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He seems the kind of charismatic guy to follow. Trouble is that he needs to be also flexible(ie allow some followers to eat raw veg/fruit, warn that some cannot handle raw dairy etc.).He's also quite handsome, though female RVAFers would have to comment as to whether he truly has an appeal of sorts.

Also, internet forums in general have slowed down or disappeared completely every since 2004. Sensible people recognise that real life is more important.....

You underestimate the sheer laziness of the human race. Previously, we have had all sorts of people, including myself, argue for books/videos galore on the subject of RVAF diets, but most people are just too lazy to do anything. The one time I did something, a collaborator chose to "reword" everything I said etc. What we really need is an excellent charismatic, seemingly normal,  author, on the level of a Dr Atkins or a Dr Mercola, who is extremely photogenic and charismatic, and who churns out books and videos by the score.

Off Topic / Re: Minor point re ethnic cuisine
« on: Yesterday at 04:38:49 pm »
You are wildly exaggerating. I have been to Peru where I had numerous ceviches served in the traditional way(ie fully raw and served with raw, freshly-squeezed lemon-juice), with no extra corn or additives or whatever.Never once was I served with extra corn  or sweet potatoes, or indeed anything else.

I was not referring to sushi restaurants, but to genuine sashimi restaurants. Sashimi restaurants do also provide some cooked dishes, but their sashimi dishes are always 100% raw. My only dislike is that many sashimi restaurants serve their raw fish in nouvelle-cuisine-style, with tiny amounts. I did once encounter an exception where I got served thick chunks of raw mackerel and raw  swordfish by a Japanese restaurant near King's Cross in London, but, sadly, they did not remain there long.

Off Topic / Re: Minor point re ethnic cuisine
« on: Yesterday at 04:01:48 am »
I was referring to restaurants in Vienna, Austria just then. In previous times, I did refer to an Ethiopian restaurant in London which was frightened of serving their ethiopian food raw. This was due to overly stringent UK government regulations. Generally speaking, ethnic fast-food joints everywhere tend to have an appalling reputation re serving rat-flesh instead of lamb, being unhygienic etc. I was told that the trick is always to look at the type of clientele which frequents the particular ethnic restaurant you are interested in, if you are interested in quality. So, there is no point in having dinner at a Japanese sashimi restaurant unless you see some Japanese customers there, no point in visiting a Chinese restaurant unless there are lots of Chinese customers there, etc.

Off Topic / More unusual examples of human evolution
« on: April 24, 2018, 10:33:12 pm »

Interesting point here. Thor Heyerdahl was ridiculed for his theory that the Polynesians discovered South America before Columbus. Yet, the above shows that the Australoid ethnic group did indeed reach South America.....

Off Topic / Re: Article recommending avoiding washing once a day
« on: April 24, 2018, 01:05:52 pm »
I should make clear that I do not always practice what is written in the pro-palaeo articles I show on RPF.  I myself use soap on the underarms and the groin area, only very rarely washing the rest of my body. The organic soap I can get locally is too small for me so I just use standard soaps. I also use (probably too much) essential oils diluted in cold-pressed olive-oil in the baths. Oh, and I do use soap as well  for when I am unable to remove all the faeces from the other end with toilet-paper.Ideally, if money were no concern, I would instead mostly use this Trust deodorant product which uses herbs etc. to remove the stink from the groin/underarm/feet area, but the product is much smaller than it was so I only use it for when I am hiking in the mountains etc. It's very useful as the smell-cancelling effect lasts c.3 days or so after just 1 application, and it kills the bacteria without ruining the skin in other ways.

Off Topic / Beauty may not always be a good idea...
« on: April 24, 2018, 02:04:18 am »

We are often told by scientists that beautiful people are more likely to get decent jobs or avoid conviction by juries or more likely to be healthy or emotionally stable etc.,but it seems, from the above, that there are disadvantages. It has been my experience that people born with innate advantages such as beauty or wealth etc. often foolishly base their entire personal value on those characteristics they own rather than developing/improving other attributes. Many nouveau riche types I have met tend to be odious personalities convinced of their superiority, despite wealth being based on arbitrary values(ie pieces of metal or paper etc or bits in a computer).


This has been needed for some time now. It is annoying that every city now has a fast-food joint practically  every few  metres on most streets. To prevent more ill-health, it should be forbidden to have more than 1 fast-food joint more often than once  every 200m on any street.


I far prefer the softer, creamier marrow,but in Austria it is very difficult to get hold of the softer marrow, by contrast.

Off Topic / Re: The correct way to eat oysters
« on: April 22, 2018, 05:35:31 am »
While van's method is no doubt more intelligent, the usually recommended practice is to use an oyster-knife to prise open the shells on the side, while having a thick towel on the other side, held by the other hand, so as to prevent injuries.

General Discussion / Re: Do glands regenerate after abuse?
« on: April 22, 2018, 02:48:37 am »
Thanks for mentioning my omission. Here is the site:-

One caution:- I felt very energised afterwards, but a much older acquaintance who used the device, a cooked-foodist, felt fatigue afterwards. The fatigue always happens to people who are unwell in some way, apparently. Just a sign that detox is happening, and nothing to worry about...

General Discussion / Re: Do glands regenerate after abuse?
« on: April 22, 2018, 12:28:41 am »
OH, this site comes highly recommended. It uses 4 wavelengths unlike some others which use only two. Plus, it is priced at more reasonable rates than competitors.

General Discussion / Re: Do glands regenerate after abuse?
« on: April 21, 2018, 11:20:15 pm »
If one is really ill, then one usually takes c.2-3 years before really major conditions are sorted out, so don't expect quick fixes. I myself tried various raw thyroid supplements from Dr Ron's, and herbal ones and none of them worked.One thing that really seems to boost testosterone levels is near-infrared light therapy. I have tried it myself in recent weeks, and the boost to testosterone was quite amazing. Obviously, this should be done in conjunction with a RVAF diet as well.

One explanation for the decrease in human brain-size since the Neolithic era has been that humans have become domesticated. Domestication of animals generally leads to 10% lower brains-zie and correspondingly lowered intelligence, so rewilding ourselves is as important as rewilding the land:-

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