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I assume it´s because aged or cured foods such as aged meats are high in histamine. And when you have a leaky gut then high histamine foods can be an issue.

Hot Topics / Re: Medicinal Mushrooms/Fungi, not Magic Mushrooms
« on: Yesterday at 12:27:43 am »
Which type of mushrooms did you use?

Hot Topics / Medicinal Mushrooms/Fungi, not Magic Mushrooms
« on: October 20, 2018, 03:42:31 am »
I recently watched this Joe Rogan interview with the mushroom/fungi expert Paul Stamets and it blew my mind. Mycelium is truly fascinating and seems to have it´s own intelligence. I highly recommend watching or listening to it.

So, since fungi are closer related to humans and animals, rather than plants, I am considering to implement some non-china grown mushrooms to accelerate healing. And I am not talking about Magic Mushrooms. Specifically I am looking at Mushrooms that have no or little Agaritine or Hydrazine content. I am thinking of Lions Mane, Reishi and Shitake, Turkey Tail and Enoki. I am not sure about chanterelle, oyster, morel.

Does anybody have experience with any these type of mushrooms, or any other, and did any of them help to accelerate the healing process?

Primal Diet / Raw moldy cheese better than normal raw cheese?
« on: October 20, 2018, 02:59:12 am »
I start to wonder if there are any health benefits of raw moldy cheeses such as Brie, Camembert or Roquefort, but not the pasteurized versions. I used to stay away from them due to my previous fungal and candida overgrowth, but I am thinking to add them to my diet. Does anybody know if moldy cheese cultures are similarly beneficial as high meat is?

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: October 20, 2018, 02:48:38 am »
@Francis. and Keith Woodford is the Guy that wrote the Book "Devil in the Milk: Illness, Health and Politics : A1 and A2 Milk". He has a own section on the right top side regarding A1 and A2.

@van thanks for the explanation. You initially said to implant them rectally, then you mention orally. So should it be both ways? And if for example somebody would be totally lactose intolerant and "allergic" to dairy, with this method you could possibly digest dairy again? I assume you did that because you could not digest the milk from your goats?

General Discussion / Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
« on: October 18, 2018, 03:05:45 am »
Coffee can hinder HCI. I found that green tea after like 30 min to 1 hour works far better and is less irritant. It enhances my digestion, but it can harm if you drink it on an empty stomach. I find it also very calming, but that depends on the brand.

General Discussion / Re: Mucus - beneficial or harmful?
« on: October 18, 2018, 03:00:00 am »
A food diary is essential to keep track of the progress and mistakes you did. I strongly suggest to do one otherwise you won´t progress much. I am a bit confused about what you wrote. You said that you transitioned to a raw primal, which means added dairy, but you say you didn´t add cheese. So now you eat raw meats plus raw dairy except cheese? So things such as raw butter and raw milk? My stool was never fully hard, it´s nearly always hard at the beginning, but then perfectly soft afterwards, which I find strange, as something is blocking the "passage". However, since I started drinking still water with all my meals today, which I never did due to fear of interfering with HCI, it seems things are going much easier. I also see small blood particles sometimes, i read that this can be normal but that this can also indicate a problem.

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: October 17, 2018, 05:14:30 am »

This is very interesting. Can you please briefly explain how you can culture human strains of probiotics?  Also, what whey do you use? Should it be live whey from lets say kefir or would store bought powdered whey work as well? And to implant the solution of a pint, you use an enema, or how do you insert it? Suppositories would be too small unless you use many?

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: October 16, 2018, 05:56:47 am »
In that case, if you can´t find a proper source leave it out. No point of eating someting that makes you feel bad. If you can´t get the real deal don´t touch it, otherwise it can aggregate your symptoms.

General Discussion / Re: Jordan Peterson has gone carnivore
« on: October 16, 2018, 05:54:13 am »
I am with you and I´d like to share my experience after being on the carnivore since July.

I eat cooked lamb shanks, beef ribs in water and lately chicken drum sticks and chicken legs. Lamb and beef I soak in salt water for a couple of hours to get the minerals out of the bones (dunno if that works but I don´t want to use any plant substances such as vinegar or lemon juice) and boil them for 3-4 hours in water. Then I eat the whole meat broth with no added spices whatsoever, only the already added salt. Chicken I put in the oven for 1-2 hours on 180 degrees celcius to make them soft. I eat that with salt and sometimes commercial mustard. I found these 3 meats to be the best for me. Turkey would be better in terms of fat content but the feed is worse so I stay with chicken. Pork, even though soaked in vinegar or salt to remove the lectins causes issues. Fish my body doesn´t crave. I sometimes do eat beef tartare with beef, egg yolk and salt. With every meal I eat I have a lot of raw goat cheese and raw milk, either goat or sheep.

In the 4 months I eat carnivore I had around 5 cheat meals which consisted of button mushrooms, veggies in sauces such as garlic, onion, potatoes and some herbs and once I had ice cream. I do drink green tea daily and sometimes have raw greek honey, but I´m still uncertain regarding that. My blood pressure is very good. Blood test pending.

There is something else that I would suggest doing if you want to know the conditions of your organs. Follow the instructions of this video: when you will do the excercises at the end (circling the area), lying on your belly, you will feel a sensation at the organs that are in trouble. Sensation meaning when you touch them you get very sensitive and you might need to stop. That can be around the kindeys, bowels, liver, gallbladder or solar plexus. I find this excercise to be very precise and very effective. First time I did it I had an enormous emotional reaction. So the less you feel there the better off your organs are, at least in my experience and opinion.

I don´t eat plant foods after carnivore, I do experiment with alcohols such as red wine, sherry, fernet branca, swedish bitters and other alcohols to increase my HCI, but so far I don´t think any of those really works except red wine. As far as I know alcohol increases HCI and it always works for me. I tried for the 3rd time to have HCI tablets but it makes me fell ill in the stomach and blocks digestion so I stopped. I remember AV saying that HCI supplements arent´t good. He might have been right here. In one of his interviews he noted:

"HCI supplement is bad as its not complete, and it can inhibit certain bacteria to digest food and not assimilate it properly. So u may have poorly digested proteins."

I tried HCI supplements with different intervals. Before food, with food, 15 min after food, 30 min after food and 45 min after food. All failed. Therefore I still believe that the best way to heal the body is by NOT taking any helpers whatsoever. The body is supposed to learn to digest the foods you eat, especially if you have eaten plant based before. Even if HCI is supposed to help. I used to eat a LOT of plant based foods which brought me into this low HCI mess, now I don´t eat any and I think that´s the best way to go to naturally increase it, which after carnivore it did. I do however think that herbs and mushrooms are in a differnt category, and by now I strongly believe that these can heal rather than harm. I still need to do more research about that, especially about mushrooms which are fascinating, since they are in the same category as humans and meats.

But when summarizing these 4 months of carnivore I can say that this is the best way of eating I ever did. Out of my personal experience I would recommend not to eat any plant based foods, and I think you would heal much faster. Doing zero carb might be even better, but that would mean no dairy and no eggs, for sure not honey or bee pollen. Only meat, water and salt. But that is too hardcore for me and I think that some people might need these carbs. So if I were you surfsteve, I´d try going full carnivore, with no plant based foods whatsoever, and see how it goes. And when it comes to body odor I wouldn´t worry. Since eating carnivore I have zero smell, zero farts and by now I sweat less (you will sweat more in the beginning). One thing you might realize though, you will need to drink a lot more water, unless you eat plenty of raw meats and drink a lot of raw dairy.

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: October 16, 2018, 04:29:48 am »
Always make up ur own mind when it comes to certain foods. What´s not good for others might be beneficial for u. From my own perspective I could see a big difference between A1 and A2. I drank around a liter of A1 Holstein/Friesian milk which were commercial fed and I drank a lot more of Jersey Cows which are supposed to have a higher A2 trait. I had no issues with the Jerseys, also commercial fed, but I had an immediate negative response to the Holstein/Friesian, even though the Friesian were fed MUCH more pasture than the Jerseys (the Jerseys were ONLY fed with GMO pellets which I found out after seeing the feed label by coincidence some months later).

I am from european descent and I did a lot of research when it comes to A1/A2, and it´s far from a 'hoax'. If you research more about this you will understand. Certainly you might be one of these few people which cannot digest any dairy at all, but that can be doubtful. Do you know what their feed is, especially in winter, do you know what treatment the cows get when being ill, do you know the living conditions of the cows, do you know if they still have horns, do you know what trait they have? The only way to get proper raw milk is to speak to the farmer, inspect the animals, see the living conditions, see if they are certified organic, check for the horns and taste a bit of the milk. Most commercial dairy cows nowadays are of A1 descent. However, in certain countries there are still a lot of indigenous breeds, such as the Pinzgauer or Fleckvieh in Austria or the Modicana in Sicily, and I did not have any issues beside the raw butter, which is most probably due to the high saturated fat content. So I would say it also depends where you live and what cattle they use. Some countries use a lot of the shitty A1 breeds which can give you problems, regardless if raw or not.

Therefore, if you want raw milk there are certains things to consider. 1. Always opt for Organic and pasture. 2. Try Goat or Sheep milk if you can´t handle cows milk 3. Go for indigenous breeds rather than commercial cattle. It can be hard to find a farmer which does not have A1 cows, but they exist. So only if you have checked ALL these things, and you still have bad symptoms (not related to detox), only then you can clearly verify that any kind of mammalian milk, except mothers milk, is not good for you, regardless what anybody says. If milk would be so harmful and shitty, it would have not been drank for thousands of years by so many ancient cultures and tribes. So, whatever is in commercial and even raw milk nowadays, is NOT what we are supposed to indigest to heal certain conditions. And raw milk can heal, has nothing to do with just being a variety or a 'nice' addition to your diet, it can help you a lot, or it can harm you if you get the wrong type of milk, or if you are in these apparently 5 percent. But people nowadays just don´t grasp the true meaning of proper raw milk. As with many other things. And that truly pisses me off. It´s like a Vegan saying Animal Products make you sick and give you cancer, even though they have absolutely no clue what they are talking about.

that depends a lot where you live, if you go to a farmer that doesn´t sell on a large scale and only from his own place, his chickens are running around on pasture then the chances are higher for high quality eggs. If you buy organic eggs from the supermarket then don´t expect to have natural feed. The ones I got were from a farmer that doesn´t have the organic label, because it costs to get it and he doesn´t care. Were the best eggs I ever had. Raw and cooked with super orange yolk. I had tasted 7 different organic brands where I live and none of them could hold up to the non organic.

Primal Diet / Re: Did AV dye his hair?
« on: October 11, 2018, 11:29:07 pm »
I recently stumbled across this article where it explains the difference of being hydrated or not. More interestingly, the article mentions this:

Fruits and vegetables also contain other valuable micronutrients, including silica, which not only benefits your gut microbiome, but also helps improve hydration inside your cells. An herbal supplement that provides high amounts of organified silica is horsetail. Avoid mineral silica, as it actually promotes oxidation and is very dehydrating.

Then when looked up on horsetail one user commented:

If you have a cavity developing, place a piece of fresh horsetail in your mouth and hold it on the location of the cavity.  If its on the outside of your teeth place the horsetail between your cheek and the tooth where the cavity is.  If it's on the chewing surface of a molar, place the horsetail there and hold it in place by biting down on it - you get the idea.  Keep it there between meals and during waking hours for several days.  It'll greatly speed up healing the cavity.

Looking this up on the internet I came to So if horsetail is the most abundant source of organic silica in plants, then you might be able to heal your cavity faster with it. Might be worth a try.

Hot Topics / Re: The least toxic (cooked) junk food.
« on: October 11, 2018, 05:58:26 am »
I think it depends on how you cook ur food. I noticed that when eating boiled meat together with the liquid I got the best digestion. I pair that with raw milk of goat or sheep and raw soft cheese. 3 months ago I started the carnivore diet, and after some experimentation I can say that this seems to be the best way to cure food sensitivities as its the ultimate elimination diet. I used to fry ground beef or ground lamb with tallow, goose fat or lard, together with raw dairy, but it was still too hard to digest on low HCI. Now, with the soft meat broth including the meat (lamb and beef), paired with raw dairy things have improved vastly and my HCI is increasing naturally. Eating everything in the broth could mean that you loose little of the nutrients, surely the meat is degraded to some point, but boiled could be the best way to eat cooked foods after raw. Also because it´s soft and your HCI, hence your body, won´t need that much energy to break down the hard food particles to get the nutrients out.

In fact, I came to eating boiled meat by the story of the greek historian Herodotus, which lived around 2500 years ago.

18. Now the table of the Sun is said to be as follows:—there is a meadow in the suburb of their city full of flesh-meat boiled of all four-footed creatures; and in this, it is said, those of the citizens who are in authority at the time place the flesh by night, managing the matter carefully, and by day any man who wishes comes there and feasts himself; and the natives (it is reported) say that the earth of herself produces these things continually.

23. Then when the Ichthyophagoi asked the king in return about the length of days and the manner of life of his people, he answered that the greater number of them reached the age of a hundred and twenty years, and some surpassed even this; and their food was boiled flesh and their drink was milk.

And the funny thing is that even back than the King of Ethiopia knew that Grains are crap :)

22. Then when he came to the wine, and had learned about the manner of its making, being exceedingly delighted with the taste of the drink he asked besides what food the king ate, and what was the longest time that a Persian man lived. They told him that he ate bread, explaining to him first the manner of growing the wheat, and they said that eighty years was the longest term of life appointed for a Persian man. In answer to this the Ethiopian said that he did not wonder that they lived but a few years, when they fed upon dung; for indeed they would not be able to live even so many years as this, if they did not renew their vigour with the drink, indicating to the Ichthyophagoi the wine; for in regard to this, he said, his people were much behind the Persians.

Either way, this "Table of Sun Diet" seems to be working well for me, so to say that cooked meat is bad is far from the truth, even the people from the world carnivore tribe fb forum eat mainly grilled or highly heated meat, and they heal the craziest health conditions. But they all have something in common. They cut out all plant foods. So the key to good health seems to be low carb and less, or no plant foods at all. If you would now be eating a raw carnivore diet, that might be the fastest way to heal. Just my two cents..

And regarding the last toxic cooked food I could somewhat agree with chestnuts, but the problem is they are very high in carbs. Initially they had helped a lot as they can cleanse the intestines pretty well, but at a later stage they were a no-go. I think tigernuts would be a better choice. In my situation the least irritating foods in the end (before I started carnivore) were sweet potatoes, winter and summer squash, pumpkin and garlic. Asparagus would be ok too. Maybe even artichokes unless u got low HCI, since they have a lot of cellulose and are hard, even when cooked. I also think that rice would be somewhat ok if soft, i think rinsing helps with arsenic levels. But the absolute worst thing that I could think of is sourdough bread. I think Aajonus did a big fuck up recommending gluten bread in his "We want to live", regardless if its made with wild yeast and therefore is lower in phytates. It absolutely wrecked my already sensitive gut.

I was doing some research about egg whites and this is what I found:

Egg whites contain an anti-nutrient known as avidin. It’s a glycoprotein, which means that it’s a combination of a sugar and a protein. It binds biotin and prevents its absorption, so it effectively acts as an anti-nutrient that antagonizes biotin.

In the experiment where Egg Beaters were compared to whole eggs, part of the problem was likely the fact that Egg Beaters contained avidin. The rats not only weren’t getting biotin from the yolk, but they were consuming egg white that was actively antagonizing their biotin status.

Cooking egg white neutralizes avidin, but not completely. Frying destroys two thirds of it, two minutes of boiling destroys 60 percent of it, and poaching only destroys 30 percent of it.

AV mentioned in his book "We want to live":

It is believed that large quantities of whole raw eggs should not be eaten because avidin (an amino acid) in egg white binds with biotin (part of the Vitamin B complex) in the body, causing side-effects. The avidin/biotin bond is beneficial because it helps to dissolve biocarbons and helps muscle retain carbohydrates. Whole raw eggs contain a wonderful natural balance of nutrients, including bioavailable lutein (an antioxidant) that is an important carotenoid for eye and skin health. Empirical experience proved to me that the body properly alters any chemically-identified enzyme-inhibotor in eggs, allowing raw eggs to be eaten in their entirety at once.

How many of you eat the whole raw egg, how many have issues with the raw egg whites, and how many think that cooking the egg includine the white causes them less problems? And is the lutein only found in egg yolks? I used to eat raw eggs with every meal. Then I stopped as it caused issues. Today I craved an egg and tried a whole cooked egg one, but I think there was still an issue, maybe because it still had avidin. I think when you have an auto immune issues or leaky gut, the whole egg can be a problem, even if eaten raw. So you I guess you are better off with the egg yolk only?

Here it says that choline in eggs can increase the risk of worsening existing prostate cancer Of course this could all be BS, things get faked all the time, but it would be good to get some opinions about long term egg eaters here.

General Discussion / Re: Carnivore diet burnout
« on: October 01, 2018, 07:19:05 pm »
Some time ago I wanted to get raw dairy in the UK. And I found quite some places, even for things such as bone marrow. Some ship Nationwide as far as I can remember, some not. List is below sells all kinds of organic meats, organ meats, bones and other things.

Then there is which has a list of all sellers. Some have raw dairy too.

Primal Diet / Re: Raw Milk Adjusting Period?
« on: September 30, 2018, 06:17:34 am »
Dairy, a neverending topic..

There are big differences when it comes to dairy. What breed of cow did the raw milk have, what breed of cow did the raw butter have? What breed of cow does the pasteurized dairy have? I found that I can tolerate raw jersey milk and other similar and ancient breeds very well, but when I had milk from an almost exclusively frisian/holstein farmer my body clearly said no. I drank one liter and i didnt wanna touch it again. That was a conventional farmer that fed mostly grass fed. At the same time I had no issue with another farmer that gave me jersey milk which was fed worse, with gmo pellets. Therefore I concluded that diet is not the major factor, at least in my case. I want to add that I have no issues drinking raw goat and raw sheep milk. Sheep milk and cows milk, especially from jersey have a much higher fat content, and i´m a person that doesnt digest high fat very well, so it can´t be about the fat in the milk. I think it more depends about the breed and about the following below.

Then there is another interesting aspect I think. I recently spoke to a very knowledgeable farmer and he said that cows that have no horns are problematic. He said that a friend of his is a butcher and often sells the brains to turkish customers since they seem to eat them a lot. He observed that cows which have no horns have a significantly higher compromised rotten brain compared to cows with intact horns. He explained that when a cow still has the horns, the methane is released through the horn into the air/atmosphere, however, if the cow has the horns culled the methane cannot be released properly and accumulates in the brain causing deterioration and illness in that area. Aside of the A1 and A2 differences, this might be another factor why some people might not be able to tolerate dairy, even if raw. Therefore it might be possible that this causes the milk to become of lower quality meaning some chemical processes take place which could cause issues for digestion that milk for humans. I did not follow this up but I found it very interesting. The reason farms dehorn cows is due to safety issues, because they can hurt themselves and the workers on the farm. When looking at ancient cow breeds for example in india, and tribes of certain regions, one can see and suspect that the horns were not deculled, leading to the hypothesis that this could be the reason why they tolerated dairy so well, also given the fact that the mutation of A1 didn´t happend that long time ago. Also Aajonus was a proponent of Amish farmers and it seems that he did well on their milk. And I do not think that they would remove the horns of their cattle, but that´s just a speculation. It could also be that he did not drink raw milk A1 milk of holstein/frisian cows. Whenever books about the healing affects of dairy were written, the dairy came from breeds such as guernsey which has the highest likeleyhood of being A2.

Personally I found that I cannot tolerate raw butter. I tried salted french butter and unsalted from a different country, but raw soft cheese, raw milk of certain breeds and animals plus pasteurized joghurt or certain cheeses arent an issue. It could be that the fat content of the raw butter is too difficult to digest for me. No idea. But then again, dairy is still a big mystery for me.

General Discussion / Re: Mucus - beneficial or harmful?
« on: September 29, 2018, 03:12:39 am »
I might try and do the water fast again, but I rather put on some more weight first. Fat reserves I don´t really have. That´s why I eat so much dairy to up that cuz up until now (except the newly introduced meat broth below), I couldn´t digest meat fats well. Maybe I´ll start easy with a day fast and see how it goes. I don´t want to use any type of vinegar, strictly speaking I can´t stand anything plant based atm. Plant foods, regardless of what kind, got me into all this trouble and I don´t want to go back this road.

I noticed today that I am doing very well on meat broth apparently. So cooking either beef ribs or lamb shanks which are full of fat, together with the bones in himalayan salt for a couple of hours until very soft to make kind of a soup, that soup eaten with raw goat ricotta and raw milk of sheep or goat seems to do wonders for the digestion. Everything is soft when eaten and i don´t need much stomach acid since everything enters the stomach in a mushy state. Digestion never has been that easy, finally. I will also try to incorporate raw ground beef with 1 egg yolk to see how that goes. I know ur a big proponent for HCI. But I had issues with it, however, I thought of trying HCI for the 3rd time to see if I could tolerate it now, as this would help eating harder type of meats, so softness is the key solution for low HCI for me. But I´ll give the meat broth some more time first. And I don´t have little mucus, I have pretty much, but that´s apparently due to the dairy.

General Discussion / Re: Mucus - beneficial or harmful?
« on: September 28, 2018, 02:47:53 am »
Thanks for that. Your input is always tremendously valuable! Last time I did a fast, it lasted 1 and a half days. After that I almost passed out and had to skip work. Coconut water brought be back up due to the sugar content. But that was when I was still eating many shitty carbs, so I think that nowadays it would be easier. The other thing is losing weight. If ur already underweight and u lose more that sucks lol.

One more thing I wanted to ask you. I read that you sometimes drink meat/bone broth. Is there a way to leech the minerals off the bonus without using vinegar? Could one use salt? Let´s say you soak the bones and meats in saltwater for some time, does it have the same benefit as vinegar?

Who do you mean with AJ? AV like Aajonus V.? If him, then he promoted Kefir and that has nothing to do with a normal grains. It´s a type of mushroom. I drank homemade kefir daily for many months from different milks, but I do think that it does not promote weight gain. More of the opposite I found.

General Discussion / Re: Mucus - beneficial or harmful?
« on: September 27, 2018, 04:43:13 am »
Do you think its possible to reset the microbiome baseline with water fasting in less than 3 days? You mentioned 3 in another thread, but I won´t be able to handle that many days.

Primal Diet / Re: Did AV dye his hair?
« on: September 27, 2018, 04:20:55 am »
Well, she is not the only one that fixed her cavities. Either way, I plan to try it as well and I will make a thread about it. Then we see..

Primal Diet / Re: Did AV dye his hair?
« on: September 27, 2018, 03:48:43 am »
U could try this I guess you need to add certain extra things, diet alone isn´t enough to regenerate them. And according to AV himself on a yt video, the radiation fkd up his tooth bones, they dangled in his mouth and he bit on his teeth and bled half a cup of blood, so they had to give him blood transfusions. That paired with 2 percent milk messed things up even more. He loved honey for sure, and he probably ate plenty of fruits (mostly unripe), so I guess they could never regenerate. I think for people eating a RAF diet it should be pretty "easy" to get the tooth health back. WAP showcased several tribes that could regenerate their teeth with their diet.

General Discussion / Re: 30 raw eggs a day
« on: September 23, 2018, 04:35:57 am »
@Raulik. How many eggs did you drink during that day? 30?

General Discussion / Re: Mucus - beneficial or harmful?
« on: September 23, 2018, 03:51:03 am »
I have tried everything under the sun to increase my gastric acid production. Different types of Betaine HCI, raw corn on cob, beet juice, celery juice, ginger, lemon, honey, green tea, ACV, red wine vinegar, red wine, kefir, sparkling water, big glass of still water before eating and and and... Many aided digestion, but it didn´t make my body produce it´s own. The problem came years ago while eating way too many plant foods, gluten and way too less meats and fats which caused all kind of auto immune diseases, leaky gut and what not due the fact that the body doesn´t need much when u eat vegan/vegetarian. Then when I cut all the crap a long time ago, I still couldnt digest meats and fats as I combined plants and meats, hence alkaline vs acidic.

Then in july I said f that and started a Carnivore diet, animal foods only. Cooked meat (the softer the better), rendered fats, raw eggs and raw dairy, sometimes raw honey. Since then my HCI production increased a lot and finally I can digest animal foods again. Without any aid of any digestive helpers. Life changed as I forced my body to produce more HCI, and that´s what he did. I did try HCI tablets of different brands and in different time intervals but I found them either useless or they blocked things up. And yes, you can eat the best diet in the world, all useless if u can´t digest it. There is something else that lowers HCI in my observation. And these are parasites which I had a lot. And the point sabertooth made makes sense, thanks for that. Thing is I would like to try that, but when I cut out dairy things turn ugly. But..the meat I eat is cooked, so if I eat only raw ground beef as its the softest, with lets say eggs for maybe a month I might be finally be at the finish line. There is just one thing that makes me paranoid. If my body starts to adapt to raw meat only, I don´t want to end up having issues when I eat cooked meat again. How was that with you sabertooth? Once you fixed your major health issues with raw meat, does your body give you much trouble when eating some cooked animal foods?

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