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General Discussion / Re: Digestive issues
« on: December 24, 2008, 10:50:19 am »
I think it's best to avoid the fiber and have it continue irritating your bowels and make it worse than it already is. Eat high-fat, low-fibre carbs and some meat. Give it some time.

Hot Topics / Re: Another Dairy Topic
« on: December 20, 2008, 09:36:05 am »
Butter and even cream seem to be ok for most but cheese, yogurt, milk not so much because of too much lactose and casein.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Overeating
« on: December 15, 2008, 09:34:17 pm »

Hot Topics / Re: Zero-carbers question
« on: December 15, 2008, 09:29:18 pm »
You will have to find that ratio for yourself but the 80/20 ratio seems to be pretty popular. If you really can't get suet, hide-fat or bone marrow, then maybe include butter. Raw or heated, whichever you deem is more healthy. Your call!

Journals / Re: Dameon Wolf's Journal
« on: December 15, 2008, 02:34:50 am »
Yes. Definetly psychological.

Hot Topics / Re: Raw fat
« on: December 15, 2008, 02:31:34 am »
I agree that heating changes food but ultimately, the question is whether cooked foods have any effect on the human body and lead to certain health problems. And by cooked foods, I mean animal fat and meat. Nothing else. Is a person eating a few fruits, here and there (like Tyler) and meat all raw, better off in the long run than say someone like me who eats no fruits at all and eats their meat and fat slightly cooked? We just don't know. We make assumptions. We assume that because food is modified through eating that it must have some negative consequences on the body but where is the proof?? There's none. I'm not saying that cooked meat is without health consequences but I'm not saying the opposite either. I don't know but I have my UNFOUNDED suspicions.


Journals / Re: Dameon Wolf's Journal
« on: December 14, 2008, 08:26:35 pm »
If you do ever go ZC, you have to eat mostly fat and a little protein. Some of the symptoms you described above sound very familiar to me and were due to lack of fat, too much protein. I've been ZC since Aug 1, 2008 and on and off since summer of 2007.

Should you decide to include fruits or carbs, make that a small proportion of what you eat. The more fat, the better. It's ok to go "crazy" with fat...your body will quickly let you know when you've hit the maximum. Saturated fat is should definetly be the most sought after fat. Best of luck in your journey.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Overeating
« on: December 14, 2008, 08:19:20 pm »
I would just like to add to the above and say that the error I made was eating too much protein and not enough fat. If you ever decide to go ZC, be sure to include lots and I mean LOTS of fat. This is the key to success.

Hot Topics / Re: Zero-carbers question
« on: December 14, 2008, 08:16:34 pm »
It's normal for memory and other functions to decline the first week or even couple of weeks on ZC. The body is adapting to a new fuel. The problem with these studies is that it's short-term and doesn't take into account the adaptation period.

I've learned, through trial and error, that the key to making zero-carb work is to eat very high amount of fat. This will make a world of difference. For the longest time, I thought my problems were caused by too much fat but it was exactly the opposite.

General Discussion / Re: Liver Issues, Fat, Protein, Ammonia?
« on: December 14, 2008, 08:12:51 pm »
I cannot emphasize this enough. Eat a little protein and plenty of fat! 80% and more fat, in terms of calories. If this gives you nausea, then slightly reduce fat.

General Discussion / Re: Those With Acne or Who Had Acne
« on: December 14, 2008, 08:08:50 pm »
I think the best cure for acne is very low carb and plenty of animal fat.

General Discussion / Re: Vitamins and Minerals
« on: December 14, 2008, 08:06:03 pm »
If one eats well, supplements are a waste of money.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Peeling lips
« on: December 12, 2008, 04:09:04 am »
I get the peeling lips too.

General Discussion / Re: Is canned fish boiled?
« on: December 12, 2008, 04:07:23 am »
Used to often eat canned sardines or salmon and thought it was so healthy. I was eating "dead" food all along!

General Discussion / Re: How to stomach down organs?
« on: December 12, 2008, 04:05:46 am »
I always enjoyed organ-meats very much. Kidney, tongue and brain were a treat when I was younger. I even liked liver. These, I like raw or cooked. Don't matter.

The organs I don't really like are thymus and heart. Never had them when I was a kid either.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Overeating
« on: December 11, 2008, 10:22:44 am »
I'd like to share my story as a reminder that too much of a good thing can prove to be harmful. I went all-raw during the summer of 2007 and mostly ate organ meats. I also stopped eating any carbs. I would eat large amounts of heart, kidney, tongue and liver, usually twice daily. I began to experience fatigue, especially after meals and certain symptoms I hoped would go away on this diet actually worsened like hives. This lasted about 2 months after which I decided to change things around. I tried including more fruits, less meat, more muscle-meat, more fat, etc. Always raw. If anything, things got a little worse. I would often feel bloated, my weight went up, my moods were unstable, my skin was very dry, hives persisted. Post-meal fatigue would sometimes get so intense that I would fall asleep almost immediately after my meals and sleep for hours. Gained weight, felt anxious, abdomen was hurting and was distended.

At the moment, I mostly eat muscle-meat, rarely organ meats and only slightly cooked, raw on the inside.

Until recently, I didn't quite understand why I was feeling so lousy on a diet that is supposedly the healthiest for "man". But then, I remembered something Tyler once said, that if he ate too frequently (i.e twice daily), he felt tired. He surmised it was the excess nutrients and strain on the digestive system. Bingo!

I would often eat despite lack of hunger, just because it was "time" to eat or because I was bored. But, if I listened to hunger, I would usually only eat every 24-36 hours. And everytime, I did, I felt a little better. Suddenly, my energy levels would rise.

So, in our quest to regain health and reap the most benefits out of such a diet, we should not forget to also get in touch with our body's signals. This is a nutrient-dense diet and as such, we don't need much. Eat ONLY when hungry and things will be fine. Let your acculturation and emotions dominate your actions and you will pay the price. I certainly did.

General Discussion / Re: Changes when cutting out carbs
« on: November 14, 2008, 01:38:25 am »
There are actually others like me on this board and on another one too

My meat is raw on the inside, cooked on the outside. It tastes better and I'm personally not convinced that 100% raw is significantly healthier.

I tell everyone how I eat and have had no problems so far. The fact that I eat my food slightly cooked probably helps. But even then, some may comment on how raw the inside is. I don't care.

I've only eaten meat and water. Nothing else.

My energy levels fluctuate but are much better when I eat less fat and more protein. Excess fat makes me tired. I usually eat twice daily, sometimes once daily and rarely 3x or more.

I mostly eat beef. Liver, very occasionally. Muscle meat almost exclusively.

I like chicken thighs and pork but feel the best when I eat beef. It is much more satisfying.

I am mostly sedentary but when I walk, I walk for hours and walk fast. I'm 32 years old.

General Discussion / Re: raw scallop reaction
« on: November 14, 2008, 01:14:23 am »
I have those same reactions when I eat too much fat. But scallops are almost 100% protein so I guess it must have been an allergic reaction. Glad it's over with, I know the feeling.

General Discussion / Re: Changes when cutting out carbs
« on: November 14, 2008, 01:06:28 am »
The "adrenaline rush" mentioned is something I've definetly experienced. Two things will cause this. Reducing or eliminating carbs. Or eating too much fat and hence not enough protein. Ultimately, I think these symptoms are caused by a deficit/change in certain minerals like too little magnesium, for example.

That's why it's best to remain constant with the level of carbs and eat plenty of protein. I've been on the fence about fat but I am beginning to share Tyler's view that one does not need so much fat.

I've been zero-carb (no "cheats") for almost 4 months. Meat and water. Nothing else.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: How many carbs do you need?
« on: November 07, 2008, 09:26:36 pm »
The brain can and does run on ketones, more efficiently, might I add. It cannot run on fatty acids because they are unable to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Journals / Re: Yuri recovery
« on: October 24, 2008, 09:00:23 pm »
I stopped taking estrogen and progesterone. I was taking hormones because I no longer have ovaries.

Then, I ate a few cloves of garlic one night (last week) and this really made a difference. I was really craving garlic that day.

I would react negatively to most every food and would actually feel better, more energetic when fasting. The tide is turning now! :)

I have been zero-carb for almost 3 months, off hormones for 1 month and a half.

Journals / Re: Yuri recovery
« on: October 24, 2008, 10:38:21 am »
I'm not so sure about the fat percentage. I also thought that less was better but since my digestion and overall health has improved, I do well on higher fat like probably around 70-80%. That's why i asked about garlic...since taking some and dropping my hormones, things have really improved!

Best of luck, Yuri. My heart goes out to you...kinda been there. :)

Journals / Re: Yuri recovery
« on: October 23, 2008, 08:47:37 pm »

Have you tried garlic? Does the thought of having some make your mouth watery? Do you crave it?

Welcoming Committee / Re: Just joined, a little about myself
« on: October 19, 2008, 09:52:49 am »
Glad to have you on this forum, Mav. :)

Health / Re: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
« on: October 16, 2008, 09:22:41 pm »
PCOS can be cured but terminal hairs will remain terminal hairs. But, at least, you can prevent new ones from coming in and becoming terminal.

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