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from my part I can say that I stay away from anything leafy green now. Had it recently and it messed things up. Besides I find salad useless. It´s like eating paper. I think I need to be careful with cellulose. Especially since I eat meats with it. And eating it alone is boring. I would try natto, but too much hassle for me doing it :) The Kelp observation is interesting, maybe u have some thyroid issues. Where do you get urs?

after my 6 month carnivore journey it seems that I can eat plant foods again, but interestingly enough the ones that I seem to do well on are fruit based (with seeds). These are winter squash, summer squash, tomatoes, cucumber, avocados. Other fruits are bell bepper, pumpkin and olives, but these seem to be an issue still (except their oils). When looking at them it also looks like they are low in carbs, except winter squash which has 12 g carbs. Nonetheless it makes sense that fruits/sub-fruits seem to be less of an issue when it comes to anti-nutrients than vegetables. I also recommend having a look at a website of Georgia Ede MD which explains the nature of different foods very well. Learned a lot on her site. So after doing a carnivore diet it makes most sense to reintroduce the fruit-veggies that seem to have the least anti-nutrients, and ideally stick to them (if you want to eat fruit-veggies). I thought of introducing more broccoli too, but after reading her post on that I am hesitant. They seem to be a double edged sword.

One thing I can say for sure is that the carnivore diet healed a lot. I even had some gluten foods, beer, fries, sweets and I can tolerate them, which was not possible before. I do however sense that after I started eating plant foods again, I noticed that just eating animal foods is the best. But if u want to have some color in your life, some fruit-veggies are ok. But once you eat clean, which I did for the last couple of weeks, one portion of fries made me get a cold. So the body right away reacts to shitty foods once you eat clean and then goes into detox. I always know that when I eat something unhealthy and I wake up in the morning and have a discarge of the eyes, it´s detox. AV said it too and I can confirm.

Primal Diet / Re: Aajonus Vonderplanitz and HCL
« on: March 13, 2019, 03:52:53 am »
there is a session coming up in april in a remote place, it´s about body electronics. The guy doing the sessions has decades of experience. I can send you the details via pm. It can be a lengthy process, but it seems if you are nutritionally prepared, healing can go fast. According to my research it´s the most effective healing method that exists.

Sessions can last from an hour to half a day, lying on a bed and be absolutely still. It can be very challenging but a lot is about releasing emotional blockages. There are different layers of resistance, but once these are released extreme healing can occur.

What are the best raw vegetables that can be eaten together with meats? I´m trying to incorporate veggies after carnivore and so far it goes well, but I wanna know which ones cause the least trouble digesting if eaten raw and together with meat or alone. So far I eat a lot of tomatoes, avocado and mixed salad, but what about things like broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, cucumber, carrots? Bell peppers and olives give me issues, Eggplant is a bit weird raw, same as cabbage, even in sauerkraut. Also, are tomatoes with cucumber really that hard to digest?

I agree with the first 3. pemmican could be in the list of food preservation as well.

Primal Diet / Re: Aajonus Vonderplanitz and HCL
« on: March 02, 2019, 05:08:42 am »
Van, I know it sounds ludicrous, but have you ever thought of the possibility of regrowing parts of the lost leg? I know of a healing method that can possibly regenerate certain things plus tissue in the body in some people, and considering that, I believe, you have a perfect raw diet, which would be one condition for certain extreme healings to happen on this method, you might want to give it a try.

I´m not sure if the benefits of cooked foods are well received here  ;D but things such as bone or meat broth, and apparently enhanced "bioavailability" of cooking foods like tomatoes, spinach.. might be of interest. then things such as certain herbal teas, herbal tonic drinks could be interesting. Stews might be the least problematic cooked foods as the water might retain quite a good amount of the vitamins, minerals and what not, but that´s just speculative.

General Discussion / Re: How much calcium do you really need
« on: February 28, 2019, 06:48:13 am »
did u mean silica?

General Discussion / Re: How much calcium do you really need
« on: February 28, 2019, 06:30:04 am »
yeah I eat walnuts a lot lately. Brazil nuts im not sure. Might be too high in selenium and they are expensive. Walnuts are great and off the charts when it comes to omega 3, sometimes I wonder if nature intended them to look like a brain.

Hot Topics / Re: Nightshade Sensitivity
« on: February 28, 2019, 06:26:09 am »
I used to have big problems with nightshades before I did my carnivore diet. But after that diet I am eating lots of tomatoes, potatoes, chilli (in liquid form), aubergines again and it seems to be fine. So carnivore healed a lot. But bell peppers are still a big issue, also chilli seeds. I would really recommend to go carnivore as I suggested already. When it comes to curry I had to be inventive and create my own back than when I had many food sensitivities. And the taste is very good. I looked at this recipe and swapped chilli with red peppercorns. Now I cant exactly remember what I had put in there but I think I did it very simply by using coriander turmeric cumin and red peppercorns only. i didn´t toast anything, i just did the ground red peppercorns myself, if u can´t do that use white or black pepper

General Discussion / How much calcium do you really need
« on: February 28, 2019, 06:11:59 am »
So I decided to cut out all dairy, raw and pasteurized, since there are too many controversial things surrounding it, such as overload of calcium, estrogen, origins, to name a few. I was eating it for years and I wanna see what effect this discontinuity has. Now by cutting that out I also cut out my main source of calcium. Now the question arises how much calcium does one really need? Apparently we need 1000-1200mg per day, but I don´t trust the "common knowledge", so anybody able to shed some light in terms of approx. daily mg on a raw and cooked diet?

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Safe Stool Frequency
« on: February 05, 2019, 03:34:14 am »
Yes, if u lack bile and HCI it will almost certainly cause constipation, since your gastric acid couldn´t break down the hard connective tissue, especially of dry-aged meats or big chunks of fat and protein. So u end up with all these bigger pieces that will block up your colon. Then if you lack proper gut bacteria you will have an even harder time. Cutting up in small pieces is an option, or doing ground or pate until gastric secretion and gut bacteria improve.

Primal Diet / Re: Parmigiano-Reggiano
« on: February 05, 2019, 03:25:37 am »
The normal body temperature of dairy animals is usually between 37-38 C and can fluctuate according to the weather. That is usually also in the temperature range that the milk would flow through the udder getting to the baby. Humans have a similar temperature range. If you have a temperature higher than around 38, it´s would be considered fever that, according to the general knowledge, kills viruses and bacteria as a consequence. It would make sense to say that raw milk heated above 38 is overheated and the enzymes start to degrade, because nature never meant to give us milk higher than that range.

According to Dr. Edward Howells book "Enzyme Nutrition: The Food Enzyme Concept", all enzymes are considered dead above 117 F (48.22 C.) So any cheese that is heated above 38 C, will degrade in enzymes, to the point where it´s a dead product. I used to eat raw cheeses thinking they were raw, especially when the package said made from raw milk. The problem is that many producers start with raw milk, then heat it up to create their cheese. So the end product cannot be called raw cheese anymore. I have noticed that many so called raw cheese producers have no clue about the true term of raw, but still use that term. The only way to find out if it´s truly raw is to contact them, ideally via email, since many sellers first need to contact the ppl in charge of the production process, and ask until what degree their product is heated to. Don´t waste your time asking if their cheese is raw. As far as I know any cheese in the US can be called raw if its below pasteurization temperature. No comment. And it´s true that almost all store bought cheeses are made with salt, sometimes even table salt. Making your own is easy, cheaper and often healthier.

Off Topic / Re: Can Raw Paleo help in overcoming Drinking Addiction?
« on: February 03, 2019, 05:29:40 am »
Changing the environment is vital. That includes changing habits and friends, sometimes even location. Diet for sure has a big impact. But if u keep on meeting ppl that consider drinking as the only way of escaping harsh reality, then diet wont be effective enough. Hypnosis, done by an experienced hypnotist, can heal many addictions, since many of them have manifested due to old traumas. Ayahuasca would be a step further, if the person is still in a sane state of mind and if the ritual is done by an indigenous experienced shaman. A psychologist can be of help as well, but might sometimes not be effective enough, or might not go as deep into the subconscious as a person might need. Even doing sports or going to the gym can change addictive patterns, as u tend to keep ur body "cleaner" during workout, then dietary changes can become a healthy habit. But out of experience I plead that a change of environment, new friendships, or new life "situations" are among the most effective impacts, everything else usually follows or is a consequence of thereafter.

Health / Re: Just one more thing to be completely healed
« on: January 30, 2019, 03:52:05 am »
Red wine, green tea, honey was helping me as well. But I mainly I used them in emergency cases. Especially when I was not able to digest the food and did not have enough liquid with it. The food will get stuck, you won´t produce that much HCI, you feel hunger because the food is not in the right place to be absorbed by the vili, you get agitated, brainfog and you cant shit. I think our intestines are like toilet pipes. If you add liquid or oil everything goes through smoothly, if you add too much dry matter the pipe gets clogged. To unclog you pour in an acidic medium. That´s why red wine, honey, ACV, lemon...helps. Even AV suggested in his book WWTL a combo of honey, ACV and lemon. Or you add weight like fibre, but you then run the risk of clogging it up more, making matters worse. Adding fat won´t do much usually on a clogged system, thats why its vital to add enough fat to make things go through smoothly. That was the biggest mistake I did, too much protein and too less fat. And the more I had cut the "helpers", the better things went. So you might no longer need ur beer at some point, because your body will adapt, but you need to let it adapt naturally by stopping all this extra crap :)

Another thing I notice that once your digestion enhances and peristalis improves, you are much more aware of how you eat. I used to gorge food down because I was constantly hungry as the food was stuck in the intestines and didn´t absorb the nutrients. That makes you chew less, makes your HCI low, your pancreas inefficient, as I use to get a kind of pain when eating too fast and not digesting it. And even if you eat plenty of fats it will still cause constipation. The negative side effect was that my body temperature dropped, i heard my bones cracking and i didn´t gain weight.

Now I sit down, chew very slowly a couple of pieces and wait until I burp internally, that´s a sign that your HCI is working. Then I take another couple of bites, chew properly and wait until you burp (never externaly). When you don´t do that the problem is that you eat big amounts, that are accumulating in the stomach and your stomach acid can´t handle it and sends it not properly digested further downwards. I think that puts more strain on the intestines and it can cause bloating. It can also happen that you get acid reflux as it goes up through the esophagus.  In fact there is one way to test if you have adequate HCI. When you wake up you take sodium bicarbonate with water and wait till u burp. If it takes longer than a specified time frame you apparently have low HCI. You can look up the proceedure on the internet or do the Heidelberg Test. I used to do the SB and it took either way too long to burp, or I never did. To me the burping after eating a couple of bites is the same thing. To conclude. Do NOT eat more food until you burb internally, like this you are much more aware what´s going on inside your body and you will automatically not eat over your limits. And I would suggest that with every piece of protein you eat 2 pieces or more of fat. Otherwise you end up eating too much protein, then try to compensate with fat but during that catch up you are already too full and you can´t eat enough fat, which will cause issues. I know these things might sound stupid and mundane, but sometimes the obvious is not so obvious at first sight.

And allthough I suggested ground meat as a starter like I did, you might want to try cut pieces before that (I only read about the below after my experiments):

This test was during spring of 2017. It was tested with raw fat ground beef that I used to eat before I did the test, and with raw fat beef that was cut into half-inch pieces (I started to eat this beef after the test). I made 2 piles of meat – one was from ground meat, the other was from cut meat. On the top of the piles I made cavities and poured some water into them. In the cut meat pile all water soaked in immediately. In the ground meat pile, the soaking in took up to 40 sec. Raw fat ground meat behaves as a piece of dense wet clay. In the stomach fat ground meat can delay digestion because meat and fat particles stick together into a big piece and interrupt fast soaking of the stomach acid. Probably you may also use a mixture of raw lean ground meat (which is more cheap) and raw fat cut into small pieces.

After this test I use only cut meat. Usually I cut meat and its fat into half inch pieces and eat the fat first (the feeling of satisfaction comes faster). If some pieces are difficult to chew, just swallow them. They digest very good and meat and fat doesn’t need to be chewed for a long time. THE NOTICEABLE CHANGES WERE: feeling of heaviness in the stomach after eating becomes much lighter, meat digests faster and the bowel movements are more regular, the desire to sleep after eating is less. CONCLUSION: it’s better to not eat ground meat.

It’s interesting that the same conclusion was had by Dr. H. L. Newbold and his patients ( He had an opposite explanation about the harmful influence of the ground meat (that it digests faster). …It’s possible to check precisely which explanation is more correct but is it worth it to do if the conclusion is same? More information about meat influence is in Article 2

One reason why clabbered might not do u well could be the breed of cow. Whenever I made clabbered I used A2 milk. Goat or indigenous cow breeds, where the A2 trait chances are much higher (in cow). Once I drank raw A1 GMO fed cow milk and my body refused totally. But I had no issues with raw Jersey GMO fed cow milk (which I drank for several months). So organic doesn´t seem to be the main factor, it might be the BCM7-protein that causes the issues during fermentation.

Science / Re: drinking milk and dying earlier
« on: January 29, 2019, 05:27:42 pm »
why don´t u expand your youtube presence and make money off from that. More and more people are getting into carnivore, and with your expertise you would become quite popular, especially because you have far more knowledge than many other carnivore promoting people.

Health / Re: Just one more thing to be completely healed
« on: January 29, 2019, 06:30:57 am »
I had issues drinking it on an empty stomach, i either drank it with a meal or not too long time after. I fermented it until the whey separated. But the more I read about your and surfsteve issue the more I think about myself trying to experiment like you, non stop to find final solutions. Looking back now I can say I wasted my time and money. All these extra things, different methods, different theories, supplements never truly fixed it. It made things better but there was always something left. At one point I thought that these helpers won´t fix the problem permanently. And I was right, let your body improve it´s digestion by itself don´t interfere with all these additional helpers.

So if I were to do everything again I would go carnivore straight away. You can start with ground meat if your hci is low, have pork (always cure to minimize lectins), beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, maybe salmon, sardines and makerele. Try organic, at least have the fish wild. Have much more fat than protein (like 80:20 or 70:20), digesting protein is way harder than fats I think, especially on low HCI. Have eggs and raw high fat dairy, try to keep it low carb, maybe keto which would be around 20g carbs per day or ZC. And most importantly do not touch any herbs, vegetables, juices, teas.  Not even seasonings like pepper. Just meat, fat (like marrow), eggs and dairy (if you can). I also found that drinking with meals helped a lot, regardless of what anybody claims. 6 month of eating cooked carnivore (yes cooked helped regardless), i have my HCI back, my sleep is better, focus better, digestion better, after many many years of struggling. And I had my cheat meals mind you. Just try it for a week or 2 and I am pretty sure you will feel the difference.

Health / Re: Just one more thing to be completely healed
« on: January 28, 2019, 05:48:01 am »
@thehazeb do you drink clabbered milk with food or on it´s own? I have found that on it´s own it can cause issues. with food was best for me. And for how long did u ferment it and how, do you close the lid or leave it open? Another thing that I noticed when doing clabbered milk is that when I left it out on a window sill, where it got lots of natural direct sunlight, the taste was much better than fermenting inside. I think it might also depend if you drink it warm or cold.

Health / Re: Allergies, Immunity, and Healing
« on: January 27, 2019, 07:19:56 am »
I would not call them allergies, but rather current food sensitivities. I developed a lot when I ate a plant-based diet. In the end I could only eat white fish, chicken and i think 5 types of vegetables. Everything else caused big issues. I healed a lot of these sensitivities with a cooked carnivore diet plus a lot of raw dairy. A carnivore diet is the ultimate elimination diet. This should heal your vili and leaky gut, which you will likely have due to your previous veganism. If you don´t eat meat for a long time, ur body is not used to it, doesnt have the bacteria to digest it and you stomach acid will likely be very low. It´s always better to eat a raw carnivore diet rather than cooked, im sure that you can speed up your healing, but cooked worked for me too. After 6 month into carnivore I made big improvements when it comes to digesting meats (red meat was impossible for me to digest before). I also had issues with eggs, now not anymore. Pasteurized dairy I would not recommend.

Now I feel that I want to give other foods another try, so I decided to slowly transition to keto, to see if I can tolerate other foods again, and I started with fats like avocado, olive oil, coconut oil and macadamia and pecan nuts. Generally I would suggest that you eat a lot of fats, more than protein, maybe 70:30 ratio, because the meat protein could be an issue, since you increase something that ur body is not used to. I also found that my pancreas were deficient due to the previous lower fat plant-based diet. Stomach acid is only one key, bile is another important factor to break down fats. So you could be taking HCI tablets without any results, because your pancreas are not working properly. That´s at least what I think happened to me, as HCI tablets proved to be useless. Whenever I overeat protein I feel my pancreas are overworked, so I suggest to take it easy on protein. Your body might be different, just giving my point of view. Some people here question raw dairy, but for me raw cow dairy helped a lot. Especially fermented one. Raw kefir can sometimes help too. High Meat as Dingeman suggested would be a good option too, but looking back raw dairy helped me more than high meat. But u´ll see. But I think the key is to go carnivore, with absolutely no plant foods, even herbs. You could try keto instead if u can tolerate, but carnivore in my opinion is king, high fat is essential and low carb vital to lower inflammation.

Health / Re: Science of Tooth Yellowing and Decay
« on: January 23, 2019, 05:13:25 am »
I read of some people which do not brush their teeth but just use floss, and it works very well for them. But they eat raw carnivore. And tartar can be removed by squishing coconut oil in the morning, that worked very well, at least for me. However, if tartar is building up I recommend first looking into your diet, rather than masking it away with coconut oil. Having tartar gives you at least a sign that something is going on, or that you are eating the wrong type of foods.

Science / Re: drinking milk and dying earlier
« on: January 23, 2019, 05:03:15 am »
Maybe you should re read them then because you are obviously lost.
Ajanous NEVER reccomended eating bread unless you were a quote un quote "wife beater" he has stated the one time he did it in his book he had not eaten it in 15 something years and that was because when he did his son was supposedly in a paralyzing car accident.

fruits high in sugar, really? The guy ate fruit once every 3 days maximum and when he did he ALWAYS ate fruit unripe or mostly fruit low in sugar
(8 tbsp max), he allegedly used to have juvenile diabetes before the diet.
If anything he was incredibly cautious about sugar and talks about the effects of AGES (for example in honey) quite alot in his workshops and books.
Since when did I say I eat whole vegetables?
If you only do well on cream its probably because your farmer is freezing your butter but refrigerating your cream like mine is.
Frozen butter is TOXIC even when it is raw to me.  If that is the case buy cream, wait for it to warm then get a small blender and make it into butter yourself (frozen fat is trash imo).

The misinformation I see on this forum about Ajanous especially is just phenomenal.

edit* I never said tartar on teeth is "only positive" you are moving from one extreme to the next.

I doubt I am lost. I just know how to read. Page 184 “We want to live”, middle section:

Where I have recommended cooked starch, I am referring to baked, boiled or steamed potatoes, plain grain pastas, air-popped corn, and breads (for instance, French, Italian or sourdough)

I know that he emphasized on unripe fruits, but still, in “The recipe for Living without disease” he did not always mention unripe. He listed pineapple, papaya, mango, orange, tangerines, dates, banana. And A LOT of honey including ACV. Even though I strongly believe in Honey, in some recipes he overdid it. I do know he downgraded the recommended dosage in his newsletters, but still. And it doesn’t matter if he ate it or not, he recommended it to others. And not everybody is up to date on his “latest” research.

And I never said you do eat a lot of vegetables. I said that I believe you eat vegetables, regardless if in juice, raw or cooked. Unless of course you are carnivore.

I am not able to buy raw cream. When I have raw milk I ferment it and get it myself, that´s the best. Regardless if its from cow or goat. And I do not only do well on cream, I introduced butter again some days ago and I have no issue whatsoever, contrary to pre-carnivore, I believe its because of my 6 month carnivore diet, this put my bile function up properly, and the fact that for a month I drank a lot of raw cows milk, that could have given me the bacteria I need to digest it all types of cows dairy. And that butter I eat is raw or pasteurized, organic and conventional, and it might have been frozen or not. So no difference here. Until now I do well on all. Lastly, you clearly stated in one sentence that tartar on teeth is detox. I am not moving anywhere, but I suggest to clarify that properly next time you give suggestions.

I also do not like fasting. Especially if you are thin already. I prefer to build up rather than fast or detox. You should detox with foods, not by starving. But then again I only fasted twice and I did not find real benefits.

Science / Re: drinking milk and dying earlier
« on: January 22, 2019, 10:52:52 pm »
I read and have both of aajonuses books. Were an interesting read, but I don´t follow all his advice religiously and I don´t try to be too paranoid of what I do. If you get too much trapped into your diet and study your behaviour 24/7 like a freak and think about it every day, then it´s not a healthy thing to do and in my opinion you will trap yourself in the mindset of being sick and you will hardly heal. The problem is also when people only listen to other peoples advice rather than listen to their own body. It´s no different than with a vegan diet. These people listen to 'experts' too and still don´t heal, rather than listen to their own body and realize that their health is slowly going down the drain.

You can have an impeccable diet, but if your mindset is not positive you cannot heal. One of my best friends sister has bone cancer, metastases all over her body, she tried many things, but the only thing that made it regress is talking to a psychologist. When I am at home I don´t do well, when I am abroad I am happy, gain weight and feel good, even though I do dietary exceptions, sometimes not the healthy ones. I strongly believe that being in a good mental state makes the microbiome work better and more efficient, and makes proper detoxification possible. So yes, I know pasteurized dairy and cooking ain´t good, drinking water during eating is bad, salt is apparently poison and so forth. But then again I could counterargue that the vegetables you eat all have anti-nutrients in them, so you should not touch them either. AV recommended nightshades, fruits high in sugar, gluten breads and each one of them contains something malicious. I do support studying other 'experts' advise, but I never recommend applying their rules without first consulting your own body. If I were to follow AVs or your advise without thinking, I might end up like Tyler wasting away my teeth due to his dairy intolerance. To say tartar is a ONLY a positive thing is dangerous advice. The only thing I would agree with on the points you made is about raw fats. For ex I find that raw cream is perfect for me only.

Science / Re: drinking milk and dying earlier
« on: January 21, 2019, 04:22:37 am »
I had the worst digestion when I only ate meat now, even fatty cuts, so I stopped that experiment and re-evalutated everything. I think the mistake that I did was that I ate way too many dairy carbs and too less fats. The problem is that I can´t get any quality animal fats here. So I can either have lard, dairy, tallow, goose fat and bone marrow. I tried eating goose fat by the spoon, its disgusting, same as lard, its pointless. Even fatty cheap cuts of meat didn´t do the trick. And I can´t eat bone marrow all day long, too costly, so I need to stick to dairy for now. But I did 2 mistakes here

1. I ate raw Goat dairy which is watery, alkaline, lower in fat and super expensive. And im sure it interfered with my acidic meat digestion. So I stopped.

2. The other mistake I made was that I focused on soft cheeses and milk. My tartar was growing because I was eating lots of pasteurized cows joghurt and other soft or liquid dairy. So this is all very high in carbs and low in fats. I changed plans and bought the highest fat cheese that you can get, which is hard cheeses, or something like cheddar. Which has round 35 percent fat and 0.1 carbs. The other high fat dairy would be mascarpone, which is cheese made out of cream. 40 percent fat and around 2 carbs. And obviously butter, which is super high in fat (around 80 and has 0.1 carbs). My plan is to go into keto, which is around 20 carbs max per day. Within 2 days of changing the fat/carb ratio I already see my tartar getting less. So by going the keto way I let my body adjust more to digesting fats, which was impossible before since I ate too high dairy carbs.

And I also think, but I still need to experiment, that I need to drink water with my foods. For years I didn´t really do that, but I think that one of the main issues why my HCI is not top notch is that the food is not liquid enough, so it is not moving fast enough, therefore not much HCI will be produced as the food is "stuck".

You can try and pate your foods, i used to eat plenty of raw ground beef when I was still in a shitty state. But I always mixed some vegetables or herbs in it. Not a good idea. I´d recommend eating carnivore, so animal foods only until your HCI get´s better. Doing that since half a year and saw huge improvements, which I hope will become better by applying the 2 things mentioned above. And I know that I did not digest the meat well, because I was bloated, constipated like hell, which resulted in anger, brainless thinking, shitty sleep and weight loss. But you can try the suggestion of sabertooth. Do a 2-3 day water fast and break it with a very small piece of fatty meat (don´t overeat). But if you cook it I´d recommend drink water with it as it would be too dry.

Edit. Instead of making a pate to your meat you could try and make the cuts more tender by either adding rock salt or ground pineapple juice on top. As seen here:

Primal Diet / Re: Alcohol and neurotopics?
« on: January 21, 2019, 03:47:27 am »
Aajonus mentioned raw red wine in his we want to live book as something that you could drink occasionally. Generally speaking I wouldn´t freak out about it if you drink it in moderation. Unless ur on keto, which primal isn´t anyway. Ideally it´s organic and most importantly it should not have "Mega Purple", the red dye that some producers add to it. It can cause headaches. Some also put Egg whites. And for sure not the pastured organic type :) And I would abstain from conventional californian wines

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