it costs me at least $5.50lb for bison (only 100% grassfed meat around here), and once i buy all of the "cheap" meat im up to $7+ cuts of meat, i usually have to just stop eating meat and go on a fruitarian diet until the next animal is sent in (I buy all the organs/fat of the animals too). So for just me to eat a week is at least $70, plus I also have my wifes food in there (say, another $50) and my cat and dog eating raw(grainfed) too (another say, $20), so my food bill a week is like, $150, minimum for my family.... compare that to when I was a kid 8 years ago living off of grains, we could buy a weeks groceries for $30... thats a difference of $120, a week...  you're kidding if you think the 'cost of health' isnt an incredible ammount.

My wife and I are about 3 weeks away from taking our tent and guns and we are heading into the great white north and a big reason for that is that its just getting too much trying to acquire quality foods and even then we feel farmed pales in comparason to wild foods. Since there isnt really any 'going back' once you start feeling really good eating raw we didnt have many other options haha (and we always wanted to live outdoors anyway, we're just doing it a lot sooner)

I just dont know what to recomend to somebody who wants to eat healthy but can not afford $100+ a week on groceries.

General Discussion / What to eat when grassfed meat is not available?
« on: April 13, 2010, 02:53:03 am »
I have a question and was wondering what other people would do.
I am trying to get someone to eat a more paleo diet than they currently are. When people are used to eating grains the jump in the cost of food is a little stark.

Grassfed meat is pretty scarce around here, although available every so often.  What would you recomend somebody to eat?

Grainfinished local beef with no hormones/antibiotics is plentiful but I personally after eating grassfed do not think it is very good for you, but if thats all you have?

Are you going to be ok eating a local grainfed meat heavy diet with some local fruits/veggies?  I have never eaten grainfed meat for long periods of time and I was never a fan of it, but if you do not have tastes accoustomed to grassfed, will you fare better than on a grain-heavy diet? or will you have a terrible time relative since in a sense you are still eating grains?

This is a pretty rambled question but I dont know what to recomend to somebody else who is used to budgeting (mother/daugher) a weeks groceries under $50.  In the end i think meat is the best bang for your buck, but then again i dont know what it would be like eating grainfed fats for your fats?  They want to eat better, but how does someone afford it(or when grassfed is just not available)?

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Hair Length
« on: April 04, 2010, 02:27:27 am »
I have long hair down my back, i live outdoors and dont brush it.. My hair turned into kind of dreadlock things, i really only seperated the unwanted clumps.. I guess it looks like Jack Sparrow hair, Some dreadlocks, some regular hair...

I notice that it keeps me a lot warmer in the cold.  It gets caught in all kinds of things walking through the woods though but i prefer to carry my natural scarf/beanie/emergency cordage on me at all times haha.

General Discussion / Re: Benefits of Parasites
« on: April 04, 2010, 01:36:19 am »
Well when I got the ol' Bever fever or giardias or whatever you wnat to call it, they say you're going to be sick for about 3 weeks.. Both my wife and I were only feeling smacked around for 2-3 days.

We do notice that if we get sick, our appetite for meat drops and we prefer plant based stuff. 

Like when I had the giardias I was like 'no, no meat..' and I would eat a grapefruit or two a day while my wife laughed at me and called me a pussy.. then two days later when it grabbed her she was going 'no... no meat' and would just eat a grapefruit too...  three uncomfortable days later we were fine again.

It might not be the fruit that we're after though, probably just the liquids, since we both are not fans of water, we think now you would drink Blood -> fruit -> water  as preferance.  So we drink fruit these days, but then again after one or two grapefruit your mouth feels messed up so your body limits you haha.

We also took oregano oil at first because you know, you have evil parasites right?  looking back the adaption to the giardia parasite might have been much smoother if we just let things happen instead of KILL IT!!! OMG ITS TRYING TO KILL ME!!  I think we may have made things worse fighting it.

I lost what my point was, i think it had to do with raw paleo = symbiote, S.A.D = Parasite?

General Discussion / Re: Benefits of Parasites
« on: April 03, 2010, 11:24:02 pm »
Yuri, they didnt say that the southerners were lazy because of hookworm, they just used hookworm as the excuse for their lack of caring aboot whatever they wanted them to do.

General Discussion / Re: Gonorrhea As the Next Superbug
« on: March 31, 2010, 11:04:38 pm »
You are not even really supposed to know that germs even exist, microscopes are not paleo :P

Since we found a way to see these invisible things it just added another layer of stress onto our lives that really serves no purpose... OMG THERE ARE TINY THINGS LIVING ON AND IN ME!!! MY BANE!!

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