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Primal Diet / Re: Raw cheese recipes from raw milk?
« on: April 16, 2015, 10:59:57 am »
It depends on what kind of cheese you wanna make and how it came out. Usually you want to hang it for an hour or two in the cheese/cotton cloth, allowing more of the whey to drain out. Putting it in a glass jar in the fridge with some air space will harden it somewhat. You could also press it. And you could age it after pressing. There's a lot of things you can do.

I haven't done it this way yet, but I'll be trying in the next few days probably.

What do you mean age it? Just leave it? In the fridge?

Everything is raw...Raw animal fats in my opinion are far more superior nutritionally than any plant derived source, plus eating lamb fat is by far much better for your teeth than nuts.

You described the basics of what you eat n a post above, but can you be specific, as im really interested.
For example, what do you eat for breakfast and what do you drink; what do you snack on when hungry - raw fat? Do you have any sweets and if so, how does it make you feel?

Can you comment on this diet I am designing: again, the purpose is health, but also heal my damaged gallbladder/liver/pancreas etc:

B- raw milk, raw cream, raw butter, 1 banana, unheated honey, 6 eggs (in a shake)
s - raw animal fat or avacodos/cold pressed olive oil or raw cheese or  fruit
L - sour dough bread sandwhich with salad,  sliced meat and raw cheese (I deviate slightly from primal diet here)
s - raw animal fat or avacodos/cold pressed olive oil or raw cheese or  fruit
D- Raw meat. Focusing on eating everypart of the animal every week. Blood, marrow, brains - everything. Maybe some starchy potatoes and vegetables/salads.
s - raw animal fat or avacodos/cold pressed olive oil or raw cheese or  fruit

Primal Diet / Re: Raw fat
« on: April 16, 2015, 12:54:36 am »
Yes, generally. Beef and pork have a lot more fat on them. The pork is probably not worth eating, though, because of the high-grain diet the pigs are probably fed.  The beef needs to be grassfed.

Is it ok to eat the raw fat during the day like I would a handful of nuts?

Primal Diet / Re: Raw cheese recipes from raw milk?
« on: April 15, 2015, 10:23:08 pm »
You need a cheese cloth or any kind of cotton cloth to strain the curds (solids). That's cheese. Some people use metal strainers. It'd work but you'll probably lose some of your solids. I also hear metal will disturb or kill the bacteria in the whey (liquids).


And then what? I leave it for a few weeks to make it harder? I put it in the fridge?

Primal Diet / Re: Raw fat
« on: April 15, 2015, 03:59:56 pm »
I just went to the butcher and ordered 500 grams of lamb fat trimmings. Problem is, there is very little fat on them. Would I be better off asking the butcher for beef or pork fat?

Primal Diet / Re: Raw cheese recipes from raw milk?
« on: April 15, 2015, 02:35:17 pm »
Put it in the dark at room temp with the lid loosely on. You'll get your cheese in 3-6 days, roughly.

If you want a specific type of cheese, you're going to have to replicate the cheese-making method that produces that cheese type.

Ive done this, and now what i assume is curds at the top, is solidifying with what i assume is liquid whey at the bottom. Now what do i do? Do i separate them and put the curds in the fridge to sit?

Primal Diet / Raw fat
« on: April 14, 2015, 07:22:57 pm »
I generally eat really light during the day before having a large dinner. I have a protein shake for breakfast, and eat fruit and juices and nibble on nuts until the afternoon or dinner. I started eating this way due to digestive problems/fatigue and its the only diet that helps. I haven't yet tried the raw primal diet though so Id like to start eating raw fat during the day to see if that helps  Ive replaced my breakfast wpi shake with raw milk, eggs, cream and butter (to good effect), but i would like to try replacing the energy I receive from nuts and fruit during the day, with raw fat. Is this practical? I was just going to ask my butcher for pasture raised organic lamb fat trimmings. I want the fat from all parts of the body. I believe i have gallbladder problems so i don't think i have digested fat properly for years and i suffer from major deficiencies.

Thanks Sabertooth.

Do you eat all the meat and fat raw?

I was just about to contact my butcher and ask for some lamb fat trimmings. I nibble on roasted nuts all day for energy but i want to replace it with raw animal fat. Is that a good idea?


I believe we are very adaptable and can obtain the nutrients needed to rebuild and maintain our bodies various systems without having to eat the particular corresponding animal parts. My point of contention, is when discussing what makes for optimal healing nutrition. The various organs of a healthy animal contain all the micro, macro, and proto nutrient factors necessary to build a healthy body, already pre assimilated and ready to be utilized by the predatory animal that consumes it.

There is also the theory that human beings, because we are so intelligent and opportunistic, began to seek out particular parts of the animal in order to fuel the enormous demands of our highly active bodies and brains. To the point where during the days when big game of both land and sea was endlessly plentiful our ancestors would hunt down the largest and fattest animals, eating their most nutritious organs, glands and fats, while leaving the lean meat scraps for the dogs and other scavengers. We can only imagine the kind of health, vitality and physical prowess some of these apex hunters living on mammoth fat could have obtained by being able to eat however much of whatever part of the animal they craved.

Typically most of us here do not have the luxury to pick and chose what to eat and what to throw away, and so during lean times our ancestors developed many adaptions to survive on less than optimal nutrition. The variation in different individuals ability to cope with different nutritional conditions persist to this day, and some people are much more capable of extracting nutrition from plants and animals which have become much more nutrient poor due to agriculturally induced soil depletion and imbalance.

Some of us have either lost our adaptation for malnourishment tolerance because of some environmental crisis, or never fully developed the capacity to thrive on neolithic foods to begin with... for these people it may be especially important for them to be able to gain access to the whole animal, and perhaps even to be able to eat ample amounts of certain parts of the animal that are richest in rejuvenative nutritional factors.

Now that is not to say you should go overboard, and eat ungodly amounts of brain, thyroid, pancreas tissue, ect...  still it may be beneficial to eat more than the lions share of the most choice parts. I personally have found in my own healing journey that I do well eating higher portions of fat, and eating more supplemental fats and organs in general, than would most other practitioners of the paleo diet.

Another excellent post sabertooth. We certainly think along the same lines. I too was recently pondering the health and vitality of ancient man - the brightness of their eyes; the clarity of mind, the ability to tolerate incredible hardships - it would be amazing to witness. I remember weston a price commenting on the beauty of the women, and athleticism of the men in the Swiss village he documented. He was also amazed at the children running around barefoot and unaffected by the cold weather.

I think its also important to emphasis your point that some people need to directly access the potency and healing proprieties of certain organs/glands to due to the fact that the environment in which we live, and the brutality and stupidity of the allopathic medical protocol (attack the body with drugs and surgery), has created a state of health in most people that requires extreme measures to repair.

Im also interested in knowing what your diet is sabertooth? Im particularly interested in the fats you eat. I have a deep cavity in one of my teeth and in the last few days, after having eaten excessive amounts of butter, i have noticed the pain has reduced significantly. The pain in my midsection hasnt really improved though unfortunately. I was about to order some lambs fat from the local organic (pasture raised) butcher and chew on some during the day.

For the record, even Stefansson admitted that raw meats contain plenty of  vitamin C. Cooking destroys most of the vitamin C very quickly, though.

This statement appears true. But again, is the quantity a beneficial amount? The website nutritional data has 0mg of vitamin c in cooked chicken breast and 1.6 mg or 3% of your daily value in 100g of raw chicken breast.  You have to eat over 3kg of chicken breast to get the rda of vit c compared to say (im guessing) 10 grams of adrenal gland. So if there is something wrong with my gallbladder, sure i might be able to fix it by eating chicken breast, but it could take me 2 years as opposed to eating raw gallbladder and fixing it in weeks if not days.

Great post Sabertooth. The more Ive thought about and researched it, particularly in light of my understanding of history and evolution, Im convinced that to obtain optimal health you must occasionally eat the whole animal, especially if you have a health problem that requires specific nutrients from specific glands. Its just a theory, but if i can just get hold of a whole animal I will eat all of it raw for a few months to see if i heal and let you guys know. I have a promising lead now: A farmer has told me to get back to him on friday and he sounds keen to help.

All I'm saying is that most minerals and nutrients found in some specific organ can certainly be found in variating amounts in other organs. Right? So if you have absolutely no way of getting hold of your desired organ: 1) Move out to another area and 2) see if your attraction to other foods does not already deal with the issue.

Eating small creatures like seafood or insects is a good idea too because, when edible as a whole, you get every type of organ you may need.

You ask "most minerals and nutrients found in some specific organ can certainly be found in variating amounts in other organs" - the key here is whether it is a beneficial amount. The adrenal gland is eaten for its vit c content. No other gland can provide this at the quantity required for survival (from my understanding). Chicken breast has absolutely no vitamin c, so chicken breast would be useless to assist me in a problem that required vit c.

" Weston Price visited there and because he told them to stay on their health maintaining high fat diet they told him how they prevented the disease the white man called scurvy. Everytime they killed an animal they removed the adrenal gland and cut a slice for every man, woman and child in the village and ate it raw. (Eskimo means eater of raw meat and, as Uffe knows, I picked up the nick name Puckick working in Alaska during college). It is now know the adrenal gland has the highest concentration of vitamin C in the body. Outsiders went there, were kindly offered the raw adrenal slice, refused, and got scurvy toward the end of the long winter."

Oh, and yes, i will try and get some fish and eat them in their entirety this week. Thats great advice, thanks!

Many RPDers swear by (healthy grassfed or wild) fat.  Not 100% sure re this. I am on a raw omnivore diet, which is RLC, but often strays into RVLC. When on RVLC, I am a bit more concerned re taking in raw animal fat.

Why do they sear by it? How do they eat it? How much?
What is RLC and RVLC?

Be humble and knowledgeable yourself first, like a very wise Greek philosopher named Socrates who’s is quoted as saying  « I know that I know nothing »;)

Brilliant quote.

Also, and i dont want to get too distracted from the topic of whether "like heals like", but im interested in knowing the importance of raw animal fat. Should it be the main source of energy? Im an athletic 5'11 200 pounds so how much should i be eating? Ive been eating raw butter for a few days and its been great, but if i have liver and gallbladder problems, wouldnt the fat ive been eating over the last few years (prior to the digestable raw butter) have been underutilized and/or undigested due to bile problems?

This is an interesting article:

"Throughout history peoples have used glandular nutritional therapy as a natural supplement.  Usually they didn't know it was glandular therapy, but they knew that ingesting organs and glands from animals or fish was good for the health and for preventing or treating specific ailments.  They ate the liver, kidneys, heart, brain, eyes, pancreas, digestive tract walls, adrenal glands, thyroid glands, thymus gland, bone and bone marrow, and similar portions.  Such animal tissues are concentrated sources of nutrients and specific tissues are especially supportive to their parallel tissues in the human body."

    "Volumes of empirical evidence from thousands of clinicians as well as testimonials in the historical literature support the belief in the effectiveness of raw glandular preparations. However, these are usually considered "merely anecdotal."  Since the early 1970s, though, scientific evidence has been accumulating which confirms the efficacy of the supplements."

IMO eating other animal's healthy organs that corresponds to your own defective organs is just a shortcut to getting the appropriate nutrients (then again, I'd ask for something solid backing up this belief), but you probably can get as good results with other foods that contains these same necessary nutrients.

Say you want to heal your teeth. I doubt eating other animal's healthy teeth is the best and only way to do it. There's probably more digests food out there that can give you the same necessary building blocks.
All right, then where do plants get their sexual energy from? Minerals don't have sexual organs, neither does the sun's rays, which are very basically the only things a plant consumes.
Yeah for a moment I forgot I was talking to CK, so a burst of anger from his behalf wasn't something I should not have expected.

Thanks for your contributions man. I really appreciate it. I dont think healing teeth by eating teeth is quite the same same thing. I dont know, perhaps grinding them up or boiling them extracts nutrients that support teeth. Certainly weston a price and others proved that eating raw fat supported healthy teeth due to "factor x", and that muscle meat did not achieve the same result.

All these organs by definition contain trace elements which are found only in much smaller amounts in raw muscle-meats. For example, raw heart contains coenzyme q10, which is essential for proper functioning of one's heart etc.  Even raw meat contains  vitamin C. One of the many reasons why one must not eat cooked meat is that so many trace elements of vital nutrients get wiped out by the slightest amount of cooking.

I would recommend eating some raw muscle-meat(grassfed or wild) as well. If you are by the sea, raw seafood will be dirt-cheap, in which case , keep on experimenting until you find the right type of small, wildcaught  fish which you can just pop whole into your mouth.That way, you get all the fish's organs without needing to  ask local farmers if they  are willing to sell raw organs.

Oh yes, i will eat muscle meat as well. I just want my main focus to be on healing whatever is wrong with my organ(s). I actually have a plate of raw chicken breast in front of me right now that im about to eat.

I remember reading something about how some natives ate the adrenal glands of animals because it contained all the vitamin c. Again, this is a case that supports the theory that each piece of the animal may be required.

In the UK, I was lied to often by people at farmers' markets who insisted to me that  obtaining certain organs such as the brain was illegal. I then duly found that I could have gotten raw brain from certain sources, I just needed to ask. Another problem is this:- due to odious, draconian EU laws, UK farmers are forced to pay for one UK government inspector and one EU-appointed inspector(usually a Spanish veterinarian  for some reason) to inspect each animal carcass. This costs a lot per hour, so it is not in their interests to have these inspectors check  the organ-meats as well which are way too cheap, anyway, so do not bring sufficient profit.So many organs get thrown away into the rubbish or fed to other domesticated animals like pigs.

What I am saying is that unless there are indeed very  strict Australian laws against selling certain organs, you might well find exceptions if you are willing to spend enough  time searching.

Thanks for your help man. Really appreciate it.

I actually contacted Foodsafe qld, which is the state body which regulates these matters. I spoke to a doctor there and told him what i wanted and why, and he told me which parts were illegal and which weren't. Between the cuts that are illegal and the others that are discarded because its not worthwhile keeping like you said, its near impossible to obtain. One farm said they would save the adrenals for me which sounded great, and then the emailed me back and said they have 5-6 adrenal glands but i have to buy $100 worth of cuts plus pick it up on the other side of town early in the morning. The others just say sorry they cant or its illegal. Ive seriously contacted 20+ farms, butchers, distributors, organic family farms, abattoirs etc.There are heaps of kangaroos around where i live and many get hit by cars and are lying dead on the side of the road. Im seriously considering hitting one myself and helping myself to some fresh kangaroo offal. lol

But can you also comment on my theory that possibly I need to access these organs to heal properly because only they provide exactly what i need; Not the muscle meat. Not the dairy. Not the fat etc.? 

If you get in touch with one of the hunters or someone else who has access to them (small slaughterhouse? small farm?), and maybe buy other products from them so that they know you as a good customer, and then ask if they would sell you those under the table, they might. It's not like selling drugs anyway, the penalty can't be that bad if they get caught. And maybe you can offer to sign a release for them. Or do something like what they do in parts of the US for illegal raw milk, where the clients buy "shares" in a cows' milk production, and that way they get around the ban.

Maybe offer to work for free at the slaughering/butchering process.

Or tell them it's for a science project and it needs to be fresh and from a healthy animal.

Or tell them it's to feed your cats/dogs.

Thanks man. Ha, yes, ive already thought of all of that (aside from working at the slaughterhouse). I even tried the science project angle with one distributor. No shit. I have one more lead that i willl call tomorrow. I told him that ill buy a $100 lamp chop off him if "i can go through his bins and pick up some offal for my pets. " I told him i would drive the 3 hours to his farm to get it. That was a week ago. Havent heard anything back. Its just not worth it for them and tbh, i think they think im weird.

That's crazy that organ meats are illegal in Australia. Although it's a crazy world we live in. I just didn't expect that.

Not all organ meats, just certain cuts. Liver, kidney and brain are accessible as is the occasional pancreas, but the others cuts are either illegal or impossible to get. Its even harder to get organic, pasture raised cuts. Im seriously going to have to go hunting to get them. Its crazy. I even posted on a hunting forum that i would buy these cuts off hunters but they were all spooked by the laws

I concur with A.V. on the importance of eating the glands and organs , especially for people who have glandular or organ issues.

Thanks. Can you provide me any links or sources in which i can find his specific recommendations on this issue?

if you can't get organs, you may need to use seafoods to fully heal, especially fish eggs and shellfish.

why would seafood help if my gallbladder requires specific gallbladder nutrients? Or do you mean eat the organs from seafood (gallbladder etc) because its easier to get?

The nutrients that are needed to maintain a specific organ or gland tend to be concentrated in that organ or gland. That's why eating the thyroid/liver/etc. of a specific animal also helps YOUR thyroid/liver/etc.. THAT'S what I meant by common sense.

I agree its common sense (logical) , for the simple reason you outline here:  you can tell from the distinct difference in taste when you eat, for example, a lamb chop vs a lamb kidney, that they have a starkly different nutrient composition. So assuming the theory is right, and I believe it probably is, then I think i need to focus in on eating those particular parts of the animal that will help me heal my damaged parts as I believe eating just raw muscle meat wont completely help me as it doesn't provide all the nutrients i need to heal. Our ancestors didn't eat just the muscle meat, they ate the entire animal, and probably preferred the organs. In fact, I think eating raw organs with some muscle meat is probably the purest human diet of all. Its just so hard for me to get these parts as they are illegal to sell in australia and I need to go hunting to get them which costs a lot of money and energy - both of which i am in short supply.

What do you think of that theory that i wont heal properly without it?

An interesting article:
Many traditional cultures and their medicine men—including Native Americans—believe that eating the organs from a healthy animal supports the organs of the eater.

For example, a traditional way of treating a person with a weak heart was to feed the person the heart of a healthy animal. Similarly, eating the brains of a healthy animal was believed to support clear thinking, and animal kidneys were fed to people suffering from urinary maladies.

There are countless reports about the success of these types of traditional practices. We can thank Dr. Weston A. Price for an enormous body of research about the health benefits of traditional diets.

I don't know. I don't think you can go wrong either way.

This may help.

He did say this in his first book: "I don’t recommend eating glandular tissue and certain organs (that is, pancreas, thyroid, adrenals, testes, ovaries, liver, kidney, brain, etc.) and bone marrow unless they are from organically grown animals raised without injections and without deworming medication." (p 145)

Thanks again. Yes, thats the video that prompted me to buy his book.

I wish someone knew if this actually worked (eating glands heals the humans corresponding glands) ? Im nearly positive its my liver or gallbladder because of where it hurts.

Because of my digestive problems I just dont feel like eating any meat at all and really have to force myself to eat it. Certainly raw meat is more comfortable than cooked, but no meat (just fruit, juice and nuts) is even more comfortable. Of course, if i knew for a fact it would heal me, id eat it with a grin, but im just not sure.

Or maybe I need more raw fats to ease the pain and help heal?

Found it:

Also, in the Recipe book he says "The protein in eggs is not utilized for cellular reproduction. They are utilized for regeneration and maintenance and cannot be substituted for meat except occasionally."

Thanks. So for someone like me who has an isolated problem that requires healing- be it my liver, gallbladder or pancreas, I should focus on eating meats to rebuild, or is eating the actual raw gland far more beneficial?

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