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Health / Re: Intestinal blockage
« on: December 27, 2014, 02:07:58 am »
Re A Tribe Called Paleo

hey, update from my solution
I've been using prescript assist probiotic for about a week and a little now, also supplemented with a whole jar of sauerkraut those early days of supplementing

I think the increase of probiotic + prebiotics has helped me a LOT in my recovery progress right now.
You might have different things that is lacking, but baseline and safe twitching your increase of microbiome will help a lot

Health / Re: Intestinal blockage
« on: December 21, 2014, 12:40:56 am »
I find the lack of mentioning of gut flora in the replies very concerning
I just recently had some constipation issue with no resolving from eating raw + doing various supplementation and cleanses

I resolved it by providing myself with plenty of soluble fiber and probiotic supplements (In form of fermented vegetable and soil-based organisms), and now the issue has been resolved somewhat. I believe the reason for intestinal blockage to be the low-carb diet we seem to follow yet not considering the consequence of having killed off some bacteria in our gut system.

But I also want to say this is just speculation right now as I've only resolved this issue two days ago

Had a water enema last night to get rid of my intestinal blockage.. (or just long old constipation)
It's so dry and stuck in there for so long I resorted to getting it out first

Rebuilding my inflammated body, My arms are getting better now.
Still some lesions on back and front of body, but it seems like overall inflammation decreased.

All raw diet still, upping variety and quantity of carbohydrates
Eating organic green bananas, parnship, garlic, pears in the rotation right now


Seems like my body is decreasing in area of inflammation but there's still quite a lot of inflammation going on
so going to increase my organ meat + saturated fat intake for energy

Taking prescript-assist to try out the quality of probiotics, see if they help my wrecked gut

Going to put heavy lifting into the mix as well, seems like the growth hormone boost from lifting really helps me recover from past experience.

Probably contradiction to most would advice here, but from experience that's what helps really. Probably not going to overdo it though, 3 times per week.


Had some slip up of 1 glass of wine + a little chocolate yesterday..
Also, is frozen fruit filled with preservatives? i bought some for fruit smoothies (guilty pleasure)

Im in Canada where sunlight is quite limited given that I'm also wearing a thick jacket. I'm doing research on getting a water system but likely not resolving until I get some more money

Update: I've compared my rashes to pictures of eczema and candida..
I'm pretty sure I have candida relating to some of the symptoms, but hey, it's still speculation.

Been getting better results on detoxification (or healing) from including organ meat (liver almost everyday for the last several days) and the rashes seem to be stopping their spread. But a lot of new lesions still get scratched out around back, stomach and thighs

I'm following a very strict raw paleo diet right now

Yesterday's menu:
4 green bananas (i was trying the resistant starch idea..I don't know if i should though given that I might have candida)
1 whole pound of beef liver
2 whiting fish
chamomile tea x1 cup
magnesium drink (looking at it, it has stevia in it [organic])..don't know how that plays out
some blade roast (finally found fatty enough cut to make meat taste good holy crap)
1 cup of coffee (Was trying to get bowel movement from coffee..didn't get much)
Only supplement I'm taking now is Vitamin D3 (5000 IU) 

For the last several days I've been mixing in some seafood (whiting / oysters) as well, but realize the quality of oysters isn't really top notch..the whiting is alright though

I've also emphasized to take in Liver to help recovery, it seems like liver was key to stopping my rash from further developing. Now it has stopped at my forearm instead of further spreading onto my hands and leg area it has stopped at upper thigh.

Also tried garlic on and off, from previously not even able to take in 1 garlic clove, now I can take 1.5-2 clove without nausea and stomach pain. Lots of gas though. Less gas as I tried the 2nd time. Potentially mixed results as an anti-fungal.
Quite constipated right now...contemplating what to do next.
I'm quite sure it's candida mixed in with eczema. I really think it's a great messy mix
Unhealthy gut flora = Inability to protect against Candida, also triggered by mental stress and compromised immune system.

Re Eveheart
I do appreciate your recommendation on following a strict raw paleo diet. I am doing that now. The coffee was for me to get bowel movement but I guess that has proven ineffective. Anyways, thank you for your kind words it helped me to take a step back.


So, I've got everything prepared to keep following a strict RPD
What's the next step?

A. Prebiotics + Probiotics (Coming in on Monday+ Tuesday)
B. Anti-fungal supplementation (Coconut oil / Garlic) for Candida


Also made Sauerkraut Last night with some seasalt, so we'll see how that works out. Next Day for opening minimum 20/12/2014-25/12/2014 (Christmas)
Read up on an anaerobic recipe and doing it with lids fully covered and sealed air tight, with water slightly covering.
Is that correct? 
Also got fresh order of meat in today but I can't make them into high meat because I'll be taking a small trip in Christmas and I remember reading that I need to air it everyday (or at least every couple days)..?

My mind is settling down a little bit now from decreased stress in academics. Almost at the end so things will get better.

I'm sort of lost, but I'll continue on my journey
So far, I'm sort of guessing that I may have typical symptoms of a under calorie + under carb person. I'm eating too little and i somehow got use to it already.
Skin continues to be dry and inflammating which is really frustrating as it doesn't heal up nicely.
Could I have what is described below:
On this blog, I’ve repeatedly cautioned against using very low carb diets to treat gut issues. One major reason is because of the well-documented effect of these diets to induce euthyroid sick syndrome (ESS). (1) (2) (3) (4) Common symptoms reported by many on these ketogenic-type diets include lethargy, cold hands and feet, thinning or dry skin, insomnia, and constipation.

taken from here:

Im quite lost as to where to take the next step..

900 gram of farmed salmon
2 plums
2 bowl serving of salad consisting of lettuce, red spinach and
6 eggs scrambled in pan with 4 tablespoons of tumeric (for calming emotions)
1 NAC supplemnt
3 cups of Green Tea
2 Cups of magnesium drink.


Okay i'm going to stop changing stuff and remain constant ..
ordering meat tomorrow morning to guarantee good meat for the Christmas
Raw Paleo Diet with variations of carbs. Experimenting with trials of Resistant Starch? Still trying to read up on it..Green Bananas apparently is a good option. Upping my fat content by at least eating 2 Marrow bones a day..Also making sure I get my portion of organ meat as well. that's for tomorrow.


Should I do detoxes during the holiday for faster recovery? Might try couple more egg yolk liver flush and see if it helps.
Might have to do colon cleanse before that if my bowel movement comes in once every two days..but potential of disrupting the gut flora..? Hmm..

I guess long-term strategy would be better to let health conditions to resolve themselves.


continuing supplementation of NAC to see if the problem is in the liver detox.

Update -
Still a lot of itching during sleep, especially wound that's trying to recover and new area of rashes building up in inner and around the whole thigh, Rashes developing up until legs and also spreading throughout arms.

09/12/2014 Diet
1 Cooked Sweet Potato upon waking at noon
2lb of Cooked Mussels around 430
200g of Farmed Salmon
2 Cups of Green Tea (generic Lipton)
3 Bananas
2-3 Brussell Sprounts + Red Spinach Raw

1 Now NAC supplement (Testing if it helps Liver Detox through Pathway II)
1 cup of Magnesium supplement drink
Stopped showering for several days, tried putting on coconut oil on face before bed resulted in intense itching on face.. Not tolerating coconut oil well again..Seems like if I don't shower it doesn't get absorbed well, or my skin is too sensitive to anything right now that it simply reacts to it. I've had no problem with coconut oil when my skin is well. When it's dry already without moist from shower it gets itchy. It seemed like not just coconut oil either..I tried putting on marrow bone fat on before it itches me really badly as well.

Also finally had some BM after eating cooked mussels, and it was funny, I had the mussels, then took some magnesium drink, then had a normal BM followed by Diarrhea.. Weird..Indigestion? The next lb of mussels didn't have that problem though. Maybe I'm micro-analyzing this too much.

I'm very clueless at this point....
so..I'll start over again.. Okay what do we have to address..
Eczema, Dry Skin, Cold hands and feet, Insomnia interchanging with intense sleepiness, Lack of energy, 0 Sex Drive and Testosterone, Shrinking Testes, Fluctuating from constipation to Diarrhea (usually constipation)

What are the environmental problems that is hindering my recovery?
Dry weather, Chronic Stress from school, Sudden life event stress from Mid November, Lack of Sun Light, Disturbed sleep from scratching, nnEMF, Lack of fresh air and outdoor nature time, Chlorine + Fluoride in Bathing Water

What are the lifestyle (diet) problems that is hindering my recovery?
Under eating (not enough calories + lack of appetite), Lack of variety of meat, Crashing from supplementation of Iodine from Kelp & Dulse (Potential cause of detox/rashes right now), Limited Carb sources

Protocol as of now:
1 Week period of Raw Paleo Diet and Avoiding Chronic Levels of Low Carb + Under Eating
Aiming at calories at least 2600/day, or that I'm full 3 meals per day
Increase variety of carbs,
Prebiotics coming in soon and I'll see if that does anything useful for me.

Spiritual Walk 10mins/day
Inducing happy thoughts with only listening to happy music + Watching Comedy
Addressing water problem by buying spring water for now (Need to do the math and see if I can actually buy a water system..)

I'll constantly update this list on my own for protocol part.


I am forever grateful in you guys helping me out, I really am.
The struggle of stress in life is it makes me really tunnel visioned and I often cannot see my own biases in thinking.
I was always really negative in terms of thinking, and have always struggled to see happiness in life.

Thank you very much. I will go through this and see through this as a challenge, instead of running away this time.
I will go through the end for this chronic illness. Then I'll make it to the world and help others who have this issue.

You're right..this is just unskillful emotion processing..

It sounds like the past successful protocols involved sunlight, lower stress, more diverse foods and not trying to be chronically ketogenic/VLC, and probably eating more calories, yes?

I suppose that's correct..Not quite getting the hang of it though..You mind explaining more about the carbs, calories and inflammation (or autoimmune) link?

I'm upping my green leafy carbs to 3-4 kinds now including sweet potato, then taking in more some dry seaweed as well. I forgot to buy spring water but I'll do that tomorrow.

Prebiotics coming in soon..Also bought NAC + Castor oil to help with detox..
I'll see how it works out.

Quitting school is not on the list, let's just put it that way.

@paleophill - probably...I dont even know what do i take for carb sources now?
what about this crazy die-off/ systemic circulation/inflammation that i'm dealing with?

@other replies..i read them.. but i'm still hella confused about carb...what are good carbs .. what are bad then..?
cooked carbs are bad then cooked sweet potato are bad? how much..?


i'm really tired of this life..

Been sleeping all body is like telling me that I need repairing but because of this I'm very behind on my assignment and my exam. Well..good luck to me god knows how bad this is going to affect me.

Constipation all day couldn't get any BM even though I really feel like going.

Woke up, read all your replies and still couldn't get my head straight..I'm reading so much conflicting stuff..
Low carb? not low carb? high carb..? Avoid sugar or not avoid sugar? WTF..
Does it matter? Or does it not? Ketogenic to kill candida or multiple carb sources to encourage gut flora..?
I'm so confused....

Re: What has worked for me before.
1st Time through was cooked paleo and basically just doing that and a lot of Sun Tanning (I used to live on the country side of the city, not really a country side thou) , taking omega-3 + vitamin D3 ..Didn't really do much with colon cleansing or etc...I was pretty much winging the cooked paleo style, pretty much just cutting out gluten, and that's it..Got well in 6 months..

2nd Time, Rebound after 1 year of living in University student housing with provided food. Didn't adhere to any protocol and by the end of the 8 month period eczema start coming back and full blown out when I got back home..Took care of it by going strictly cooked paleo again, but it stayed with me with 50-70% gone throughout 2012-2013 School Year..Full blown again when I got back to HK in 2013 Summer and started another trend of party lifestyle. Said fuck it and went full RPD under budget. Ate a lot of mussels + raw lamb + other meat and stuff.
Supplementation of the time - Vitamin D3 + Christopher's LBB formula + Psyillium husk (barely used it) and zeolite (barely used it)

3rd time - 3rd year of University Life I had some fluctuation period but so far not much issue, remaining at fluctuations of 70-80% recovered with dry skin. Ate minimal gluten but still pretty much had a really bad health lifestyle. Went completely SAD eating during Christmas time of 2013 - Lost about 10-15 lbs at least. Ate a lot of SAD food such as Poutine ..Body didn't react as much though and remained relatively stable throughout the year..Fluctuating
2014 Summer I worked at a really stressful job at a Korean BBQ restaurant which gave me early signs of break out and I started contemplating quitting the job. I couldn't take the stress at one point and quit after working for less than a week. Then I went back to cooked paleo to resolve my eczema. Supplementation included nothing much other than Vitamin D3 (due to lack of sunlight) ..
Ironically I ate out a lot and didn't have the best food I can have (Preservative + MSG filled asian restaurants most of the time, and drinking + smoking)

Weirdly I was in the best shape this summer, coming in with almost the clearest I've had in a long time for my skin. I took a blurry photo and I had basically no eczema other than dry skin..which I was trying really hard to get resolved, but multiple goals got me distracted..

Then..Life threw me a lot of curveballs..So many I don't know where to start..And one thing led to another, I had some minor breakouts starting from Mid-november, Late november had even more to about 50% outbreak and now, almost 80-90% outbreak..

And now, that's why I'm here again..

Re Water
There's virtually nothing I can do now until I save up for a water system..Or add in buying water as budget..Is there more beneficial part of money I should be investing in, instead of water..? I'm also moving in half a year so I don't know if buying a water system would be worth anything..

Re Seafood
I'll try to add that in.

Re Supplementation
I'll reduce supplementation to zero first and see how I react once I start introducing them in again..

Re Coldness in room
This might contribute to my intense itching I guess..It was sort of aggravated by itching and how hot my body was burning...then that made me itch even more..i guess I'll turn down the heater and bring in more fresh air..that's going to be freezing cold in the morning though..oh wells lets do this..

Re Meditation
Yes, I do agree. I should have stayed with meditative practice since I've learnt it when I was 15-16. Would've helped me so much more in life by now. I do have to thank meditation for getting me out of depression several times..


Probably going to order probiotics with my prebiotics that I've ordered already..Let's gamble..let's try this gut flora strategy..
I'm stuck against the wall anyways. Why the hell not.

Meanwhile I'll try my best to adhere to a raw paleo diet with optional cooked sweet potato/ cooked mussels


Today's food
1lb of cooked ground beef + 2 onions + 2 clove of garlic fried in medium heat..( I was feeling so stressed I couldn't even bring myself to eat..this is a coping mechanism I guess..)
1 Sweet Potato + 1 Pear
Magnesium drink 1 cup
No supplements
2 Cup of apple juice (Weird sign of carb craving? maybe..)

A lot of bloating + constipation today..No BM even though I tried..Brain Fog + Lack of concentration due to scratching

Well.... I would say;

It is not only the food..................

I'll go from the top to bottom..
I'm in the middle of Ontario where there's basically limited possibility of seafood (either farmed, or really expensive wild caught fish that's not even fatty)
Mussels taste bad unless I cook them. Salmon are farmed
I might try to get some seaweed from the Asian store but this town is so westernized that I can barely get anything like seafood from good source..(the only reasonable priced and convenient is the supermarket, but at the same time it's just all frozen anyways..)
I'm in university right now, sharing an apartment that has Wifi always turned on. I'm barely getting any sunlight because it's so cold out and I could barely move with my aching body. I try to go out but I'm also very busy because I couldn't concentrate at work at all the whole term from life one thing leading to another I have a lot to catch up on right now.

And ya, tanning is right out of the question. I could barely go out and not die in the cold winter, let alone nude tan.

I guess if Iodine is what you guys think should be stopped I'll cut that out and see how it works. same for Vitamin D.

Re Jessica
I don't have a source for raw dairy here, I've tried.
Neither do I really am good at tolerating dairy anyways. I'll try again when I have time to look for raw milk I guess.
I wish I can get some seafood here but that's almost certainly out of the option.All I can get here is frozen sea food if i remember coorectly...even the ones that aren't frozen are just thawed out seafood Oysters are selling at almost enough for 4-5 lbs of meat.

Should I still get frozen sea food (wild caught) then? or even farmed?
what about those mussels that taste bad when raw but taste fine when cooked?
How beneficial is oyster going to be..I'm still a student so i don't have that much money

nnEMF is horrible for me because I really could not have it any other way. I live with 2 other people that has wifi up all the time anyways. I have electronic plugs near my bed as well. I can move them around but I try to put the humidifier right beside me so I get the room up to more humidity .

Basically I'm really in the city, and I don't get to go out much really. I'm just not even in the shape to go out..


I'll try to get some seafood sources..or raw milk..or whatever..tanning bed doesn't seem like plausible for me in short term.
I'll try to find some seaweed at the chinese store too.
my body is literally crumbling to pieces and my mind isn't even working right..
I'm basically moving from my bed to my desk and working, or sleeping. I was out briefly yesterday for some social stuff but other than that I don't go out much.

I'm drinking the crappy tap water as of now with chloride and flourine and stuff..the spring water is way out of budget here..if I buy spring water they come in plastic..If i buy glass spring water it's way more money..I'll go broke in 1 month doing that.

I'm almost out of meat too so i'm making another order, i'll try to get something better and higher fat.

Update - Was going to do 2nd day of Egg Yolk Liver flush and test it out, then realize I ran out of lemons.
I can't get good quality sleep at all..waking up in the middle of the night because of scratching..eczema is literally spreading everywhere for me and the wounds keep trying to heal, while it's too dry and itchy that I end up scratching them all off .

I've already got a humidifier and I'm doing a raw diet now. The inflammation isn't stopping, and my skin is getting drier and drier
Maybe it's the die off effect, or whatever that systemic circulation of toxins from the die off pathogens
Or maybe i've lost my recovering ability? I don't god damn know
I'm on the edge and the rubber band is so tight it's gonna snap soon.


Upping my fat content and making my meat order again tomorrow, Getting 25 Lbs for the Winter..What should I get? I'll try to get as much fatty meat as possible but I remember hearing from you guys that suet is a bad idea..


Diet for the day: 1lb of fatty ground beef
Beef liver (as much as I want up to 1 lb)
2 Marrow Bones
Sweet Potatos
X cutting out citrus fruit for now..
Iodine 900-1000mcg from NOW
Blue Ice + High Vitamin Butter Oil
Vitamin D3 (5000 IU)
Had some green tea yesterday and might have some today to keep myself sane..or just ginger tea.
My brain isn't functioning right..I'm feeling the mental stress build up from academics + this is going to snap me very soon in half ..Something has got to be wrong in my diet or something..The inflammation just isn't stopping..

The Liver flush didn't give me much coming out..but I also only did one without an enema after so I can't be sure about that


Going to downtown and buy some supplements today for Colon + Liver aid..that's my target now..
Suggestions ?
I'm thinking something like castor oil+ NAC supplement(for liver detox) + Vitamin D3 + Compare probiotic prices


Restricting diet time frame to 12-8pm to encourage fasting (autophagy) so I'm only eating in between 12-8, probably 2 big meals. Other times only water/ Green Tea...

How did I do this last time..?
1st time Full cooked paleo diet over 6 months..
2nd time raw + Cooked paleo mix over 2-3 months, Vitamin D3 + LBB capsule formula + Some psyillium husk..
3rd time - This was just some fluctuation in symptoms due to a job in the kitchen, so I ditched the job, cut down on alcohol a whole lot then got well..
4th time (this time) - Going raw paleo diet (raw marrow bone + ground beef + roast cut + Liver) except cooked sweet potato right now..Fruits are ranging from pears, clementine to bananas and lemons. cutting fruits out for now?
Supplementing with Vitamin D3 + Blue Ice Fish oil + butter oil + Kelp and Dulse for Iodine

Where do i go from here?

Quite honestly I don't even think carb content matter as much as the type of carb
Genetics is probably the biggest factor here - How strong is the digestive system for that person? How good is he tolerated with various pathogens and gut bacteria? How fast can he eliminate those pathogens and LPS within the system..?

It's most likely people who have came to this forum are all people with sub-optimal genetics incompatible with the modern lifestyle, which is high carb +/- fiber part, moderate or high fat (usually bad fat such as omega-6, trans-fat) , and develop all sorts of problem.

When you see people walking around with their SAD diet and having absolutely no problem, just intrigues me how genetic variation can be such a contribution.

So likewise, it's totally possible that some of us are better at ZC, low-carb, high carb, high fiber..whatsoever..dependent on gut flora content.

This carb debate always seem to strike me as something we probably won't solve and unlikely to be solved soon enough. I guess looking at energy requirement in your body for glucose and how much by default your body converts fat/protein into glucose may help us understand that part - sort of like the paul jaminent approach, if you've read the carb part of his book.

I almost think of it as various purposes for each diet - if you do exercise on the regular, having no carbohydrate in your diet (ZC/Low Carb) seem to be a problem, as you'll lack energy
While at the same time, there are odd cases where a bodybuilder has advocated ZC approach to body building, then carb loading on the weekends. Regardless of what people view bodybuilding as - it is one of the extreme sports where people actually have to be at utmost health shape to participate in (speaking of those who use no drugs of course) I've yet to seen someone who've achieve real consistent progress without injuries and good lean gains if they're eating crappy.

All I really wanted to say is, I really doubt carb content is the problem here - even though it's such a heated topic in this forum or other paleo forum. Your body does have innate mechanism to make up for it if you eat enough calorie from protein + only role carb control has in place is therapeutic usage. Again, sort of how people have been using it anyways. Some people use ZC to get rid of cancer (went on mainstream with the Ketogenic diet of bacon, butter, eggs etc), some people use mod-high carb to deal with temperature issues.

The variance really tells one thing - My theory is that it doesn't matter as much as we make a deal of it to be. 

I'm honestly at a point that I think it's a fluctuation from fruits, starch, vegetables and's seasonal, it's dependent on what they can get at the moment and what's around them.
Possibly there's a large part of it being genetics as well, such as some people are better at digesting fiber and some people better at meat after generations/ epigenetics.
However, I do think that on a large scale, all things sort of work out evenly..


Any recommendation on faster healing of skin? it's hurting me like crap..And I'm not quite sure where to go from here again..My skin health got me tunnel visioned and I'd really love some guidance..


Was going to go downtown and check for probiotics to go with my prebiotics that i've purchased already. Thought it'd be cheaper without having to pay for shipping..

Current strategy - Upping calorie intake (eat as much as I feel like), Raw food only
Detoxes from GS instructions. (Egg yolk liver flushes..Testing it atm)
Keep warm by drinking hot ginger tea..
Garlic for further liver detox

Not sleeping well at all..Inflammation still spreading everywhere.


And thanks for all the sharing of information..I really appreciate it.
I'm not doing this just for myself either..I want the future generations to come never have to go through what I had.

Did a GS-style egg yolk liver flush this morning, went to bed and passed out for an hour
Felt funny sensation from the right side of digestive system..either it's the liquid swirling or it's actually triggering my liver to do stuff..I don't know honestly, have yet to be able to see "stones"

My eczema for the last several days have spread from my body to neck, then to my back, and further down to my upper thighs (genital area) It's as if the raw diet is triggering it stronger.

Trying taking raw garlic for better liver detox, so I took 1 clove on 5th december, 2 clove on 6th december. just chopped up and washed down with water.

Got minimum bloating from 1 clove but 2 clove really gave me some gas and bloating .

This itching during nighttime thing is killing my skin healing. I'd scratch so much overnight that my bed would end up with build up of dry flakes and bloody flakes.

Currently diet regime
Clementine (3-4)
Pear (1-2)
Sweet Potato (1-2)
Raw beef roast + Marrow Bone fat (usually 1 bone + several steak sized meat chopped up)
Garlic (1-2 cloves)
Psyillium husk + Colon aid pills from ages ago that probably lost its effectiveness..
Zeolite from health force (but apparently if I still haven't gotten out my mercury in my mouth I shouldn't do metal detox?), so I'm taking this back out for now..
Vitamin D3 from NOW, about 3000 IU (either taken with Blue Ice/ Fatty Meal)
Kelp and Dulse (about 900 mcg of iodine)
Magnesium drink (i'll detail the brand later..) for magnesium 1-2 cup throughout the day.


Jeff Leach has reported that one of the key things his GI microbiome research reveals as supporting a healthy microbiome is eating a wide variety of plant species. He aims for eating 30-40 different plant species each week!!!  :o ;D Sweet potatoes + apples + pears = 3 species, which is nowhere near Leach's intakes. He reported that LC Paleoists who do his GI microbiome test have been showing subpar microbiomes little or no better than those of SADers, IIRC.

You have no idea how much down the rabbit hole you've sent me down by typing that name in the reply..holy
I thought I know enough about diet stuff but turns out I know nothing.
Interestingly enough he holds a pretty consistent view with Raw Paleo Diet that promotes healthy microbial in gut flora
I'm currently soaking up more of the knowledge..I've also ordered a prebiotic supplement and we'll see how that helps.


If so, do you know how many grams/day of carbs that works out to in the diet of an avg male (2500 calories), or for your own calories intake, if significantly different?

Hmm...interesting..I just realized I may be significantly under the intake of carb then..That may explain why I have constant urges to suddenly binge on large carb meal (such as poutine, fried rice and etc).

1 Medium sweet potato works out to be 27g of carb.. I haven't worked out the daily value yet but I just read on google it's about 9% of daily value..And sometimes I do take in just a small one for the day.

I'm also on quite an irregular eating habit now, often not eating until 3-4 pm in the afternoon (basically fasting from the morning till night..That might explain my
A. under-consumption of carb
B. under-consumption of calories..

From this may have lowered my energy as I'm also suspecting that i'm not eating enough meat.
I eat until I'm full usually but I still get really hungry after digestion, and usually leads to late night binges or snacking ...
I guess I'll return to "eat until full" in all raw food to get rid of the problem of under calorie first.
I think it also had to do with my last several months of heavy weightlifting (which I am keeping it minimal right now because of resting stage) , which have increased my muscle mass but my intake of food wasn't up to part, that may have caused damage to my body (probably endocrine and sheer lowered metabolism)

I really enjoy your detailed read through of my journal, I never suspected this issue..

I probably have a significantly damaged gut flora, from all the drinking and stress these couple years. Or may have been damaged for years.

I've always had a bad time gaining muscle, growing, and have almost always had cold hands and feet.

I guess right now I'm going to focus on rebuilding my gut first through
A. upping my calories
B. Continue detoxing
C. eating less straining food on gut system

So, an eat until I'm full raw paleo diet would do I guess.

Ordered Synthoix prebiotic from, just gotta wait for 2-3 weeks (slow shipping)
Prebiotic I guess can vary..I haven't included any in my diet yet but I read about raw garlic being very good. I get stomach ache from raw garlic cloves however...Die-off reaction?



Hmm..Interesting, you're providing a slightly different approach to PaleoPhil..In the sense that you're saying I'm having carb craving because...of candida..?
I think it's a combination of both..
Pathogens + damaged gut flora = indigestion of carbohydrates = craving for carbohydrates
When bad carbohydrates in form of fructose + simple sugar (candy and alcohol) they damage my gut system further by damaging gut wall and causing leaky gut
When good carbohydrates in form of slow carb /safe starches they become prebiotics/ good source of energy?
Am I on the right track? I really want to figure this out..

Theorizing doesn't work anyways, Going to adapt an eat until I'm full approach to raw food for now..


Since started raw diet from the 2nd, I'm having even stronger immune system reaction in form of more eczema rashes and intense scratching at night.
Was reading gutcritters and apparently taking more probiotic/prebiotic causes pathogens to have die-off reactions maybe raw meat/ Raw food when introducing gut bacteria into gut flora produces a new warfare inside my gut flora?

so raw food = balancing of gut flora = die-off symptoms if liver is impaired in functioning.
I feel like I'm gaining a piece of the puzzle everyday.

This approach (Gut Flora + Gut system health) makes a lot of sense then: people who can tolerate various bad food simply have strong HCL acid + Gut Flora that they digest and detoxify various toxins/pathogens easier than impaired individuals. By eating a raw paleo diet it takes out the need for a strong gut system to digest most food (because of enzyme / predigested fermented food).

I'm onto something here, my "Gut" is telling me that..

If you search around this forum and the Internet, you’ll find that all of the above is commonly associated with this sort of VLC/HF approach (though at least you are avoiding ZC by eating some sweet potato):

I've been reading up at that a lot. Personally I feel really bad if I don't eat carb at all, given that I'm already sick and tired already. I do also have problem with sweet cravings, which is either because of A) Gut Flora Imbalance or B) Nutritional deficiency
I think it's a combination of both.

I'm not low carb by any means, averaging at least 1 sweet potato (last night I had two) and some fruits (apple, pears)
Also supplement somewhere between 650-900 mcg of Iodine from [Now] Kelp and Dulse

I'm pretty sure now that I think of it, it was a combination of gluten + chronic stress + Alcohol causing all this..
Had some stressful nights where I slipped and ate a lot of cookies and baked good and stuff. Those and alcohol and all-nighters probably built up my inflammation and pushed it over the threshold.
Then the last push was the flight I had to take last week.

Anyways, now I' just gotta pick my feet back up..
I'm pretty sure my dry skin has a lot to do with the gut as well. Probably because of that I'm also not able to preserve heat that well. Thyroid + Gut Issue ..hmm..


Going strong in keeping a food journal, just putting it in a diary for now, trying to organize them with pictures for my own tracking.


Jessica: thanks for the tea recommendation, I'm trying ginger tea as of now

Good suggestion. I remember you mentioned that before in my journal but somehow I forget about these things.

Just had some positive energy effect from beef liver. Potentially energy increasing effect? Either it being placebo or actually effective I'm not quite sure but my energy is sustained quite well for my working progress at night right now.


GS I've read several times about your post on dry skin. I have yet to have time for liver flush (i'll try that on the weekend) but can you give me a clue on how much fat I need to increase moisture in my skin?

And how can I increase speed of healing. (I know your common protocols. I've been doing colon cleanse already)
Also ordered prebiotic from gutcritters, let's see if that'll improve my condition .

The body "does" detoxes all the time via the kidneys, bowels, lungs, and skin. Sometimes, the trick is to stop further intoxication by eating the right foods, getting exercise, and thinking the right thoughts.

That's the thing, I want to speed up my healing progress
But I can't stop coffee because I'm dealing with a lot of academic stuff and to be honest i'm in no health shape to be able to stay awake without it... It sucks but right now I'm completely dependent on coffee to stay awake.
I'm taking everything out already...

It's an endless cycle of destruction
Stress --> Consume crap product to feel better --> Body deteriorates --> Feeling depressed because of both mental and physical deterioration 
It's almost as if this system is designed for you to be productive, but never for you to thrive and be an actual human being.

Let's just say I'm real deep in the mental hole again.


I still have my mission though..My mission of pursuit will drive me forward..I'll crawl out of this ..Even if it means being beaten to the ground again and again..I don't do this for myself, but for the world.....


Written in an extremely mentally-screwed up state..
It's so interesting how when my mood is skewed, I go in straight tunnel vision. Still cannot seem to get out of this rut.

Current mode of operation:
Increase raw fat by eating a lot of marrow bones
Increase vitamin and other necessary nutrients by eating beef liver freely
Got a humidifier to decrease stress on dry skin, don't know if it works well yet though.
Drinking hot magnesium supplement that I got in the morning to warm up body
Pre-thawing meal the day before
Taking in carb from Sweet potato only


Currently quite constipated, don't know why..Probably due to stress + dehydration from diet
Compromised gut flora is probably the reason according to, a quite reasonably scientific site that I recently started following


Too low energy to do major detoxes, I can't afford bad reactions from harsh detoxes
So I'm going to build myself up from raw paleo diet first as focus.
The rest I'll put in bits by bits.
The colon system is the first thing to fix anyways. It's quite compromised right now.

Should I just stay put and not do detoxes?

Current detox: Colon fiber supplement (Zeolite + Psyillium Husk Mix) to get some Bowel Movement..But isn't getting much despite having heavy meal 2 nights in a roll.

Academic stress will end in 2 weeks, but these 2 weeks I'm also going heavy workload and pushing all my brain power on academics.
Just had my last trash meal day last night. I'm switching to the lifestyle of a healthy person. This junk eating lifestyle should be the past me.
I will accept pain and suffering as part of the journey. And if I slip so be it, but I will keep crawling to my health and youth
I will accept the judgement of others for that I know they are part of the reality we live in.
I will accept the consequences of my actions, and they are my own responsibilities to take.


30 Days of Food Journal begin again. 

Update: (Under a lot of stuff myself, but my family is important too..Re-reading your precious comments again, thanks guys)
Currently recommending my mom to make kimchi, don't know how well she is following my protocols. I might just order various supplements and ship to my house address so she can just take it and get some aid.

Any recommendation on specific brands/food protocols that she can easily adapt to.. without changing her diet regime that much?
I realize my parents because of their conditioning of society probably has a harder time to accept the idea of change..but the idea of supplements+ fermented food seem to sit pretty well with them.

So..I'm recommending them kimchi as of now (they also started fermenting fruits and drink the juice out of it, sort of alcoholic tasting)

My mom also did a course of anti-biotics because of minor infections. Holy crap I really hate doctors now in a way. They really don't know what they're doing sometimes. Anti-biotics isn't something you prescribe for minor matters..The medical school structure need to adapt more newly improved information in the nutritional world and scientific studies.

Both my parents are now under serious gut dysbiosis from my observation. They're just not sitting well and digesting anything well at all. Typical high stressed city people.

I''ll start with advising them to up their fermented food game as of now.

Also starting to find out all the factors and possible lifestyle aids to promote anti-cancer lifestyle


Do you live in a city?

Thanks for the quotes, they are indeed something I know, something I've been through but need constant reminder of.
I live in a mid-sized city now, and always been a city boy pretty much. Think the typical cosmopolitan and multiply that by 10. i'm pretty much just under a New Yorker in terms of how "urban" i'm considered in society.
Which has its perks really, but stresses me out in terms of the constant need for doing stuff really.
It just makes recover from chronic disease difficult because I'm constantly trying to do new stuff.

Anyways, I've done it before, and Ill do it again.

Yes, cooked food does dehydrate me I realize. I'm focusing on RPD from today onwards, no more cooked stuff.
I want to get healed up before christmas, so I can travel a bit without pain.

Staying away from the computer is pretty much impossible for me as a student nowadays. I do realize it has a huge toll on my mental health when facing the computer all day. I've stopped lifting too which is the worst ever. I'm going to pick up exercise again tomorrow to help boost some growth hormone and this sluggish circulatory system I'm having right now.

You should not be constipated.
You should poop effortless and complete.

I recommend you fix your colon to poop like a champion.
Do daily egg yolk liver flushes 3 straight days.  Rest for a week, then do it again.

I'll schedule that for monday- wednesday

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