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General Discussion / Re: Preparing wild game and eating raw
« on: May 21, 2015, 02:37:35 pm »
Also, is there any risk of eating raw wild animals like goat, pig, rabbit, deer etc?

General Discussion / Re: Preparing wild game and eating raw
« on: May 21, 2015, 10:51:17 am »
Hah word. And he does that too, but under "derek nance" hah we are like groupies.

Cheers, just watching some of Derek Nance's videos. I remember seeing a story on him. Didnt realise he was "sabertooth" from this forum.

General Discussion / Re: Preparing wild game and eating raw
« on: May 20, 2015, 05:06:41 pm »
It would also be really good to see a video of how the meat and organs are consumed.

Sabertooth, if you read this, perhaps you can make a video of one of your "stomach, blood, gland shakes" and the way you consume your kills.

General Discussion / Re: Preparing wild game and eating raw
« on: May 20, 2015, 11:28:53 am »
Have you tried seafoods, Marcus?

Hi Cherimoya, I have tried seafood. I just cant really eat it. Ive hated seafood since i was a kid. I could never eat it. The smell makes me want to throw up. I cant fathom eating large amounts of it let alone raw.

type " derek hunter paleo" on youtube

that is a video from sabertooth on this forum. THey were real helpful. I live in the US and can obtain animals organically. Can anyone just go hunt without tags in Australia?

Thats awesome! Thanks Kalo! Exactly what im looking for!

Im not sure about the hunting regulations. I think its a lot easier than trying to buy an animal. My plan is to meet a few hunters and tag along. Maybe even going bow hunting because I know getting a gun license is really hard. We had a mass shooting in Tasmania about 20 years and getting guns after that has been very difficult.

General Discussion / Preparing wild game and eating raw
« on: May 20, 2015, 02:34:31 am »
I live in Australia and ive tried vigilantly to obtain a healthy, naturally raised organic animal from a farm to slaughter humanely and consume in its entirety. Unfortunately due to the strict laws, it is near impossible to obtain. I know these laws well because ive contacted numerous state and federal departments. I basically have 2 legal options and 1 "grey" option:
1. Raise the animal myself. Kill it on my land. It stays on my land. Only myself or my immediate family can consume it.
2. Hunt wild game. Take carcass back to my land. Only I can consume.
3. Some farmers may sell me a live animal not knowing what I will do with it. I can bring to my rural property. Kill myself and consume

I have to go with 2 as I dont have a rural property. Unfortunately, ive never hunted nor slaughtered an animal. My plan is to go deer hunting. I want to eat much of the organs raw to help heal my poor health. Ive seen some vids on youtube on how to cut one up, which i can do, but i dont know how to prepare the intestines, stomach, gallbladder etc. Can anyone recommend how I go about doing this? a book perhaps? I just read "the diet of the mountain men" but that didnt disclose much detail. IS there anything i need to be concerned about? Ill aso be chasing wild goats, rabbits, turkeys etc

General Discussion / Re: Raw Liver Poll
« on: May 02, 2015, 12:20:51 pm »
People are foolish in regards to fear of eating raw stomach from animals that eat grass and are clean and healthy. People are paranoid about worms, but the only worms I have found in sheep have been a type of tapeworm that isn't transferable to humans. I make smoothies with the intestines which contain a good portion of fecal matter, and it is the most easy food on the system that one could imagine. There have been no issues whatsoever with eating the guts...

As for freezing the meat.... I prefer everything to be fresh, but when I get a really large animal, then I will freeze some of the muscle meat fat trimmings and organ meats in order to have something fresh later in the month.... I have tried to live off of frozen meat for extended periods from time to time, and have noticed feeling very drained and inadequate around the two week mark, when I will get an uncontrollable urge for a fresh kill and will do whatever it takes to get some fresh blood.

I also notice a difference in the meat after the first few days in the fridge. Super fresh meat has an instant revitalizing effect on me, and the first few days after a kill I will eat a whole lot.... then as time goes on the meat loses some of its vitality and doesn't seem as good around the one week mark, then as it ages further it begins to take on different characteristics, and the bacteria work on it to give it an aged flavor......

This process of eating fresh meat right after a kill then subsisting off of dry aged meat, and the occasional scavanged carcase until the next kill, must have been the way human hunter gatherers evolved. This cycle of eating fresh meat and letting it age seems natural to me, and I feel good doing it...sometimes I do crave more fresh organs, and other times I think if the animal was a little fatter I would do much better....but I seem to manage fairly well with limited resources and tight dietary budget restrictions.

There are many who claim that freezing is not an issue.... and I take a moderate stance.... because we all don't have access to unlimited fresh kills one must make compromises...but if and when ever possible....I recommend for everyone to learn how to kill your own animals and gorge yourself on the freshest most bloody and pure flesh you can get a hold of....then see for yourself if you feel better eating that way than you do eating thawed freezer meat.

Very interesting re the stomach/intestines. Its in contradiction to all the warnings but Ive no doubt you are right. Im going to learn how to butcher an animal and might hit you up for a few pointers on the stomach/intestines and your smoothie recipe.

Also, i know you had health probs, but how do you feel on this diet? Can you describe the sensation? Did you feel better almost immediately or did it take a few months/years? Have you noticed an increase in athletic performance

General Discussion / Re: Raw Liver Poll
« on: May 01, 2015, 01:03:01 pm »

I look for local family farms and buy animals directly from the people who have raised them, then take it back to my place and butcher it myself. Its by far the best way I have found to ensure good quality and it is also most cost effective I have found for supporting a the raw paleo diet. I don't hunt, primarily because most of the game animals in my area , just don't have enough fat to support my low carb diet as do fully mature pasture raised sheep. Also the last few deer I had gotten had tasted awful and two of them had sick looking kidneys.... Im not sure, but I suspect there may be an issue with the quality of wild game in certain areas.

There are many ways to find your local farm, ask around at the farmers market for people who raise their own animals, or look up web sites like ,   where I found the farm I now get most of my sheep from.

I blend up the stomachs into a pudding for convenience.... at first I was real careful to wash off all the stomach contents, but now I will just rinse off the big chunks and throw it into the blinder even if it still has a little green gastric juice on it....

Do you freeze the meat? AV says freezng is bad. Is this true in your experience?

I spoke to an abattoir asking for organic stomach. He said he couldn't provide it and strongly warned me against killing an animal, organic or otherwise, and eating its stomach without significant preparation. I appreciated his concern, but it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Sure it needs some preparation but he basically said i was risking my health eating anything other than professionally processed tripe

Also, how do you feel on this diet? I read in "The Diet of the Mountain Men" By William. E. Holston that those who ate your diet (it was basically the same as yours but with some cooked meat), felt like they could "live forever". Have you noticed any increase in alertness; gym strength; do you feel more calm etc?

General Discussion / Re: Raw Liver Poll
« on: April 30, 2015, 04:28:24 pm »
I eat the liver of the animals I butcher, basically my theory is that if you eat all the tissues of the animal, you are less likely to develop deficiency or excesses.

I eat a whole sheep liver every month, usually will eat most of it during the first week after a fresh kill, during that time I will eat a lot more and my digestion will kick into high gear, giving me abundant energy, toward the end of the month after going about two weeks without liver, or fresh blood or other organs I begin to feel signs of lower energy and slower digestion. Then when I get a fresh animal and drink the blood and eat a large piece of liver I feel immediately rejuvenated. There is an eb and flow to my diet, I store up on the nutrients of fresh organs and blood for two weeks, and then live off of mostly muscle meat and fat for the other two weeks, before being replenished with the next kill. In this way I use up my stores of nutrients more efficiently, and believe that there is less likely an issue with imbalances that may be associated with eating too much of one part of an animal or too little in another part.

It seems something that is totally necessary for me, though I warn that there was a time when I would eat extra liver bought from the store and would not feel so good after eating around a pound a week. One also must be sure to get good quality livers, I go by taste now, but when I was first starting I would eat store bought liver that wouldn't taste good and eat it anyway, and then would feel bad afterward.

Ive seen horrible quality livers come from so called grass fed animals, but what isn't on the label is the fact that it comes from cows who were dewormed with chemicals 60 days before slaughter, and fed substandard hay, and they come from stock breed that have been fed grain for many previous generations and may not be well suited to live on grass.
Now days if it does not taste good then I will not eat it.

Saber, how do you go about butchering your own animals? Do you have your own farm? Do you find a farmer, negotiate a price and just go and kill it on their land and take it home? Or do you hunt?

Ive contacted a few mobile butchers that in theory, will go to a farmer and butcher the animal and bring it back to me. Unfortunately they are very expensive and still face gov regulatory issues re certain parts of the animals so i think ill do the killing myself.

I was also looking into buying and raising chickens (and possibly rabbits) at a friends parents farm 30  minutes from me.

I really like your approach to diet and wish to emulate it. I I have few questions though. I pm'd you a few days ago if thats ok

Health / Re: adrenal problems
« on: April 24, 2015, 08:51:44 pm »
Yes I've been straight raw paleo for 7 months, the only thing that has ever calmed my adrenals is antidepressants.

Can you describe that experience? I  I thought they were terrible but a friends wife has taken them recently and she said they helped her immensely. Im interested to get another perspective other than mine.

Also, why do you think its your adrenals? Have you had your cortisol levels tested? Test your temperature- if its low and fluctuates it could be your adrenals are functioning poorly.

My suggestion:
Take large doses of Vitamin C. Like 5 grams a day.
B vitamins and magnesium/calcium.
An adrenal glandular extract.

There is good information in this article:

General Discussion / New tripe eater
« on: April 24, 2015, 08:27:36 pm »
I just bought some tripe and tried it for the first time. Its not bad. The problem is I believe it has been boiled and dyed prior to me receiving it. It was white. Should I try and get fresh tripe for taste and nutritional purposes?

Im interested in hearing opinions on fruit.

Ive tried so many times to quit fruit in the last 10 years because many people assert it can be detrimental, but i feel so much better when i eat it.  Its so refreshing, energizing and easy to digest. It makes me feel "cleansed". I think AV purposely restricted fruit despite saying he craved it, and I think he also said he only ate unripe fruit. I believe this was a  mistake.

I was just reading which was linked from this site and they advocate a raw food diet, and although they leans towards fruitarianism, they do accept raw meat and raw eggs are beneficial.

i am just thinking your current diet keeps your body at a level of inflammation that you are comfortable with and that might feel normal, and that is why it feels okay to eat the way you do.  do you take any probiotics or eat any aged or fermented foods?  do you have access to sea foods? do you eat any veggies or raw dairy?  do you have any skin or other issues besides what is going on inside your body, slow healing or wounds etc, or candida issues?  is there perhaps a psychosomatic issue that you are also dealing with? something in your life that causes you anxiety or pain that you dont feel able to change?  have you considered taking dr rons freeze dried glandulars or something similar in absence of fresh?  have you ever had your blood mineral levels taken?

Hi Jessica,

Im not really sure what you mean by the first comment? In answer to your questions: yes and yes. No, i dont eat seafood- ive struggled with seafood since a child. Yes, and yes. No skin probs or candida atm - I did but when i stopped eating sugar it went away. Not mental or psychosomatic - explored that possibility for 2-3 years. No. I have taken glandulars - thryoid, adrenal etc - they have made me sick accept for the pancreas. Yes- showed a few abnormalities.

More interesting quotes regarding the importance of eating the whole animal:

"Some of the pioneers in nutrition believed that raw glandular tissues contain intrinsic protein factors which are separate from, but synergistic with the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes, and fatty acids contained therein.  These specific protein factors are organ -- or  tissue -- specific.  This means that the raw cellular material of a bovine kidney, for example, will be picked up from the lymph of the human kidney when ingested.  These tissue-specific particles apparently "target" other cooperative and essential nutrients to the gland or organ for repair and maintenance."

"Each gland, organ and tissue of the body is unique. One cannot describe formational, structural, and functional features that are common to all of them.  Thus, each consists of a distinctive protein makeup"

I find this theory very interesting. It basically suggests that if ones body desperately requires specific nutrition, it may increase gut permeability out of desperation to obtain it.

"Any physical illness, tissue insult, injury, or excessive stress -- including chronic malnutrition and/or chronic poisoning -- can increase protein breakdown in the body and, when affecting a particular gland or organ, can result in accelerated protein catabolism in that area.  So it is significant that in "certain physiologic (including disease) states, the permeability of the intestine to whole proteins is enhanced, and transfer of whole proteins also occurs by passage between cells of the villus."  If an individual experiences adrenal gland fatigue, it would follow that the body innately absorbs more proteins or protein portions specially required to support adrenal tissue health and regeneration. xii"

have you tried just raw egg yolks?  what about any seaweed?  would you consider taking a pancreas supplement to help your digestion enough so that you can actually assimilate any of the nutrients you need for healing?   do you ever wonder if these other foods hurt to eat because the foods that you are eating that feel okay (especially fruit, avocado, olive oil and sourdough bread...really, you eat bread still?) are actually just somehow just masking symptoms, and there is a reason you arent satiated by them and arent healing?

No, I have not tried raw egg yolks. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try that today. Ive had spirulina if that counts? I went to see a natropath recently (Ive seen probably a dozen over 18 years), and he said my digestive enzymes were low. I took his pancreatic enzymes but they didn't really help. What do you mean "masking the symptoms"? Like these foods provide relief but the problem still exists? Like this diet provides confront because it bypasses the problem? Yes, 100%! Its the only food/diet that doesn't cause pain and allows me to function somewhat normally. I know for a fact they are not healing me, just allowing me to exist. Its frustrating, but there is something about fruit and juice (raw and fresh) that bypasses all the digestive pain that nothing else can.

I joined this forum less than a week after I bought and read Aajonus' We Want to Live, which turned out to be very fortunate for me: instead of trying to wade through AV's quirky history and claims, I started eating raw paleo as I read about it on this forum. I got so much relief within the first two weeks that I hesitate to tell people to "ease" into RPD. I mean, why wait to get better?

As I read your summary, I noticed that you are naming most internal organs as culprits in your discomfort, and that you think that the cause is weak organs. I am more inclined to believe that you are eating foods that irritate you. I think this is the case in many complaints that elude diagnosis.

For example, you list olive oil at almost every meal. At the very best, this is last season's crop; in the worst case, you are eating olive oil that is older. This suggests that you are habitually eating rancid oil. You also list milk and wheat, common allergens. The good news is that it's easy to eliminate allergens to gain rapid relief.

Perhaps you can experiment with RPD (raw paleo in a caveman style, with no seasoning and no/minimal mixing of food types) for a few days to see if you get relief.

Thanks for you contribution eve. Really appreciate it.

Thats exactly why I am here. I read his book and found the basic premise of his contention sound, but found a lot of his assertions and claims to be ridiculous. I contacted a local "AV potluck" and the lady i spoke too was just as crazy. With all respect to a great man and pioneer, I knew I had to look outside of AV's influence for the knowledge I needed.

"I am more inclined to believe that you are eating foods that irritate you. I think this is the case in many complaints that elude diagnosis. " - I can say categorically that it is something wrong with my organs. For 18 years i have tried everything, 10 of those years were focused on diet. Ive tried every food rotation and exclusion diet on the planet. I even fasted for periods of time. If food is my culprit, then nearly every food on the planet is the culprit! I had that mindset for 10 years and exhausted that theory. There is definitely something that requires healing and nutrition inside me. This is not solely a matter of exclusion and avoidance.

No, I do not take olive oil. I never do. It was something i was going to try. I dont think i will though.

Yesterday I had a good day eating raw meat all day until the evening in which i had some rice.  The problem is, i don't want to eat anything, but Im so damm hungry. Even raw meat causes me pain and discomfort so its hard to just switch over. My body is really telling me not too eat anything but fruit and juices but like i mentioned before, it doesn't heal me, just bypasses the problem and reduces the pain.

Coconut cream would be an excellent substitute for olive oil in the diet to try out, if you are able to obtain fresh coconuts?

Ill look for some at the shjops today. Thanks saber. Btw, I cant get it canned can i? Thats easy to obtain..

why not eat potato and cooked eggs?  certainly it would better than sourdough bread, and i would even recommend  cooked egg and potato over avocado and olive oil as the former is much less processed and might be easier to digest for you.  peel and cook the potatoes, let them cool, add some dandelion greens and some seaweed and gently cook the egg whites, leaving the yolk to drizzle in at the end.

Hi Jessica, thanks for your contribution. You've probably read this thread and what Im trying to achieve, but ill just summarize quickly in case you haven't:

One or more of my organs located in my midsection and likely related to digestion is under functioning and causing me incredibly pain which becomes exasperated after eating. Having studied the digestive process, I believe it must be ether my stomach, liver, gallbladder or pancreas.
To address this problem, I need to -    a) stop this organ(s) from causing me pain with the appropriate diet, and
                                                                   b) heal this organ(s) with the appropriate diet.

Ive deduced that eating raw meat will heal the organ(s), but Ive also deduced that eating the corresponding organ(s) of a healthy animal will provide healing far quicker and more effectively.

Now, you ask "why not eat potato and cooked eggs?" which is a good question. Im still working on (a) which is reducing the pain. Most foods cause pain and cooked foods more so than others. Fruit and juice is probably the only thing that doesn't. Eating potato and cooked eggs cause me pain - more pain than avocado and olive oil - but it certainly is not as satiating.

Do you guys eat much fruit or starch? If not, was it hard to ween off carbs?

AVs claims were based entirely on his own opinions on what makes for an optimal diet, I respect many of his insights, but he is not the paragon of nutritional dogmatic truth.

Ive read his book and listened to many of his interviews. His teachings are so hard to take seriously because of his wild claims. I heard him recently saying he could have sold out and made millions of dollars not just as a diet guru, but as the face of some cigarette brand in the 70's.  I forget the exact quote, but it was something ridiculous like he turned down 7 million dollars to be the face of the brand.

Thanks guys. You're really helping me out and giving me confidence. Im still very cautious as Ive tried so many diets to heal,  and many have been very damaging, particularly the cooked Paleo diet. In fact, the cooked Paleo was probably the worst thing ive done in 18 years trying to heal myself. I just had raw chicken and avocado for dinner despite not feeling like meat at all. I just felt like some potato and a cooked egg. I only had about 100grams of meat and Im still hungry, but Im still super cautious so I dont want to indulge. What part of me that is broken would not feel comfortable processing meat? I can feel it when i eat meat more than any other food. It causes pain and discomfort. Raw meat certainly helps, but like i said previously, i really just want to eat light food like fruit and vegetables and starch which cause little pain. That would have to be my gallbladder wouldn't it?

Also, someone told me I need about 900 grams of meat a day to start really healing myself. Is there any truth to this?

Also, the terrible pain is around my gallbladder, liver or pancreas, but what if its my kidneys that aren't working and expelling toxins, and because of them they are putting stress on my liver causing pain? Or perhaps my thyroid is under-performing and thus affecting my detoxification? So in actual fact, I need to address another organ or gland as opposed to the one casuing so much pain. Is this possible?

Display Your Culinary Creations / Primal shake recipe wanted
« on: April 17, 2015, 02:27:00 pm »
I want to create a primal shake consisting of blended raw animal parts and vegetable juice. I want it to contain a little bit of heart, brains, liver, stomach, pancreas, muscles, bone marrow, blood etc., - basically a little part of every bit of the animal, plus enough tasty raw vegetable juices and flavourings to reduce the foul taste so that I can drink it or sip it like a soup. Im guessing tomato, celery and beetroot juice would be good.

Sabertooth, I was thinking of making some sort of crude primal shake to help me consume these cuts/foods because Im having trouble with digestion and because i find most of it quite foul. What id like to do is get a bit of brain, thyroid, adrenal, liver, muscle meat, bone marrow, pancreas, some blood, etc, and whisk it in a blender with some tomato/vegetable juice and some flavorings, and drink it. What do you think?

At 37:20 in this interview,  AV says organs meats arent really that special and most disease can be reversed without them. He advocates organ meats for athletes and physical workers. But later in the interview,he  discusses specifically using adrenal glands to cure certain aliments.  Bit confused.

Then to harvest your own meat you may have to travel far and wide and buy whole animals, learn how to kill them and put them away so as to not waste any.

Are u killing your own animals sabertooth? Do u hunt or buy them? How do you store it? I read freezing is bad. Im thinking of getting a group together and sourcing a quality animal every week or two, killing it and distributing the parts. I think i can fleece the laws here which prevent commercial sale of specific animal parts by doing this, while at the same time reducing costs and avoiding freezing bulk meat.

Primal Diet / Re: Raw fat
« on: April 16, 2015, 10:36:31 pm »
It is extremely difficult to find pork worth eating these days. If you can, great. I LOVE pork fat.

Is it ok to eat fat/skin from free range organic chickens?

Primal Diet / Re: Raw fat
« on: April 16, 2015, 01:23:43 pm »
Dairy may be the big issue with you, when I did dairy it would give me liver congestion and gallbladder pains, you may want to try and eliminate it from your diet for a few weeks and replace it with quality fatty meats to see if there is improvement.

Id be wary of pork fat, unless you knew for a fact it wasn't given commercial feed. Most free range/ organic pork is heavily loaded with GMO grains, and other very questionable quality processed feed.

Where are you located?

There are usually ways to find local producers in your area that may be able to supply the quality of fat you would need to thrive.

Yes, excess dairy does give me problems, but its so tasty and readily available. Beef gives me the same problems. Its like a beef protein allergy. Its weird. I can eat moderate amounts without a problem, but thats why I want fat from pork or another source to avoid excess beef/dairy. And yes, that's exactly what i want to do: eliminate it from my diet for a few weeks and replace it with quality fatty meats. Its just so hard to find.

Is eating avocados and stone pressed olive oil any assistance in healing, or is the raw animal fat the real prize?

I live in Brisbane. Im calling a farmer tomorrow to see what he can do to help me.

Primal Diet / Re: Raw fat
« on: April 16, 2015, 12:18:07 pm »
Definitely, as long as you find that it works for you. Do what works.

Ive got a problem eating too much beef/dairy. If i can find some free range and organic pork, would it be ok to eat that fat?  Probably just 100 -150 grams a day to replace my 100 grams of nuts

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