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Our human run up to this current civilization peak is just one among several reboots in the past. There used to be a more glorious global higher tech civilizations than ours today.

It could be. Although there is little or no evidence of them left on Earth.

Then again, most scientists believe in the big bang theory, so I don't see how that is any more unplausible :)

Crete is at least 160km away from the mainland.

Not according to google:

Eating raw fish for water isn't a good idea given the salt-content, which is dehydrating.

I'm not sure what you're talking about, fish meat is even lower in sodium than most domesticated land animal meat such as beef, pork, chicken. It's comparable to wild venison. In any case, none of these are high sodium foods.

It doesn't have to be something that everybody can do on a regular basis, all it takes is one male and one female, once, over a period of 200 thousand years.

Plus, we know little about the ability of Neanderthals to swim, or their water requirements.

And there are plenty of sources of water besides straight up water, as I'm sure you know. Any land based lifeforms you can eat or chew on may contain fresh water. Even fish from saltwater contains plenty of freshwater in its meat.

And of course, they could've carried food or water during the trip.

The world record is 225km swim over 50hs. So it's reasonable to think that 100km could be achieved in well under 24hs. 100km gets you from mainland to crete.

It would be a 23km maximum swim distance from one piece of land to the next, if you somehow knew where each of the islands was. Even if you avoided all of the mini islands, it would be 100km. Current world record for longest ocean swim distance stands at 225km

Off Topic / Re: Minor point re ethnic cuisine
« on: April 26, 2018, 09:26:47 pm »
I'm not exaggerating. I'm sure there are some restaurants where you know you won't be served anything cooked along with the raw, but that is the exception rather than the rule. You're deceiving people if you want to make them believe that they can just walk up to any restaurant that offers raw elaborated dishes, ask for one without any in-deph inquiries as to the contents, and expect it to be fully raw every time.

I wonder if they think they swam, canooed, sailed or what.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Vice article featuring Me
« on: April 26, 2018, 11:24:57 am »

Science / Re: Climate change prediction
« on: April 26, 2018, 10:55:18 am »
Climate change predictions have been consistently wrong since they started being put out. Even though the climate always changes, and there are lots of different, oftentimes opposite, predictions being made by countless people, and you would expect that some got it right just by chance - but they haven't.

This is Nostradamus-style prophecy superstition, elevated to the level of official and mandatory government religion, nothing more.

We should focus on reducing toxicity to us humans and our sources of food, not "climate change" or even "the environment"

Hot Topics / Re: Freelee update
« on: April 26, 2018, 10:26:05 am »
She's full of botox and other plastic surgeries, and still looks much older than she is.

Off Topic / Re: Minor point re ethnic cuisine
« on: April 25, 2018, 03:05:43 pm »
Keep in mind that most of these foods are raw by tradition, rather than because they believe it's healthier that way. So they will include cooked or chemical additives if they think it'll improve taste. Traditional peruvian ceviche often includes cooked potatoes and sweet potatoes, corn, and once I was served a sauce on the side that literally tasted like dirty gutter water.

Plenty of sushi restaurants that want to appear innovative will add lots of cooked sauces and things. Even traditional sushi is made with cooked rice, cooked vinegar and white sugar, but nowadays it doesn't stop there. Some of the fish can be cooked as well, even the sashimi. So don't automatically assume that just because it's a sushi place, they're serving you only raw fish.

The point is you have to ask what each food contains and/or tell them how you want it.

Off Topic / Re: Article recommending avoiding washing once a day
« on: April 24, 2018, 08:43:44 am »
His juice, at least on Utube, contains a fair amount of orange juice, he says to make it tastes better.  Odd to hear that he would do something that adds taste to counteract something that doesn't.  ( his stance on veggies  )

AV specifically said not to drink sweet fruit juices in large quantities. His advise was to eat at the most, 1 whole sweet fruit per day (not the juice of a fruit, but the whole fruit), and to only eat it together with plenty of fat to slow the digestion of the sugars. Furthermore, he recommended that most sweet fruits such as bananas, mangos, etc, should be eaten unripe when possible, to reduce the sugar content.

He only advised a small amount of sweet fruit juices for very specific and temporary purposes, and generally not for a daily intake diet plan.

Off Topic / Re: Article recommending avoiding washing once a day
« on: April 24, 2018, 05:04:35 am »
My girlfriend gave him an ashiatsu deep tissue massage and noticed his bones and joints didn't pop or crack like most people, which is typically a good indication of being well hydrated.

I think this is more likely an indication of good lubrication, which comes from having enough healthy fats.

But I suppose you can look at it both ways, since excessive water consumption actually dehydrates your body. If you want to stay well hydrated, the main method should be to make sure to consume enough healthy fats.

Off Topic / Re: Article recommending avoiding washing once a day
« on: April 24, 2018, 05:02:53 am »
Sabertooth, the Primal Diet is low in fructose, except for honey. Juices made from celery, cucumber, and so on, which make up the vast majority of the vegetable juices recommended for the primal diet, contain very little fructose.

In any case, the juices are not made so as to obtain more liquid, but rather to avoid the excessive fiber. Even if you eat nothing but solids, as long as they're fresh, you will obtain sufficient liquid for the body's purposes. Additional water in large quantities is rarely necessary.

Off Topic / Re: Article recommending avoiding washing once a day
« on: April 23, 2018, 11:25:27 am »
I notice when my skin is too dry I burn more easily in the sun, then peal afterward but with a little of my homemade oil mixture I tend tan much easier without pealing. I believe something about the oil protects the skin from burning, allows for more optimal development of melanin, and for better absorption of bacterially produced fat soluble vitals.

You're probably right.

AV's formula for sunscreen, tanning and sunburn lotion was a mixture of cream, butter and coconut cream along with a little honey, royal jelly, lime juice and ginger juice.

Off Topic / Re: Article recommending avoiding washing once a day
« on: April 23, 2018, 11:19:01 am »
Like the notion that animals don't drink water, and that we don't absorb water unless it's organic.  Can't imagine how someone could not be aware of animals in the wild going to water holes to risk their life with crocodiles to get water...   Or someone dying from lack of water not being saved by a drink of non organic water.

The hervibores mainly do that in the summer when it's hot and they sweat a lot, and throughout the year when much of the plants they've eaten were dry rather than fresh, so they need water to compensate.

The carnivores are there to combat the heat, to drink some water because they only catch prey once a week or less, and also to wait for the herbivores that will inevitably come by.

If you eat lots of dry or partially dehydrated foods, of course you will need to drink plenty of water. If you eat mostly fresh foods, there is little or no need for water most of the time. If you haven't eaten anything in days, then of course you will need to drink water.

The whole idea that we need 8 glasses of water a day, 2 liters a day, or whatever other standard like that is a misnomer. Yes, we need about that much "water", because that's the water content that is included in the fresh foods that we consume daily. If you remove the water from the foods, then yes, you have to add it back in, although it won't be the same. Mostly all fresh foods are 60 to 90% water by content.

Nobody said we don't absorb non organic water, rather what we think is that this water leeches minerals from the body.

There's no guarantee that the number of days since you bought it can predict how rotten a piece of meat will get, it would depend on several factors, like how fresh the meat was when you first got it, the level of moisture it had, how much of that moisture concentrated on the surface, the amount and types of bacteria and fungi it was exposed to, how cold the area of the fridge where you kept it was, etc. A 4 day old piece of meat can be more rotten than a 6 day old one. Also, not all rotting is the same. Depending on the type of bacteria and fungi that proliferate, the properties of the meat will also change.

Also, just because you felt uneasy at a certain time, doesn't necessarily mean it was the meat that did it. And even if it was, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes your body is detoxing and it uses the nutrients in the food to help detox, and if it wasn't for that meat, maybe it would've used something else. Or maybe not, but then you'd only delay the process, rather than preventing it, by avoiding said meat.

I had a period where I would get a particular type of stomach/intestine pain that would last for hours. It didn't seem to matter where I got the eggs from, as the same thing happened with eggs from 3-4 different suppliers. I'd never had pain like that, it was a sort of generalized pain, rather than focused on a particular area of my stomach or bowels. It also wasn't dose-dependent. It made no difference whether I ate 3 eggs or 8 eggs at a time, in both cases the intensity and duration of the pain would be the same. So eventually I stopped eating eggs for months. Eventually the same thing started happening with raw milk, whereas it had never happened before with milk. So I stopped drinking milk. Eventually the same thing started happening with beef, whereas it had never happened before with beef.

Then I realized that my body was just doing what it needed to do and the particular food was only the means to an end, so when I stopped consuming eggs, my body had to learn to do the same thing it was doing, with something else besides the eggs. So it learned to do it with the milk. When I eliminated that, it learned to do it with something else.
AV has talked about this type of detoxifications in detail in his books, talks and newsletters. Most forum members here don't agree with him. But I have to admit that many of the things I've experienced can't be explained in any other way than with his theories.

  I Never buy ground beef.  If you like ground beef, buy an inexpensive grinder and make your own.

I quickly discovered that making my own ground beef was safer after numerous experiences with some sort of nasty spices that butchers seem to sometimes add to ground beef. At first I would just tell them which cut I wanted and have them grind it up in front of me, but then I discovered that whatever was left in the grinding maching was enough to taint the whole batch.

Much later on, you mean when I can handle higher bacteria counts?

Yes, that's what I meant

I've cooked meat many times at this stage (1 week old) and I've never had any issues.

It may depend on the degree of rotting. The more it rots, the more likely it can be dangerous, I would think.

Off Topic / Re: Article recommending avoiding washing once a day
« on: April 19, 2018, 05:37:26 pm »
That's very interesting sabertooth. Basic soap is a mixture of some fat/oil and lye (sodium hydroxide, AKA caustic soda, a chemical used to unplug drains). I always wondered if the fats alone might do some good, since it's the lye I'm worried about.

The jerky is just for keeping it. It won't be the same as fresh, but it'll make sure your meat doesn't rot for a very long time, and can easily be kept at room temperature. Just make sure to drink liquids or eat other fresh foods when eating it.

I don't know of any methods to undo rotting, except letting it go high in a well airated glass jar so you can have it much later on. But I would make sure this is good quality meat before doing that.

I do wonder what would happen if making jerky out of rotten meat. It might make it more easily digestible for you. The flies will be all over it though, so make sure your fan is really powerful, or put a metal mesh screen around it to keep them out, unless you don't mind them being on your food.

There are also methods that use a combination of drying and controlled rotting to produce special products such as salami. But they usually call for heavy salting.

I would avoid cooking rotten meat, too. That might be dangerous. I know that meat that was cooked from fresh and then rots is dangerous, so it might be that having raw rotten meat that is later cooked also is dangerous.

If you're new to raw, I suggest eating only fresh, until your body is well used to the higher bacteria count. If you're not 100% or close to 100% raw, or if you're not mainly meat based, I would avoid meat that isn't fresh.

It won't harm you, but it may not be the most pleasant on your digestion.

If possible, try buying smaller amounts so you finish it before it starts to rot.

There are other methods of preserving meat for longer periods without freezing it. Sabertooth, goodsamaritan and others hang it in the fridge so moisture is unable to collect and the surface is always dry. Doing that it should last longer. If your refrigerator can be set to a temperature of around 4C or 2C, or to lower humidity, this may also help.

Also, thicker cuts rot more slowly than thinly sliced pieces, since meat rots from the outside in.

Another method is to dry it out, turning it into raw jerky. Simply slice it thin (or make very thin plates from ground meat), set them on a rack and place a fan blowing air onto them. Sunlight or wind may also help. You might want to do something to keep flies away. This can turn meat into jerky in a matter of hours.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Raw starchy vegetables
« on: April 19, 2018, 06:38:40 am »
I prefer bland fruit if I want fiber, as most of the fiber there is soluble, whereas most of the fiber in leafy greens and tubers is insoluble. I don't think we're meant to be consuming large amounts of cellulose, that is for hervibores.

Have you tried this? Tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, etc.

There are some starchy fruits as well, such as squash/pumpkin, which you mentioned, very unripe green bananas or plantains... Actually almost all fruits are starchy when unripe, it's just a matter of how palatable you can make them...

Usually if I want raw starch, I go for corn on the cob, carrot juice, or beet juice. Celery juice is great too but it contains very little starch, I have it more for it's refreshing and cleansing (detox) properties.

Off Topic / Re: Article recommending avoiding washing once a day
« on: April 19, 2018, 06:20:16 am »
If you've been on a healthy raw diet for a while, you can get away with not using soap, or using it only a few times a month. It also depends on where you live and the types of clothes you wear, the climate, how much you'll be sweating, etc. Also, there's a difference between reducing bad BO that other people around you can sense from a distance, to the type they can sense when you're in direct physical contact.

Lemon juice or whole lemons can be used as an alternative to body soap. It's not as effective, and it's too acidic to use on a daily basis, but it does the job. For deodorant in the summer, I use AV's recommendation of sundried lemon peels and pulp, ground into a powder. It works.

My main concern with soap/detergents (most of what is called soap nowadays is actually a detergent which combines many chemicals) is not that they remove the skin oil, that gets replaced pretty quickly. The problem is the toxicity inherent to them.

I've heard Iguana talk of the soapnut/soapberry. Perhaps that could be another alternative.

As far as everyday people who are not so squeamish about chemicals and stuff, and who have much worse BO as a result of a poor diet, the recommendation of only using soap for problem areas on a daily basis, and using it all through the skin on a weekly basis, seems like a good one. Their skin often gets overloaded with fat soluble toxins that water alone won't easily wash away and they can be reabsorbed; and soap can get rid of them.

Off Topic / Re: Arguments used against vegans
« on: April 19, 2018, 01:00:09 am »
You can actually save money if you move (permanently or temporarily) somewhere where most of your food comes from animals you hunt yourself. Paleolithic humans didn't have any money :)

I agree with you that commercial sources are likely to dry up or become illegal, but for the foreseeable future, there will always be plenty of other sources that are far too removed from urban areas to attract massive hunting.

If your complaint is that where you happen to live, there isn't much wild game around, that's more a matter of your location (and with most heavily populated areas, that is the case), but you shouldn't extrapolate that to the whole planet.

Off Topic / Re: Arguments used against vegans
« on: April 18, 2018, 08:13:05 pm »
There's no contradiction. If and when the billions become interested in wild foods, of course there will be very little wild food around, and it will be a luxury few will be able to afford. For now, there is plenty of wild food around, if you're willing to go out there and hunt it yourself.

Btw, have you heard of Svalbard? If you can handle the cold, it's one of the best places in the world to hunt such delicacies as reindeer, seals, walruses, artic foxes and even polar bears, all perfectly legal. Plus, taxes are some of the lowest in the world and you don't need a visa to stay for as long as you want if you're a citizen of one of many countries that signed the nordic sovereign treaty (includes Austria and the UK).

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