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There are 7 different types of calcium. calcium citrate, malate, lactate, oxalate, carbonate, calcium citrate malate and calcium gluconate. Oxalate is definitely the worst form, but I wonder which types of calcium do sardines, salmon bones or bone marrow have. Would these be better than the calcium in dairy?

What would be the best type of calcium for a growing toddler if you do not want to use dairy. Would dissolving bones in vinegar like sabertooth be the best way to get calcium. Or eating marrow? I read that egg shells are not that good (calcium carbonate). So what´s the best form for developing well growing bones, if you also have adequate levels of Vitamin D and K2, as this seems to be important.

What are the best raw vegetables that can be eaten together with meats? I´m trying to incorporate veggies after carnivore and so far it goes well, but I wanna know which ones cause the least trouble digesting if eaten raw and together with meat or alone. So far I eat a lot of tomatoes, avocado and mixed salad, but what about things like broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, cucumber, carrots? Bell peppers and olives give me issues, Eggplant is a bit weird raw, same as cabbage, even in sauerkraut. Also, are tomatoes with cucumber really that hard to digest?

General Discussion / How much calcium do you really need
« on: February 28, 2019, 06:11:59 am »
So I decided to cut out all dairy, raw and pasteurized, since there are too many controversial things surrounding it, such as overload of calcium, estrogen, origins, to name a few. I was eating it for years and I wanna see what effect this discontinuity has. Now by cutting that out I also cut out my main source of calcium. Now the question arises how much calcium does one really need? Apparently we need 1000-1200mg per day, but I don´t trust the "common knowledge", so anybody able to shed some light in terms of approx. daily mg on a raw and cooked diet?

Off Topic / another famous vegan youtuber stops veganism
« on: January 08, 2019, 06:54:52 am » Who´s next? We should do some bets  ;D

Parenting / What are the ideal foods to introduce after lactation
« on: January 07, 2019, 02:38:14 am »
Which should be the first foods to be introduced to babies/toddlers? I know they should be soft and mashed, but what types of foods should one give? What do the HG introduce first? Raw milk, cheese, Raw beef (ground)? Or should you start with mashed veggies, like sweet potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini? Raw (obviously not sweet potatoes and potatoes) or cooked? Would raw meats be overkill since some bacteria might do more harm than good for a non-fully developed immune system?

Off Topic / Vegetable police turned raw carnivore
« on: December 06, 2018, 07:17:30 am »
Long term plant based "Vegetable Police" realizes that raw meats were the answer to all his health issues and in a month he will try High liver. Hilarious how so many ex plant based morons go carnivore. One thing I like about him is that he is pretty honest about his thoughts and actions by now, he doesn´t hide that a vegan diet didnt work for him. Some people claim that the world is going vegan, but in reality more and more vegans are turning carnivore.

I have already heard of this but I never quite looked into it. Until recently when I started experimenting with probiotics/bacterial strains to heal my IBS, Crohns and Food sensitivities, low HCI and other digestive issues. And the more I look into this, the more fascinating this subject has become. This method seems to have a big success rate when it comes to healing C. difficile, Crohns, Inflammatory bowel disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Auto immune disorders such as Autism, then Multiple Sklerosis, Alzheimers, Asthma, Food sensitivities, and possibly food allergies such as a peanut allergy after this trial will finish in 2019 ( The treatment is mainly done in liquid form via colonoscopy and enema, or pills that contain dried fecal matter. Apparently it has a big success rate of around 80-90 Percent and healing can sometimes occur extremely fast within 1-3 days or weeks. Sometimes it needs to be done more often. I strongly suggest watching these videos to get the idea: (didn´t watch this one fully but could be interesting)

For the ppl that don´t know it, it´s very simple and can be done at home. This is a tutorial that shows one way. But it´s simple. You take fecal matter from a healthy person, either mix that with water in a container, strain and then insert via enema, or you put the crap in a mixer with water and a possible saline solution, strain and insert via enema, or you get the pill from a donor bank such as or and do it with your practitioner. For the UK it should be This video shows roughly the process how Openbiome is getting the bacterial strains into their pills

The more interesting part for me would be regarding the donor. You should only do it with feces of somebody that you know is healthy, because you will implant these bacteria into your digestive tract. But what does healthy mean exactly. I read that when you would get the feces of somebody obese, you might end up obese as well. Which is very interesting. Because you could theoretically get the bacteria you want to digest any kind of foods. I wonder if a celiac would get feces from a tested non-gluten intolerant person, if this new gut biome would change the body in such a profound way that gluten can be indigested. But it could possibly also have negative side effects, if you implant feces from a vegan, and you are a carnivore, would your body have issues digesting meat as a consequence? And let´s say you would obtain feces from a HG tribe, somebody that has an immaculate track record of no disease, eats an ideal raw diet, after implanting, would you then have issues digesting foods that the tribesperson never ate? Such as greens, carrots or nuts, or anything that is not a tribal food source and never has been. Or if people such as Mikaela and Jordan Peterson, which only eat cooked beef, water and salt and get huge issues when they eat anything except that, if they could start eating 'normal' again if they get the feces from a healthy 'normal' eating donor?

Or imagine you have huge problems with HCI, underfunctioning thyroid, and you insert feces of somebody that is able to eat glass or metal, which means these people must have extremely strong bacteria and HCI to digest this materia, would you then also be able to do this as well, or at least digest very hard foods (maybe bones)?

Then there would be the psychological aspect. Would you for some reason also get some behaviours of that donor? Or how will that new bacteria react to your own bacteria. I assume it will become more dominant and try to kill your own to make your body stronger. After all, gut bacteria controls the whole body and surely to some excent your mind, mood, stability and so forth. And lastly would it be possible to continously change your bacteria by adding feces from different donors depending on your desired results? This is a fascinating subject with so many question marks, but yet so many possibilities. Has anybody here ever tried a FMT?

Until what age should a baby be breastfed if the mother does not eat a clean (cooked foods, carbs and sweets) diet? Not talking about a SAD diet but not an ideal one. Is it better to let the baby drink exclusively breastmilk for a year or longer, considering mums 'unideal' diet, or is it better to stop breastfeeding, at let´s say 6 months, and then introduce some raw foods to the baby step by step, in order to 'cut' out mums possibly harmful food choices, but still breastfeed from time to time. The question is what´s the lesser evil? Being fed by a monther on an 'unideal' diet but fed longer on breastmilk, or being breastfed only for 6 month but then give the baby more nutritious raw food.

Hot Topics / Medicinal Mushrooms/Fungi, not Magic Mushrooms
« on: October 20, 2018, 03:42:31 am »
I recently watched this Joe Rogan interview with the mushroom/fungi expert Paul Stamets and it blew my mind. Mycelium is truly fascinating and seems to have it´s own intelligence. I highly recommend watching or listening to it.

So, since fungi are closer related to humans and animals, rather than plants, I am considering to implement some non-china grown mushrooms to accelerate healing. And I am not talking about Magic Mushrooms. Specifically I am looking at Mushrooms that have no or little Agaritine or Hydrazine content. I am thinking of Lions Mane, Reishi and Shitake, Turkey Tail and Enoki. I am not sure about chanterelle, oyster, morel.

Does anybody have experience with any these type of mushrooms, or any other, and did any of them help to accelerate the healing process?

Primal Diet / Raw moldy cheese better than normal raw cheese?
« on: October 20, 2018, 02:59:12 am »
I start to wonder if there are any health benefits of raw moldy cheeses such as Brie, Camembert or Roquefort, but not the pasteurized versions. I used to stay away from them due to my previous fungal and candida overgrowth, but I am thinking to add them to my diet. Does anybody know if moldy cheese cultures are similarly beneficial as high meat is?

I was doing some research about egg whites and this is what I found:

Egg whites contain an anti-nutrient known as avidin. It’s a glycoprotein, which means that it’s a combination of a sugar and a protein. It binds biotin and prevents its absorption, so it effectively acts as an anti-nutrient that antagonizes biotin.

In the experiment where Egg Beaters were compared to whole eggs, part of the problem was likely the fact that Egg Beaters contained avidin. The rats not only weren’t getting biotin from the yolk, but they were consuming egg white that was actively antagonizing their biotin status.

Cooking egg white neutralizes avidin, but not completely. Frying destroys two thirds of it, two minutes of boiling destroys 60 percent of it, and poaching only destroys 30 percent of it.

AV mentioned in his book "We want to live":

It is believed that large quantities of whole raw eggs should not be eaten because avidin (an amino acid) in egg white binds with biotin (part of the Vitamin B complex) in the body, causing side-effects. The avidin/biotin bond is beneficial because it helps to dissolve biocarbons and helps muscle retain carbohydrates. Whole raw eggs contain a wonderful natural balance of nutrients, including bioavailable lutein (an antioxidant) that is an important carotenoid for eye and skin health. Empirical experience proved to me that the body properly alters any chemically-identified enzyme-inhibotor in eggs, allowing raw eggs to be eaten in their entirety at once.

How many of you eat the whole raw egg, how many have issues with the raw egg whites, and how many think that cooking the egg includine the white causes them less problems? And is the lutein only found in egg yolks? I used to eat raw eggs with every meal. Then I stopped as it caused issues. Today I craved an egg and tried a whole cooked egg one, but I think there was still an issue, maybe because it still had avidin. I think when you have an auto immune issues or leaky gut, the whole egg can be a problem, even if eaten raw. So you I guess you are better off with the egg yolk only?

Here it says that choline in eggs can increase the risk of worsening existing prostate cancer Of course this could all be BS, things get faked all the time, but it would be good to get some opinions about long term egg eaters here.

General Discussion / Mineral water causing tooth decay/tartar
« on: September 20, 2018, 03:35:27 am »
I always thought that mineral water is better than filtered water, or "man made" water, however it seems that it can have adverse effects if you drink too much of it. Some time ago I used to drink a lot of sparkling water, but after some time I noticed that I got more and more tartar. I first blamed the dairy that I eat daily, but when I cut the sparkling (mostly naturally sparkling and sometimes carbonated) the tartar reversed. Now I noticed something similar happening with still mineral water. When I sometimes look into my glass kettle I see regularly calcification at the heating part. So these "minerals" must cause that on my teeth as well.

Then everytime I drink that still mineral water it first helps but then bloats. So I am thinking that too much of it can have harmful effects on your digestion, your teeth and possibly organs. Has anybody else noticed something similar? I am thinking to switch to either filtered jug water or man made water from bottles. Or what are the alternatives? I know both aren´t the best but better that than rotting teeth and internal "calcification". A proper filter system I can´t afford atm.

General Discussion / Mucus - beneficial or harmful?
« on: September 15, 2018, 02:58:59 am »
What do you think about mucus in the stool? I always thought these are parasites, but as it turns out they aren´t. But at the end of my "sausage" I see lots of mucus which looks like worms. And the stool is always hard there. I am pretty sure it´s a mixture of mucus plus undigested fats. On one hand side I hear that mucus can be a sign of an illness, on the other hand it can be a sign of regeneration of the gut lining? What´s ur experience on that? I moved to a carnivore diet 2 month ago, changed everything in terms of energy, digestion, weight gain (from underweight). When you started eating raw did you see an increase in mucus too? I´m not sure if to be concerned or happy. Also, i don´t know if that mucus seems to slow down the bowel movement, or the fats with the mucus aid it? And in general, is fat always fully digested or can you still see fat pieces in your stool (considering your digestion and bowel movements are optimal)?

General Discussion / Pork - Good or Bad?
« on: August 29, 2018, 07:40:41 am »
What´s ur intake on Pork? I recently stumbled across this article that explains the effect of uncured pork on the human blood system What do you think about the reputation that they have more parasites than other meats? I found that cooked pork gives me energy, makes me gain weight (in a positive way) and speeds up my digestion. Pork has a bad rep, but is it really that bad? Who of u is eating it raw? The spartans had in in their staple blood soup, the okinawans eat it a lot, so is pork really that unhealthy if its raised on pasture or at least organic? Furthermore, pork liver seems to have the highest heme iron content of any food that is out there, more than double the amount of veal liver. It seems that I can digest pork very easily on my low HCI, beef and lamb I have issues with, which are supposed to be healthier

General Discussion / Taste of bone marrow
« on: August 02, 2018, 05:55:36 am »
Is it normal for bone marrow to taste and smell sweet? Got some conventional marrow and the taste and smell was great. Wonder if that´s normal.

General Discussion / Ways to stop a detox when it´s too heavy?
« on: July 04, 2018, 07:16:18 am »
Is there any way to stop a detox for a short time when it gets too unbearable? I remember AV mentioned lime juice. Does anybody have experience with that and with other temporarily stopping detox remedies?

General Discussion / How to do a parasite cleanse
« on: June 04, 2018, 07:45:29 pm »
What would do you recommend for doing a parasite cleanse? I know that some parasites might be beneficial, however, I think an overload of bad ones is definetely not. I suspect to have a lot, which also seems to be the reason for my low HCI, low energy, brain fog, underweight, leaky gut, food intolerance, sleep disturbance, dry hair and skin and and and... everything under the sun and I see no end in sight, HCI just gets lower and lower so raw foods I had to totally stop since I can´t digest anything hard or cellulose like (unless some cooked veggies or cooked white fish or shellfish). I also have a lot of red vains in my sklera including radials in the iris which seems to be a sign for an overload of parasites as well. Parasites also effect the adrenals including cortisol levels aside of intestines blockages and many other things. So low HCI can be a result which then is a cause for malnutrition which effects everyting.

I just started this regime:

1. Water kefir for probiotics upon awakening
2. teaspoon of raw honey
3. 1 cup of coconut milk with 1 tbl. of coconut oil, whole small papaya and half of the seeds air dried and grounded into it. This tastes disgusting as the coconut milk is overwhelming, so I´ll change to either coconut water or do 20ml of ground papays seeds and honey
4. With meals I have 3 cloves of crushed garlic once a day. I heard that garlic extract is more powerful but they all seem to have additives in it.
5. During day quater of a papaya fruit
6. Gonna introduce a teaspoon of ground cloves
7. In the eve another water kefir plus another quater of papaya fruit with or without honey and later at night a tbl. of coconut oil with 4 drops of pure oregano oil.

I also have pets. I assume that they could have given them to me. As every time I am abroad I feel better, eat much more, have more energy and gain weight. It could be due to the fact that I am moving more, but I am not sure. To my cats I started to mix a bit of papaya into their food once a day in the morning. Anything else I could do?

Anything I am missing or you would recommend? I read that probiotics are important but I can´t digest sauerkraut, i cut out milk kefir and those powdered forms I am unsure. I did a stool test once, turned out negative but I read they aren´t reliable. Apparently you should do one that tests for 3 days. Nobody does it here. I can only go to alternative holistic people which do tests like bioresonance and what not. But I don´t know how reliable they are.

General Discussion / Enema - Colonic administration Guidelines
« on: May 21, 2018, 04:32:01 am »
I know a great topic and everbody´s favourite :) However, I´d like to know how it should be done properly and what the dangers are. I remember AV said that it´s a radical flushing of the colon and he didn´t recommend it. As far as I know it flushes out the good and the bad bacteria, remaining fecal matter, parasites and other "stuff". It´s also practiced by a lot of people during detoxes. But there are still certain question marks to me. I think goodsamaritan uses it for his healings right? My questions would be:

1. In general, useful or harmful? When not to use it?
2. How frequently should one use it. I know u don´t use it 24/7 but how often in a day and how often during a "detox"?
3. What time would be best. Mornings only? Or evenings?
4. What liquids to use? Some people suggest coffee (which I think can be harmful), some water with acv or lemon, some plain water. Then there are other strange combinations like chlorella or spirulina?
5. How to clean an enema sack? With water, "natural soap", ACV?
6. What to eat before and after an enema? And throughout the remaing day.
7. How long to retain the liquid and what positions during administration should be used?

I´d appreciate ur input.

I wonder what´s the fat/meat ratio that you have when eating. How much fat do you eat with let´s say a 200g steak in order to have a fast digestion and make things "move". My digestion is too slow and I think I need to increase my fat intake. But how much? For a steak that size, u eat 200g fat? 100, 50? 25? What fat would be best and what could slow things down? I´m thinking of Raw eggs, Suet, Backfat, Marrow, Raw butter, Raw milk, Raw cheese, Avocado, Raw oils..So lets say raw oils or raw butter, 2, 5, 8 tablespoons?

General Discussion / Types of raw fat
« on: April 08, 2018, 07:06:33 pm »

I know of the following types of raw fats: Raw eggs, Raw butter, Lard, Tallow, Bone marrow, Avocado, Raw nuts and seeds, Cold pressed oils such as olive, flax or coconut and Coconut fat (from juiced coconut).

I´d like to eat more raw fats but I need the ones that are easy to digest. I have issues with avocado, pig, raw nuts and seeds and possibly butter, so what would you recommend. I read tallow can be hard to digest? I have an issue digesting beef and pig, so I guess lard and tallow would be out? Also, it´s impossible to get good quality (organic, pastured) lard, tallow or bone marrow here, can you suggest a store that ships internationally?


Hi all,

I am curious to what you attribute your current or past sicknesses to, when you were a child and when you became a grown up. Do you think your health related problems were/are a direct cause of what your mother ate while she was pregnant, what she fed you during postnatal care, what they fed you during childhood or what medical treatment you received?

I think it would make sense to get peoples opinion of why they think they had certain health issues later life. I for example attribute my ADHD issues at school to too much gluten in my diet. Possible side effects to vaccinations might have played a role too. The fix for ADHD back then was Ritalin which had hallucinating effects that lasted for years. I also think the fluoride tablets were the direct cause for the dental misalignment which could be fixed with bracelets only. Of course some of these issues could have had genetical reasons, however I doubt that.

Suggestion Box / Prenatal/Parental/Childrens section needed
« on: March 17, 2018, 02:59:10 am »
I love this site but I think what´s strongly missing is a section about one of the most important topics concerning our future generation. Our children. For that reason, can we please have a Parental section where we can discuss important things such as pregnancy, infant/child nutrition including children´s sicknesses/diseases? It´s nearly impossible to find something about the RAF diet in combination with pregnancy, children and nutritional upbringing. It´s such an important topic!

If our parents would have fed us the right nutrition during pregnancy or during our upbringing, or had the knowledge that many of us have now, most of us would probably not have suffered from grave illness and disease. So why not prevent it in the first place?

Thanks  :)

Hi all,

I am pretty confused about the acid/alkaline topic. As we all know, the stomach itself is very acidic but where I get confused is that certain foods apparently turn the body alkaline, which is supposed to be good for the body. An acidic body is considered unhealthy. But, in order to digest animal proteins our stomach needs to be acidic. So we should not eat vegetables or veggie juice right before or with animal proteins, since veggies are mostly alkaline and interfere with acidic foods such as raw meats.

I have low stomach acid, so i have a hard time digesting raw veggies and raw meats. Dairy is ok unless its goat milk, cuz that´s apparently alkaline forming which i can confirm, since my digestions isnt good when i mix it with raw meats. However, cow milk with raw meats seems to be good since cow is apparently acid forming.

So my question is, in order to be fully healthy, what in the body needs to be acidic (I assume the stomach) and what should be alkaline (the blood)? And should I only focus on acidic foods since I want to increase my HCL naturally? I don´t want to run into the risk of consuming too much acidic foods which might cause more issues. I read that vegetarians/vegans sometimes have a hard time getting back to animal proteins, since the body didn´t need to produce such a strong HCL. So when they switch they have issues.

General Discussion / How to do High Eggs
« on: February 14, 2018, 02:14:42 am »
Has anybody tried High Eggs? And how did you do them? I read that the chinese sometimes eat rotten eggs which are decades old. But I don´t want to wait 10 years for that one :) Could you do them as u do High Meat? Like crack them open, put them in a glass jar and air them every 2-3 days for a month or more? Or does the egg need to be closed and stand for many months/years to become "High"?

Hi all,

Its impossible for me to digest any more raw meat. It gets stuck in the intestines even though i eat raw fats with it. So I get very bad indigestion and everything blocks up. I´m missing the bacteria to digest raw meat. I´m certain about that. The last time I had indigestion I took high meat twice a week (1 marble sized piece). for around a month. That pretty much fixed my digestion in some way and I could eat raw meat usually without issues. Now I am at the same stage, but worse due to a recent "flush". I thought of increasing my bacterial count by doing HM again. My question is how often can you take HM? I want to speed up the process. Is it safe to eat it more than once a day, every day and for how long? I remember AV said that you shouldn´t take it on a weight loss cycle. I still don´t understand what he meant by that. Did he mean that you shouldn´t eat it when ur underweight? Which I am.

I also thought of something else. I have issues digesting raw salmon. It´s worse than with raw beef. Could it be that if you take high meat of the meat you can´t digest, afterwards you receive the bacteria from HM to exactly digest that meat? Any thoughts?

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