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General Discussion / Re: I cant get myself to eat raw meat
« on: February 06, 2010, 10:57:36 pm »
Have you tried concentrating on the fat first? It could easily be that your body is warning you of protein poisoning, note redfulcrum's extreme experiment - you just might be doing a gentle form of the same thing.

When I ate steak I just sort of nibbled to get an impression of texture, not really chewing.

You cant get protein poisoning from moderate amounts of protein, you have to eat about 5 kilo's a day, for about a week, to even start getting protein poisoning

Most of the protein gets stored, or secreted rapidly through the skin & urine

General Discussion / Re: Stomach Pains
« on: February 06, 2010, 10:55:13 pm »
there are probiotics in meat? are they destroyed by freezing?

All raw products contain pro-biotics, theyre simply bacteria which interact with your digestive system, even plants technically contain pro-biotics, although nowhere near the amount in raw meat

Yes, the crystals formed when freezing destroy cell walls & tissue & can actually make the bacteria & viral, more virulent, due to most of the beneficial bacteria dying off

If you want to store raw meats long term, air tight glass jars, in a refrigerator will keep for weeks, if not months

Fatty cuts store the longest, i've had brisket cuts for over two months stored & they taste as good as fresh, they will turn slightly grey

Organs last for about 2 weeks, the taste is pretty easy to get used to though, the smell is also pretty tolerable, after 3 weeks or more

they are extremely satanic
i honestly cannot put into words how horrible they are but to say that it is for evil like this the sun and 10000000000000 other stars shine in the universe, to balance the dark with the light

"Monsanto is in the process of acquiring and patenting their newest technology, known as "Terminator Technology." This technology is currently the greatest threat to humanity. If it is used by Monsanto on a large-scale basis, it will inevitably lead to famine and starvation on a worldwide basis.

Billions of people on the planet are supported by farmers who save seeds from the crops and replant these seeds the following year. Seeds are planted. The crop is harvested. And the seeds from the harvest are replanted the following year. Most farmers cannot afford to buy new seeds every year, so collecting and replanting seeds is a crucial part of the agricultural cycle. This is the way food has been grown successfully for thousands of years.

You also have to realise, they started with pesticides, gmo's are simply the icing on the cake, they already make billions by brainwashing 3rd world countries & modern farmers, into destroying their soil & land, with their industrial waste

It's already kind of too late for crop seeds, as millions of third world farmers, are basically dying financially, from pesticide resistance & gmo crops, because of their tropical climates

It's laughable to try & disseminate artificial pesticides & artificial gmo crops, in tropical countries, as the local wildlife & fauna, decimates them in weeks

All theyre doing is exploiting the undereducated & farmers stupid enough to buy into western capitalism, which is always lead with advertising & marketing, in the form of scientific facts & fake medical knowledge

Hot Topics / Re: Supplements
« on: February 06, 2010, 10:33:46 pm »
I'm also against of taking supplement. but one thing is for sure, when you take vitD, you feel the difference right away. i mean so far anyone i know, all of them like it. so what's that?

It's basically the rush of endorphins & adrenaline, as your body responds to the toxic waste most supplements are made of

General Discussion / Re: Meat in protective gas?
« on: February 06, 2010, 10:29:30 pm »
They gas everything in supermarkets, if its in a wrapping, or vacuum packed, everything gets gassed, veg, fruit, packaged chopped salads, packaged chopped carrots, all organic meat, pies etc., supermarkets, house of horrors ....

General Discussion / Re: Stomach Pains
« on: February 06, 2010, 10:25:09 pm »
today i ate a 1/3 of my first raw steak. Its been about 6 hours and about 3-4 hours ago i started getting stomach pains. what is this? Is it possibly food poisoning? What should i do???

Stomach pains is natural, the pro-biotics in the meat interacting with your digestive system, add some organs & your detox effects, will become manageable

Make sure to get cheap, fatty cuts, such as brisket, or breast of lamb, the expensive low fat steak cuts, are nowhere as good nutritionally

General Discussion / Re: Guinea Fowl
« on: February 06, 2010, 10:21:05 pm »
Is Guinea Fowl better to have raw than chicken? There's some in my supermarket for just £3.80 per kilo. I don't know if they're wildfowl, free-range or what... but it's yellowish, looks more sort of natural and appealing than chicken. I mean, I wouldn't want to go near raw chicken at all, at least for a long time(if it was well raised), seeing as I've not even been stable on beef yet, but coming from the people who would eat poultry... Where would Guinea Fowl come, or can its' quality/source be as variable as chicken?

If it says wild, then its not grain fed

Same goes for meat, all foods labelled as wild, such as wild boar, wild hare, wild rabbit etc., are safe

General Discussion / Re: I cant get myself to eat raw meat
« on: February 06, 2010, 10:18:32 pm »
  You have 2 choices, either add some raw spices and just eat small amounts of as many different raw animal foods as you can find until you find those you like or cook your meats and gradually lower the cooking temperature by 1 degree every so often until you eventually can handle the taste of raw meat at room-temperature.

Yep, spices & swallow & cut the meat into swallowable chunks, is great for beginners to accilimatise them to the taste

General Discussion / Re: Raw Eggs VS Raw Fish Eggs - fish eggs much better?
« on: February 06, 2010, 10:16:27 pm »
Just ask for fish roe, or ring them in advance, if you can get fish you can get fish eggs, most fish lay them, in the tropics it should be even easier

Most fishmongers have fish eggs in storage, they wont put them on their stalls, because of the demand

General Discussion / Re: What exactly are paleolithic forms of carbs?
« on: February 06, 2010, 10:10:56 pm »
No such thing as "unrefined fructose" ... Once the cell walls surrounding the "SUGAR" in a fruit is destroyed, you get the same insulin response as any other sugar. The only difference with fruit are the glycaemic lowering nutrients contained within the fruit.

"unrefined fructose" is simply unscientific, sugar regardless of how a fruit mitigates the glycaemic load, eventually wrecks your blood sugar levels, causing everything from mood swings, unstable energy swings, & depression & hyper mania.

Anything which interferes with your blood sugar levels, even if consumed constantly for about a week, you're in danger of developing stuff like insulin resistance, the beginning of diabetes.

Concentrated fruits are ok, however, such as kumquats, berries, & green leaf veg.

If you want to consume fruit & veg, you'll have to research the glycaemic levels, & anti-nutrients, even then you cant digest a large portion of most fruits & veg, because of the large amounts of cellulose & the massive inability of the human body, to digest & use the nutrients in plants & vegetation, as well as herbivores can.

Health / Re: Candida / Leaky gut / CFS / Electrosensitivity
« on: February 06, 2010, 02:09:47 am »
Pigs stomach, ie pig tripe, guaranteed cure for leaky gut & colitis & crohns, look up trichirus whipworm, heals & stitches your stomach back & other autoimmune problems rapidly

General Discussion / Re: What exactly are paleolithic forms of carbs?
« on: February 06, 2010, 01:44:31 am »
How come fruit/sugar causes me inflammation(muscular & skin) then?(however only really eaten fruit when eating cooked meat, and not raw)

btw, Tyler. Eating cooked meat I feel an irresistible(as if essential) urge to eat a substantial amount of fruit along with it... An urge I don't get with raw meat. After eating the fruit I'll get inflammation in the form of pain in the skin(acne), pain in the muscles, and the sort of muscle inflammation often described as 'cramp', or 'spasm'.

My cramps vanished after adding seafood, in the form of raw prawns or fish eggs & snacking on them through out the day, in between meals

Morning cramps & spasms i've had for about 10 years, vanished overnight after a couple of days of snacking on seafoods, in this case small tiger prawns none stop for a day or two

General Discussion / Raw Eggs VS Raw Fish Eggs - fish eggs much better?
« on: February 06, 2010, 01:40:17 am »
I've finally found some great raw eggs, marshwater duck eggs, ridiculously thick yoke looks almost cooked, but fresh & you need a hacksaw just to crack the damn thing ... the shell's pretty tough, nothing like the regular brittle egg shells, it actually looks more like plaster of paris lol

I've also been eating Herring Melts - Herring eggs, & cod roe, both taste great

Healthwise, the fish eggs give me alot more energy & my eyesight improves rapidly, the raw eggs, dont seem to do anything, the nutrition seems to help, but nowhere as noticeable as the fish eggs

Anyone else tried the difference?

    Majormark, we used wheatgrass on my son to do that, before me and him knew anything about primal diet or raw animal foods.  It took at least a year to get the feeling back.

    Roony, what do you mean a couple of weeks?  Where did you get that?  From who?  I don't know how many times it's been done, but from my sources it takes months, close to a year.

    You can use lots of stuff to make kefir.  Why don't you use your own bacteria, maybe your fresh saliva.  Meat and dairy's microorganisms are different from each other.  Have you ever heard of mesophilic, thermophilc, aerobic, anaerbic, hydrophilic etc?  Each organism has something different it tends to grow on.   
    Majormark, we used wheatgrass on my son to do that, before me and him knew anything about primal diet or raw animal foods.  It took at least a year to get the feeling back.

    Roony, what do you mean a couple of weeks?  Where did you get that?  From who?  I don't know how many times it's been done, but from my sources it takes months, close to a year.

    You can use lots of stuff to make kefir.  Why don't you use your own bacteria, maybe your fresh saliva.  Meat and dairy's microorganisms are different from each other.  Have you ever heard of mesophilic, thermophilc, aerobic, anaerbic, hydrophilic etc?  Each organism has something different it tends to grow on.   

From aajonus newsletter, he stated 4 weeks & provided photographs showing the finger actually growing back, judging by the rate of growth, after 4 weeks, the finger had grown back, but hadnt taken form, judging by that rate of growth, a full recovery, would be about 3 months

With regenerative medicine, because of the isolated cells & lack of onsite tissue nutrients, as in aajonus's technique, the recovery rate is still about 6 months

I'm pretty sure you can accelerate the rate of growth using maggots, & perhaps organ meat, in place of the beef, such as liver & some intestine tissue

i've heard of herbologists & naturopaths, doing stuff like this years ago, more technology & medicine the public will never see

aajonus has a protocol for growing back fingers, which is similar, lime juice, coconut cream -i'd replace the cream for suet or lard ... honey, & a thin slice of beef, to regrow

Basically the regenerative medicine, uses enzymes & scrapings or a matrix from pigs intestines, they trigger the growth receptors in a finger to grow back

aajonus method is far superior, as the lime juice prevents white blood cells from preventing the wound to scab over, while the honey & coconut, act as antibiotics & tissue nutrients, while the slice off beef, provides the matrix to trigger the growth receptors,

as a result the finger can grow back in a matter of a week, or two, while the regenerative medicine, takes a month or two

aajonus also used a similar method to regrow & reattach his dislocated leg, in a motor accident, without surgery & recovered in 6 months, the usual recovery rate with surgery is over a year & extends to 7 years to 25 years, depending on how crap the surgeon is ...

erm can you use suet or animal fats, like lard to use as cultures? or pigs intestines, like tripe? to make kefir?

Experimenting with kefir atm, i just got some suet & pigs fat, i was wondering if you can create kefir from Raw animal fats, or at least ferment it?

I really dont like the fact, kefir grains are simple sugars, i'd much rather use a animal based starter

I was also thinking of using tripe, or pigs stomach, as they contain the trichirus whipworm, one of the most advanced & effective forms of treating auto-immune deficiencies, like crohns & colitis

Could also be useful in growing back limbs, unfortunately i dont have any missing limbs to test it on ... lol, refer to regenerative medicine, its use of pigs intestine tissue to regrow limbs & print organs, using tissue printing printers

Off Topic / Re: Reading & Typing Faster when i semi-fast ...
« on: January 29, 2010, 04:33:10 am »
Interesting, im guessing our adrenaline & endorphine kicks in, as part of our self preservation, when we fast

It's a principle of runelore that all noises are commands. If words are repeated rhythmically as they are in songs, yes they are enchantment. After the French "chanter", to sing.

Well, people no longer speak anymore

speaking & thinking in slogans & soundbytes from mainstream science, this is simply a form of chanting

This is the same technique they used in africa to get them to line up for their daily dose of aids, by the doctors

millions of africans chanting facts & research as they line up for their shots of aids & bacterial weaponised chemical injections

This is how they get you, you think you're informed, you've done your research, this is when you're at your weakest, when you dont know something, when you question, you are at your strongest

millions of people chanting facts, as they self poison themselves through their cooked foods & self poison themselves through alcohol, no quing needed

You see the same thing happening with people, chanting facts & research as they walk down the street, to their local chemical engineering centre, also known as a supermarket, to get their latest additives & preservatives, their latest dose of prescription drugs & legalised synthetic heroine in their chocolates & boiled sweets

Children & infants caught up in childhood, too busy being happy to develop their minds

Banned from working on farms & apprentices, under child laws, children grow up undeveloped & dysfunctional, cut off from their food & the people who feed them, abstracted & in states of minimalism

Brain damage the young through underdevelopment & poison the old

True knowledge is to unknow, knowing something, like the 27 letters of the alphabet, causes enchantment, to chant as one

The true danger is the internet, television simply trained us what to chant & how to chant in a materialistic society

television was simply the training

The internet is the true beginning of the end, the age of the bechamel mind, the hive mind, no more personality, no more opinions, no more self reflection

They began with our souls, they took away our spirituality, our reasons to live, our philosphies & destroyed our true guru's, they took away the answers of why we are here, & now the end game, our ability to enjoy & percieve life, even in wage slavery & diseased bodies, it's never enough ....

We live in a nation, where millions have taken vows of spiritual celibacy, they vow never to be spiritual or profound, & take vows to make as much money as they can, they become capitalist monks

They live in monasteries devoted to mana & abstaining from spiritual intercourse, the whore of enlightenment & self purpose & autonomy, are taxed & regulated as guru's prostitute themselves in red light districts

With the new agers & ppl like alex jones & skeptics running sting operations on people soliciting in spirituality & self knowledge

We eschewed real mathematics for simplistic models of thought in the form of 1+1=2 & real science & knowledge for einsteinian, & occultic doctrine, disguised as evolution, genetic & psychology,

& healing as atomism the real name for modern medicine

Chanting, whether its soundbytes or catchphrases, or quotes, or stating facts, theyre all forms of chanting & as any budhist or hare krishna will tell you, designed to disassociate you from reality

So as you chant your facts from the latest research, or website, realise you are no longer questioning or seeking understanding, you are simply in chains of thought

Unknow your thoughts, unplug yourself from reductionist sciences & reductionist technologies

Stop living vicariously through facts & research & science & start creating your own theories, your own thoughts, excercise your right to think, to create & recreate those facts in your own image

Off Topic / Re: Reading & Typing Faster when i semi-fast ...
« on: January 29, 2010, 03:57:15 am »
Didnt know, fasting was off topic, np

Health / Re: Candida / Leaky gut / CFS / Electrosensitivity
« on: January 29, 2010, 01:22:34 am »
isnt tyler rawpaleoguy?

You will most definitely recover, plenty of us have, just remember to include plenty of organs & use spices or sauces, if you dont like the taste

Health / Re: Fiber or no fiber? Hemorrhoid problems.
« on: January 29, 2010, 01:21:37 am »
I was also suffering from chronic fatigue, no drive to make my own lol, i only took it once a week, made me space out like crazy ... anymore & im sure id've gone bit nuts lol, couldnt think straight

I'm just glad i never went back to the doctor i was told about a colostomy bag, if i still had colitis after 5 years bleh lol

"clay" has a specific composition and contains something that is much like plastic, that gives it plasticity and helps to it hold together and then be fired into a vessle, unlike dirt that when heated withh crumble....i wrote a post on where i get mine and am kind of computer duh so hopefully this link works:
also i would think if you would like to find some in your area find anyone interested in minerals/"rockhounding"
i was lucky enough to just be hanging out in the cave LOL and then decided the walls looked delicious and carved out chunks of the white clay with a knife and ate...i was with friends and we all emerged from the cave dirty with white shit all over our faces and lips, haha, crazed frothing dirt dwellers, but totally worth it!
as for the red clay for the skin i was hiking in this crazy rock formation park and it was after a few days of rain and i was playing in the run off and decided the red clay was beautiful and i needed to be that color, it stained my skin and was silty and smooth(gravity sifted?) and totally energizing to the point of insomnia

what'd the cave taste like? bitter, salty, snap crackle pop? lol

Wish i could walk around caked in mud, like the aboriginee & spear traffic wardens ...

Health / Re: Fiber or no fiber? Hemorrhoid problems.
« on: January 28, 2010, 11:58:45 pm »
   I tried kombucha again after starting raw meat.  The kombucha made me feel all foggy.  I think it gave me an internal yeast infestation too.  Kickstart the bacteria with highmeats, or take an E.M. supplement.

    I think klowcarb may be right.  When you start this diet, you have to go very low carb, otherwise it won't work the same in the colon.  I know one small bit of carb with red meat sets my system off kilter for a little bit.  I've read this happening to other people too.  

    Maybe you should start instincto, not even thinking, just smell things till you find something your nose enjoys, then eat that alone until you are satisfied.  Then maybe your digestion won't be so confused.

    What are you eating now?  I ate a lot of fiber regularly before I started RAF.  I switched directly to 100% RAF (high fat grass grazed).  PRIOR to trying RAF I was constipated for years.  Following a strict RAF diet I have never experienced bowel problems again.    

    Raw grass grazed kefir is good when you need to heal your veg damaged gut.  Were you vegan for long?

    I remember a Rasta girl, strict veg, raw vegan, hadn't pooped in four months, and practically all she ate was super sweet fruit.  She finally had colonics.  It was difficult getting out all those "rocks" from her colon.  They cut her.  Eventually she turned to fish, and it worked much better for her health.

Yes, i was a raw vegan for about 3 years, my colon is still recovering, leaky gut from all the fiber & veg, kombuchua helped alot,

even if i didnt poop for a day or two, i never became constipated

Off Topic / Reading & Typing Faster when i semi-fast ...
« on: January 28, 2010, 11:51:24 pm »
After two days of eating & snacking the odd prawn, about 12 a day & very minimal water, about 3 or 4 glasses a day

My reading speed is insane, i can read a whole page in under a minute & my typing speed is alot faster ...

I basically ate tons of liver & kidneys , about 150g of liver, & 100g of muscle meat before the fast, i basically couldnt be bothered to eat for a couple of days, i'm getting some interesting results

I can think alot clearer & retain alot more when i read, it does make you a bit light headed

I use my own speed reading techniques, ive developed over the years, & this fast boosted my speed reading from 2 minutes a page to under a minute a page

I might semi fast regularly because of this ... interesting stuff

Hot Topics / Re: Supplements
« on: January 28, 2010, 11:34:18 pm »
Old Dr. Mercola has quite a lot of information...also about taking Vitamin D Supplements


Only really beneficial if you're diets so poor, it responds to anything, even extracted oils, which are pointless, as the whole fish provides far more nutrition as a whole

Would you eat oil extracted from a cow, or the cow itself?

Extracting oils from fish & cows are both ludicrous lol

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