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Raw Weston Price / Raw butter question
« on: April 11, 2015, 11:04:25 am »
I just bought 2 kg of raw butter. I was wondering if I should keep it in the fridge , and how long before its inedible or goes high?

Primal Diet / Re: Raw cheese recipes from raw milk?
« on: April 11, 2015, 01:52:42 am »
Put it in the dark at room temp with the lid loosely on. You'll get your cheese in 3-6 days, roughly.

If you want a specific type of cheese, you're going to have to replicate the cheese-making method that produces that cheese type.

Are you serious? Thats great if it is that simple. Does it need to be extra creamy milk?

Primal Diet / Re: Eating raw chicken - "22% have Salmonella"
« on: April 10, 2015, 05:12:47 pm »
Such a pity to deny yourself a real treat like Raw Chicken and Raw Eggs because of all the scaremongering.    I have eaten lots of supermarket (poor quality??) Raw Chicken and found it delicious (perhaps I am a poor judge??) but without incident or discomfort.   Hope you continue to enjoy it - at your own pace!

Thanks Francis, I will persist, but slowly. How long have you been eating raw chicken and can you give me any tips? I definitely feel better eating it, but im always concerned and stressed at the possibly of facing the next week vomiting. I just found these links expressing similar concerns:

Primal Diet / Re: Eating raw chicken - "22% have Salmonella"
« on: April 09, 2015, 12:25:22 pm »

Thanks to everyone for the comforting  and reassuring replies. Im going to stick with "Taste testing" each chicken by eating 50-100 grams, then waiting 48 hours, and if i feel fine, Ill consume the rest. Ill just do that until  I feel comfortable with what i am doing.

Once about a year and a half ago, when the only raw animal product I could handle was fish (and I wasn't having it all that much), I tried 3 raw eggs which I thought at the time might have been raised better than the average, but in retrospect they probably weren't. Then I think it was that night or the next one, that I had some conventional chicken that was only cooked about half way through.

I had extreme diarrhea and moderate stomach pain whenever I ate anything for the following 2 months. Anything I ate gave me stomach pain and got passed as water within 20-30 minutes. However, when I saw this was happening, I started trying all sorts of different things, including mild fasting and even junk food, I even tried having nothing but 7up, in an attempt to make it stop. It didn't. Maybe that made things worse. I don't know.

Now on the primal diet for 3.5 months I've had raw chicken from 3 different sources that claim to be organic and free-range (meaning the chickens get to walk around in the open field and maybe eat some bugs), and haven't had a problem with it so far. If anything, what worries me the most about chicken is the scalding process used to remove the feathers, which may cook the skin somewhat.

What cured your stomach pains? I had that too for about 6-7 months and I realized it was from eating raw almonds. As soon as i cut them out the pain stopped (took about 2 weeks)

Primal Diet / Re: Eating raw chicken - "22% have Salmonella"
« on: April 08, 2015, 11:09:35 pm »
Aajonus once pointed out that something like 38% of all American households contain salmonella yet are not infected. It is all scaremongering. That said, most chickens are fed on 100% grains-filled diets, even the so-called "organic" ones, so should be avoided unless they have access to a lot of woodland and therefore lots of worms and insects and carrion.

Im buying the best quality organic chicken i can find and I understand it is free to roam and eat its natural diet. I just hear so much about the dangers of raw chicken it has me a little spooked. Have you ever been sick eating it?

Primal Diet / Eating raw chicken - "22% have Salmonella"
« on: April 08, 2015, 12:38:41 am »
Im just starting the primal diet. Have eaten raw lambs liver and kidney from a family farm for a few months and havent had any problems. Bought a chicken today from an organic farm and ate about 100 grams. I wanted more (lots more!) but I thought id wait a few days to make sure I was ok. Am i just being paranoid? Is it just the factory farmed chickens I need to be cautious of?

I read this:

“According to a Food Standards Australia New Zealand survey 84% of raw chicken carcasses tested positive to the food poisoning bacteria Campylobacter and 22% to Salmonella. This is similar to the findings of other surveys overseas. Notified cases of illness from Campylobacter and Salmonella in Australia have almost doubled over the last 20 years. OzFoodnet estimates there are approximately 220,000 cases of Campylobacter infection each year with more than 75% transmitted by food and 50,000 cases of Campylobacter infection each year can be attributed either directly or indirectly to chicken meat."

"Food poisoning results, on average, in 5.4 million cases a year including 120 deaths, 1.2 million visits to doctors, 300,000 prescriptions for antibiotics, and 2.1 million days of lost work each year. The estimated annual cost of food poisoning in Australia is $1.25 billion."

In addition:

"Consumers should not assume that free-range or organicconditions will have anything to do with the Salmonella status of the chicken."

But then I found:

"Here’s what they found: 38.8 percent of the conventional birds were carrying salmonella, versus 5.6 percent for the organic birds"

There is also a video on youtube of a guy who has been eating raw organic chicken for 10 years and he says he has never been sick.

Im very confused. My health is really bad and I cant afford to get salmonella.

If your 2-week experiment does not work, cut out the raw dairy to see if that improves. Also cut out the sourdough and the potatoes and replace the raw chicken with some higher quality raw animal food. Chickens are nearly always raised on very unhealthy grain-filled diets, no matter how "organic" they may be. Unless you raise your own chickens so as to ensure that they have access to their real natural diet(ie worms and insects), they are not worth it. The raw salads are fine, but not all that useful re healing. And make sure the raw animal foods are either 100% grassfed or wild-sourced.

My previous ideas were to replace raw chicken with raw wild mallard duck. At first I found it  difficult to get hold of raw 100% grassfed meat, so I instead bought lots of raw wildcaught seafood.

Thanks man. I live in Australia and have found a couple of chicken farms that look good. Im going to find out how they process them but they seem to raise them well.

Also, despite choosing family farm naturally raised organic meats, Im still a little concerned athat the meat has become contaminated during the slaughter/processing. What I normally do is eat about 30 grams and waited 48 hours. If I dont get sick, I eat that piece of meat. Am I just being paranoid?

This may sound strange but I swear its true: when I tried the cooked paleo diet for 6 months I ate a lot of beef. By the end of the 6 months, I was in the worst state of health I had ever been, and as a result struggled eating most things, but I developed an allergy to not only beef, but dairy. Its improved a lot, but im still a bit queezy with beef/dairy. For some reason cheese is ok, but milk and yogurt isnt. Raw milk is ok, but commercial milk makes me throw up. I think I overloaded and developed some sort of antibodies to it because i wasn't digesting it properly. Weird.

By the age of 29, I had health problems affecting my entire body, and felt near death. I had skin inflammation problems, broken toe-nails, constant fatigue(I would sleep 8 to 10 hours and wake up and feel as though I had only slept half an hour), I had slowed thinking, acute anxiety, mind-fog , the awful stomach-aches when I ate cooked animal foods(which was why I went raw vegan and then Fruitarian prior to going rawpaleo), nasty pains in my joints, a heart that skipped a beat every now and then, constant dizziness when I tried to stand up, loosened teeth that were about to fall out  until I went rawpalaeo, constant constipation,  inability to do more than 10 minutes of exercise/weightlifting  at the gym  without collapsing exhausted etc.etc.

These days I feel fine. I am now able to eat some cooked foods here and there without the nasty side-effects I had before, as my gut has long ago healed. I should really do 100% rawpalaeo but social occasions/inadequate food-sources   etc. sometimes make that difficult. My current issue is that I want to be more "palaeo" from an exercise point-of-view and am going to the local gym to remedy that. I am also planning on  eating smaller amounts of raw foods as I do not need to eat as much, really,  and likely need to eat more "high-meat" as it is a very effective probiotic and healthy-gut-maintainer.

Thats sucks. Pretty similar to my story.  Glad you are doing well now.

When u started the raw paleo did you notice an improvement immediately? Obviously you realized you could finally digest meat without pain/nausea, but when did it pick you health up a notch? days? weeks?  Would you say you are completely recovered?

What does your diet look like now?

Not sure. I think I had an awful lifesaving operation when I was 2 to get rid of some pills from my stomach. After that, I got anxiety. Then I developed a nasty reaction to dairy without realising that was the cause. Then things just got  slowly worse and worse until I was 17 by which time I had developed most of the health problems I had until aged 29.

Sorry to hear that. How bad did it get? How do u feel now?

There are 2 reasons I suggest trying raw paleo for a couple of months first:

1. Since all the herbs and supplements didn't help, it sounds like it's probably a reaction to something in your diet, instead of a deficiency

2. Eating raw paleo is a good way to fix a lot of problems at the same time. There are other problems you probably forgot to mention that will also get better.

I'm not against you trying to eat liver first, if that's what you feel you want to do. A week or so of eating raw or lightly-cooked GRASSFED, GRASS-FINISHED  liver (probably 2-4 ounces daily) will be a good experiment, if you don't change anything else about your diet.

So sure, try it. A week or so will tell you a lot.

Thanks again!

I was so sick for a long time after my cooked paleo experiment that i didnt want to eat any meat as it caused pain and made me sick. The extra cooked meat definitely caused damage. My ability to digest foods was reduced and my allergies increased. It was like it broke something inside. Im starting to eat meat again with less pain, but i prefer white meat as its so much lighter. Do u see any issues with focusing on white meat like chicken as opposed to beef/lamb etc.? I still struggle a bit with raw red meat because im still so sick.

I want to try this raw paleo diet for 2 weeks but with an emphasis on healing my liver/gallbladder/pancreas.

My shopping list is:

Raw butter
Raw cream
raw milk
Raw eggs
whole raw chicken
fruit juice (i love fruit!)
unheated honey
raw salads (lettuce, cumcumber, avo etc)
raw lambs liver
raw X gallbladder (x =still have to find)
raw deer pancreas
sourdough bread
potatoes (boiled)

Any tips?

I had chronic fatigue for many years(13+) and I  fully recovered once I went rawpalaeo. Some points:- chronic fatigue often creates or exacerbates certain allergies so, like me in the past, you may have an allergy towards raw dairy - in which case, Aajonus' raw-dairy-heavy Primal Diet is not ideal for you. I would also advise against consuming raw veggie-juice, though the occasional freshly squeezed fruit juice is fine. When I had CFS, I would experience appallingly painful stomach-aches a few minutes after eating any cooked animal food, so I was so grateful to find that raw meats did not have the same effect on me.

"High"-meat, ie raw, aged meat is a definite must for someone who has chronic fatigue syndrome:-

However, only try "high-meat" once you have gotten fully used to eating fresh, raw meats. Eating a wide variety of raw organs does seem to speed up health-recovery so it is a good idea. But make sure the meat is of high quality:- ie either raw 100% grassfed or  raw wild game/raw wildcaught seafood.

Do not spend too much money on food. Always better to have small amounts of the best quality than lots of lower-grade food. One last thing:- health-recovery from serious conditions like CFS can take a long time. In my own case, I got rid of c.80% of my former health-problems within 4 months, but it took another 2 or 3 years to  fully recover.


Thanks. CFS can be caused my any number of things. It could be undiagnosed hypothyroidism, a parasite, a food allergy, poor pancreatic function etc. A sick or injured body thats smart will slow down, allocate energy carefully, and conserve energy making you tired to protect itself from further damage. Do you know what was the underlying cause of your cfs? Problems often cascade as times goes on, but i think my primary cause if digestive related as mentioned.

It's the gallbladder or liver. There are several liver and gallbladder cleanses out there, and some good herbs. I would try a regular raw paleo diet for a couple of months, and then do some herbs and cleanses if that doesn't work.

Apples are generally very good for this issue, as is milk thistle.

Hi, thanks for the advice.

You dont think its the pancreas (pancreatitis)? Also, the pain is constant - sometimes really bad, sometimes not as bad, but more than often made far worse by eating. Can a gallbladder or liver constantly ache like that? I

Ive tried nearly every supplement mans ever made including herbs such as milk thistle. It didnt help. B6, VB12, Vit C and magnesium, selenium and a few others did, but i think they just helped with deficiencies as a result of poor digestion as opposed to addressing the core issue. Ive tried lots of juicing and fasting. This definitely helps, just as eating hurts, but it never solves the problem, just halts it for awhile.

Can you please tell me the theory behind eating a standard raw paleo as opposed to focusing on eating raw gallblader or liver (or pancreas) when one of those is likely  the problem?


Ive had chronic fatigue for 18 years. I think most of my problems relate to digestion, but i could be wrong, as i have so many painful and debilitating symptoms. I have a gnawing pain in my midsection that extends to my back that gets worse after eating, and based on the location, I think its probably my gallbladder, pancreas or liver. It could also be my spleen, kidneys or adrenals. I also have food allergies and feel nauseous after eating. Ive had nearly every medical test performed and nothing major has shown up. Im not overweight, I eat well (whats well!?!) and I take very good care of myself (sleep, exercise when able, environment etc). Im 34 years old.

Over the last 18 years Ive tried nearly everything to heal myself, and about 2.5 years ago I tried the paleo diet. I ate no grains, just cooked meat, fruit, nuts and some potatoes. I stuck with it for nearly 6 months and I felt absolutely terrible and have ever since. It made me so sick. I definitely have a problem eating large amounts of meat. A few months ago I tried eating raw meat and felt fine. It digested easily and was like i hadn't eaten at all. I was pretty stressed as i ate it as i was afraid i would get sick, but i wasn't, and felt good.

I just bought the book "we want to live" by Aajonis Vunderplanitz to learn more about eating raw meat but also eating specific glands. It was a great read but it didn't have anything in there about eating the raw glands of animals to heal your own corresponding glands. Id heard him talk about this in an interview and he said it was in his book, but clearly not this one.

My question is: can someone recommend a diet for my condition if it is a pancreas or gallbladder problem? Can someone tell me where i can find Aajonis's work (or other reputable sources) that discuss on eating glands to heal corresponding glands.

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