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General Discussion / Food Safety Issue
« on: October 27, 2010, 11:34:05 am »
I have two sides of beef in my chest freezer in my basement. Over the past 1-2 weeks, there was a freezer failure, and some of the meat thawed. I am not sure how long it has been thawed, but I suspect under 2 weeks. It was still cold, as most of the meat was still frozen solid, and most of the thawing meat was semi frozen. All meat was vacuum packed and flash frozen when butchered. In a panic, and in an attempt to save my meat, I ran out and got another freezer, and moved a bunch of meat to my freezer in my fridge. I am not sure which of the meat has been previously thawed at this point.

So, any thoughts on eating this meat at this point? Any fear about the food becoming tainted? Any thoughts of identifying meat that should be avoided?

All meat was from a pastured, grass fed, hormone/antibiotic free cow.

I just got this cow a month ago, and have just finished last year's side of beef, so I have not yet had any of it. I'd hate to lose it. It is a lot of meat (including organs) and was a decent amount of money.

General Discussion / Storing and Eating Back Fat
« on: August 30, 2010, 12:39:57 am »
I got my first back fat shipment a couple of weeks ago. I thawed one package. I am not able to eat it fat enough to keep the entire pound "fresh" in the refrigerator. I have half a pound left and it smells and is a little slimy. I know that there are many who like to cultivate bacteria on their meat, but eating a large slab like this just turns my stomach.

So how much do people eat in a serving or per day, and how do you keep it fresh? Do you re-freeze?? Cut it frozen and only thaw a portion at a time?

General Discussion / Cut list for a side of beef
« on: August 29, 2010, 03:47:41 am »
I just got the e-mail from my farmer saying my steer is ready for the slaughter, and I need to provide him with my desired cut list.

Last year, I got the premium steaks and roasts cut, and the rest of it ground. No organs or suet. I had the roasts cooked for my family who won't eat it raw. I ate the steaks raw. This year I am getting the organs and suet, and hopefully fat trimmings, and wondering if anyone here has any suggestions for my cut list.

Anyone with experience buying beef this way have any good suggestions?

General Discussion / Marrow Bones
« on: August 29, 2010, 02:29:18 am »
I got a 10 pound bag of grass fed marrow bones from a local butcher. I had a friend pick them up for me as they were out of town. Upon receiving them, they were about 9" long on average.

What are my best options for splitting these bones and getting the marrow?

1. Returning to the butcher to have them sawn lengthwise?
2. Getting them sawn in short segments across the bone?

any options for splitting the bones myself? I don't really want to buy a meat cutting band saw (unless cheap enough).

Journals / Rob's Journal
« on: August 29, 2010, 12:05:48 am »
Well, I am working at getting myself to raw paleo, and struggling, so I thought I would start a Journal to track my progress and possibly receive useful feedback on my struggles.

Current status:
  o 42 years old.
  o Significantly over weight.
  o Adrenal Fatigue (confirmed with spit test).
  o Mild hypertension (controlled with prescription).
  o Mild depression and intermittent anxiety.

History: Misdiagnosed sleep apnea in late teens led to 15 years of trying to treat apnea symptoms with anti-depressants. During that time I gained a tremendous amount of weight, and actually became quite depressed. The med-go-round of antidepressants, which continued even after a proper apnea diagnosis led to additional weight gain.

In 2007 I was taking an antidepressant that resulted in 50 pounds of weight gain in 6 months. Blood pressure went from normal to extremely high (180/110). Frequent intense headaches. Doctor prescribed 3 BP meds. Within 6 months of this, my cholesterol skyrocketed (over 350), and I developed Type 2 diabetes. I was placed on 2 diabetes meds.

The diabetes diagnosis scared the crap out of me. I started doing my own research. Discovered the BP meds created an increased risk for diabetes. Discovered the raw vegan claim that diabetes was curable. Became a raw vegan overnight. My doctor then tried to put me on statin meds for the cholesterol, which I already believed to be a huge danger. I asked about waiting for 30 days to check the impact of the diet. He said no. He was fired on the spot.

Within 30 days I was off the diabetes meds and blood sugar was always normal. Within 90 days I was off of 2 of the 3 BP meds, and down to a half of a pill on the 3rd. Over the next 9 months, I lost almost 70 pounds (from my peak weight of over 350) but fear a lot of it was lean muscle. During these 9 months I became vitamin b12 deficient and probably greatly worsened my adrenal fatigue.

My triglycerides were normal though, as was A1C Hg, and my total cholesterol was at 135.

I then added raw red meat into my diet, but my diet was largely raw vegan still. Over the next 16 months, as a raw omnivore, I was struggling with a high stress lifestyle, and was eating RVAF augmented with occasional cooked meals and far too frequent ice cream binges. I remained grain free (except rice) during this period. I also regained about 35 pounds of my lost weight.

My diabetes remained controlled. My triglycerides remained normal. My cholesterol crept back up to around 220. I suspected the refined sugar not the meat for causing this increase in cholesterol.

At my most recent adrenal function test, I learned I was no better after a year of very expensive supplement. I then did the research to discover that sugar is the enemy of adrenal fatigue, and found my way to Aajonus' writings. I bought his books, and the Paleo blueprint book, and read them. I realized this was my next stop in my quest for health: a raw paleo lifestyle.

As my greatest health concerns are adrenal fatigue, general fatigue, and weight loss, as well as stabilized mental health and a desire to eliminate that last half of a pill I take for my BP, I think my initial approach is to try to restrict carbs. I am not thinking zero carb, but <100g/day.

I had done a VLC diet a la Atkins in the late '90s, and lost a lot of weight, but the second time I tried the Atkins style diet I ended up with kidney stones, and have heard of other dangers involving the kidneys on this diet. I am researching that topic now as it might apply to RLC.

General Discussion / Tonight's dinner made me sick...
« on: August 21, 2010, 09:30:03 am »
I got my bison back fat yesterday, and my bison adrenals, and had some tonight for dinner. I had about 6oz of grass fed bottom round steak, 3-4oz of back fat, and one adrenal gland (about .4 ounces). I ate it all cold straight form the fridge. Afterwards I had a sour stomach that lasted for hours and drove me to find some soothing comfort foods (not raw paleo, green tea with honey, chocolate covered peanuts and cole slaw seemed to be what I was craving). This took the edge off the sour stomach. I will probably have some more green tea after posting this.

Anyone have any experience with this kind of issue? How much adrenal gland should I be eating in a sitting? Was it the cold fat? I am going to experiment with warming (not cooking) the food next time I have the stomach to eat. The thought of eating raw meat/fat/glands right now is so repulsive even 4 hours later.

I have been eating cold meat with room temp raw egg yolks with no problems for days. I am unsure the culprit in tonight's meal.

General Discussion / Which way to go when having to compromise
« on: August 19, 2010, 09:06:43 am »
Imagine you are traveling suddenly, or stuck at a work function where food is served, which would you rather eat:

1. Salads, including cheese and bottled dressings
2. Cooked Meats, including deli meats
3. A combination of the above

And while on the road, would you rather have:
1. Some jerky and nuts and cheese
2. Some salad with bottled dressing

I was faced with a need to compromise my diet and was unsure the best way to break from my eating plan.

General Discussion / Raw egg advice
« on: August 15, 2010, 07:15:19 am »
I have been reading conflicting reports about the eating of raw egg whites. What is the consensus here? Should I be eating them, or only the yolks?

General Discussion / Need some short term fat advice
« on: August 15, 2010, 06:57:53 am »
I am trying to get to a 100% raw paleo style diet, and am having some trouble in getting good sources of raw animal fat.

Prior to today, I only had some cooked nuts. I need to get away from that.
My local butcher has marrow bones, grain fed only. No suet or fat trimmings at all.
I can get local pasture raised chicken eggs (I got 4 dozen today)
I can get raw cream from pastured grain fed cows (I got 2 pints).
I can get some pig lard, from the same farm that has the eggs/dairy (though it is pricey).

I am getting a side of beef (grass fed, pastured) in a couple of months, and will be getting all the marrow bones and suet with it.

I had some cream today, I am definitely having a mucous response. I don't think raw dairy is a good idea for me.

So, in the short term, What should I be doing beyond egg yolks given the options above. I will order some bison back fat next week, and keep looking for decent sources of marrow. I was really disappointed, as I was told they had grass fed marrow on the phone, but when I got there, it was a different story.

I am looking for some references about eating RZC. What about claims of alkalizing the body with fruits/veggies, and the benefits found there? My understanding is that without these foods, we tend towards the acidic, and need to utilizes calcium stores to alkalize. Surely there must be some reason that this is an incomplete understanding of the picture.

And what of sources of vitamins, where can I find a good source for balancing my food intake to be sure i get what I need form just animal sources?

I am game to go pretty low carb, and eat exclusively raw, just not use if I should be eating/juicing low carb veggies to round out the nutrients available to me.

From what I gather, I am looking at eating a high fat, moderate protein diet of all raw animal products. But I am unsure the best way to go about this for best chances of success.

Health / Bowel Movements
« on: August 09, 2010, 08:41:38 pm »
Coming from a diet high in leafy greens and fruit, I have become used to large, regular, effortless bowel movements. I have been <20g carb per day since last friday, and have not had one since. Is this normal? Am I really using all of the food I have ingested, or is it just moving through that slowly?

General Discussion / Need some help getting started
« on: August 09, 2010, 12:11:11 am »
My short history:

Many years of SAD. About 15 years ago, had some success with atkins for weight loss for a year. Revisiting atkins a year later resulted in kidney stones. Many years of mismanaged health care led me to my worst condition ever, with a doctor playing the blood test -> treat the numbers with pills game. This led to out of control blood chemistry, diabetes, high blood pressure, and at least 150 pounds of extra weight. I felt like I was dying, and his solution was to tell me I needeed even more pills rather than work with me with lifestyle changes. This is when I started taking control of my own health.

Did raw vegan (mostly green smoothies) for about 9 months. Not 100% faithful, kept cheating with cheese as I craved it. Reversed the diabetes, got the blood chemistry under control. Lost 70 pounds (probably including lean muscle weight). Felt bad, was b12 deficient and suffering from adrenal fatigue (diagnosed with spit test).

for 12 months I Started eating raw red meet in addition to raw veggies and fruit. Stress would push me to icecream binges during this period. Also, my adrenal condition was unimproved after a year of eating like this, and taking a ton of supplements prescribed by a naturopath. This bummed me out. I got back in there and did more research. I had been too wiped out to do my own adrenal fatigue research and let my naturopath guide me. Learned sugar was the enemy for adrenal recovery. This led me to the idea of low-carb raw paleo.

So, for the past 3 days I have been <50g carbs per day, and I am sure I am entering ketosis. I have lost 8 pounds in water weight in those 3 days as well. My appetite is largely suppressed.

I am eating almost exclusively grass fed pastured beef I bought from a local farmer last year. It is the lean meats, ground and steaks/roasts. When I was eating this for one meal a day, I really looked forward to it, now at 3 meals a day of just this, I am already bored with it. The flavor no longer excites me, and it is a chore to eat it. Once per day I have a little treat with some raw unfiltered honey, pumpkin seeds, and raw cacao powder. Just a small amount as a treat. I hope to get this out of the diet over time, but I am keeping it to a small amount (<20g honey, 1tbsp cacao, small handful of seeds, total carbs <30g).

Also, when I eat my meals, usually 1/2 pound to 1 pound of beef, I am really tired about an hour after i finish eating. I fight to stay awake. Dose in and out of sleep. And it lasts for about 40 minutes.

So my questions:
Any reading advice on making food choices. I have a lot of grass fed beef in the house, so that will be a staple for a while. I already have a deposit on another cow for this fall, and will be getting the organ meats this time around. I am guessing I am eating about 50% fat (thanks to cron-o-meter estimates). What should I consider adding for additional fat? What can I do to get over the post meal fatigue? Is more fat the answer?

My primary dietary goals are: general good health, weight loss, adrenal recovery.

Thanks for any pointers.

Welcoming Committee / New to Raw Paleo, in search of health
« on: August 04, 2010, 12:14:34 pm »

I have been in search of better health for a couple of years. I have tried the raw vegan thing, and it did reverse my onset of type 2 diabetes, and got me off all my meds (many, many meds) except the last half of a blood pressure pill, but left me exhausted after only 9 months to a year. Green smoothies were the cornerstone of my meal plans. I also lost 75 pounds during that time.

I am now trying to lose the rest of the weight (gained 25 back over the last year and a half) as well as continue to seek improved health. I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. My naturopath told me to start eating read meat immediately oupon that diagnosis, so I looked into eating it raw.

I am probably about 75% raw whole foods now, including raw grass fed pastured beef and elk, and have been for about a year. During this year I have struggled keeping my diet clean from processed junk, thus the weight gain and the other 25% of my diet. My work and life was very high stress, and this didn't help the adrenal issue.

I found this site after buying Aajonus Vonderplanitz' books, and reading about his claims about avoiding frozen meat. My only affordable meat option is to by sides of beef cryo-packed, flash frozen at the slaughterhouse. I was glad to see at least one member here is having success with frozen meats.

My goals are to heal the adrenal fatigue, and lose about 100 pounds of excess fat, and I look forward to learning from this new community and appreciate any pointers towards both weight loss and adrenal fatigue stories and advice here. I have a lot of searching and reading to do, and am looking forward to the crash course in figuring out what I might do to find what works for me.

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