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Welcoming Committee / Re: New to RPD, some questions !
« on: November 13, 2014, 08:21:18 am »
HI! thanks a lot for your answers, i really apreciate them!

i'm in Entre Rios, i will tell you a little bit about this place.
i was talking with a veterinary, he told me that all animals that must pass the supervision of the food industry, are , or feedlot, or finished on grains, there are no animals that aren't made this way, its a matter of money, its too much difference for them finishim the animals with grains (a lot more weight and supposedly no bad health effects)
i was searching on the internet, but i wasn't able to find grass-fed buy stores or directions, barely 2 articles talking a little about the advantages of the fat of grass fed. people here buy feedlot cause is more tender and tasty, and if a butcher brings grass-fed nobody buy them, so all butchers had ended buying just feedlot. i was talking with one that told me that he was bringin in his truck a cow just killed to put it on sell on his market, but the police caught him and so cause no papers and no killed on habilitated place (mataderos) , it was a grass fed cow, so.. as you see.. even when they try to sell grass fed the police is in between trying to avoid ahhah =(

i live "far" from the sea (300 km) but near many rivers (all rivers near fields of corn and soy [90%] with glifosato [roundup] sprayed on them.. so..) i don't know if there is too much danger cause of it?
this place is almost all covered with corn and soy growings, some are with cows, and some with chickens (confined, in cages mostly)
i remember now that some people that i know are raising sheeps, and i think they just eat grass... i had forgoten of them! wow i will go to visit them when the roads are dry again.

nuts here are sold with shells, they produce a lot here too. so they are not SO expensive (like 7 dollars a kilo, how much is in your area?-pecan nuts-)
the wild game i get, is the leftovers (bones and organs, just the meat that is sticked to the bones) from deer mostly, sometimes wild boar.
one can survive on just meat, if this meat is wild? or sheep for expample?
i will continue with the egs until i can work for this meat.
even if the milk is cheap, i will avoid it.. (0.90 dollar / litre)
i got two boards of honey today, i started to eat but i noticed that i can't stand too much of it now as before, just a few spoons were enough

i got to sleep at 10:00 pm last night, and woke up several times but finnally get up at 12:00 am today (14 hs of sleep). i didnt feel like eating anything not even moving, just listening to my internal body sounds and sleeping, i feel a lot better today, not pain in my abdominal-right area. 

well im a lot less confused right now, i think i have to get a work or try to get farms on where i can work in exchange for the food they produce. it will not be hard, i just have to look around a little bit more.

tanks a lot!

Primal Diet / Re: Primal diet books?
« on: November 12, 2014, 07:17:25 am »
hi! can someone give me a copy (pdf) of some of AV book? i dont really have the money to buy them, $30 dollars is eating for 2-3 weeks for me..

Welcoming Committee / New to RPD, some questions !
« on: November 12, 2014, 07:04:41 am »
Hi! i'm "from" argentina, so, english is not my nature language, i will try my best.

i have a question regarding getting the best diet i can, since the place i am now.
i can barely get totally grass fed beef, they use to raise them in grass and finish them on grains, or totally feedlot beef.
sometimes i can get wild game bones, meat or organs, but very rarely. (once 2 months mb some!)
i can get eggs that are free range , but their diet is complemented with corn (surely GMO corn..) i cant get any eggs free range and grass fed totaly..
i can get honey, pure honey with the wax and so.
about the milk, i was trying some raw cow but the diet of the cow is also complemented with grains (wheat and corn mostly) and it was not very good to me (acne)
i have access to many fruits and vegetables, but there is no "organic" market here, is all the same, so i am growing vegetables in my garden right now.
so.. the question is.. what is the safest diet i can have? i feel very confused.. cause i can't get the real healthy foods (grass fed meats eggs and so) but i want to have a diet that at least does not kill myself! i want to heal too.. doing a little fast every day, eating really low.
i'm 1,80 mts tall and weight 62 kg , i'm "skinny"
can u help with some advice pls? i would really apreciate it! also if you have some pdf books of aajonus i would like to have it, i dont have a job (i'm getting eggs working on the farm and mostly working for the food)
my appendix was taken out (surgery) , and right now, i feel like "bubbles" on the area when i press there, and a very little pain and disconfort.. must i be worried?
i had been eating (in the last 5 days) like 2 avocados a day (thanks to my friend that has this big tree and he hates avocados haha its been 6 months of free avocados ) , tomatos, olive oil, frozen fish (little) , raw beef meat (round steak), raw eggs (2 a day) , oranges, bananas, apples, pears, and salad of cabbage carrot and radish with sauerkraut.
ok, its more long that i wanted to :P
thanks in advance!

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