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Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Farms in New York...which one?
« on: August 12, 2012, 08:48:58 pm »
I've bought from Grazin' Angus Acres for the past couple years. Great quality to the meat and great folks to deal with. You can buy from the farm is Ghent or you can stop in at one of their stalls in NYC on the weekends. :)

I bought ground meat from their stall in the city and it was really tasty. Do you know what they feed the cows during winter time?

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: fat to protein ratio
« on: August 10, 2012, 11:58:42 pm »
Wow, that's a lot of fat.

Which fats do you prefer?


         Yes, it is a lot of fat but I don't think I'm eating enough protein to supply my body with enough glucose to get myself through the day. I am eating this much fat because of my past problems with sugar cravings and blood sugar crashes. I seem to feel most stable this way.
          I had trouble digesting suet when I first started the diet. It was coming out in my stool completely undigested, so I switched to fat trimmings and I seem to digest them very well. I don't know if the incomplete digestion had anything to do with the possible damage done to my digestive system from eating so bad over the years or not but I may try reintroducing suet soon (I can get it 100% grass fed) to see if there is any improvements. Then again, I've read some people on this forum have trouble digesting suet as well..

          Eating 100% Grass Fed Fat would seem more ideal considering the ratio of Omega 3:6. Luckily, the meat I get is 100% grass-fed so it does help to balance things out but I'm sure my Omega 6 intake is a lot higher the days I don't eat fish because of the grain finished fat.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: fat to protein ratio
« on: August 10, 2012, 10:04:37 pm »
does anyone here eating zero carb have an idea of the percentage fat/lean they are consuming (by calories)?  sorry if this measuring is a bit neurotic,  but i seem to be doing something wrong.

Hi Loanna,

I eat about 240-250g of fat along with around 80-90g protein per day. I think for the most part of the day I am in ketosis but I haven't yet purchased keto-sticks to prove that. I do workout though so I will assume that any extra glucose that my body is making from that amount of protein would be used up rather quickly. I've been eating this way now for almost a year and have noticed that if I don't supplement my diet with at least 1 teaspoon of Sea Salt throughout the day I will become very nauseous due to electrolyte loss (which in ketosis you lose them rather quickly through urine).

240g of Fat = 2160 Calories
80g of Protein = 320 Calories
Total = 2480 Calories per day.

This would be about 85% of my Calories coming from fat.

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello !
« on: August 10, 2012, 09:41:36 pm »
Where do we stand without courage? In the hands of the profiteers? Well, I've been down that road and it seems to end rather quickly..

Thanks, much appreciated!

Ohhhhhh yea. Nice one. Very inspiring. Love to hear about courageous people doing courageous dietary lifestyle changes to feel the power of raw paleo. Our bodies are built to give us endless joy and happiness, all you need to do is follow the laws of nature.

Big big big congrats on your recovery!

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello !
« on: August 10, 2012, 09:34:30 pm »
As the saying goes, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink." I guess you can say some people just aren't as open minded as others. And we know the media doesn't make the raw transition any easier with all of their "bacterial scares". Well, I haven't been sick once since I've started eating the raw meat and I'm sure a lot of people here haven't been either. I think I have heard of more people getting sick from contaminated vegetables than meat to be honest.
  The only problem I ran into was nausea from electrolyte loss(I believe this was due to being in deep ketosis). This was easily fixed by adding a total of 1 teaspoon of sea salt into my bottles of water throughout the day.

Me too.

I have largely given up on convincing people about the diet online.  Between testimonials like this, and my own personal experience, I know it works.  What other proof would anyone need?

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello !
« on: August 09, 2012, 10:20:01 pm »
Thanks! It's been quite the journey, but taking the responsibility of putting my health in my own hands has really paid off.  :)

Primal Diet / Re: mercury in fish detoxes mercury from body
« on: August 09, 2012, 09:23:58 pm »
I read a theory that the high Selenium content in seafood "combats" any possible negative effects of the mercury. This theory says that if the mercury content is higher than the selenium content, you dont want to eat that fish. I think it gave Swordfish as an example of a specimen that has too high Mercury too little Selenium.

Whatever the theory, I dig the idea of not worrying about it! Fish is too damn good to worry whether or not they got dat ThermometerStuff in 'em

Also, Iodine is rich in seafood. Iodine has been proven to rid the body of mercury. Dr. Brownstein and Dr. Abraham have proven this.

Welcoming Committee / Hello !
« on: August 09, 2012, 09:06:51 pm »

    After browsing this forum for almost a year now, I've finally decided to create an account. I've learned a lot from you guys and would like to say, Thank you!  :D.
    It's been almost a year for me now on a RZC diet consisting of only Raw Meat/Fats/Sea Salt and I feel stronger than ever!
    Before starting my journey with raw foods I consistently ran into dead ends with vitamins and supplements. I lacked energy, the ability to concentrate, my memory seemed to dissipate, and my moods were unstable (most of the time depressed). I tried everything from B Vitamins to Amino Acid supplements and they did help initially, but after a while I had come to the realization that something else was wrong.. maybe I wasn't digesting my food the right way.
    I  decided to stop all of my supplements and instead cut out all Dairy and Gluten after reading that they can wreak havoc on digestion. This was a complete disaster for the first 3 weeks. I experienced a detox reaction that left me laying in bed for almost 2 weeks with headaches, fevers, mood swings, chills, muscle aches, dizziness, nausea, and diarrhea. I didn't give up though and after those 2 weeks most of the symptoms subsided.
    After 3 weeks I felt like a new person. I had the energy of a 10 year old! My fogged mind had cleared, my depression was gone! I felt great but wanted to feel even better, so I decided to venture into a Raw Diet.
   I am a true believer in raw foods being able to restore a broken metabolism and nutrient depleted body and will continue with this diet until my body tells me otherwise.


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