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General Discussion / Re: Plantains vs. Bananas?
« on: June 23, 2017, 10:11:16 pm »
That amount of sugar in a fruit is not natural. There is no way our paleo ancestors would've had access to fruit that was so sweet. Through selective breeding and other farming practices, we've turned most of our fruits into candy that grows in a tree. So we have to be careful with them.

Boy, I live for the day when I  can happily kill and slaughter  a whole animal like a sheep or a wild boar and consume it on the spot before the, er "ordinaries".

We should open a rpd/primal resort where this is an everyday thing. We'd have the highest quality foods mostly produced on-site. We'd take visitors/tourists from all over the world who could stay, relax, learn and gain knowledge and experience for a fee.

General Discussion / Re: Plantains vs. Bananas?
« on: June 23, 2017, 09:20:33 pm »
Depending on the variety, plaintains are generally fully edible and tasty when the skin is yellow with perhaps a hint of brown, but before it turns black. A few black spots here and there are ok. If you have any doubts, press lightly on it with your fingers, it should have a little give all throughout the plaintain (sometimes certain parts ripen faster than others). In this state it will be sweet and soft enough to eat, but it will still contain plenty of raw edible starch. This is the ideal way to consume them in my opinion, and is roughly equivalent to most green unripe banana varieties, except the flavor is much better.

If you wait until plantains are entirely black in the skin, with the variety I've most often come across, you'll get the sugar bomb, which is what we're trying to avoid.

If there are hard spots or if the skin is green, inside you will find something that is way too hard and way too starchy to be palatable. It's worse than a raw wild potato. It can however be edible if you blend it with other foods, but in this case you would just be using it as a starch supplement, because there'll be almost no flavor in it.

According to AV, you need specific enzyme mutations to be able to properly tolerate cooked greens.

Here he was talking about some of the effect of eating cooked greens for those who lacked the proper enzyme mutations:

Fat resins, especially from vegetable oils, and protein residues from cooked or processed green foods first collect in intestinal cells. Secondly, they collect as gummy resins in the glands (as in prostatitis leading to prostate cancer). Thirdly, they collect as gummy resins in the brain (as in Alzheimer’s disease). Finally, the gummy resins frequently crystallize, hardening cells and creating disease such as hardening of the heart, arteriosclerosis and multiple sclerosis.

If they will keep you from consuming less healthy options, definitely go for it.

Health / Re: Help buying a dehydrator :)
« on: June 21, 2017, 11:41:00 am »
Shouldn't the fan get rid of the flies? When I used a fan to dry lemon peels and pulp, it prevented all fruit flies from proliferating. However, for meat flies, maybe you need a more powerful fan? Since the type of fly that likes meat (house fly) is much bigger and can probably resist milder air flows. Another option might be to use a sort of net or mesh over the top that prevents larger flies from accessing the meat, but allows the air to flow.

Keep in mind that once a thin crust of dried meat has formed on the surface, I don't think flies can do anything about it at that point, since they only feed or lay eggs in fresh, wet meat, and they prefer liquids only (they use their saliva to liquify meats before ingesting it)

Like I said in the other post, you can use a fan to easily dehydrate your beef. But in any case, no, I don't think anyone seriously believes that dehydrated foods have the same nutritional value as fresh. However, dehydrated foods are convenient, easy to store for long periods (especially if you're into prepping), or to carry with you on trips where you know you will have access to fresh water, but not much else.

Health / Re: Help buying a dehydrator :)
« on: June 21, 2017, 08:09:41 am »
Another way to dehydrate things is to either hang them or make thin disks or strips and place them flat on a rack, then use an electric fan to keep the air flowing.

Thanks! One can't help but wonder how so many people explain this away by saying that those foods lacked nutrients that modern catfood contains. Which it may or it may not, but it fails to explain how feeding the cats the same foods raw solved the problem.

Also, I know very little about cats, but the 3rd generation cooked food cats look a lot like modern domestic cats to me.

Another question would be why cooked food cats haven't gone extinct. I suppose the main reason would be mutations that allowed some cats to still reproduce on cooked foods. Another possible explanation would be if plenty of cats go out and hunt regularly even when living in cities where there isn't much for them to hunt except pidgeons, bats and rats. I suppose from those, bats are the most nutritious (being that they feed entirely on raw insects). but they're likely also the hardest ones for cats to find and catch.

Another surprise was the mention of the fact that the plants grown in the pens filled with the urine and fecal matter of the cats fed raw foods thrived, whereas the plants grown in the pens of cooked fed cats struggled. I think even AV was under the impression that plants will do well on any sort of minerals, this would suggest otherwise.

Coffee is disgusting. It tastes worse than beer. I could never bring myself to drink it without mixing it with a bit of milk or cream. The beans are roasted (burned) before you even make your beverage. Lots of toxicity in there. If you must drink caffeinated beverages, grab some tea or yerba mate tea. Choosing a healthier option may be a step toward weaning yourself off it. Be careful with yerba mate tea, however, as the taste is so mild that it's easy to consume gigantic amounts of caffeine by drinking a very concentrated beverage (which is typically the traditional way it's consumed, or at least traditional by modern standards). Even so, I would choose very concentrated yerba mate over coffee any day.

General Discussion / Re: Why Do Vegans Hate Me?
« on: June 04, 2017, 08:45:23 pm »
Militant vegans hate themselves, and to better manage their self-hate, they project that onto others and hate everybody else, be it vegan, vegetarian or meat eater. They save their love and compassion for non-human things instead, i.e. non-human animals, be it herbivores, omnivores or carnivores.

I did a vegan diet for 1 year once, and 6 months at a different time (plus 6 months with a vegetarian diet immediately prior to the vegan diet), and I was like you. I kept it to myself unless specifically asked.

Humans are meant to eat meat, when you don't eat meat, and don't even consume decent substitutes like dairy and eggs, you tend to become very aggressive. There's a primal instinct telling you that it's time to go out to hunt, because you need meat. But because vegans have a mental block that prevents them from meeting their nutritional needs, they channel that aggression towards other humans. I suspect deep down, plenty of militant vegans would actually like to become serial killers and cannibals/vampires if given the right circumstances.

One example, he's one of the most honest ones, but I believe there are plenty of others who feel the same way, they just don't express it in public like him. (there are about 300 thousand people subscribed to his channel, a similar number to other popular militant vegan youtube channels)

Health / Re: How do you get over your addiction to cooked food?
« on: June 04, 2017, 08:07:04 pm »
You can easily make all kinds of raw hot sauces. Hot peppers of all varieties, radishes, garlic, onion, ginger, mustard seeds, etc, etc

As far as the addiction part, I struggle with that too, especially when the quality and variety of my raw foods is lacking. And even though I went over 1.5 years without a bite of anything cooked, and over 2.5 years with only 1 cooked meal in between (that I had only for social reasons related to work), I recently "relapsed" and had about three months where initially I started having a bite of cooked foods here and there when out with friends, and realizing how amazing they taste, and eventually I got to the point where, for 1 or 1.5 months, about 50% of my food intake became cooked. I think I've got it under control now, but I still get cravings.

The type of cravings I get are always about food groups I'm not having in my raw diet. So right now I'm lacking dairy and sweets and starches and high fat content in my raw foods, so that's what I crave. I don't crave cooked steak or chicken because I have plenty of those raw.

I remember when I was just starting with this, 3 to 5 months in, I was craving cooked chicken like crazy, until I finally ate some raw chicken, and my craving for cooked chicken went away instantly. Before that, I didn't eat raw chicken because I couldn't find any with a decent enough quality (all I could get up til that point was factory farmed chicken)

I do pay the price for giving in to cravings. Headaches, heartburn, unhealthy weight gain (whether it's cooked fat or water, I can't say, but probably both), and other digestive problems, along with requiring more sleep which is of far lower quality, often waking up with blocked muscles (perhaps from an incorrectly finished REM sleep cycle) that only function at about 20% of normal strenght and coordination for some time.

Well technically speaking, salami is raw, since it's not it's not heated. However, it contains other ingredients that some of us choose to avoid. Even in homemade salami, while most of the ingredients are fine, there's also plenty of salt.

I was thinking that by overloading them with the bacteria and yeasts you want, it would work.

When making kefir from kefir grains, all it takes is to add either a small amount of kefir grains, or a little already made kefir from a recent batch into raw milk to get the whole of the raw milk to adopt the bacteria and yeast composition of your kefir, even though the milk already has its own microbes present in small quantities, but what you add is much more concentrated and developed, so it overtakes whatever else was in there from before.

Hot Topics / Re: Pro-salt article
« on: May 29, 2017, 09:31:07 pm »
I suppose sundried salt would be what you're referring to, surfsteve?

If the salt and spices are what control the types of yeast and bacteria that grow and ferment the foods, then wouldn't it be possible to start a "mother culture" similar to vinegar, with the salt and spices, and then use that culture to introduce the desired yeasts and bacteria into a new preparation, without the need to add the salt, in such a way that salt is only necessary with the first preparation, but not in subsequent ones?

Suggestion Box / Re: complaint about annoying verification requests
« on: May 28, 2017, 12:34:33 am »
This forum is unique enough that someone who values it can get through a few posts with the annoying verification requests, it's not a problem. For people who are unwilling to go through it, there are plenty of other more commonplace forums where they won't find this issue.

What this generates is an effect of higher quality posts from newer users. If they're willing to take the time to do the annoying verifications, they're problably posting something that they put some thought into.

I think it may be the case that a strong acid like vinegar can dissolve the shell of an egg if given enough time, so then the eggs would effectively be shelled, but by having the shell dissolved in the acid.

As far as vinegar being paleo, we've had this discussion here some time ago, I'll try and find you the link

Off Topic / Re: Why is my cat overweight?
« on: May 27, 2017, 07:26:01 pm »
I wonder if it's the fact that they have killed their prey that makes them think of the chipmunks as food, and the cuts of meat from larger animals as non food.

Will they refuse plain cuts of meat even if served warm straight from the slaughter?

Off Topic / Re: Why is my cat overweight?
« on: May 26, 2017, 03:17:54 pm »
sabertooth, why do you think it's necessary to supplement meat scraps with processed foods? Does it have to do with the lack of nutrients in meat scraps because you're consuming all the nutritious organs?

Also, while I've never had cats, I find it very strange that they refuse to eat your raw meat, why do you think this is? And have you offered them this meat since they were kittens, or were they first introduced to processed foods for a time?

Off Topic / Re: Why is my cat overweight?
« on: May 24, 2017, 09:07:29 pm »
In my culture it's very common for people to sterilize their pets, the vets have even convinced people that the pets' health will be improved if they are neutered/spayed, even though most pet owners I know report behavioral and/or health problems right after spaying/neutering, often constant problems for years upon years after the fact.

I personally have an internal reaction much like goodsamaritan, I don't like it at all, and I wouldn't want to have a pet or any other animal if I knew I had to do this (in fact, I don't have any pets, so I suppose some might say it's easy for me to say that). Unfortunately, bulls are also generally castrated to make their managing easier, so most of the beef I can buy, if it's from a male cattle, then it's from a castrated one, which I believe is likely reducing the nutrition value of that meat.

Anyway, because of it being almost universal where I live, I'm used to it, so I don't go into outbursts or anything like that, when someone tells me about this. I often don't even say anything, as I've found that to be of little use with most people.

Perhaps this isn't the case in the Philippines, but here, as in most of the world today, people are very much in favor of anti natalism, be it through vasectomies/tubal ligation, birth control, condoms, morning-after pill, or abortions (which are still technically illegal in most cases, but currently being performed for free in some public hospitals).  (Interestingly, the main alternative that makes sense and which had worked for thousands of years, that is abstinence and to limit sexual relations to within marriage, is the one that is not only not encouraged, but looked down upon and ridiculed). Being that this is the attitude towards themselves and other humans, we shouldn't be surprised that they also regard their pets' reproductive capacities as a disease that needs to be removed.

Hot Topics / Re: Can tea help me lose my weight?
« on: May 24, 2017, 08:57:04 pm »
Losing weight and being healthy are two entirely different things.

I guess the question is, compared to what? If you are currently drinking cola soft drinks, and will stop consuming those and instead have tea, then sure, tea is the healthier alternative. If you are currently drinking good water, and instead you want to drink tea, the question is much more complicated. Also, keep in mind that tea is a stimulant, so it may make you feel healthier without actually providing any benefit to your health (although plenty of people claim that tea provides benefits to your health)

This is a raw forum, meaning most people here don't recommend consuming tea because tea is generally cooked (although I've heard of some people who sun-steep their tea and thus it would be raw tea)

^^Is it possible for someone to summarise what the Daily Mail article says?  (I try not to click on Daily Mail articles to avoid supporting them and increasing their revenue)

iirc, it says that they did tests and found that there was no difference as far as "food poisoning" from keeping eggs refrigerated or at room temperature. Can't remember if they said refrigerated eggs lasted longer. Probably so.

Don't you think there's a tendency towards bias when everything indicates that apes originated in Africa and mostly continue to live there as their natural environment, to think that because we believe we descend from the same ancestors as those apes, that we also "originated in Africa"?. From there, the notion that humans as they exist today originated in Africa is a simple conclusion for the simple minded. It doesn't mean it's wrong, but I'm skeptical of the evidence I've seen indicating this was the case.

What are the odds that hominid-like apes originated in Africa, then moved towards Europe, and then went back to Africa for another 7 million years before evolving into humans (or, the ones that stayed behind are the ones that evolved into humans)?

If we've already established that hominid-like apes travelled far outside Africa well before the first appearance of anatomically modern humans, then the notion that humans must have originated in Africa requires vast amounts of evidence, which I don't think has been found so far.

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