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Science / Re: Bacteria in gut same as in brain....
« on: Today at 03:24:58 am »
specifically I was indicating substituting a sugar for a fat will help the beneficial bacteria in gut.  especially the types of sugars/carbs most eat.   

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: Today at 12:30:28 am »
the instructions to heat the whey was only to have a sterile culture medium to innoculate human strains of probiotics. Otherwise I would never suggest heating raw whey.  hope that helps.

Science / Re: Bacteria in gut same as in brain....
« on: Yesterday at 02:08:12 pm »
as regards the walnut experiment showing favorable gut microbes,,  I don't necessarily doubt it, however,  give an average person something healthy to eat, and then ask what didn't they eat when they had walnuts instead?   

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: November 15, 2018, 06:38:23 am »
the acidity is the taste of the excrement of the bacteria.   I found when I was heavily into kefir, I would mix 50 /50 kefir with milk.  the result was a very creamy delicious taste.  I think too much lactic acid is a burden on the body.

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: November 15, 2018, 03:35:27 am »
So here's where I don't know..   Your whey already has tons of bacteria,, which will compete with the prob. that you add.  I would suggest that you boil it to start with a sterile environment.    And I am assuming that your whey hasn't already gone acidic. If it has, most of the lactose will have turned into lactic acid and not feed your prob.
   The powdered whey I bought had not gone acidic before drying/pasturizing.    You can experiment.  Maybe with 500 mls. you could add ten capsules.  Being that you might place that much in your colon.   Get a thermometer and make sure it doesn't go over body temp.  And oven with a light in it or a small heating pad, with some practice you can adjust the temp. by slightly opening the door of the oven, or even use a box, or large cooler, or cupboard.  But you want to hover around body temp. because that is where the bacteria you want to grow in your color will multiply the fastest and outcompete others.
 Making yogurt out of raw milk is tricky due to the already present bacteria in milk.  I would probably suggest going the kefir route there, and making sure you have lots of K. grains to efficiently culture the milk before competing bacteria can also grow.  In both the colon solution and kefir stop the culturing process as it begins to go acidic by taste.  Waiting too long and the bacteria ( and yeasts in kefir ) will expire due to lack of food/available lactose and too high of acidity.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Sleepiness after eating
« on: November 14, 2018, 07:58:28 am »
one old time zero carber used to say unless you feel like eating an entire steak, you're not really hungry.  it is easy to convince yourself you're hungry  so you can enjoy the pleasure or the distraction of eating.    experiment, go a little longer than you think and see what happens. eating when hungry almost guarantees you'll feel good after eating unless you overeat.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Sleepiness after eating
« on: November 14, 2018, 02:10:20 am »
just a reminder,  exercise before the first meal of the day, and wait till you are really hungry.  Stop eating while still hungry.  It's SO easy to overeat day in and day out. I'm assuming you're playing around with meat and fat ratio to what your body actually wants to eat.

beef suet is different from beef fat,, as It's lower in water content and higher in saturated fat, thus less prone to oxidation or going rancid.  But your taste should guide you.  I personally don't enjoy eating suet, so I don't have any guidance to offer other than to take notice.  I'm a little fanatic with not eating rancid fats.  I will often trim off the exposed outside to get to fresher fat inside. 

Welcoming Committee / Re: Nice to meet you all, from Italy
« on: November 12, 2018, 03:51:13 am »
as you said it in your other post today, some can tolerate milk, some can't.
    Also the nuts you eat should  be bought with shell on and then shelled by you and soaked.  that is if you eat more than a few a day.    you also maybe eating too much for your digestion to handle, especially when reading about your past diets.  Also please throw out all your Arnold E's books.   that is what ruined my health some 44 years ago.  So easy for our minds to believe what we read in a book.  Same goes for believing all that AV says.

Off Topic / Re: The continuing war on food
« on: November 08, 2018, 12:06:53 am »
not challenging you, but can you link those studies.  I"m curious.  thanks

Off Topic / Re: The continuing war on food
« on: November 07, 2018, 09:51:42 am »
yes, there's data on processed meats... but none on non processed meats.  but they have to conclude with 'non processed meats PROBABLY cause cancer too"   
   Gotto wonder who is behind this.   

you can shred whole coconut and suck the juice out.  A fair bit of carbs though.  And by extracting the juice with your mouth it's interesting to see how quickly one's taste for it diminishes,,, as opposed to juicing it and throwing it down the hatch.

Been pretty close to Carnivore for some years.  but now, maybe nine months.  Too early to really tell.  Playing with ketone levels, amounts of food eaten, meal timing, meal frequency, organs, need for minerals if at all, types of water to drink..   One has to find their own way, it's so easy to hear of someone doing amazingly well and think, That's it!    Ask me a year or two.   

simply experimenting with pure carnivore. My desire taste wise stopped also. Yes, where the broken edges are, that's where the highest concentration of rancidity is.

Health / Re: Just one more thing to be completely healed
« on: November 05, 2018, 06:30:03 am »
increasing fat digestion takes time, as to get the bile flowing again to handle the increased amounts of fats.  Chew better.  Shouldn't see the fat regardless of whether it digests or not.  Savor each bite and take your time eating.

I think the idea is that heating them, to what temp?, dries them out, so that they crack easier..   But the biggest problem is that once cracked, especially walnuts, they go rancid.    This is nut season, so one can go online and buy them in shell in bulk.   I did that when eating nuts..  Huge difference when soaking for two days, rinsing often. 

more like 24-48 hours, and rinsing often.  Small pieces are already rancid, where anyplace the skin of the nut is removed.  Nuts out of shell most likely have been heated to expedite shelling.

read about excess protein and it's effect.  Yes, pumping in lots of protein will help show gains in the gym.  I wouldn't let that guide my food choices,, unless that was the most important thing in my life.   I'm lucky, I get local fresh fat that is incredibly good tasting.  I experiment with eating more fat and less protein.  that ratio changes as I become more fat adapted which also means I digest fat pretty easy now. 
   The Bear and I had some email exchanges.  That guy was a hot-tempered nut in my opinion.    And yes, many think that Sean Baker eats too much protein.  Watch him eat a steak, and notice how little fat he's consuming,, and all cooked to death. 
   But I read fat is where animals/we store toxins.  So again, to be consuming grain-fed beef where that animal has stored all the glycosides and other Monsanto created toxins in its' fat, to me, that is asking for trouble.

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: November 01, 2018, 07:35:31 am »
like I said there's a balance.   My opinion of AV again is,, he created stories and concoctions to satisfy the needs and wants of a certain type of client.  Maybe we can leave it at that. 

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: November 01, 2018, 12:56:39 am »
So let me ask you, regarding the last point made here on his suggestion.. do you think for this 'somebody else', that if he or she has constipation, do you think it's a good idea for them to shove his concoction up their butt to feed their E Coli to relieve their constipation?   And let's just say they do this, and then they poop.  What do you think they are going to do the next time they miss their morning movement?    ( and by shoving his concoction up your butt, you will probably poop, as you will poop with shoving anything up your butt). 
    My point again, he offers those looking for an answer to quelch their churning mind's need to know.  You call this thinking further.  I call it feeding the minds incessant need to latch on.     
    Naturaly there is balance here, as we all need to think with out minds. 

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: October 30, 2018, 01:29:23 pm »
He made his money off of consultations where he had his clients follow all sorts of detailed dietary regimes.   Thus he had many cures for all the many ailments his clients came to him with.  He knew people want something to believe in or cure them.   Have you ever heard Eckart Tolle speak about how when people go to meditation retreats they want, expect, feel as though they got something of value 'when they come home with the Seven Truths...."   as opposed to having been given the simple instruction to notice or observe and see what you learn from that? 

   People love information, it makes them feel like they have control over their situation, what ever it is.  I'm no different.  I simply find it interesting when I see it being used, or overused.

Primal Diet / Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« on: October 30, 2018, 09:33:52 am »
dried, powdered, the same,, as it comes from making cheese, when the whey separates.
   I don't give much credence to much of what AV says.  Sorry.   And a lot of what I am not a fan of is that he keeps people in their head with this potion and this concept. That's how he made his money.

@van How do you manage to keep your meat fresh for a month in just a fridge?

Personally I have big problems gaining weight, it´s almost impossible. When I experimented with a lot of fruits and plant foods, including some meats it seemed that I gained more weight eating smaller portions in contrast to bigger ones. When things were really bad some years ago and I ate really BIG portions I became thinner and thinner, which was a paradox to me. I think it vastly depends on your gut biome, the functionality of the villi, your intestinal wall and how well the nutrients are absorbed there. If you have a low bacterial count then chances are that you won´t gain any weight, especially if you overeat. If you eat smaller portions the body is able to use them better, hence you might gain weight.

I think the main problem lies in your head. When you want to eat more but you should stop. After all food should be a pleasure, not be something to constantly restrict, even though it could be more beneficial for ones current situation. I currently ordered probiotics and at the same time I am doing a ground beef high meat batch. I want to battle this issue in 2 ways. I also think the softer any food is, the lesser energy is used for digestion. I ate high meat several times and it usually aided digestion, but I never had it ground, which I think would use the least energy to digest. I also had aged beef (around 4 weeks) and its the tastiest thing ever, but digestion was hard since the meat itself is tough. So I think once you have enough bacteria in your gut, only then you might be able to gain weight properly. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I might be able to share my experience.
  I hang or layout large chunks on racks.  When Moldy I spray with vinegar, and scrub off mold before eating. Some eat the mold, personally, I have no clue as to what mold it is, where it came from etc. so I don't mess with it  If I lived in a dry climate where there wasn't a lot of air and soil borne fungi I wouldn't be so concerned.
   I too avoid ground meat. It's not that it abnormally gets absorbed, you just have no control over what went into it, how clean the grinder was ect.   Grind your own.  Better yet, get into really sharp knives and wetstones, and eat your meat off a cutting board slicing razor thin pieces of meat and fat.  This really opens up the taste and the appeal in the mouth. 

not dry ice, just ice packs and styrofoam insulation.  Three day fed x, or if near by reg. ups is normally overnight. 

Years ago I read a small book by a ninety year old Italian woman who had raised dogs raw most of her life.   She was emphatic that frozen meat for dogs was very bad.  that the best was to preserve and or feed was to bury it. 
    the author may have simply missed the idea that the fish that were frozen were simply that:  Frozen.   And in addition, not aged.
   But do keep us informed as to what you learn for yourself.  Most of my meat, since bought in bulk fresh stays in the fridge up to a month before it all gets eaten.

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