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Suggestion Box / Before-and-after photos doesn't show
« on: November 22, 2018, 11:04:27 pm »
I don't know what is happening with the forum or image server that most of the photos aren't visible. What is happening? Are all the photos lost?

We don't know. Rancidity in the context of a rendered fat may be different from a raw fat. At the end, the fats are oxidized in our body, aren't they? I prefer to trust anthropology and animal behavior. If the fat doesn't taste good to me, I don't eat it.

As far as you like the taste. Cheesy smell comes from rancidity. Humans are appealed to cheese smell, so probably isn't something bad.
Humans digest fermented and aged meats better. That's something I've noticed from personal experience and testimonies here. Esmikos fed their dogs fermented fish because if they give them fresh they were with no energy and fish fat goes rancid very rapidly.

I think we were not scavengers but carcass stealers. We have watched and analyzed carnivores since evolution. We have stealen his teeth to make knifes and tools. A knife is one of the most important things for a human. A human without tools is not a human. All this is just theory and arbitrary, but that is my imagination.
I think we attacked as mass to steal carcass from predators and ate it kind of ferment it. And, think about the mega fauna. Do you think a tribe could eat an entire mammut still fresh? It clearly was fermented, dried or prepared in different ways.
Our ancestors are still humans, they had intelligence and knowledge. They probably did a lot of things with food we don't know or think of.
Trying to theorize what they are or did is impossible, actually.

General Discussion / Fruit controls
« on: November 20, 2018, 09:27:46 pm »
Does someone has an opinion about fruit controls?
I refer to these police officers that block you from carrying fruit to an are which is highly productive on fruit
For example, if you travel to California they inspect you if you are carrying fruit to avoid bad bugs or flies to crops.
Isn't this another way to avoid plague or "bacteria". Do you think this does more harm than good?
I think we are making fruit less resilient against plague but I'm not sure if this is good or bad for us. It has a lot of points of view.

I would recommend you use potassium citrate instead of chloride because citrate is the natural company of potassium.
There is a ketogenic group on Facebook (not raw) that claims that salt is unnecessary if your potassium intake is high. (8 grams as HG had). The group has a lot of members and all of them are doing well on a high protein high fat ketogenic diet without adding salt unless they are fasting.
The group has a lot of studies focusing just on potassium and his interaction with sodium. Also, they talk about the dangers of chloride in salt.
The group name is: Optimal Ketogenic Living. If you go there, you can make your own research.

If you have a meat only refrigerator where you age or ferment your meat frequently it would probably be inoculated with starting bacteria or fungi and your frozen meat will ferment normally as fresh meat.
When I've tried dry age frozen meat, it won't happen. When I've tried to ferment frozen liver the taste was not the same as fresh, it lost his flavor and was more acidic.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: How much iodine for a carnivore?
« on: November 16, 2018, 04:58:02 am »
I'm pretty sure of your first statement. But, the second one, it's probably biased. How do you support that idea? What is the mechanism in eating ruminants that can make you exclude seafood?

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / How much iodine for a carnivore?
« on: November 15, 2018, 08:44:16 pm »
Hi guys,
The thing is that I really don't enjoy eating raw seafood. Everything taste much "fishy". I thinking in just buying the minimum amount of seafood to cover my weekly idione requirements.
So, here are my questions:
How much iodine do I need to consume in a day to cover my weekly requirements?
What are my best options? I want to consume the least amount of seafood possible for the maximum amount of iodine.
I want to avoid algae and supplements. I go for real food. I'm gaining weight and feel very cold when taking showers, so I think I need to up my thyroid.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Sleepiness after eating
« on: November 14, 2018, 06:58:34 am »
@van: Ok, I'll follow your suggestions. But, one thing, I don't really feel hungry until I do my first bite of meat. How do I know if I'm really hungry or it is just psicological?

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Sleepiness after eating
« on: November 13, 2018, 11:31:55 pm »
Hello. I've been raw zero carb for 2 months now.
At the moment I still have problems digesting fat and some hard proteins like collagen or skin.
My question now is that It's been several times now that I feel sleepy, foggy or dizzy after my meal. Also, I feel my extremeties heavy and internally congested. Like my blood is thick and makes my movements more sluggish.

Hope someone has an opinion, thanks!

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Small fruit more "natural"?
« on: November 09, 2018, 09:05:34 pm »
Tamarind is a legume and is very sweet and laxative when ripe. Maybe you ate unripe tamarind.

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: Bulking with animal products versus carbs?
« on: November 09, 2018, 05:35:47 am »
Carnivores are naturally lean and constantly active. Some of them accumulate fat such as humans. To develope muscle you need optimum you don't need more than 2.2 grams of protein per. That is the maximum upper limit. Then what you will need is a caloric surplus which consist on pure animal fat. Eat fat to satiation after completing your protein goal. If you eat too much fat it's going give you nausea, vomit or diarrhea.
I think organ meats is better for bulking. First because they are more complex tissue than muscle meat. They have special compounds that are adaptogenic, similar to maca, ashawanda, Reishi, etc.
Protein is a goal, fat is a lever.

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: Fueling your workout
« on: November 09, 2018, 05:24:10 am »
I don't recommend eating nor drinking anything.
Exercise is a sympathetic physiological state and digestion is parasympathetic. You are not going to digest anything and probably stress the body more. What I would recommend is a good postworkout meal and then a good nap.

Is any case of strict carnivores diyng from worms or parasites? i.e. big cats or wolves.
I remember that on pottenger study, the cats that were fed raw get rid of their parasitic infection.
This is a very interesting topic with multiple nuances. There is a podcast just about parasites. I don't remember the name.

Have you think about trying coconut? I've seen that is one of the less problematic vegetable fat. I mean whole coconut, not oil. You can juice it if the fiber is being problematic. It also can be sprouted.
I'm still saying that is better to source animal fats.

General Discussion / Re: Is variety important?
« on: November 06, 2018, 09:35:07 am »
Yeah, that's most probably true. But, "15" grams of salt minimum to develop HCl?

Health / Re: Just one more thing to be completely healed
« on: November 06, 2018, 09:16:53 am »
Update: I saw some of that white stuff. It is not fat nor mucus (in this case), it is connective tissue. The type of connective tissue that is chewable like gum and as you chew more it becomes whiter.

Altough, I saw some rendered fat and white foam next to them.
One thing I would want to add is that I tested clay some days ago, but I didn't hydrated for the recommended 5 days. It gave me diarrhea, gas and bad breath. It has been 3 days that I stopped taking it and I still erupting gas that smells like clay.

Science / Re: Air pollution linked to obesity in later life
« on: November 06, 2018, 08:05:43 am »
I think agriculture is the root cause of human fatality. Unless we stop modifying nature intention, we are going to die. Western culture tries to put nature in their favor, modifying his natural course. But nature can't change course, you are just going to create a distortion.

We are the most arrogant specie, now, before we weren't like this.

Health / Re: Just one more thing to be completely healed
« on: November 06, 2018, 07:01:30 am »
@surfsteve: 2/3 of my plate as greens, celery... That thing really scare me a lot. I've become intolerant to various vegetables after my colonic. I'm scared of fiber. At this time I'm doing ACV + lemon, that makes me go. That thing about turmeric is good?

I will take everything you have suggested with a grain of salt. But, as far as I understand. You are insinuating that I have bile attached in my gut that seems to be toxic. That is one of my hypothesis.

When I go to the bathroom, I evacuate really easily. My stools are soft and not well formed. But, after that, I feel this accumulation of gas and liquid in the lower left side of my abdomen that doesn't want to move. I don't know exactly what is this. I have thought in adding fiber to push this thing. But, maybe the reason my stool pass through my colon is that it is soft and that makes it possible to evade the obstruction and that makes it not-well-formed. What if I add fiber and that doesn't go through?

I've done an olive oil flush. No improvement. Thinking on going to the doctor in December.

@norawnofun: you make me doubt. I don't know if it's fat, mucus or collagen. That is something I will consider check the next time I see some. It looks like the stools where painted on the outside.

In the past, when I ate a cooked carnivore, my stools were always pale, hard at the beginning and they came with blood and white mucus. After raw no more mucus, blood, hard or pale stools. Just in case I change diet, symptoms occur. The last case of constipation and hard stools I had is when I wanted to save money and ate canned sardines.

I'm 4 months on carnivore and 2 months on raw carnivore. If I'm adapted? I don't know how to test for that.

@van: As norawnofun said, probably is not fat and I'm wrong. I've seen translucent liquid at the top of my stools, not so much, but some. I remember seeing undigested raw tallow on my stools for sure. You are making me doubt that Im not adapted, but I feel with good energy. I don't know.

What are you trying to eat nuts? Most nuts are seasonal and if you are planning to eat some its better to eat just a few handfuls during a short period of time.

There is always a possibility to obtain animal fats. Butter, suet, marrow, muscle fat, egg yolks, pork fat, etc. I don't suggest any vegetable oil or fat for nutritional reasons because they are poorly absorbed and can cause GI issues.

I recommend you to maintain your potassium and magnesium supplements. The reason is that in the past animals where more active and vigorous, so their muscles needed more potassium to maintain their level of activity. In that case human beings were able to obtain their needed amount of potassium too. The same thing is with soil and water.

Best potassium supplement is potassium citrate powder. Best magnesium supplement is magnesium malate, not powder. potassium citrate is the natural form of potassium in nature. Magnesium malate is easily absorbed by the body. We need potassium to produce the right amount of acid in our stomachs.

You don't need organ meats too often. Just do a refeed every month or so. Liver is enough. But you need omega-3. Grass-fed fat has it, but also so eat fish or brain just to avoid deficiency.

General Discussion / Re: Is variety important?
« on: November 05, 2018, 06:06:46 am »
@political_atheist Salt for HCL? Where have you read that?
As far as I've read, potassium is essential for transporting H+ ions and developing acid:

Health / Re: Just one more thing to be completely healed
« on: November 05, 2018, 04:52:44 am »
I would try probiotics if I were you. I recently started taking some I got for free, but I also ordered from another brand. I currently do a lot of research about them and I think they can be key for solving a lot of health issue. Especially after I noticed why I crave raw dairy so much I THINK. It doesn´t seem to be the dairy as such, but the additional bacteria it has coming from raw dairy, especially cultured. When I recently did raw goat quark, which I did by culturing raw goat milk in a big jug for 2 days until the whey separates, then putting it in a muslin cloth to strain overnight, I had a very powerful and emotional reaction after taking a few teaspoons. A clear sign that my body needs the bacteria or probiotics. So I am now turning to probiotics to maybe help with my similar digestion issues. Happy shitting is one of them :)

Thanks for your response,
Well, I've had been taken probiotics some months ago but I left it because I felt that it make no change in my bowel health, maybe because I'm following a zero carb diet and bacteria has nothing to feed on inside me. I have an extra probiotic that I can test. Will it work without carbs in my diet?

Well, at this moment I have wasted a lot of money in supplements that were useless, so I'll take my time to choose a brand.
The thing about human strains is a possibility worth considering too. Looks similar to AV's suppository.
I'm a long time ago wanting to test some high meat but I share my refrigerator with family and this would be a problem.
This is the first brand of probiotic I used:

This is the brand I have now

Both had very interesting reviews so I bought them. First one gave me gas the first days then It goes. No emotional nor intestinal improvements.

What are your tips to improve digestion? I really have trouble digesting fats I think. Frequently I see white pieces of raw fat on my stools.

Health / Just one more thing to be completely healed
« on: November 04, 2018, 11:39:23 pm »
Hello guys,
I've been changing my diet a lot of times trying to find the way to overcome my food addiction and my SIBO.
After a very long journey I've come to a raw almost-carnivore diet. Mi history with SIBO comes from a severe case of constipation followed by a colon hydrotherapy
Regarding my food addiction, I'm consider myself cured. But, regarding my GI problems, I don't think so.
After switching to my carnivore diet I have no more diarrhea, stomach pain or nausea. What I have now is the following symptoms:

- Gas and/or water on the lower left side of my colon (sigmoid)
- Burping on my lower left side of my  colon (sigmoid)
- Vibration and gas burping on my rectum
- Intermittent bloating
- Not feeling the urge to go

I have bowel movements but I feel like they are incomplete. I feel bloating and discomfort every sitting.
When I stand up it's very hard to maintain my abdomen not distended and, if I deep breath, I make my belly growl.

I'm very dependan on Magnesium Citrate, lime and ACV every morning to feel the urge to go. This kind of symptoms makes me think of a kind of obstruction in my bowels but I'm not sure because a time a go when I ate a cooked carnivore diet I excreted more waste and it passed normal through my large intestines.

I really want to fix this. Because is the only problem I haven't healed so far. Hope you can help me.

Health / Re: Geophagy
« on: October 23, 2018, 03:43:49 am »
I think clay has a very important role in blocking antinutrients and making h2o truly available for your body. I live in Perú where Andes' people used clay as a dipping to eat with very poisonous vegetables. For example, potatoes, when freshly harvested, has very high toxic content (traditional native potatoes) so this people make this sauce out of clay and vinegar for their potatoes.
Second, clay, when uncooked, make water alive and highly bioavailable. When you drink plain water, with insignificant mineral content, it passes through your bowels  and just push your stools. But, when water is loaded with clay, it acts as a medium of transport, exchanging different types of ions and deloading your body from waste particles (toxins)
I don't know the science, but it is what practically people has use it for before. The Incas where a very legume and grain dependant civilization. For that, Clay was a staple. in this kind of diets, dirt is very important. Not only for minerals but for microbes.
I use a minimal amount of it just until my water stops looking clear and gets a slight white tonality. The reason I use it is for high amount of pollution is in the city water and air.

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