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That article is SO LONG. Since you read it already, would you please give a summary of what Rosedale said about grass-fed raw cheese in particular, If he mentioned it at all?

Tyler and others, thanks for sharing your views on raw dairy.

roughly, it explains how bones are formed, what kind of "ingredients" are used by the body. I recommend you listening to it, or reading, if you want to learn, sometimes it takes time

it's not a talk about what foods make you good and what makes you bad, it goes a little bit deeper on how the body works.

he didn't say any specefic about raw grass fed cheese in particular that i can remember. even you can use the search function on the webpage to search by yourself.

what do you want to know about raw cheese? if it is "good" for forming bones? or if it good for eating ? or if you will die prematurely by eating it? or if rosedale "approves" it?

Health / Re: Intestinal blockage
« on: December 12, 2014, 07:21:01 pm »
how did you got that blockage? what was the food you were eating 7 - 8 days ago and in the last week? do you remember?

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Let's Talk about Raw Pistachios!
« on: December 12, 2014, 09:10:36 am »
How Pistachio Nuts Are Harvested and Processed

this is a nice video showing how the iranians treat the pistachios (large quantities) and then how they are treated when they arrive europe (or just england)

dried at the sun (some) and dried on high-heat (some others), on iran, so, some of the dry pistachios still can be raw. (if solar drying is considered raw!)

When they arrive europe, some are raw and unsalted, but then they show how they are salted (with salt mixed with water) and dry roasted on high-heat

the ones in your picture look just like the ones they were harvesting directly from the trees, cool!

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Let's Talk about Raw Pistachios!
« on: December 12, 2014, 08:42:56 am »
i had 100 grms last week, i paid like 20 argentinian pesos for them (a lot of money)

they were salty taste (maybe they were not raw?) how do you know if they are raw? they were quite adictive too... i started and finished the little bag in one sit..

after eating that bag, i promised myself never again buy that nut.. haha

I'm personally having an excellent experience with raw milk (always drinking it fermented, not more than 300ml / day - if I don't let it ferment for long, like 20 hs (25 Cº), its like addict, but when i let it ferment, it dont, i dont know why) and with a lot of cream.. i mean a lot.. 350 grms of cream / day (raw cream, pastured, from the farm of some old couple living 10km from here) and cheese made by me with the raw milk.

i was having problems in my mouth but since i cuted down all carbs (honey and fruit) i'm without pains again =)

i'm also having so great time going to poo, first time in my life i have 2 weeks straight of well formed (banana like) without constipation nor diarrea (but i can say is BECAUSE the dairy.. its just the diet i'm following right now.. with eggs and meat/fish [no more than 200 grms/day])

i liked this article (regarding calcium, bones, and hormones) from Ron Rosedale

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello from Brazil
« on: December 11, 2014, 10:11:13 am »
Hi! nice to hear someone trying to fed their pets the best they can!

i'm living with 2 cats, and my parents with 2 dogs, and i'm really concerned about 1 of the dogs, that is like 15 years young

she has like something (like protuberances on their back legs, near the ribs) and i was wondering, what is like an ideal diet for a dog? is just meat fat and bones enough for them? in what proportions? they relly on fat for fuel? what is your experience on that?

if there is enough interest we can make an individual tread instead of discussing it here!

Hot Topics / Keto Clarity - Book by Jimmy Moore & Eric C. Westman
« on: December 11, 2014, 09:56:32 am »
Hi! there is a book called Keto Clarity (released like 3-4 months ago) write by this guy Jimmy Moore. I'm actually reading it.

its very good at explaining all the aproaches on the low-carbs ketogenic diets, and what are all the factors that contributes to this keto-state.

roughly speaking, it propose a low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat diet, to make the switch to burn fat on the body.
measuring the ketones on the blood is an important part of the diet, cause you have to find your own proportions for carb-fat-protein, that will make you to burn fat and produce ketones.

its good book, I was personally really confused about all the things that are being said about the LC and ketosis and so.. and this is being really clarifying.

I recommend to the ones that are too confused about this subject!

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Fish head smoothie Video
« on: December 09, 2014, 07:10:51 pm »
can i ask , what is fishmilk? i looked for translations but i did not find any!

i was making cheese so i have like 4 liters of whey, i put all in a 7 liters glass jar, and put inside tail (without meat, just leftovers that i ate: skin and bones) and fins and more bones, jawbone hehe.. maybe if i left there for a month or so, then it will blend a lot easier.

i think there is no problem swallowing little pieces of spines (if you have done it several times and you are still writing here ), i did yesterday with the smoothie and today i'm feeling really fine.. our gastric juices must be strong enough to dissolve even big pieces of spines, they are not as hard as bones. (and maybe we can even dissolve little pieces of bones?)

have you thought on any spice or anything that can be added, so it can be also enjoyed when drank? (it wasn't bad either. but i didn't enjoyed it like eating the meat of the fish) i will add some high fish next time and see what the taste is hehe.. this high fish is actually cheesy smell.

Primal Diet / Re: Primal diet books?
« on: December 09, 2014, 06:52:41 pm »
i think 2005 updates are the newer ones..

Display Your Culinary Creations / Re: Fish head smoothie Video
« on: December 09, 2014, 08:32:25 am »
i have got a fish that weights 1,8 kg . (if i'm not wrong hehe)

so imagine his head. it weights like between 400-600 grms.

have you done smooth with this size heads? do you recomend me? how can i use the parts of the fish that i cant chew ? like the spines and the skin? it safe to blend ALL the fish and drink it? (it has sharp little teeths..)
I will do it even if nobody answer.. but i want to know what is your experience in this =)

oh i have already done it while i was writing lol . i had one issue.. i think my blender isn't powerful enough.. the skin wasnt totally desintegrated and also the spines where not totally dissolved.(maybe more time? it was like 3 minutes full power..) i did it mixing with whey instead of water.

can i ask, Inger, the smooth you do, are really "creamy" or they have little  pieces on it? 
i did not have the courage to just swallow it entirely like you do, cause the little pieces of spines didnt gave me trust. i just swallowed the parts that dissolved in my mouth and spitted the rest (the cats ate that haha)

it tasted a lot better than i tought it would ... hehe..

i left some, and cause it was with whey and i read that if you let fish in whey it gets soft over time, i want to see what happens with a smoothie with whey.. i will let it ferment at least a week and see ^^

thanks for your video! if i had not saw it i would never use the fish heads!

Journals / Re: Alberto's Journal
« on: December 08, 2014, 06:33:38 am »
very nice journal alberto i would like to know how are you doing right now!
so if you are in ketosis and do excersise, you have to consume some carbs for sleeping? this is still being this way? did you had a hard time going from burning sugar to burning fats?

Off Topic / Re: Emma Morano, oldest person in Europe
« on: December 05, 2014, 01:02:19 am »
she seems to eat really little, 2 eggs  + soup (water+ minerals ?? what else is in a soup? vitamins?) with 100 grams meat + SOME biscuits + ONE fruit + soup with pasta + SOME lyophilized banana

i think these "some" are really little, and even the pasta and soup. she looks really happy x)

inspiration lady

General Discussion / Re: Regarding Clay
« on: December 01, 2014, 12:58:50 am »
i know how to purify the soil to just get they clay of it. its very simple but it will not take out others pollutants (in this garden i have never put any fertilizer nor any wierd thing, but i cant know for sure about the 100 past years). this soil is being used to grow plants (edible). and they grow fine

i have read some guys here in argentina stating that you can eat whatever soil (even without "purifying" it to clay) , even mixing it with herbs and seeds to make it more "nutritious" .

I would like to know someone else that has tried it. cause these guys are really weird, like vegan and really distorting info.. i can't trust them anymore!

thanks !!

General Discussion / Regarding Clay
« on: November 30, 2014, 09:43:01 pm »
Hi!! any of you know if ANY kind of clay is good to eat/drink with water?

i have searched information, but always they are "special" clays. (and oh surprise, you have to buy them -_- )

is the clay from the soil of my garden (really clayey) safe to drink?

Primal Diet / About "forced" Detox with mold
« on: November 28, 2014, 05:26:22 pm »
have any of you tried this "forced" acute detox with strawberries or other berries or oranges or lemons, that were put to mold?

" if someone is feeling extra strong,
has 30 days when he or she can afford to be lethargic, and wants to rid
himself or herself of some of the mutant antibodies caused by vaccines,
eating moldy raspberry juice as mentioned in Appendix D, pages 132-137, frees many blood proteins to speed his or her journey to optimal
health instead of being utilized by needless mutant antibodies. An
orange, or lemon, or lime, or strawberries may be molded and the juice
drunk instead of raspberries - whichever is more appealing to you will
be the one that is right for you. Note that if lethargy strikes, usually it
strikes 3-4 weeks afterdrinking the moldy juice, and lethargy can last
for at least 30 days and, in rare cases, up to 1 year. Sometimes lethargy
is accompanied by mild to severe depression. If anyone is going to
drink moldy juice he or she should be prepared."

recipe: put strawberries, raspberries or blackberries (or lemon or orange) in a glass jar with lids not tight until a healthy mold had formed (i wonder what this mold is) then put in refrigeration for 10 weeks, the straing juice and drink.

i have actually a sauerkraut doing in my fridge, and the top part of it its not under the juice, so, some of the cabbage has developed a white-littlegreyish mold. is this mold is he talking about? do you know?

do you know any extra information on this topic?

General Discussion / Re: Sequential Eating and Food Combining
« on: November 24, 2014, 09:52:22 am »
i'm being more and more atracted to the instincto-thing (i'm having some voice in my head saying me "NO-NO" when i'm eating anything)

i will start obeing this voice.. it sounds like it wants to protect me hehe.. but when it comes, so then comes other voices saying "oh there is still more food and you are really thin eat more" "finish all the fruit you can let it at the half, you are wasting!" "finish al the meat you have put on the table whats the point on leting that small piece of meat?" etc etc..
i think all of them are excuses to overeat..

i was so thin on raw vegan/fruitarian hehe "i" must stop "me"..

now i remember being really inspired by Luigi Cornaro's book, have you read it? this man eating bread, soups, wine, meat, milk, eggs, and being free from illness and living to 102 years. but he was doing something like following always the "stop" , ALWAYS.
"Discourses on the Sober Life"

"and, as he [a man] draws near his end, he is brought so low as to be able to take but little nourishment, and at such times, the yolk of an egg, and a few spoonfuls of milk with bread, is quite sufficient during the twenty-four hours; a greater quantity would most likely cause pain, and shorten life"

oh, how i forgot about this? oh.. AV.. right.. haha.. (eat eat eat!)

thanks for making me remember this hehe, you people are very kind!

General Discussion / Re: Sequential Eating and Food Combining
« on: November 24, 2014, 07:37:22 am »

As far as healing past digestive problems, that is the puzzle you need to solve. Try to focus on what works for you, not what somebody else says should work. Give your body as much time as it needs to heal past damage.

thats what i'm talking about, doing what works for me, drinking water 2 hours after eating liver didnt work for me. i think its because this "strata digestion" concept, being the water more liquid, it got mixed with the liver chyme, if i had drinked it before the liver, even 5 minutes before, i would not had the problem. maybe thats not right, and i will test it tomorrow when i have my stomach empty again making sounds hehe.

What do you mean by "eat whatever you want" and paleo mixes?

i mean, you eat for instance meat, and before your digestion ended (it can take up to 6 hours in my case, right now, or more..) you are eating some other food (paleo) thats causes troubles on your digestion, e.g water, tomato. thats what i'm trying to refer by mix, not doing more than 1 food at the same time mixed in the same dish, sorry i'm not very good explaining myself in english.

If we are still hungry after some meat or fish or eggs, some vegetable can be selected and perhaps one kind of nuts. If it’s for example hazelnuts, avoid other nuts and avocados in the same meal.

I will never eat again durian and avocados in the same meal, as it proved to produce a totally indigestible mixture — at least in my case. The same for avocados and almonds!

so if you eat some vegetables right after  (lets say 20 minutes after) a meat meal, you are not getting digestive troubles?

i had really bad experiencies mixing avocados, but not eating them alone!
mono-eating is maybe the best to do.

what do you recommend to eating fruits (sweet ones), and not getting too much blood sugar rise (i was having this problem before, so now i'm almost not eating fruits, i dont want the depression again). i think a full banana is too much sugar to eat alone. apart from mixing it with some fat?

Pato, it's called the "Paleo Diet" because it is mainly inspired by the way humans and their ancestors ate, for the greatest part of our evolutionary history. It is admitted that we present-day humans are still better adapted to this type of eating, and that it is the most healthful for us...
Not because you're required to live in caves and hunt animals with spears ;)

"Paleo Diet" is just a general term.
Your variant of it could be called "raw omnivorous smart-combining diet" instead.

yes i know why is it called paleo diet, i'm trying to "addapt" the diet to my lifestyle (is not paleo) paleo diet worked for paleo lifestyle great, but it must have some adaptation to me right now, i'm more sedentary, even I have to take in consideration food availability, so.. its not so easy.. i'm having bananas all year long on argentina, but here you can only grow bananas really small size and only after september till may. uf..

what is your aproach on the "healing" part of the body? and why?

i'm still a little bit puzzled between some concepts, but the concept of available energy for healing, and giving the body the right nutrients still feel like the most relevant. i'm having "sensations" in all parts of my body that i used to have problems before(left ear, left lower abdominal, right leg, gum), but now they are really short and not really painfull, just "feelingfull" ,since i started all raw with meat and eggs. i want to believe this is healing hehe... i hope so =)

thanks to all of you for answering and sharing i really apreciate it.

General Discussion / Re: Sequential Eating and Food Combining
« on: November 23, 2014, 08:38:52 pm »
so. I like to be called Pato.

i'm not a paleolitic man. i'm a right now man.

and i cant get why i have to have a diet of a paleo man that suposedly was on the wild and all the things? i'm behind a computer screen like 3 hours a day, working in my garden another 3 more, and working 4 hs in my parents shop. so.. i know this is "paleo" forums but i think that does not apply to me (the "paleo" lifestyle, running to catch animals)

General Discussion / Re: Sequential Eating and Food Combining
« on: November 23, 2014, 08:33:57 pm »
so water is not paleo?

i had liver, then, 2 hours later, i had water. my stomach got bloated and i got some pain and farts and blenching.

i'm not talking about the blended salad thing.

just the "rule" about doing the most liquid foods first, and the rules about combining in general. if your digestion is ruined, so, are toxics formed on the digestion? or it is just delayed or something?

i can get the point on "being natural" and saying that you eat whatever you want cause its paleo and so on. but if you do some paleo mixes your digestion is ruined, i know. it has happened to me many times.

General Discussion / Re: Sequential Eating and Food Combining
« on: November 23, 2014, 09:54:36 am »
I can't believe (after reading SO many posts about "HOW TO" eat) that no one ever talked about this. i have been doing this "strata digestion" for many months before starting paleo, and its really real.

i had read a lot of posts regarding GCB user and his wife cancer and so on, and a lot of users posting but no one ever mentioned this.

Personally I think this is MORE important that how much meat are you eating or if you are eating organs or whatever.

last night i had like 250 grms of liver (grass fed with a little corn) i was really good, no problems, until after all the pressure from my friends on "drink beer, drink wine, drink this drink that" i got a glass of water (2 hours after the liver consumption) and just 2 minutes after the first gulp of water i started belching and feeling like my stomach was inflated. and then i started to fart O_O 

one of the rules of this "strata digestion" concept is , most watery foods first, then the less and less watery. and forget about consuming something in between meals.

i think its worth reading and taking it in consideration, at least for trying it, not just to "believe it" .

this is the actual link to Dr.bass webpage

Primal Diet / Re: AV dvd set
« on: November 20, 2014, 02:17:18 am »
i'm just not getting to clear on the detox/healing part.. maybe i have to re-read his book entirely. (i'm spanish speaker so maybe i miss something)
if, for e.g. i had "acne"  last week (2 pimples on the axilla, one big red thing on the back of the right leg, and 3 more on the lower part of the leg) but after 4 - 5 days they wore off completely, all of them. what must i think from this? i'm geting something out of me that was from before (detox)? if this is an allergy to some food that i'm actually eating, they must be spreading more and more and more? i'm a little bit confused about the symtomps actually.. if i'm healing, i'm supposed to have symptoms? am i right? or i'm supposed to be (after 26 years of eating shit) to be super healthy just cause i changed my diet on 2 months? (100% raw) i remember AV saying that all my past pains and ills, i will have to face them again, to heal myself (and it looks like i'm actually doing it).. i had my apenddix removed and i having some kind of discomfort there again.. if i press my stomach on the appendix side it hurts. (can be this healing for the first time? it was removed when i was 20, and i'm 27 now.. maybe the raw meat is giving me what i was missing all this time for healing..)
have you had gone trough that too (same old symtomps again)? i don't want to fuck myself more than i was, and i really scared about getting something again on my stomach/guts.. i think i just have fear and have to relax if i'm doing all raw.. ow.. sorry. i just want to know from people that have long being on a raw diet and that feels that he/she has healed almost completely, if experienced scaring symptoms to them.

can i ask, eveheart, do you drink water when you thirsty? when physiccally very active? or eat a lot of fruits, vegetables? (cause you said you do bad on milk and juices)

when i re-read what i had just write, i know i'm just scared. thanks to you eveheart always answering!

Primal Diet / AV dvd set
« on: November 19, 2014, 11:48:22 pm »
hi! someone has buy the dvd from AV? are they worth the price? what about the information? is going really deep on the subject? tanks in advance!

Primal Diet / Re: help understanding AV pls!
« on: November 14, 2014, 07:51:06 am »
oooooooooooooooh!!!! that!! haha i was thinking something reaally different !! xD

uf it looks difficult to do, i already have a blender.. i will explore it better, i dont want to brake it to separate blades from jar, and then dont be able to put it again or make the new with glass jar!

have you made it?

tanks a lot mate!

Primal Diet / help understanding AV pls!
« on: November 14, 2014, 05:56:46 am »
hi! can anyone help me with this, from the recipes books, i cant understand what is all of this about? (my native language is spanish)

 It  is  healthiest and  easiest  to  use  the  washer,
blender-blades and base of a blender that will fit regular-sizedmouth  glass  jars.  As  of  this  writing,  all  of  the  blender  models
made by Osterizer, except the Classic model, fit those jars.
Simply remove the base, washer and blades from the
blender’s bowl and store bowl. Obtain regular-sized-mouth glass
jars in the following sizes: 4-ounces, 8-ounces, 12-ounces and
Sometimes the washer that comes  with  the  blender  is  too
thin and it will not seal properly. The washer should be at least
1/16th-inch  thick,  but  preferably  up  to  3/32nds-inch  thick.
Alternative  washers  of  another brand  may  be  obtained  at  most
small  appliance  and  hardware  stores. Do  notuse two washers
together. Too often one gets caught in the blades.
Place  washer  on  rim  of  jar,  then  pass  the  blades  inside  jar
and rest its plate on top of washer. Ensure that washer and bladeplate are somewhat flush with the jar’s rim, and then screw on
base  firmly.  Turn  the  jar  upside  down  on  the  blender  and  start

so.. what is a washer?? is he triyng to put the jars inside the blender? so to prevent suck of air or something like this?? if you can explain me in another way i will apreciate it! or with images! tnx in advance!!

Welcoming Committee / Re: New to RPD, some questions !
« on: November 13, 2014, 12:51:47 pm »
so by now i know i can get these foods that are tottaly "healthy" : wild game (deer), sheep (whole one), honeycomb, fresh river fish (i dont know about the pesticide on the river..) plum tomatoes lettuce zuccini avocados grapes (and other fruits vegetables) from my garden/friends gardens.. 

do i need to drink water on a diet high in meats? i'm eating a lot of fruits and vegg to avoid drinking water from the city, it has chloride and fluor.

i'm thinkin on selling veggies until i can have money enough to buy one whole sheep, i'm craving meat like crazy since i tasted raw beef (i didnt care i didnt know where it came from, it tasted delicious and enjoyed it a lot...)
it seems like some animals actually are grass fed, and not grain finished, but there are not any labels or anything to know what was the cows diet

if i take pictures of the meat, can you at least guide me if this is a good or a bad one?

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